Easy Grammar Grade 9 ~ A Review

When you homeschool, you find yourself being a grammar nazi more than you would like to admit. Even correcting grammar on social media with the local sheriff's office. Yes, I did do that and yes, they responded. Now, making sure your children understand the same concepts so you don't look silly…well, that is another story! When you use Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9, a part of the Timberdoodle 9th Grade Curriculum Kit, you find an easier way to teach and enforce this subject.

Easy Grammar Review

What Is It

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9, is 180 daily lessons that cover numerous different grammar topics each day. Each lesson contains five different topics; Capitalization, Punctuation, 2 different Parts of Speech, and Sentence Combining. Each day your child will work on building on what they know and adding new things in a simple way.

Easy Grammar is what they call a teaching text. Your child will be introduced to concepts, they will build upon these concepts and will review these concepts throughout the book. Easy Grammar is a mastery style of learning. These lessons should only take about 10 minutes or less, but when used at the beginning of every Language Arts lessons, you will see great results.

Easy Grammar Review

How We Used It

We did just as we wanted with this book. I would make sure that Moe Man did this before he did any other language arts lessons. Knowing that his mind was ready, made me more relaxed going into the more difficult lessons we needed to work on. There are some ideas on how to use the lessons, but you are the final deciding factor as to how you will actually teach it.

We would talk about new concepts before Moe Man worked on them. We would sit down together after to check answers and talk about what was wrong and why. Some days we would spend more time working a specific section, and the next day Moe Man could do it on his own. Any of the review sections, Moe Man would be able to work on without me, but we would always meet up before he moved on to make sure he was showing me that he could do it.

Answer Key
Answer Key
Answer Key[/caption]

What We Thought Of It

Slowing down to think about each part of grammar frustrates Moe Man. He just wants to go, go and go. Using Easy Grammar was a great way to ease him into learning about grammar and his writing. I loved how simple this was. There were no silly doodles or colors that would distract him. We simply had the lesson and that was it.

Each lesson was one page. I didn't have to explain anything to Moe Man about what needed to be done, other than was day he was on. While he may need some explaining of the actual lesson, he knew that each day he had to do one page. This made it easy for both of us. He knew exactly what had to be done and I could explain without an argument! If you have a teenage boy, or even a teenager in general, you know the benefits of that!

This was a grammar program that we loved. This is something we both enjoyed using and Moe Man has picked up some tips so far! I can't wait to finish this one and move on to the next one!

What do you use for your grammar lessons in high school? Have you tried Easy Grammar?


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Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro ~ A Review

"Mom, I want to make something." "What can I invent?" "I am bored!" These comments have not been heard around our house recently. Instead I watch all three of the oldest kids meeting new clients and designing just what they need, plus I get to count it as school!

How in the world do the kids have clients? Well, let me introduce you to the Extraordinaires and The Extraordinaries Design Studio Pro from Timberdoodle. With this simple little box, your children will meet clients, find out what they need and have a great time using their minds to create new items for their clients.

Design Studio Pro

There are 24 different Extraordinaries to meet and 30 different design projects. With this, you will have 720 possible challenges, like I said, the kids have been busy! You also get 50 think cards, 5 award cards, a drawing pad, 2 pens and a design manual.

Design Studio Pro

The way we used this "game" was to sit around the table and get ready to design. We "met" with 3 different Extraordinaires and seen the three different items they were after. Each Extraordinaire card shows a little on the back about them. This is how we get to know our clients.

There are 5 possible designs types. You could end up with Inventions, Gadgets, Buildings, Clothing or Vehicles. Each design shows 8-12 doodles on it. These doodles are there to help your child think about what to create. This gives them a starting point when it comes to making their own design.

Design Cards

After a little time to debate, each child chose one of their Extraordinaires to work with. Once they were ready to begin, each child got a Think Card to go with the design. Each Think Card has a 3-step process for your child to use when designing. First, it shows some Research, followed by design and finally how to improve.

Think Cards

And if that was not enough, you have access to the Design Manual. This handbook is fought over while designing. This is where you find out more about your Extraordinaire, their designs and many helpful hints! This is also where mom and dad can go for instructions, and a place to find ideas on building from your design.

