5 Advantages to Homeschooling – 5 Days of Homeschool Questions

Welcome, we are on day 4 of the Not Back to School Blog Hop with the Homeschool Review Crew. I know, I missed yesterday. I had things come up, but I will work on coming back to that topic and finishing up what I started!

Today I want to spend a little time telling you about the 5 Advantages of Homeschooling (in my opinion).

Curriculum Choices

Why is this an advantage to homeschooling? Because my kids get to help pick out what they want to learn. We are not stuck learning what is forced upon them. When they get to be a part of the picking of homeschool curriculum, they enjoy learning more.

This does not mean they get to skip the subjects they don’t like. They still have to do what is required by the state, but we have options. We can find a math curriculum that is not all boring repetition for the child who understands it the first time. We can skip the boring history books, and grab some fun living books to read.

Finding a curriculum that is a fit for the child is a great advantage to homeschooling!

Family Time

When we started homeschooling, dad was an over the road truck driver. We didn’t always know when he was going to be home. With homeschooling, we are able to fit our schedule around when we want to do family time without missing the lessons.

Now that dad is home and disabled, we are all here to be able to help him when he needs it. The kids don’t have to sit in a classroom and worry about what is happening with dad while they are gone. 

The Ability to Delay

What do I mean by this? Just that. If my child is not ready to be writing their name at 4, they don’t have to. Little Miss used the goal of getting her own library card to practice writing her name. She would copy letters from the books we were reading or from the songs she liked to listen to. I didn’t force her, I just let her learn when she was ready.

This is also true for Ray Ray. He refused to read. He would always sit down and listen to me read. We would do the lessons that I thought he needed to do, but he wasn’t ready. So guess what I did? Nothing. I kept reading to him. He watched movies and TV shows with the captions on, and when I couldn’t read a Goosebumps book fast enough for him, he read it on his own in one day! Now, when he does the state testing, he is consistently scoring 2-3 grade levels higher in reading and comprehension. All because I didn’t force him.

I did have to remind myself, my kids are not the same as every other kid. This meant that while I was positive that I know what is best for my kids and their learning, others would think they were behind in learning. And you know what? I am fine with that. Because at least I know that they are having fun while they are learning and not getting forced to do what everyone else is doing.


I love that I don’t have to have a rigorous schedule for my kids. We have a routine of what we want to get done each day, but we can pause math if they are still busy researching and learning something they found enjoyable in history. Too engrossed in a book? That is fine, we can wait for writing while they read. The kids can take as long as they need (within reason) before we move onto the next subject. We are not tied down to listening for the next bell to ring or the clock to tell us to move on.

Bringing God Into Our Lessons

This is my favorite advantage to homeschooling. My children are able to learn that the world started with God. That everything is because of God. We find God in our history lessons, during reading time, and even in our math books. All of our lessons are focused on God and the Bible. This is something I want my kids to know. I love that we start our day together with God and we can end our day together with God. 

What are some advantages that you have for homeschooling?

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  1. Fantastic reasons! One of our advantages is that when I get a migraine, we can delay work till the evening and our children can spend time together as siblings.

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