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Have you heard about the Jesse Tree? This Advent Devotional has been around for a while, but I have just recently found this and I am looking forward to introducing my kids to it this year!

So, what is the Jesse Tree? First you need to know who Jesse was. He was the father of King David from the Old Testament. When looking at the genealogy of Jesus, Jesse is usually looked at as the first person. The Jesse Tree is therefore Jesus’ family tree! During Advent, we will be making our own tree and learning more about Jesus.

There are many different resources to help us with this! Some are free, others have a fee to go with them. I can’t wait to share what I have found with you today! (Please remember that some of these are from previous years. This year Advent Day 1 is November 30th. All you need to do is just change the dates for this year.)

There are numerous books if you wanted to do an Amazon search. I have added two of them to my Kindle Unlimited library (I love this library!).

The Jesse Tree 2014: Advent Devotions for the Young and the Young at Heart

The Jesse Tree: An Advent Journey From Creation to the Birth of Jesus

You can’t do a devotional with kids without something fun to go with it 🙂 Here are some fun sites that I have found with printables for you to use with your families!


Advent Jesse Tree Devotions for Families from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Catholic Activity: Jesse Tree Instructions from

Jesse Tree eBook from 1+1+1=1

The Jesse Tree from Confessions of a Homeschooler


Jesse Tree LEGO Challenge (Free Printable)

Jesse Tree Reading Plan for the Action Bible

I found so many more…but if I continued to list them all, I would be here all day! Check out my Advent Board on Pinterest if this is an activity you want to try!

Later I will be sharing all the Advent activities that I have found that are not Jesse Tree related 🙂

Do you use the Jesse Tree for Advent? I would love to read your stories of using it! Please share them with me!! 

Celebrate Jesus ~ Review and Giveaway

Celebrate Jesus: An exciting Advent Journey for families.

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What do you do for Advent? How do you keep Christ in Christmas? Are you still looking for that one thing that will work? Why not try Celebrate Jesus, Light of the World!


Amy Blevins over at Homeschool Encouragement has taken the time to write down what works for her family and is sharing it with all of us! This is not a program where you will have to plan for days before each day and spend tons of money just preparing to do a fun activity. There is no stress over doing everything! Amy gives you tons of ideas, but tells you right away that even her family doesn't do it all!



Now, I know Advent doesn't "start" until December 1st this year, and I will be honest when I say that the kids haven't started using this program yet. Even though they haven't used it, does not mean that I haven't been reading the daily plans already 🙂


I like to make sure that I know what we are doing before we do it. Like I said earlier, Amy made this program so that us moms don't have to do much planning. We get to spend that extra time we would spent on planning reading the scriptures before hand and spending our quiet time with the Lord first. 


In this 81 page eBook of Celebrate Jesus, Amy has included a master supply list for the 24 days of Advent, daily scripture readings and activities for all 24 days, 24 pages of copywork and 13 different recipes.


My favorite part of this whole thing…the master supply list! I don't have to read days ahead when I head out to the store! I don't have to make a quick run to get one or two things! I can bring this master supply list with me and get everything for the whole week. This may sound like a small victory to some, but those of you who do know what I am talking about, know how huge this is 🙂


Each day in this Advent program contains scripture reading, questions to review what you just read, table time with your Advent wreath and an activity. All of this is just wonderfully laid out and flows together. There are songs that you can sing or listen to each day. Amy gives you a site where you can find almost all of these songs for free, and I am seeing some of them on YouTube also that the kids are already listening too (make sure you preview them first for inappropriate commercials or ads).


Daily activities scare me…will I be crafty enough to make it work? Will the kids like what I have planned? How much is it going to cost me to make a mess? Amy doesn't include any of those types of activities in this program! These are fun to do activities…I can pull these off! Using simple things like construction paper, markers, scissors, beads and pipe cleaners (and these are for multiple days, not just one!) to make the different projects happen…I have all of these already!! This takes the fear and worry out of  daily activities for this mom!


The recipes in here are yummy sounding! Yes, I used the word yummy 🙂 Amy's Peanut Butter Fudge and only 7 ingredients to boot?!? Yes please! I am excited to try the recipes with the kids and love that Amy left some blank recipe cards in there also. I am not a baker, but with the kids I have started to work against this and learn new things with them! What better time to try, right?


We have started using more and more copywork within our homeschool, so to see Amy include that in the program was wonderful! Moe Man is working on making his handwriting more neat. Using this system seems to help him figure out how the letters really should look, and he loves to sit down and focus hard on it. Ray Ray is still learning and just likes to copy. Why not give him bible verses based on what we are learning about that day for Advent to help him copy the right way. I love seeing the little pictures at the bottom of each page. We love to color, so this is a perfect way to end their copywork for the day!


Celebrate Jesus is available in either KJV or ESV and the copywork is in manuscript (printing). Either one of these versions are only $4.99 and you can find them by clicking on the picture at the top of this page or this one below.



Celebrate Jesus an exciting Advent celebration for families.


Amy has been generous enough to offer a free copy of this Advent program in the version (KJV or ESV) of your choice to one lucky winner! Enter below for your chance to win! I will draw one winner on Saturday, November 30. 



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