Art Fun In Our Homeschool ~ 2017 Virtual Curriculum Fair

Art, it is one of the most fun parts of the day for any child. Art allows your child to express themselves in a whole new way. They can be drawing, painting, sculpting, singing or making music. Art is so much more than a 3-letter word.

This is the final post in the 2017 Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. If you have enjoyed this series, I highly recommend that you stop by and tell Susan thank you! She has done so much each year to make this happen, and for that I am truly grateful myself.

This week the theme is Seeking Beauty. This is anything from the Arts, Handicrafts and more. It is such a beautiful topic to end this series with. I cannot wait to tell you about the beautiful ways we include the Arts in our homeschool!

Art and handicrafts have always been a part of my life. My mom has been an example of how these can help you express yourself. I have always worn something that was hand crocheted by her and I remember watching as she wrote in calligraphy for the local radio station. This left a lasting impression of how important art is in our lives.

The kids all love art, and all in different ways. That is the joy of homeschooling, I can alter each child’s learning to their interests. And that is just what I have done over the years.

I love going to Pinterest to find ideas for art lessons. I have a board just for art ideas. I have two boards, one for arts and crafts and the second is for art study. So, what is the difference?

Art Study is an actual study of what you are doing. My Art Study board holds a lot of information to go with the studies that I have from Harmony Fine Arts. We have two of their programs and love to use them to help us learn more about art and artists in general. This is a great curriculum set if that is what you are looking for.

We have also spent time using ARTistic Pursuits. This was a lot of fun, and we had the chance to review two of their books with the Homeschool Review Crew. The lessons we learned from these books helped us open our eyes to the art all around us. This helps us take the school out of art and makes it fun to see the changing of the trees and draw the different leaves we see in the yard. Not only that, but we learn in different medias, from drawing, coloring, painting and sculpting.

ARTisticPursuits Schoolhouse Crew Review

Not only do I have the Art Study board, but I have Arts and Crafts for Kids. This board is my go to board when the kids are bored. (Are there enough boards/boreds in that sentence?) These ideas are not based off a single curriculum, rather, they are the “fun” things we do when the kids need to express themselves.

What are some fun ways you keep the beauty in your homeschool? Have you checked out these other posts yet? Make sure to stop by and add your own links of Seeking Beauty Posts!

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  1. Great idea to have some arts and crafts projects for bored moments. I have a few science activities for similar times but like the idea of adding art/craft.

  2. I like just exploring different media and styles with the children. My eldest took a Bob Ross class last semester and made some really beautiful pieces. She had been wanting to learn landscape art for a long time and is pretty excited.

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