Design Manual

While this kit is recommended for the teens in your house, the younger children can still have fun with it. I personally require less from the younger kids, and more from Moe Man. I was able to watch all three have fun and learn from this. I watched them build and think. That too me is the most important part.

Fun Art

Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro is a hit in our house. The kids love having that go to something for when they are bored and I love knowing that they love to do this more than a video game! Studio Pro is a great art item to keep in your homeschool collection, but feeds on more than just the art. It works the mind, of children of all ages.

Have you ever had your children meet with clients and build new items? If not, you need to check this out and see how much fun they can have while learning!  photo Signature_zpsgowpsmjl.png  photo Disclosure_zpsalxv5hgx.jpg

Memoria Press The Book of Astronomy ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Stars, constellations and the motion of the earth. The simple and fun things of science. Why not learn about the skies above us and learn about it in an easy way? Moe Man has been doing just that with Memoria Press and the Book of Astronomy Set.


This two book set includes the student text and teacher's guide. I also found the weekly lesson plan available on the website. This set is geared towards 3-5th grades, but as a freshman Moe Man still loved this program and I even fell in love with it myself.

The main goals of this program is to teach your child the 15 brightest stars, the 12 Zodiac constellations and the 8 planets. These should be able to recited from memorization by the end of the program. Your child will also learn about the motions of the earth and how each constellation lies in the sky during the different seasons.


When you follow the Lesson plan guide for this program, you will be able to complete this whole program in about 30 weeks. We started off following this plan, but as with any homeschool subject, we have slowed a little to take the time that is needed for Moe Man to work on the memorization. He has surprised me with his love and interest, but I sorta knew he would take to this (long story, different time, different post). I was happy to know that I was right in knowing that he would love this.

Since this is geared towards the younger ages, I was able to let Moe Man do a lot of this on his own. I did take the time to go over what he was learning at least once a week, but for the most part, he was able to understand this and work on it at his own pace.

The teacher's guide shows you what the child sees, only you get to see the answers as well. This is nice for when you want to do a quick check on what they have done. Just open, compare and move on. The assignments are simple, yet effective. And working on the memorization each week builds confidence. No worries about memorizing everything at once, take it in sections one week at a time and build on what you know.


The student book has all your child needs to learn about the constellations. Yes, you could add more, but this book has all they need to complete the course and know what they are talking about. They learn about the new lesson, work on their memorization and proceed to draw out the constellations. They start with the basic stars, what they would see if they looked out of their window or telescope and they connect the dots. I feel this helps to show the constellations for when they DO look out the window or telescope. They are able to visually connect the dots after doing it on paper.

Moe Man loved this program, I loved this program. We love using this program. We have been using this program every day during the week, and I may or may not have seen Moe Man staring up at the stars on the weekends when we love to spend time outside. This means that he is taking what he is learning and bringing it into his everyday life.


We really loved this program and how fun it was to use. The lesson plans helped me plan things out, but they were not needed in completing the program. Moe Man loved this program. He loved how fun it was to do something other than writing assignments. He loved that he was completing the constellations and not just writing about them.

Memoria Press has many other fun learning programs. Head on over with me to read some of those reviews!

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

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All American History Vol 2 High School Test Packet

Sure, history is fun. And learning history can be fun. But as a high school student, there comes a time when you need to work on taking a test and showing what you have learned. When using All American History Vol 2, you have the option of getting the All American History Vol 2 High School Test Set.

Tests with All American History

The High School Test Set comes as a digital download. This download includes 8 tests and the answer keys to go with them. This means that your child will have one test for every 4 lessons. Each test has 4 sections. These sections are multiple choice, true/false, matching and mapwork. This gives just the right amount of variety while also helping the older kids practice for the ACT/SAT tests. These are 4 of the skills they will need to know.

The answer keys are simple to read and easy to use. Simply find the test you need to grade, and go ahead and match the numbers. I saved paper and ink by not printing mine and just looking at them online. This has worked wonders for me, yet if you need to print, it won't be much ink since they did not rewrite each of the questions.

High School Test Packet

We, well I, love this part of the program. I love being able to see what Moe Man has retained and what he has forgotten. This is that check point, what more do we need to study before moving further along? What needs review?

