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Well, this week is a given for a homeschool resource that we use in our homeschool…b is for books! Lots and lots of books! I have a slight addiction, and that would be to books, and I think I am passing this on to my kids. I am not sorry for sharing this addiction!

Homeschool Books

We have books that are for homeschool. I love having the kids put pencil to paper and use a book. But, we also have storybooks that are for homeschool. The kids love that we can just sit, cuddled up, and read a book for school. This is a great thing to do for the sick days, busy days, or just because days.

Some of our favorite homeschool books are:

  1. YWAM books. These are great books that help bring people from history to life. I love to use them as unit studies now that Ray Ray has fallen in love with this style of learning.
  2. Living Books. I love finding books that teach something when I read them. All books teach something, but to have books about what we are currently learning, it is a bonus!
  3. Master Books. This is a great company that we love. This is my first choice for our homeschool supplies. I especially love their America’s Story for history.

Picture Books

I love picture books! I love the pictures the most. I make all the kids read a picture book at least once a week, no matter how old they are. I love the idea of them taking the simple book with the pictures and just enjoying. I may not be able to take them around the world or to the best art museums, but I can give them a picture book!

Some of our favorite picture books are:

  1. Rainbow Fish. This little fish has so much to share with us!
  2. No, David! Our doctor’s office has this book EVERYWHERE! It is a known fact that we will read this book every time we go to the doctor. I love the ending the most!
  3. Elephant & Piggie. These two friends make some great stories. The kids love to come and laugh while we read some of the things these two friends do!

Chapter Books

Chapter books are so much fun! They take out the pictures and add in the use of more imagination. Even before they can read on their own, the kids are listening to me read aloud chapter books. It is so much fun to see the kids engaged and listening to the stories as I read them!

Some of our favorite chapter books are:

  1. The Doll People. This is a new favorite! Little Miss got this series for a Christmas gift, and we both fell in love with reading these together.
  2. Roland Dahl. These books are favorites in our house! We love to read the book and watch the movie after. The kids always seem to enjoy the books better!
  3. Little House on the Prairie. I grew up reading these books and watching the TV show whenever I could. I love reading and sharing these books to my kids now!

Books are well loved in our house. We love to have them everywhere. My one problem, I don’t have enough shelves for all my books!

What are some of your favorite books?

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8 Replies to “Books in our Homeschool – Blogging Through the Alphabet”

  1. I LOVE books, and my problem is space!! I love going to goodwill or library book sales to find some great treasured classics. I saw in your pile Where The Sidewalk Ends, this was a favorite of mine as a child. One book I remember having read to me was The BFG and my grandmother would always read from this big book of nursery rhymes to me. Currently, I am reading Mary Poppins to my daughter.

  2. Great suggestions! We love the YWAM books and are using them for our history this year. We just finished Louis Zamperini. Wow. What a great story.

  3. I do like a good book list post. We don’t have much experience with the YWAM or Master Books, so I’ll have to check those out. Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. I love the Little House books. My daughters have enjoyed The Doll People, also.

    One I stumbled across last year that I have loved is A Tree for Peter. A very special book that teaches quite a few life lessons. And it is just so touching!

  5. BOOKS! So much goodness to be enjoyed and shared! Currently my youngest is reading me Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Even though I’ve read it aloud several times, listening to her read it so fun (and I want just one more chapter!).

    1. I never thought of this way of stacking until I ran out of room. I can fit twice as many books now! 🙂

  6. Oh the book Doll People looks rally interesting! Its a little long for my kiddo right now, but I’m putting it onto my list for books in the future!

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