Blogging Through the Alphabet – P is for Patience

Welcome back to another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet. Annette and I are glad to have you here! We love having you here and hope you find something that you needed this week.

Last week we talked about the Letter O. I had a great time reading through the other posts, have you seen them yet?

This week we have moved forward to the Letter P. I will be honest, there were 4 drafts before this post came to be. I have so many words I wanted to write about, but I just couldn't get it sound the way I wanted it to. Maybe I will write some of them up later, but this week I finally decided that P is for Patience.

Patience is huge in our house! With four kids all wanting mom's help with school at the same time. With everyone pulling and tugging at all ends, it can be hard. On top of homeschooling and being a stay at home working mom, I am a wife. And right now my husband needs me to help him heal.

Patience means the capacity, habit or fact of being patient. And patient means: 1. bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint 2. manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain 3. not hasty or impetuous 4. steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity

Having patience is sometimes hard. It is one of those character traits we strive to teach our children. You can go on Pinterest and find a list of different character studies that include patience. This allows you to find the one that best fits your family.

Spending time learning about patience is a great way to ensure that your child will have the patience they need to grow up and have it in their daily lives. It makes it easier for them to handle tough situations with siblings and with mom and dad when they can't get what they want right now, and this is important in the digital, get it right now era we are in!

Not only do our kids need to learn and practice patience, so do we as adults. We need to set the example for our kids. We need to know that they look to us to see how to handle different situations. And when we get upset over not being able to have something shipped by Amazon Prime, yeah, that is not a good example!

While there are a lot of great character building lessons for kids on patience, there are far less when it comes to bible studies for adults, unless you move away from Pinterest and do an old-fashioned web search for Bible Study on Patience. The ones I found were beautiful! And if there wasn't a bible study, there would be a list of bible verses to pray for patience.

When you are a homeschool family, one who spends a lot of time together, patience is definitely a virtue that needs to be worked on on a regular basis! We have found that even just gently reminding each other with the verse, "Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous." Psalm 27-14. This is enough to remind us to stop and slow it down for a moment, which is all the time He needs to help us change!

When it comes to patience, what is one tip you use in your day?

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6 Replies to “Blogging Through the Alphabet – P is for Patience”

  1. I always ask my kids to take a breath or two when they feel impatient so they can look around and see why they are not getting the immediate attention they are asking for. That usually does the trick but then I have to remember to follow my own advice! I loved this post!

  2. Patience begins with seeing the other side of something. For me, that begins each morning in God's word. When I start my day there, my perspective is always different.

  3. Your post and mine for the week are in sync. Perseverance and Patience both remain steadfast during difficult times. It isn't always easy to be patient but when we wait on God's perfect timing and plan, He fills us with His peace. Being the mom of a child with a diagnosis of Autism, I often pray peace over my sweet boy as he struggles with waiting and other frustrations. Then, he perseveres through the difficult time and the joy of his accomplishment comes shining through in his smile.

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