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Art, it is one of those subjects that has a love-hate relationship in our house. The kids love it, and I, well I hate it. I was never good at art, I love looking at it, I love watching other people do it, and I want my kids to be good at it. So how in the world am I going to make that possible? Well, I find someone else to teach it for me! We were given the chance to check out the Entire Level I from ArtAchieve and Moe Man jumped at this opportunity.

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What Is It

ArtAchieve is in an online art program. The Entire Level I has 9 lessons. They start at lesson 3. You are able to try out lessons 1 and 2 for free right here. With the purchase of Level I, you will have a one-year access to these lessons on the website.

Each lesson contains a PowerPoint presentation of the lesson, a printable warm-up sheet, a video of the lesson and a print out of what your child will be drawing. Your child has the option to click through the PowerPoint or watch the video. Moe Man has done both with great success.

ArtAchieve PowerPoint

When you start each lesson, whether as a PowerPoint or as a video, you will learn a short history of the subject that you will be drawing. You will learn what your goals are for the lesson along with the supplies that you will need to make this art happen.

When you are ready to start the art part of your art lesson, you are given some tips on how to warm up. These include ways to relax your eyes and the suggestion of music to play in the background as you work (I like these ideas for when I work also). Once you have your eyes ready and the music going, you get to warm up with your drawing. You are given squares using the shapes that you will need for the actual art project that you copy into an empty square.

ArtAchieve Dragon

Now that you are completely warmed up, you are ready to get started, but first, the rules! I love these rules. They remind the child that they are drawing for themselves, they don't have to like what they draw and to actually wait until you are all the way done before you decide if you like your art or not.

Once you start drawing, you are taken step by step through the picture. In the PowerPoint (Moe Man's favorite) you see the new pieces in red and green. This way you know what you have done and what you need to do. Once your line drawing is done, you add color! Most of Level I can be done with items you most likely already have in your house.

ArtAchieve Dragons

How We Used It

I let Moe Man use this at his own pace. I knew that he would be working on at least one or two lessons a week. He loves to build on his drawing skills and this really helped him. He tried both the PowerPoint and the video versions of the lessons. He personally preferred the PowerPoint since he did not have to hit pause and play each time he was drawing.

I would require that he did one lesson a week. I would put it on his weekly lesson plan, but if he wanted to do more because he was bored, I didn't stop him at all. When it came to "grading" I would simply look to make sure it resembled what he was supposed to draw and that he had added some color and patterns. Remember, I never liked art and really disliked the grading process. I promised myself I would never deter my kids with poor grades in art, unless they didn't try.

ArtAchieve Drawing Bugs

What We Thought Of It

Moe Man loves his art. He loves to draw…but he doesn't like being told what to draw. He likes learning new techniques, but wants to use them in his own images. I noticed that he really enjoyed this program, if I didn't require him to watch the video. I loved having the two options of how to learn the lesson, and noticed that he did also. Where I would have liked to watch the video and pause as needed, he preferred the PowerPoint and not having to worry about the pausing after every step.

While this level was just the drawing and adding different elements of color, this was something that Moe Man loves so it fit perfect. The pictures were not hard, but they also required some work. This took Moe Man from simple line drawings to more curves and circles, finding the right size proportions and adding in different patterns and colors to make his picture unique instead of just the lines.

ArtAchieve Bugs

This was a great art program for Moe Man, and I can't wait to move him up to the next level! These were great for building his confidence in his drawing and took 20-30 minutes depending on the details he put in.

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What do you like to do for your art lessons in your homeschool?

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