You are not required to jump right into the unit test. No way would they do that to you and your child. You have multiple ways to study for this test. At the end of every lesson you have your "Impacts" section. This is the review of the lesson. Yes, you learned a lot more during the lesson, but this is the part where you take the main points and study those. We spent a day reading over all the "Impacts" and quizzing each other. Yes, I let him quiz me. Moe Man does not do well on the test, but I notice if he can quiz me, he remembers more.

After spending a day with the "Impacts", we spent a day working on looking over all our lesson review worksheets. These worksheets helped us get an idea of what would be on the test for each lesson. We once again would quiz each other and see how well we knew the information at hand. It was really nice to see how well Moe Man did on this. I think he might have liked this way of studying for a test!

High School Test Packet All American History

At this point I would ask Moe Man if he felt comfortable with what he knew, or if he wanted more time to study. This leaves the ball in his court and he has to make some decisions about his schooling without me. If he was ready, we would go ahead with the test. If not, we would do another day of mixed reviewing, depending on where he felt he needed more. Like I said, I want to see him take charge, and this is where he has that chance.

The tests are rather simple once you have gone over the reviews. It is nice to get a comprehensive review every 4 lessons. It is nice to have the review and remember what you have learned about. This makes it easy to go on and continue learning without forgetting what you have already learned.

Every 8 lessons you get to the end of your unit. There is no unit test, but there is a unit review. This review covers all the main people and places where the main events took place. Once again this is a great way to study and remember what you have learned. This review is simple and is easy to go over. I let Moe Man use his book on this. Me telling him this was not a test made this a lot more fun for him!

Unit Review All American History Vol 2

We are loving every minute of our All American History Vol 2. We have learned some new things and look forward to a lot more learning. Next time I can't wait to tell you more about how we study with games. Yes, even with just one student learning this subject, you can still play games!

Do you like to use tests in your studies? Do you like to use weekly, monthly or bimonthly tests best?

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Demme Learning Math-U-See ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

How do you take a child who finds every excuse in the books to avoid math, and turn them into a child who loves to sit down and see what else they will be learning? You introduce them to Demme Learning and Math-U-See! How do you save space on your shelf and get an easy to travel with version of this? You check out these new Digital Packs.

Math.U.See Review

Math-U-See is a family owned and operated company with a multisensory approach to mastery based learning. Mastery based learning is focused on making sure your student knows their stuff before they continue on to the next topic. With this, Math-U-See is based on levels, not grades. You will want to make sure to take a placement test to see where your child falls within their levels.



Demme Learning Math U See Review



For this review, we used the Epsilon level which focuses on fractions. This is a weak point for Moe Man. We have honestly skipped this in the past because of the misunderstanding between my teaching and his learning. We were sent the whole physical set, which includes a teacher manual, instruction video, workbook, tests and manipulatives. We were also given 12-month access to the digital pack.

The digital pack includes the teacher manual, streaming instruction videos, an MP3 of Skip counting songs and online manipulatives. This pack does not include the student text or tests, so you would need to purchase that separate.

While we received the full physical product, I found that we did not use the physical DVDs as much as we used the streaming of the digital pack. I loved that I didn't have to search for a DVD each lesson to start our learning. It was super simple to just pull up the website on whatever computer or device was available and let Moe Man go!

Math.U.See Review

Each lesson is started by watching an instruction video. This video will teach the new skill for the lesson and show some examples. I would watch this with Moe Man and I would watch this on the computer and pause as the examples were shown. I would make him do the examples and we would finish watching to see if he got them right. This was super nice to be able to be on the computer at the table instead of trying to bring all our supplies to the living room and have Baby Girl attack us at all times!

After your done with the video, you have three practice worksheets, three systematic review worksheets and one enrichment and application worksheet. There is no need to do all of the worksheets, just enough for you to make sure your child in mastering the skills they need to know. I personally loved being able to have Moe Man use all the extra practice that was available!

Math.U.See Teacher

Now when it comes to grading everything, I have had the pleasure of being able to log onto my computer and correct the pages. I don't have to worry about trying to find my teacher manual or finding the page. This is HUGE for me. I have enough books with book marks in them. I put all the grades in online, so it helps to have my answer key right here on the computer as well. This is my favorite part of the digital pack!

Math.U.See Epsilon Review

Moe Man loves to use different things to help him figure out his fractions, we even used candy hearts once! But he is really enjoying using the online manipulatives to help him out. He is able to manage the cubes more instead of a mess. He also loves the digital fraction manipulatives. These make it a lot easier for him to add and subtract fractions without getting too confused. These also made for a lot less clean up at the end of each lesson!


