A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

You remember how I was talking about our learning about the Holy Rosary? Well, we added to our studies by adding in a Holy Rosary Faith Folder from Holy Learning. I was so excited surprised and happy by what we made while learning about the Rosary!

A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

What Is It?

The Faith Folders from Holy Learning are $10 PDFs that include all the templates you need to construct your most beautiful creation ever!

The supplies you need to complete this fun learning project would be:

A file folder for each child

24# Colored paper (this is heavier weight paper and makes it more durable for the elements of the folder)

Glue Stick (We loved the Elmers Xtreme glue stick)


After getting your supplies together, you are than going to go and get ready to print the elements you need to complete your folder. The thing with this part is…make sure you read before you just print away 🙂 I just printed and had some doubles. With this pack, you have two options for each element. You are able to do black and white (and use the colored paper) or use white paper and print in color. Your choice!

Now when it comes to the cutting of the elements…that depends on your child. I would cut Ray Ray’s elements out, while Moe Man cut his own. If your child has good scissor skills, let them have the fun. If you are a control freak, than go for it and cut it yourself! There are no major rules to this part.

How We Used It

Like I told you, both Moe Man and Ray Ray had different ways of getting their elements cut, but after that, they both put together their folders together. We would pick so many sections to work on each day, usually about 20 minutes worth. We would talk about these sections and what they meant. Mommy learned just as much as the boys during this process! When we came to the gluing time, we would turn on our audio version of the Holy Rosary and listen to that while putting the pieces where they should go.

Speaking of where the pieces go…the PDF comes with a wonderful help sheet of where to lay everything out. This makes it easy for making everything fit, but also making it make sense.

A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

What We Thought of This

We loved this Faith Folder! It was so fun to be able to learn about the Holy Rosary and put together a folder that we are able to show off to our family and friends. The kids had fun getting their hands on their learning instead of just listening or writing. To make learning more fun and to learn the details of the Holy Rosary was a great time. Both of the boys loved to have a fun way to learn and this was one of the first major folder activities that we did together.

Would I recommend these Faith Folders to others? Of course I would! In fact, right now there is a sale (until December 5th) that will give you 25% off your order when you use the code “thanks”.  Want another code?? For the next two weeks, use the code “hopkins” and get 15% off your order! Together that means, if you order by December 5th and use both codes, you get 40% off your order!!! Tell me why you haven’t gone to check these out yet?! I hope you love them as much as we have!



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