5 Days of Homeschooling Without Going Insane ~ Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Children

Wow! We are already at day 3 of our 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop put on by the Homeschool Review Crew. Have you found some good posts yet? I have found a few that I really enjoyed! What is your Homeschooling Method, and why is that important to know? I learned a lot from Farm Fresh Adventures on this one! Do you have children with special needs? Kelly at God's Writer Girl's Blog has a great series that I look forward to following! And math…oh math! Kemi at Homemaking Organized is taking on the topic of math! This is one I need right now!!

Today I want to talk about how to homeschool multiple children and how to do it without wasting your whole day and without going insane in the process. I have been homeschooling multiple children for a few years now. Adding in more as we go! This year I have a Toddler, Kindergartener, Second grader and a Sophomore. Yes, four kids! While there are some moments I am wondering what I was thinking, most of the time I actually enjoy teaching and watching the kids learn.

Morning Time

The very first thing that I turn to for homeschooling the whole lot of kids in the house is to take advantage of morning time! This one simple thing has helped me get a great start to my day and eases up on stresses that come later in the day. During Morning Time, we are able to knock out a few subjects together as a family. We have a 2-year-old, 5-year-old, 8-year-old and 16-year-old that all sit through the morning time lessons together. What better way to learn than learn all together!

Our morning time lessons include just a few simple topics; the weather for the day, the calendar for the day, bible and a quick review of geography and sometimes some history that we are all leaning about. I especially love the "This Day in History" at SchoolhouseTeachers.com for this!

Having this simple time to get a few things done together gives us a framework for the day.


While I don't have a set schedule of time, I do have a basic idea of who is learning when. After our morning time lessons, Moe Man usually sits down and works on his lessons. He does a lot of this independently (more on this in a moment), but during this time or after supper is when I am able to help him one on one. We both know this and use these times to the best of our ability.

After lunch is when I have Ray Ray and Little Miss sit down at the kitchen table and work on their lessons. They are close enough in grades that I am able to work with both of them at the same time. Having these different times set up for me to be available to each child has taken the stress out of the day, most of the time!

I have noticed that some days Moe Man gets a later start on his lessons, this means that he is asking me questions while I try to work with the younger kids. When I walk away from them to help him, they lose focus and start messing around. This leads to stress and frustration among everyone!

Independent Learning

This is a must! While I know that not every age is ready for independent learning, but we are slowly working to that point. Moe Man is 90% independent and that means that I am able to work with the younger kids more. Ray Ray is slowly getting to be independent and I am noticing more and more of this as we go.

Having multiple children and having them be independent means that mom can work on other things while they get their school done. Having independent learning means that multiple students can be working on school at the same time and the stress of mom needing to be in 2 or 3 spots at once is not there.

Online/Video Learning

Online classes like Monarch make it easier to homeschool multiple children, but you would need to have multiple computers for this. It is nice to not have a stack of books that I have to work through every week and write down what needs to be done. This also gives the child more independence in their learning schedules. They are able to jump on and work as they want to, knowing that their schedule is already there and ready for them

Movies and videos are a great way to homeschool multiple children. But this is something I will be talking about later this week!

What are some tips that you have learned to make teaching multiple children easier?

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