We absolutely fell in love with Math-U-See and we love their digital pack. We love the simplicity that this gives to us and the mobility of being able to take our work without the mess or extra supplies. We are even able to take this outside on the warm days and not worry about losing any of our supplies! This is a wonderful feeling, for mom at least!

Check out Demme Learning and Math-U-See on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

We were not the only ones who were able to enjoy the convenience of the digital pack from Math-U-See, head on over and check out some of the other reviews!


Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review


Have you used Math-U-See before? What do you think about these digital packs, where everything is a finger click, or swipe, away?

God Bless!



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HelpTeaching.com ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When you start homeschooling, you love looking at the resources available. Once you hit the high school age, those resources are harder to find. However, HelpTeaching.com and their Pro Plan is a wonderful resource for all homeschool ages, especially the high school age.

HelpTeaching.com Review

HelpTeaching.com is an online resource that will provide you and your student (from PreK to 12th grade) with the materials needed to supplement all your current curriculums. You will have access to all the worksheets and tests, both online and printable, as well as lessons the are put together for you. These lessons, worksheets and tests cover almost every subject for almost every grade level.


Not only are you able to use the premade material that is available on HelpTeaching.com, but you are able to make your own content with your own material. With HelpTeaching.com, you are able to plan what you want your child work on, plan it out and email the assignments to them. This helps in letting them learn responsibility for their own school. I love this for Moe Man now that he is in high school.

With the Pro Plan, you will have unlimited access to the Test Maker, up to 100 questions in your own custom tests and worksheets, use of images with questions, and the ability to save your tests as PDFs. You will be browse and use any of the pre-made premium content as well as the CCSS-aligned content, if you need it. All of this for $24.95 for the year!

HelpTeaching.com Plans

I used this Pro Plan from HelpTeaching.com for Moe Man these last few weeks. We have found the things that worked for us, and those that I loved, but they didn't quite work for him. We found the things that he knew, and what we needed to keep working on. With the lesson plans provided, we were able to work on those skills that were needed without a huge search for something that would work.

Online Lessons with HelpTeaching.com

With Moe Man and his learning, we did not use the online testing as much as I wanted. However, we did use the printable worksheets to the full potential. We were always finding one or making one that would go with the topic we were talking about in lessons. That was a benefit that I had with HelpTeaching.com, I was able to make what I couldn't find, which wasn't much. Or I was even able to mix and match the questions that were already in the data base.

With all of the resources available on HelpTeaching.com, we have been able to use something multiple times a day, every day with our current curriculum. There was no lack of information, or ways to make what you wanted. As much as Moe Man did not want more work, I was able to use these resources and have them make sense with every subject in our day.

I love using HlepTeaching.com with our daily lessons. I have had so much fun myself playing around with the idea of being able to customize the tests and worksheets. I might have spent a little too much time playing with this feature! I loved the online testing, wish it would have worked better with Moe Man, but I can say that this is awesome! Simply adding your student and their email address and you are able to send tests and assignments straight to your child.

If you have a high school student, I would recommend that you check out this wonderful resource! You can find HelpTeaching.com on Facebook, Google+,
Twitter, and Pinterest. Stop by to say hi and give them a like!

Make sure you check out the other reviews over here:


HelpTeaching Review


God Bless!!


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All American History Introduction

All American History Introduction

American History, a subject that is very important to our family as a homeschooling family. A subject that should be fun and important in all American households! But what kind of program is a good fit? We have tried many different ones that Moe Man has followed along with, but then we found a hands on program that Moe Man loves! Let me introduce you to All American History Vol 2 from Bright Ideas Press.

All American History Introduction

All American History (AAH) is a complete history program for grades 6-12. How is that possible? Buy one program and use it for numerous different grade levels? Well, that is because, the older your child gets, the more YOU as their teacher will add to their learning. That is the first thing I noticed when looking into this program. I can pick and choose what Moe Man will be learning. I can take it easy one week and add extra another, all while keeping the main focus the same.

