10 Easy Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father's day, that day that we thank the dads of the house. We remind them that even if we don't say it every day, we really appreciate all they do for us as homeschooling families. How in the world do you show that kind of appreciation?


No matter the amount of money you have to spend on your special man, DIY gifts come from the heart. You take time out of your day and make something special just for him. These gifts can be many different things, they can come in all different sizes and shapes. But no matter what you decide, these gifts are going to mean something.

So, what kind of DIY gifts are out there for the dads? Well, I took the time to scan through Pinterest, heck I was already there, and put together this list for you. What do you think? Are you going to make one or more?


1. Father's Day Coloring Page

This page is one of my favorites for the older kids. It is fun to make this a yearly event and see how your kids change each year.


2. Father's Day Coupon Book

What is better than coupons? Homemade coupons from the kids you love. These coupons are cute and mean more than money to the dads who get them.


3. Yoda Handprint Card

Do you have a Star Wars fan in the house? I know I do! This is one of those cards that are extra special as they have twice as much meaning than any other card you could make!

I Love You

4. I Love You Card

This card…I love this one! The hands are a great reminder in the future of how little they once were!

Toddler Coloring

5. Toddler Coloring

This is a great idea for the little ones in the house. What a fun way to have them participate in the Father's Day fun…and no matter how they color, the message for daddy will be there!


6. Footprint Poem

Oh my! The footprints and handprints always pull on my heart strings! This is one of those fun ones!


7. Hold My Heart Card

Here we are again. Another one of those handprint presents that gets me! I would alter this and just make it a one sided page so it could go in a frame, although I love the cute picture on the front also.


8. DIY Gift Basket

Ok, so not everyone is crafty. Just because of that, does not mean you can't make a great thoughtful gift for the daddy in the house. This gift basket is super cute and a great way to be thoughtful without getting too crafty!


9. Book About Dad

Here is another one of those fun ones to follow along through the year with your child. We did this one year, and I plan to do it again (and keep doing it this time). You learn a lot about your kids when you let them tell you what they think, plus it is cute!


10. Walk With Me Daddy

Ok, I have to share another footprint one. This one melts my heart so much! This is one of those make it while they are small ones. You don't want to miss out on this one!

So, those are my top 10 choices for DIY Father's Day gifts! These are great for those tight budgets and huge hearts. I am sure we will be doing more than one of these this year, and I will share them as we do them…hopefully hiding them from daddy until the big daddy day!!

Do you have any favorite DIY Father's Day gifts that you could share? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Please share them!!

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