Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ J is for Journey

Welcome back to another week of blogging through the alphabet with myself and Annette from A Net in Time. We are so glad to have you here and look forward to sharing and reading your Letter J posts. Yes, we are already on letter J!

Do you want to join us? Hop on in whenever you can as often as you can. You don't need to worry about blogging every week if you don't have time, and we would love to have you start, even if it isn't with the letter A. We have no rules about being here every week, we just want to see you!

This week, for the Letter J, I wanted to share our Journey with you! We didn't start knowing we wanted to homeschool from the beginning. We had to take a journey to get to where we are now.

Moe Man, being our oldest, went to public school from the beginning, He did ok, but had to have an IEP during school. This is always a fun thing to have and to deal with on a bi-yearly basis! (Did you hear my sarcasm?) I did not enjoy this part of our journey, but I did not know if I would be able to homeschool him if I tried, back to last week with the impossible thoughts.

It wasn't until Ray Ray went into preschool, that we thought more about homeschooling. He had a hard time. And when I say hard, I mean HARD! It was only ½ a day 3 days a week, but after the first two weeks, he would not let me leave. He wanted to go, but didn't want me to leave him alone there.

I didn't understand it much at all. Why would this child be so scared to be alone at preschool, where you go to have fun? Finally, there was one day that I went to leave, and his screams echoed down the hallway. I couldn't do it. I turned around and went back. I grabbed him and we pulled out of the preschool program. We went home and started playing around with fun things I found online. Shortly after that, I started my first blog.

2 months later, we were having trouble with Moe Man in public school. He was not getting the care and support I felt he should be getting and I didn't want to battle with the public-school system anymore. I had been doing just fine with Ray Ray at home and decided to pull him out after Christmas break.

I did not make this decision alone. I questioned myself for weeks before. I wondered if there was another option. I prayed about it. And you know what, I felt the strong sensation within my heart that there was no other option for us. I felt calm and confident and took this to my husband. He said he had been thinking and feeling the same way. This was going to be our new journey.

From there, our Journey included more blog posts from me. More stories of our learning. I was shocked to get some requests for simple reviews. We loved having the chance to try new things, and we loved sharing them with everyone that was reading.

Finally, around October or into November, I saw the application for the Homeschool Review Crew. I didn't think I had what it took be a part of such a wonderful team. I didn't think I was making the big of an impression on my readers. But I took the chance and applied.

The next thing I knew, my journey was about to change once again! I got an email stating that I had been accepted to the team! I was going to be a part of something I never thought I would be a part of! I was thrilled!

From there our journey has been documented on here. We have shared the fun, the bad and the inbetween. It has been quite a journey, but one that I would not change. I have learned a lot about my children and myself during this journey, and hope to continue sharing this with everyone!

What is one thing about your Journey that you didn't expect, but wouldn't change?

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7 Replies to “Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ J is for Journey”

  1. Your journey sounds a lot like ours!  Our oldest went to school through 3rd grade and then we started homeschooling.  We got on the Crew the first winter we homeschooled.  Thanks for sharing your journey~

  2. Some terrific quotes.  I hate that so many families start homeschooling because their children struggle with public school.  It breaks my heart.  I know my kids would be eaten alive there. 

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