Now there again, if I really wanted to, I could add Ray Ray and Little Miss into the mix of this subject, and still be able to make it work for their levels! The teacher's guide gives me all the ideas to make that happen along with the All American History Jr guide that has all the extras put together to go with the Student Reader. That is something we will be thinking about in the future, but right now they are doing Mystery of History 1. Yes, I have 3 kids doing two different history eras. It gets difficult at times, but AAH makes it possible for Moe Man to work individually as needed.

All American History Introduction

To make the most of using AAH for your high schooler, I would recommend the Teacher's Guide, Student Reader, Student Activity Book, the All American History High School Test Packet. We are also using the Historical Timeline Figures. These supplies will get you a full 32 weekly lessons.

All American History Introduction

I was so excited when the box came in the mail…I might have been stalking the mail lady for the week of this delivery! As a curriculum addict, finding something that you like AND your child likes, well…that is the best thing in the world. I was happy to see Moe Man just as interested in the books as I was. He is usually one to shrug off a new book or curriculum, but this time he actually stopped and started looking through the books.

All American History Introduction

Instead of waiting for the new week to begin so we could start our new history program, Moe Man wanted to start right away. This is something that shocked me. Moe Man doesn't like change, but after looking at the books, he was ready for a change mid-week. After reading through the teacher's guide over night, I was confident to start the lessons the next day. The teacher's guide has everything listed in an easy to read and understand way. Right away I was book marking the different pages and loving everything I was seeing!

We are two weeks into our new history curriculum, and we are in love with this program. I have been adding the further study questions in and having Moe Man read from the Book Lists that are provided with the teacher's guide. The further study questions take the student further into the subject and have them think in different ways. These questions work for having Moe Man actually work on his writing (even though he doesn't like this) and see what he has taken in.

All American History Introduction

The book lists are broken down by Unit first and are broken down one more time by "grade". You can have your child pick from the list with their grade level, or you can assign which book to have them read. You can do one, or more than one. We are using our books for both history and language lessons. I let Moe Man pick one from his grade level and we pick one from a lower level that we read aloud together. This works for us. The nice thing is, you can do what works for you and still get a great education from this curriculum.

I can't wait to tell you more about this wonderful program, but for now I need to quickly plan out our next week of school! I will come back in a few days and tell you more, I will see you than!


God Bless and Keep You!!



Disclaimer: I did receive product and compensation for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. This post may contain affiliated links which mean that if you purchase from the links provided I may be compensated a small commission, as always thank you for your support!

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Life of Fred

What kind of math program can you find that is fun and story based? Does not continually drill your kids over and over again with boring facts?

We have tried Life of Fred with Moe Man before and love the simple style of this math. It is crazy to see that they have math from Kindergarten up to college books and the readers! I think those are something I need to look into.

"Life of Fred" is quickly becoming a buzzword in the homeschooling world. If any child has ever struggled with understanding math concepts, Fred is ready to jump in and help your child remember those tricky math concepts!

Complete Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - by Educents.com

So, why are the Life of Fred books gaining popularity? The books follow Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius, during his exciting adventures which encounter every day math situations. Children actually want to read these books.

Your child can start using these books when it's time to learn how to read, and your child can continue learning with Fred all the way to college! For a complete overview of the entire collection, check out each series of books below.

Click a title to learn more about each series in the Life of Fred collection:

Reading: Beginning ReadersLanguage Arts

Math: ElementaryIntermediateIntro to AlgebraPre-AlgebraHigh SchoolCollegeFinances & Entrepreneurship

Science: BiologyPhysicsChemistry

Life of Fred Beginning Readers Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide

If your kiddo is just starting to learn to read, add these Life of Fred readers to your at-home library. They are fun to read over and over together. Incorporate Fred in your early reading lessons! The complete set consists of 18 books. Each book contains 32 pages.

Who is it for? Beginning readers (ages 4 and up)

Concepts covered: counting, using a compass, patience, days of the week, colors, shapes, how to make mashed potatoes, how to build a house, and more.

Titles included in the set: Blue, Bus, Lake, Potato Dreams, Ducks, Rain, Mud, Night, Dawn, House, Windows, Kitchen, Electricity, Dinner, Evening, Garden, Peach, and Going Home

Buy Now

More resources: Fred Beginning Reader Tips Fred Beginning Reader Tips

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series

Buyer's Guide Life of Fred Blog Post (2)

Life Of Fred is like no other math program out there. It's a story that begins with book one, and continues all the way through high school. It includes every other subject, such as science, history, geography, and more. Each book contains short, 4 to 6-page chapters, and usually is less than 20 chapters per book. This makes it possible for each child to go at a pace comfortable for them.

