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Building projects is fun. Anything hands on is fun. But if you can have fun with hands on building while learning something, it is a bonus for mom, or dad! ACTÍVA Products has given us a great option to build and learn with their Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit.

First, what is this crazy stuff that I talk about? Rigid Wrap is a plaster wrap that is non-toxic and safe for little hands. This wrap can be cut and shaped to make almost anything you want it to. In this kit, we received two rolls, which was plenty to make more than one project! And the CelluClay Quik-Sculpting you ask? Well that is just like paper mâché. There is more than enough to make multiple projects! And projects there are, especially in the ACTÍVA Products’ Favorite Sculpture KIDS CRAFTS eBook.

After receiving this kit for our review, we spent time talking about what we wanted to make. We spent some time looking through the eBook and talking. Finally, we decided that we would love to make a volcano! We spent some time talking about the different kinds of volcanoes. We spent time looking at pictures of volcanoes. This helped us to know how we wanted ours to look like.

Ray Ray took the CelluClay and decided that he wanted to build a figure. While this may not have been the best material to build a figure with, he worked with what he had and loved it.! He loved getting his hands dirty and actually building the figures that he sees on the games that he plays. I took this same CelluClay and added a base to our volcano. These two products worked great with each other to make the volcano look more realistic.

After letting our projects dry overnight, we were ready to paint! I took out the acrylic paint that I had on hand and let the kids get creative. Little Miss was in charge of the volcano, with my help, and Ray Ray had his figure. This paint worked perfect on the dried surfaces! While the volcano would have been dried and ready within 15-20 minutes, after adding the CelluClay, I decided to wait overnight before painting.

Of course, when you make a realistic volcano, you must make it erupt. We did the basic baking soda and vinegar mix, but it was enough to make the kids happy. The nice thing, we could do this more than once! Our volcano was not done after one eruption, we have had 3 and it is still holding strong!

We loved these products. They were simple to use and fun! The kids were able to help on everything, and being non-toxic allowed me to relax while all of the younger kids, yes even Baby Girl, had their hands in and on this building!

Dry time was not that bad. The CelluClay took longer to dry, but the pieces were thicker as well. The Rigid Wrap dried almost as fast we placed them on our form. This does take into effect that we have had some hot days and did this while in the A/C, so the humidity was not that bad, allowing it to dry faster.

We loved using the Rigid Wrap and the CelluClay. We had a fun time with both of these items. They were easy to use and the end result was of great quality.

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Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {ACTÍVA Products Reviews}
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