20+ Free ABC Printables

20+ FREE ABC Printables


The best part about homeschooling the preschool age is that there isn’t much schooling, but a lot of fun and learning added into that fun. We did some fun things with Ray Ray when he was in preschool, and I am planning out Little Miss’s schedule since she is telling me she is ready for school.

The first thing that we focus on is our ABCs and 123s. You could go out and buy a curriculum, or like me, you can play on Pinterest and make your own “curriculum” or play schedule. I have taken those items and complied them here for you…book lists and free printables and activities for the ABCs this week…next week I will give you the same thing for the 123s.

The first thing…you can’t just hand your child a paper and think they are going to have fun, well some of them will, but for those who don’t, start and continue with fun books. Not only is reading with your children fun, but it helps their minds grow. Here are some fun ABC themed books to get them interested:

ABC Books for Fall

ABC Books for Winter

ABC Books for Spring

ABC Books for Summer

Top 10 Alphabet Books

Animal ABC Books

26 Alphabet Books

Alphabet Activities

ABC Handprints

Crafty ABCs

ABC Activities

Alphabet Weekly Themes

ABC Printables

Free Handwriting Worksheets for Preschool

Learn to Write the ABCs

Alphabet Mazes

Christmas Alphabet Book

Fall Q-Tip Painting Printables

Free Printable ABC Puzzles

Free ABC Handwriting Pages

(A Ton of) ABC Printables

ABC Printable Scripture Cards

Alphabet Do-A-Dot Printables


These are just a few of the many things I have found using Pinterest…I have my ABC Board that I keep adding to and love to have a variety of fun activities without being committed to one curriculum because I had to buy it. Little Miss loves doing different things each day, so if I keep it changing, she keeps having fun!

What do you do to learn the ABCs? Do you have a fun printable you want to share? Post it below in the comments…I would love to “Pin” it and add it to my board to use!

*At the time of posting these items were listed as free.*