Blue Manor Education Review and GIVEAWAY

What type of curriculum do you like to use for your Preschooler or Kindergarten child? Do you want to give them the best that you can? A solid start to their education? Over at Blue Manor Education, they feel the same way. I was able to review the Preschool Curriculum and the Kindergarten Curriculum.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Both of these curriculum sets are Christian based and are the e-Books. With the e-books, you have options, you can print them and use them like real books, or save paper and ink and use them on our tablet. We printed some of the pages, but both Ray Ray and Little Miss loved to use the tablet to do their school! They felt grown up and thought they were playing.


The Blue Manor Preschool eBook set comes with 23 individual books and a “how-to” book on how to use this curriculum with the kids. Among these ebooks, are Bible, Colors and Concepts, Drawing and Art, Mathematics, Personal Development, Phonics Reading, Science and Vocabulary along with 4 Level 1 phonics readers.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Little Miss loved using this curriculum, and loved having her own school to do along with her brothers. I loved that there was no planning needed on my part. If I had a few minutes, I would grab her, the tablet and we would go to town on one thing at a time.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

We would be able to pick and choose what we wanted to work on each time we had the chance. I loved the Bible lessons. The pictures are not “kiddy” pictures, they are real pictures. The artwork is beautiful and goes along with the story perfectly. The stories are not that long, but just right for the attention span of a preschooler.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Although the Phonics Readers are in the preschool package, I have been using those for Ray Ray. He is my math wiz, and wants nothing to do reading. However, he is picking up on the reading now, so we are using these for him. He loves the stories for the stories, I love that the picture is located on a different page from the words so he can’t guess the words. He actually has to read the words and then he can go on to examine the picture. It is also nice on the tablet that there is no picture to distract him while he should be reading. He is zooming through these and actually asks to do his reading now!


The Kindergarten Curriculum eBook Set is set at Level 2. This should be done after Level 1 is completed. Once again there are 23 individual eBooks and the How To eBook. Included at this level are Bible, Brain Builder, Drawing Basics, Geography, History, Math, Phonics Reading, Science, Vocabulary and Writing & Penmanship.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

While Ray Ray loves the phonics in the Preschool set, he loves the math in this package just as much. The children are introduced to all these subjects by the reading of the books again. Once again, you are able to download and print or just use them on the tablet. With the use of the tablet you are able to pull this out as you see fit for time or attention.

These subjects are building off of the same subjects from Level 1 and your child will be more successful if you fully finish Level 1 first. I did a quick review with Ray Ray before jumping ahead to the Kindergarten level and he is doing well with these lessons.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

My favorite addition to the Kindergarten set that wasn’t in the Preschool set is the brain builders. We love to add any kind of logic lessons into our daily lessons. The kids think of them as games, and I love that they are using other parts of their brains to figure out the answers. The Brain Builders are no exception and Ray Ray loves to do these as his daily warm up.

If you are looking at a great way to get your kids into their school, give them a head start and build a love for learning, I highly recommend these programs from Blue Manor Education. And for a regular price of $39.99 for a full curriculum, you can’t really argue about the price!

Today you are all really lucky…I have been given the priviledge of being able to give away one of the Preschool Curriculums to one of you lucky readers! Enter in below!!

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  1. I find it very interesting and cool that these are Ebooks. Most preschool information that I've found are printables or actual workbooks. It's pretty neat that the kiddos can work on this anywhere using the tablet. 

  2. I love that we can use them on the iPad as my little kids love to play on it. I always try to have educational things ready for them. This would make it easy!

  3. I like how these are ebooks.  My kids would really enjoy these.  They would probably see it as a game and be learning at the same time.

  4. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity! This looks like a great product to help get us started on our homeschool journey!

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