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Language arts is a subject that I love to teach. I love watching my kids learn reading and writing skills. But sometimes I need to pay attention to what they want instead of just what I want. When I did that with Little Miss, I found that she needed something different from her big brothers. Electic Foundations was just what she needed and Electic Foundations Language Arts Level A fit her perfectly in her Kindergarten year!

Electic Foundations Level A has everything you need to make sure you get your little one off to a good start with Language Arts. Included with this physical set, I received the Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, Appendixes, Level A Word Card Set and the McGruffery Electic Primer. With all of these, this was an open and go program for Little Miss.

The Teacher's Guide is set up by lesson. You are able to open to the lesson you are currently on, see what needs to be done and do it. The lessons are short, sweet and to the point. They start in Level A with the letters and sounds. This is the main focus of the first 64 lessons. Your child will be building on what they previously learn until they are ready to start reading.

Each lesson starts with a simple task of reciting the alphabet. This got a little boring for Little Miss, as she has already memorized the alphabet, so I added different songs from YouTube to her singing of the alphabet. Some days we could just sing it ourselves, other days, we added the different variations that we could find.

After singing the alphabet, we would review the letters we had already learned. Making sure that she knew the names and sounds of the letters. This can be done in numerous ways, so it all depends on your child. We used some simple letter flash cards one day, having her tell me the name or the sound of the letter. Other days I would say the name or sound and she would have to write it. The main goal was memorizing the visual, name and sound of each letter.

After this, each day was a little different. Some days we would work on our handwriting of current and previous letters, other days we would work on fun hands on ways of learning the letters. When a letter was new, we would usually take some play-doh and make the shape of the letter. Other days we would decorate the letter in the student workbook. There were days when we would follow the letter through a maze of letters and as we added letters, we would work on sounding out new sounds and words. Each letter spanned over an average of 4 days of learning.

Once you reach Lesson 65, you get to start with the use of McGruffey's Primer. This is when your child gets to start reading. We have not reached this lesson, yet, but Little Miss is in heaven thinking about it. These lessons that include McGruffey's Primer are still mainly the same. You are still working on new letters, but you have reading to do each time using the letters you have already learned. Such a simple, yet effective way of giving your child the confidence to continue learning to read.

Finishing up the lesson was a simple Mother Goose Rhyme. Little Miss loved hearing some of her favorites and questioned some of the older style writing in the ones she had not heard yet. It was fun to finish on a happy note no matter how the lesson had gone.

The Student Worktext includes everything your child will need to complete the lessons. It is put together in a gorgeous spiral bound book that allows us to keep everything together yet not be stuck with a thick workbook that cannot bend. Little Miss loved keeping this book in her back pack and felt a little more grown up this way.

The Appendixes is a spiral bound book. This small little book is printed on heavier cardstock paper that has been laminated. There are 5 simple pages in this book. They are used throughout the program in many of the hands on ways of learning. Little Miss loved the Tic-Tac-Toe board that we used when learning new letters. Instead of X's and O's, we would use the capital and lowercase letters that we were learning. What a fun way to practice our writing skills!

Since Little Miss knew some of her letters already, we would work on two lessons a day on an average of 4 days a week. Even doing two lessons a day, we were done in under ½ hour, depending on how much fun we were having during the Tic-Tac-Toe game! There really wasn't much more. This is a straight to the point, fun program that kept the interest of a young learner. This is just what I was looking for when looking for something for her. Something that would keep her interest, not take too long, but get the point across! I look forward to the days ahead when we will be reading together!

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