Back to School 2013



photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom via photopin cc  


I have been quiet on here this last week since we got home from vacation.  We got home and had a birthday party for the boys. We were also getting ready for school to start!!


Big Kid is in the 7th grade this year!!





I was all excited because I "planned" this year! I was ready for the first week no problem! Well, we are on our third day of school and we have changed numerous items in my "planning" so far! But, I am fine with that, what else was I going to use my white out tape for?? He is having more fun, which makes it easier to teach. And I am fine with changing things to make it easier for him to learn. Not easier, but easier to learn!


Ray Ray is in Kindergarten!!!

Kindergarten(Yes, he is crabby in this picture, but we did have a fun day!)

I was really nervous about this one, but he is happy and we are having fun. All that matters is that for me. We are not doing much too crazy this week, just getting him into the idea of a more "formal" schooling than last year.


Little Miss will not be actually starting school this year, but in a few weeks we are going to start having some fun with letters. I plan to try and work on a letter a week with her. Nothing crazy, just learning the sounds and shapes of  them. If she shows interest in other things, I will work on that at that time.


I hope you are all having a great summer and look forward to hearing about your back to school days!