Bugzzle Puzzle Review

Playing games is my favorite way to teach kids. They don’t know that they are learning, and they are having fun. This was just the case when we got the Bugzzle game from the TimberDoodle Kindergarten Curriculum Kit to review.

Bugzzle Puzzle

What Is It

Bugzzle is a pattern-matching puzzle bug. In the middle of this bug is a circle broken down into layers. These layers have different pieces and colors to the pieces that go together to make the circle complete. By playing with this puzzle your children can strengthen their visual-spatial thinking, problem-solving, and it is a great way to introduce your children to fractions.

The recommended age for this game is 3-8 years old. I had my 4, 8, and 11-year olds all playing with this game. They made their own games up and even started competitions among each other. This goes to show that just because there is a recommended age, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to that!


How We Used It

The first day I got this, we had a long and busy day. I didn’t want to worry about school, so I opened the box and let Baby Girl play. She got the hang of following the pattern cards in under 5 minutes.  She loved that they started off easy and was asking for harder. It was fun to see her trying to figure out the brainteaser and see her connecting dots on how to make it work.

Little Miss was next to give it a try. She really enjoyed making the pattern and flipping it over to see the reverse pattern. Ray Ray was next in line. He took a minute, being the oldest, but he likes to overthink everything.

Ray Ray and Little Miss had a time when they would spread all the pattern cards out on the table and pick one blindfolded. They would try to master the pattern and the others would see if they got it right. This made it a fun and competitive way to learn.

Bugzzle Puzzle

What We Thought Of It

All the kids give this puzzle a double thumbs up. They love that it is a simple game they can play together or alone. It is also one that they can do without mom, even Baby Girl. I love that it is a game that teaches math skills in a fun way.

Bugzzle is a game that has been out of the box almost as much as it has been in the box since it got into our house. This is a game that will be used over and over again.


If you want a game that is fun and teaches at the same time, Bugzzle from TimberDoodle is what you are looking for!

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