Books on Migration – Online Book Club

For April, we read some books on migration for our Online Book Club. It was a great way to get ready for spring and to learn more about how animals migrate to other climates at different times of the year.

One of my favorite authors for children’s books on learning about nature is Gail Gibbons. Her books are full of information that kids can take in and process. We read Migration by Gail Gibbons for our April reading prompt.

We had so much fun with this book. I decided to read it first and then dig deeper into it, researching more about the animals who migrate. 

This book was packed full of information about migration. We could print some simple notebooking sheets up and use those to help us organize our data. If you haven’t noticed, we love to use notebooking sheets. These are such a fun way to take any book or activity and turn it into a learning activity.

Baby Girl just did many drawings or copying of words from the book, but I made Ray Ray and Little Miss do a bit more. They had to take what they learned in the book and find more information online.

Not only did we use the book to learn about migration, but we also went outside. It is spring, so that we can see the animals, primarily birds, migrating back to our neighborhood and backyard. We were able to talk about the geese that we saw fly away last fall and how they are back now. Also, we could speak of the robins, as those usually mean that it is finally spring.

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What are some fun books you have read about migration?