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A Trip in History




A short drive from home and we went from the year 2013 to the winter of 1804! Just off the Snake River in Pine City Minnesota, you will find a Northwest Company Fur Post. There are many Fur Posts in the Northwest, but this one we went to was the home of John sayer. My children were in heaven from the minute we got out of our "canoe on wheels" and they saw the beautiful visitor center waiting for them to explore.





Furpost3 furpost4








After I was able to get the kids out of the exhibits, we were able to actually visit the winter of 1804 (ignoring the heat and mosquitoes made it more like winter). We were first able to view some of the furs that the Fur Post collected during that winter (not the actual ones, but close enough). Than we took a short walk to the Ojibwe village. The Ojibwe played a very important role in the fur trade. They not only helped provide the furs, but they helped with other items such as food, canoes and helping to guide the voyageurs  who came to this area.







We left the Ojibwe village and made our "journey" to the Fur Post. What a fun sight to see as you walk out of the pine trees and see this "fort" as my boys called it! We were able to explore the many different areas of the Fur Post, including climbing up and looking out of the Bastions on two different sides. The actual post contains six different rooms. There are the voyageur's bunkroom and quarters, then the clerk's quarters. The Sayer family has their own room which is connected to the warehouse (the one room not seen during the tour) and finally the Indian Shop where all the business and trading happened.





furpost8 Furpost9

























The boys were loving everything they saw in the trade shop. I loved that they were able to touch, feel, and play with almost everything in the whole trip!! Where in the world are you able to go to a "history museum" (I say it like that because it was too fun to be a museum), and touch everything there is?? The kids were not bored once! It was all questions and acting things out and just being kids learning through play!!

There is the option to take a guided tour, from a tour guide who is in the role of either a voyageur or an Ojibwe woman. They give wonderful tours and I would have loved sitting down for one, but I knew my kids wouldn't want to sit and listen if they could run and play. But the guides are every where and are friendly and answer any question you may have. Plus, this momma knew a thing or two about the Fur Post and being a guide 😉

This is a trip in history that you should take if you have the chance!! Check out the website here. We had such a fun time on our field trip and you should too!!!


As a note: I was note paid or compensated in anyway for the writing of this post. I do not receive any affliate benefits from you visiting the website listed above, other than knowing that you are learning a little about the history we learned about. This is simply a post about my family and the fun that we had.

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  1. Great post! I love hands on history! Anything to make learning personal is great!

    1. Thank you! I love our Fur Post. I used to work there and was so happy to see my kids excited about everything there!

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