Art of the Middle Ages – A Homeschool Crew Review

I love when my kids get into art, but I have never been a fan of it myself. That means teaching art is hard for me. However, with the new ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray I have been able to let my children learn the art, and I can learn with them. For the last few weeks, we have been learning about art in the middle ages with Art of the Middles Ages from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

We have been fans of ARTistic Pursuits for a while now. It is a simple book that easily explains the art medium of art for anyone to learn. While all the previous books that we have used were fun and easy to use, this one is my favorite. That is because it includes a DVD and Blu-Ray that teach the mediums to your children for you. Not only do they teach the art medium for you, but they also teach the history behind the medium as well.

Within this colorful hardcover book, you will find 18 projects, 12 text lessons, and 6 video lessons. Each lesson can be taught over one week, meaning this book can last you up to 18 weeks if you do the videos and texts on separate weeks. You can also watch the video lesson and do a text lesson in the same week if you wanted to.

The video lessons not only talked to us about the art mediums we were learning about but told us the actual history of the lesson. The kids really enjoyed the videos and wanted to watch all of them at once, as though they were a TV show to watch. I loved how they walked us through how to do a project and even gave mom tips on how to make it work for the younger kids.

After watching the video lesson, there are 1-3 text lessons to go with it. You will take what you learned in the video and read more about the medium while working on other projects. Before you get to the lesson, there is a Prep Notes section for the lesson. This is the page that will allow you to get yourself ready to teach the lesson to your kids.

We took our time and followed the one lesson a week plan. However, we were able to split those lessons up. One day we would watch the video, or read the text and another day we would do the project. This gave us time to talk about the art mediums we were learning, and the kids enjoyed having art for two days instead of just one, even if one day was just reading and looking at pictures of art.

The projects were fun and not too hard. They allowed the kids to try the new mediums they were learning without overwhelming them. However, my kids didn’t seem to listen to me on our mosaic project. I told them to make a simple picture, but they went overboard. I also cut our pieces of paper up too small for one picture and too big for the other. I can tell you, that the kids learned about the mosaic, and really appreciate those pieces of art that have taken the time to do and finish them. We are still working on finishing ours!

We love the weaving that we have done, and as we have flipped through the book, we have found other projects we are looking forward to doing, such as collages, bookbinding, stained glass windows and making statues!

The kids love making things and always ask for art class. I love that they are learning about the history as they are having fun and making things.

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