Back to School 2014 Edition


Wow…where did the time go? Here I am writing about our brand new school year! I am a little early for most in the area, but we have some new additions happening in January so we want to take some time off than. If we want time off, we need to start earlier!

Our first day of school was today (Monday, July 21). We had a pretty good day. Considering this was the first “real” day of summer, but we still did a good day of school. Everyone stayed focused for the most part…and mommy made sure to allow everyone time outside still.

So, here we are starting our classes! Moe Man, I will say he is in Middle School this year. I don’t want to put a grade on it for the mere fact that he is doing a few different grades in the different subjects. This is a joy to homeschooling. We can work ahead where we need to, but slow down when the time comes.

Ray Ray will be in 1st grade this year. Although compared to public school, he wouldn’t be up to par, I have a feeling by the time he is done this year, he will be surpasses most other 1st graders. Here again, we listened to him last year during his Kindergarten year. He learned through play and reading/listening. He wasn’t ready for all the fine motor skills of writing. Now this year, he is already working on it and doing awesome. This is without stress and frustration involved!

Little Miss is going to be starting Preschool this year. Like Ray Ray, we are going to be listening to her. She seems ready to go and wanting to actually learn. This is my cue that I need to give her something to challenge her without frustrating her.

Now, I bet you are wondering what in the world I will be using to teach them this year! I am going to tease you a little! I want to have you come back throughout the week and see what I have in store! But I won’t let you go without a teaser! We have fallen in love with Five In A Row. What a fun and simple way to introduce concepts of school yet keep it as easy as reading a book to your child! So who do you think is using this and what else will I be talking about? Make sure to check back this next week for Little Miss (Pre-K), Ray Ray (1st Grade) and Moe Man (Middle School), in that order.

So, when are you starting school? What are some of your favorite curriculum choices? Do you think you might know who is using Five In A Row? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a message below!


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  1. You have me on the edge of my seat! lol…we will be starting Aug. 18th here & I can see it will be a challenge getting everyone back into the routine. I just may have to start introducing little changes here & there soon to get them motivated…as well as myself. My 13yo will be starting high school!!

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