2018 Homeschool Curriculum – First Grade and Preschool

Monday I told you about the curriculum that my boys are using. Today I want to share with you want we are using with our girls. Their schedules are a little different due to their age. While I still try to cover all the topics with them, they are just presented differently.

First Grade

Little Miss – First Grade

Little Miss is in the first grade and is just starting to get into the formal education as Charlotte Mason talks about it. I haven’t done much with her over the years, besides learning her letters, colors, numbers and reading to her. By doing this, it has been just the right way for her to enter into the whole school thing. She isn’t stressed out about school, and finds it fun!

To keep this love of learning going with her, I have been looking at things that keep lessons short, sweet, and simple. I am having her listen while I read Ray Ray his history lessons. She doesn’t do much besides color or draw while I read. She also will answer orally about what we have read, and am starting her on narration after I read.

Math is something that I am looking into. I am currently using the Math 1 on Easy Peasy, and Little MIss enjoys it. Finding something that is fun and short is what I am looking for. I also use Easy Peasy for her Science lessons. These she works with Ray Ray on. I love that he can read the lesson to her and they work through the worksheets and projects together.

Now for reading and writing, I have a few issues. I want to find something that works for her, but she doesn’t want to “read” yet. I am not pushing it. This is why I can’t buy a box curriculum! She is currently using Growing Writers for her writing. Growing Writers starts with simple letter practice and moves into the sentences and grammar. The lessons are short and end with her drawing and being creative.

First Grade

I am busy trying to find a just right reading program for her. For now, we are reading aloud, playing on Reading Eggs and Starfall. These are fun ways for her to pick up on learning to read without pushing her. Until I find what I want, we are going to keep this up and let her learn the fun way.

Baby Girl – Preschool

Baby Girl is just three. I haven’t done much with her school focused besides singing the alphabet and working on counting numbers. She is my little go-getter and loves to pick up on things. She always wants to have something to do like the big kids, so I have been looking around. Besides what we are currently doing, I am going to let her start with Easy Peasy’s Getting Started 1 lessons. These are not hard; they are a lot of listening to songs and working on the alphabet and the sounds the letters make along with a fun craft to do with it.

First Grade

While three might seem like a young age for her to be getting started, I only intend to have her working on these lessons for 2 or 3 days out of the week. The rest of the week will be what we are already doing, playing and talking about things to learn them. What better way to learn about the weather than to go out and be in it. There isn’t a better way to learn about food than to be in the kitchen with me learning about them. Not to mention touching and smelling them at the grocery store!

I don’t expect to do much more with the girls for a few years. They are still having fun learning while playing, and they love to cuddle up with good books. This is all they need right now, and I don’t intend to change that!

What kinds of things do you do with your younger students?

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