5 Favorite Before Five In A Row Blog Posts

I love reading other blogs to help me find new ideas when I run out of ideas. This week I spent some time reading blogs on Five in a Row and Before Five in a Row learning. I really love this style, did some with Ray Ray, but Little Miss LOVES this, so I am learning more about it. Today I want to share with you the top 5 blogs that I turn to when it comes to Five in a Row.

Before Five in a row

1. Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations

This site has a bunch of super awesome book units. This means you can find a printable pack for almost anything! These units include a little bit of everything and make it easy to have fun learning with each of these books. Jolanthe makes the learning fun, and Little Miss never thought she was learning, always asking when she could stop playing and start doing school.

Before Five in a Row

2. The Unplugged Family

Cassandra has some great resources over here at The Unplugged Family. I fell in love with this site when I found this video on how to schedule your Five in a Row books and learning. While this planning guide works for everyone, a lot of the posts listed on the right side of the page will help those with older learners. I love the ideas that are shown with these books and can't wait until we are up to those and can do these same things.

Five in a Row

3. Delightful Learning

I love the ideas that are listed on Michelle's page! She has so many good ones and ways to truly enjoy your week with Before Five in a Row! She also has a blog post on almost all the books and how they enjoyed the books together!

Before Five in a Row

4. Forever, For Always … No Matter What

Jen has a great post on just how to plan your lessons with FIAR. She breaks it down so nice, it is easy to see why this is a fun way to learn with the kids! Now if only every grade was this easy, say like, high school!!


5. Royal Baloo and Logi Bear too

The printables here!! There are SSOOO many, don't get sidetracked!! Remember, you came for the FIAR this trip, come back and plan the others next trip! I love coming to visit Erin's site and see what more she has added. There is always something there that I need for our homeschool!

Before Five in a Row

So, what are some of your favorite blogs or posts about Five in a Row and Before Five in a Row? I would love to find some more to read!!

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