Who is it for? Kindergarten to 4th grade

Concepts covered: time, types of numbers, geometry, measurement, facts about stars, morse code, geography, adjectives & verbs, patterns, functions, sheet music, seven wonders of the world, math poems, percents, numbers vs. numerals, division, slope of a line, graphing, notation, the improper use of seat belts, how to prove you are not a duck, reducing fractions, and so much more.

Titles in this series: Apples, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, Edgewood, Farming, Goldfish, Honey, Ice Cream, Jelly Beans

Buy Now

More about the Elementary Math Books:

  • Life of Fred Elementary Math books are discounted on Educents.com
  • "This is my first year home schooling and I wish I had found Fred earlier. My son loves to read, so Life of Fred makes math a cinch to teach now." -Shanna, homeschooler
  • "I see a light shining bright from within my son that was almost extinguished completely. As he watched me place the order for the complete elementary set of Life Of Fred, I said 'I can't wait to see how Fred starts, and I want to see how it ends too, so be ready to order more!' I smiled and assured him that not only would Fred be part of his learning as long as he desired, but that Fred would be gift wrapped for Christmas presents this year for his niece and nephew, my 2 grandchildren. No more costly potholes for this family!!" -Janet, homeschooler
  • "My granddaughter, who truly dislikes math, always wants to start the day with Fred. I have to stop her after four chapters. She would do the entire book in a day if allowed. I never thought I could use math class as a reward! And she is learning besides." -Bette, homeschooler
  • Life of Fred Math Books in Carisa’s Homeschool
  • The Complete Guide to Using Life of Fred Homeschool Math
  • Featured on Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks
  • Samples: Apples, Butterflies, Cats

Life of Fred Intermediate Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Designed for students under age 10, but already finished the Life of Fred elementary book series. Best for students who can add, subtract, and who understand multiplication and division.

Who is it for? 3rd to 7th grade

Concepts covered: Milliliters, writing numerals in checks ($4000 and not $40.00), idioms, 1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 3/4, elapsed time, metaphors, milligrams and pounds, rounding numbers, three-eights of 19,416, and more!

Titles in this series: Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft

Buy Now

More about the Intermediate Math Books:


  • Life of Fred Intermediate Math books are discounted on Educents.com
  • “I was not so sure on these books. I heard a lot of good reviews but after we got them, just skimming through I wasn't sure my 9 year old daughter would like them. I was WRONG! she really likes them! They move at a pace she likes and being one continuous story about Fred's life keeps her interested and entertained. We will be back for more soon. She just finished Kidneys and is now on liver.” -Melisa W., Homeschooler
  • Samples: Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft

Life of Fred Intro to Algebra Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

If your student can solve these equations: 5 + 8, 8 – 5, 7 times 8, 6231 divided by 93, then he or she is ready for the Fractions title. It also might be time for you to begin using a very basic calculator to complete these lessons.

Who is it for? 6th to 12th grade

Concepts covered: less than, cardinal and ordinal numbers, adding and subtraction fractions, lines of symmetry, geometric figures, circumference, reducing fractions, sets and subsets, probability, consecutive numbers, repeating decimals, area of a triangle, square roots, ordered pairs, and more!

Titles in this series: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Buy Now

More about the Intro to Algebra Books:

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Fred does physics before algebra. What’s the difference between math and physics? In this series, students use math and science to solve quirky, real world scenarios – all while having fun with Fred of course!

Who is it for? 3rd to 7th graders

Concepts covered: numerals, area of a rectangle, the speed of light, nine forms of energy, Hooke’s law, static versus kinetic friction, photosynthesis, metric system, Gregorian calendar, conversion factors, unit analysis, freedom versus liberty, steps in solving word problems, venn diagrams, germination of seeds, digestion, negative numbers, whole numbers, chromosomes, DNA, circumference of a circle, and more!

Titles in this series: Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics, Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology, and Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics

Buy Now

More about the Pre-Algebra books:

Life of Fred High School Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Life of Fred is preparing for college! In this series, students learn algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and a few other lessons from Fred. The Zillions of Practice books are keyed directly to the chapters and topics in the associated book. Each problem is worked out in complete detail to offer additional help for a student who may have gotten stuck along Fred’s mathematical journey.

