2018 Grapevine Studies Biblical Calendar

How is your New Year going? Have you set your goals for the year? Is one of them to have a calendar that encourages you and is fun at the same time? Grapevine Studies is a program that I love for the kids Bible Studies, but I have fallen in love with their 2018 Biblical Calendar.

2018 Biblical Calendar

This calendar is different from other calendars. This is a modern calendar mixed together with a biblical calendar. The biblical references come from Christian tradition and Jewish history. There are modern holidays on the calendar, like New Year’s, but there is so much more!

2018 Biblical Calendar

While it is nice to see the modern holidays, it was a new thing for me to see the biblical holidays. I didn’t know that Jesus was baptized on January 7, nor did I know that it was on November 6th that Noah left the ark. There are so many things that I didn’t know, well I knew they happened, I just didn’t know when during the year they happened.

2018 Biblical Calendar

How do they show this on the calendar? Oh, they show you in their typical stick figure way! This delights me. The kids know the stick figures, they love the stick figures and having the stick figures hanging on the wall makes for a fun discussion as we go about our days. I can’t wait to go over the notes with the kids as we come up on new events!

2018 Biblical Calendar

Now, with how in awe I was over the calendar pages, I didn’t even mention the pictures that go with each month! There are biblical verses that are paired with the perfect pictures to beautify any room you hang this calendar in.

2018 Biblical Calendar

I am thoroughly enjoying flipping through the pages of this calendar and learning a lot of new things about biblical history. I love having the notes book next to me as I go through the calendar and look forward to simple little bits of learning throughout the year not only for myself, but also for my kids!

Right now, Grapevine Studies is having a sale that you don’t want to miss! You can get 20% off these beautiful calendars. Not only that, but you are also able to get 20% off the Old Testament and New Testament Overviews this month!

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