Who is it for? 8th to 12th grade

Concepts covered: infinite numbers, ratios, graphs, plotting points, averages, multiplying polynomials, solving fractional equations, Pythagorean theorem, milkshake marketing, absolute value, surface area of a cone, imaginary numbers, slopes of perpendicular lines, complex fractions, linear equations, Cramer’s rule, ellipses, graphing in three dimensions, geometric sequences, Pascal’s Triangle, right triangles, quadrilaterals, entrepreneurship, geography of Kansas, piano music, sines, cosines, functions of two angles, a preview of calculus, and more!!

Titles included in the series: Beginning Algebra, Zillions of Practice Problems for Beginning Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Zillions of Practice Problems for Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry

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Life of Fred High School Language Arts Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Each book contains 19 cohesive lessons on grammar, language, writing, common mistakes, and basically the entire English language. The creator suggests doing these four books once every year during your students’ high school years.

Who is it for? 5th to 12th graders

Concepts covered: the seven parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, similes, silent letters, rules for making outlines, the difference between a metaphor and metonymy, and so much more.

Titles included in the series: Australia, Begin Teaching, Classes, Dreams

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Life of Fred Chemistry

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

In a single lecture hour, Fred completes a whole year of high school chemistry.

Who is it for? 8th grade to college

Concepts covered: exponents, atoms, conversion factors, mass vs. weight, Avogadro's number, Kelvin scale, atomic number, isotopes, compounds, noble gasses, finding the atomic mass, early chemistry, oxidation numbers, balancing equation, and more!

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More about the Chemistry book:

  • Life of Fred Chemistry book is discounted on Educents.com
  • "It’s solid science presented in a way that’s understandable, not intimidating, and fun. You learn math, you learn history and you learn science, all through the Life of Fred – through his experiences and teachings." -Lisa, Homeschooler
  • "It reads like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but the chemistry is solid." -Lisa's husband, PhD in Analytical Chemistry
  • Sample of the Chemistry Book

Life of Fred College Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

This series is geared toward advanced high school math students, students preparing for college, or any adult who wants to brush up on their math skills while reading fun stories. Students will learn calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and advanced math puzzles (equations, not word problems).

Who is it for? 9th grade to adults

Concepts covered: functions, speed, slope, curvature, polar coordinates, Bayes’ Theorem, probability, descriptive statistics, field guides, solving systems of equations, vector spaces, linear functionals, math theory, abstract arithmetic, and more!

Titles included in the series: Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Five Days of Upper Division Math

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Life of Fred Financial Choices

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Let Fred help you teach your children about financial management, decisions, and choices. It's very likely that you, the adult, will pick up a tip or two while teaching.

Who is it for? Useful for middle school kids all the way to adults

Concepts covered: entrepreneurship, spending, investing, retirement, debt, calculating interest, how to start a business, insurance, taxes, real estate, successful spending habits, stocks, mortgages, REITS, mutual funds, and more!

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Fascinating Chemistry ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Fascinating Education

Are you looking for a self-paced science course that uses videos instead of boring reading? Interactive lessons instead of dull worksheets? Well, that is where Fascinating Education comes in with their Fascinating Chemistry course.

Fascinating Education

What Is It

This is an online science course that is, although easy seeming, a full high school credit. While most of this is an online course, you are able to print some of the notes and quizzes so that you can use multi levels of learning for your child.

There really is no “grade level” listed, other than this is designed and passes as a high school course. Some children may be ready to take this Chemistry course in 6th or 7th grade, while it might be too hard for others.

This course covers how the atoms bond to each other creating molecules, and the properties of the bonds. Students will also learn about how these molecules play a role in our everyday life. We start with the structure of the atom, and move on to the 4 types of bonds. After that we move on heat, gas, pressure, etc. All the fun parts of chemistry!

Fascinating Education

How Does It Work

Once you get yourself signed in, your child will go to the lesson they left off on. They need to remember this, there is no checking off as you go along. This is part of the high school lessons (at least in our house) and that is being responsible for knowing what you are doing, what you have done and what needs to be done.

Each lesson starts with a video instead of a reading. Your child will follow along with the video and take notes, or follow the script if they need that reading on paper to help them (this can be printed for them to follow along with). The scripts, which I found very helpful for Moe Man, have the same slides and wording as the videos.

At the end of each lesson is a quiz. This quiz will go over what was learned during the lesson. If there are resources available to help with a question, you will be able to find them on the top right corner, otherwise you work your way all through the quiz. Once the quiz is over, you will receive your grade and the passing grade. You will also find out if you passed the quiz or not. You are given the option to review your results, print your results or retry your quiz. This is the point in time when you want to make sure you mark the grades since there is no grade book.

What We Thought

Moe Man is not a huge science fan. He likes what he likes, but making him do something else really makes me wonder some days. When it comes to Fascinating Chemistry, he would do a full lesson a day with no issue. Which causes a problem because there are only 19 lessons! While they say this is a full high school credit, I found myself finding other hands on activities to go with the lessons to add on to the learning.

We would print up the scripts to each video and have Moe Man take his notes right there. That way he knew what was happening and would be able to remember what his notes meant. I did let him take his quizzes online, but I would make sure to be right there to take his grade down. While I want him to learn to be responsible, I want to make sure that he is doing something and learning from it.

Moe Man's favorite part about this program, while there is a glossary of vocabulary words for each lesson, they are not the main emphasis of the lesson. This is wonderful since Moe Man is not a fan of vocabulary words. While not a major emphasis, if your child needed to understand something better, they still have that option.

Overall, we really liked using this as a core for our science. I personally felt like I needed to add more to the lessons. I would take a lesson and make it last 2-3 days by finding other items or worksheets to go with the lesson. This way I knew Moe Man was understanding what he was learning, and I personally felt better.

Fascinating Education

Fascinating Education has two other courses available also. Check out these other reviews and see what these other families thought of the courses!

What is your favorite part of Chemistry? Tell me below!!



Fascinating Education Review





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Super Teacher Worksheets ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What do you do when your child does not understand something? What if you need something fun to practice what you are learning? Where do you go for that? I have fallen in love with the Individual Membership over at Super Teacher Worksheets for just these types of problems!

Super Teacher Worksheets

What It Is

This is a wonderful website that has worksheets and games for preschoolers and beyond. Most of the “grades” are up to the 5th grade, but I loved the practice that these were able to give to Moe Man in the 9th grade when it comes to some subjects!

This is not a full curriculum in any way, but can be used to supplement any curriculum that you may have. All major subjects are covered and within those subjects, all major categories are there. You are even able to make your own extra practice sheets when needed.

How We Used This

I love supplementing when I want my kids to practice something a little more. I don’t like looking all over and wasting my time trying to find just the right thing. That is where Super Teacher Worksheets came into play. I would look at our lesson plan, and look on the menu, find the matching worksheets, pick the one, or two, that I wanted and away we went.

Ray Ray has been asking me for some time to have a color by number like Little Miss had, when I found the scarecrow addition color by number, I was thrilled! Not only did he get what he wanted, mommy got what she wanted by having him practice his addition skills.

Super Teacher Worksheets

When Moe Man forgot about algebraic expressions (really who remembers that stuff anyway!), I was able to find some simple worksheets that refreshed his memory in a fun, non-threatening way. When his double digit multiplication was missing a step, I was able to find fun, colorful worksheets to help him practice. (These simple things are a MUST for him and his learning).

Super Teacher Worksheets

And when Little Miss wanted to be like her brothers, I was able to add some letter worksheets into her daily work! There is truly something for everyone here!

With all the supplementing, I was able to find something for everyone to do in different subjects, so we are using this website daily. Each worksheet is at least two pages, with the answers included. When printing, I would only print the student pages to help save on paper and ink. I could always go back and check the answers on the computer. The only time this did not work was when it was a build your own worksheet. That is where the File Cabinet comes in, just remember to save your worksheet to the file cabinet before you generate it…I forgot this step the first time!

What Did We Think

I love this website! While I was given an individual membership for this review, I have my own account that I set up and purchased before this review. I plan to continue my membership after this review as well. This is a site that I have found very useful in our homeschooling. It is a site that I do use on a daily basis. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you need more opinions, check out these other reviews from The Crew! If you do, or have had this membership, what is your favorite feature of it?

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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