Algebra for Breakfast ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Algebra For Breakfast

The word Algebra in our house is not met with smiles and jumps for joy. Instead that word is met with frowns, fits and meltdowns. Moe Man loves to do anything hands on, so checking out any math supplement that is hands on is a go for us. Algebra for Breakfast is just what we needed to help him in his struggles with Algebra.

Algebra For Breakfast

Algebra for Breakfast is a simple online math enrichment program that will help your child learn more about algebra in a fun, hands on way. For this review, we had access to the Grades 5-6 section, but there is also a Grades 3-4 section as well. While these are based on grade levels, we found that the Grade 5-6 level worked great for Moe Man who is struggling in high school algebra lessons.

The Grades 5-6 starts off with 8 different prep activities. These activities will help your child get ready for algebra by giving them games to play. What child is going to be mad while playing a game? Even at 16 they still love a game or two now and again, even if they won't admit it.

Math Enrichment

After getting through the prep activities, we started in on the lessons. These lessons were easier than I had thought they would be. All we had to do was watch a video, and work on a worksheet that goes along with the video. This took us about 20-30 minutes in total. Not bad considering this included putting away of the hands-on material we were using.

Algebra for Breakfast starts off easy. It is meant to be easy. Your child should be having fun with the program before they start getting into the hard stuff. And this is something I noticed right away with Moe Man. He was having fun, and I was happy to see this when it came to Moe Man and math!

Since this was not our math curriculum, but rather a supplement, we would use this 3 days a week, unless Moe Man wanted more days during the week. After three, that was up to him! Since it was easier, Moe Man didn't mind doing more than three days of lessons each week. There were even times when he didn't understand something in his regular math curriculum and would come back to a previous lesson in Algebra for Breakfast and re-watch that lesson to work on more understanding.

Moe Man really enjoyed using this math supplement. This was something he could easily use. He just logged on and went to work on the lesson he needed. There were no CDs to lose and I didn't have to worry about a pile of books or DVDs to manage. Since the teaching was done by the videos, I didn't need to have a teacher's manual, although there were a few times when Moe Man would question something and I wouldn't know what to say. At the end of the lessons there is a Parent's Corner. This is simply the answer keys to most of the worksheets that are available.

Math Supplement

Since this is just a math supplement, I would say this is great for ANY child who is struggling with learning algebra, whether they are homeschooled or not. If you want to read other reviews on the products, click on the image below!

Bob Hazen's Algebra Lessons {Algebra for Breakfast Reviews}

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The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Life of Fred

What kind of math program can you find that is fun and story based? Does not continually drill your kids over and over again with boring facts?

We have tried Life of Fred with Moe Man before and love the simple style of this math. It is crazy to see that they have math from Kindergarten up to college books and the readers! I think those are something I need to look into.

"Life of Fred" is quickly becoming a buzzword in the homeschooling world. If any child has ever struggled with understanding math concepts, Fred is ready to jump in and help your child remember those tricky math concepts!

Complete Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - by

So, why are the Life of Fred books gaining popularity? The books follow Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius, during his exciting adventures which encounter every day math situations. Children actually want to read these books.

Your child can start using these books when it's time to learn how to read, and your child can continue learning with Fred all the way to college! For a complete overview of the entire collection, check out each series of books below.

Click a title to learn more about each series in the Life of Fred collection:

Reading: Beginning ReadersLanguage Arts

Math: ElementaryIntermediateIntro to AlgebraPre-AlgebraHigh SchoolCollegeFinances & Entrepreneurship

Science: BiologyPhysicsChemistry

Life of Fred Beginning Readers Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide

If your kiddo is just starting to learn to read, add these Life of Fred readers to your at-home library. They are fun to read over and over together. Incorporate Fred in your early reading lessons! The complete set consists of 18 books. Each book contains 32 pages.

Who is it for? Beginning readers (ages 4 and up)

Concepts covered: counting, using a compass, patience, days of the week, colors, shapes, how to make mashed potatoes, how to build a house, and more.

Titles included in the set: Blue, Bus, Lake, Potato Dreams, Ducks, Rain, Mud, Night, Dawn, House, Windows, Kitchen, Electricity, Dinner, Evening, Garden, Peach, and Going Home

Buy Now

More resources: Fred Beginning Reader Tips Fred Beginning Reader Tips

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series

Buyer's Guide Life of Fred Blog Post (2)

Life Of Fred is like no other math program out there. It's a story that begins with book one, and continues all the way through high school. It includes every other subject, such as science, history, geography, and more. Each book contains short, 4 to 6-page chapters, and usually is less than 20 chapters per book. This makes it possible for each child to go at a pace comfortable for them.

Who is it for? Kindergarten to 4th grade

Concepts covered: time, types of numbers, geometry, measurement, facts about stars, morse code, geography, adjectives & verbs, patterns, functions, sheet music, seven wonders of the world, math poems, percents, numbers vs. numerals, division, slope of a line, graphing, notation, the improper use of seat belts, how to prove you are not a duck, reducing fractions, and so much more.

Titles in this series: Apples, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, Edgewood, Farming, Goldfish, Honey, Ice Cream, Jelly Beans

Buy Now

More about the Elementary Math Books:

  • Life of Fred Elementary Math books are discounted on
  • "This is my first year home schooling and I wish I had found Fred earlier. My son loves to read, so Life of Fred makes math a cinch to teach now." -Shanna, homeschooler
  • "I see a light shining bright from within my son that was almost extinguished completely. As he watched me place the order for the complete elementary set of Life Of Fred, I said 'I can't wait to see how Fred starts, and I want to see how it ends too, so be ready to order more!' I smiled and assured him that not only would Fred be part of his learning as long as he desired, but that Fred would be gift wrapped for Christmas presents this year for his niece and nephew, my 2 grandchildren. No more costly potholes for this family!!" -Janet, homeschooler
  • "My granddaughter, who truly dislikes math, always wants to start the day with Fred. I have to stop her after four chapters. She would do the entire book in a day if allowed. I never thought I could use math class as a reward! And she is learning besides." -Bette, homeschooler
  • Life of Fred Math Books in Carisa’s Homeschool
  • The Complete Guide to Using Life of Fred Homeschool Math
  • Featured on Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks
  • Samples: Apples, Butterflies, Cats

Life of Fred Intermediate Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Designed for students under age 10, but already finished the Life of Fred elementary book series. Best for students who can add, subtract, and who understand multiplication and division.

Who is it for? 3rd to 7th grade

Concepts covered: Milliliters, writing numerals in checks ($4000 and not $40.00), idioms, 1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 3/4, elapsed time, metaphors, milligrams and pounds, rounding numbers, three-eights of 19,416, and more!

Titles in this series: Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft

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More about the Intermediate Math Books:

  • Life of Fred Intermediate Math books are discounted on
  • “I was not so sure on these books. I heard a lot of good reviews but after we got them, just skimming through I wasn't sure my 9 year old daughter would like them. I was WRONG! she really likes them! They move at a pace she likes and being one continuous story about Fred's life keeps her interested and entertained. We will be back for more soon. She just finished Kidneys and is now on liver.” -Melisa W., Homeschooler
  • Samples: Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft

Life of Fred Intro to Algebra Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

If your student can solve these equations: 5 + 8, 8 – 5, 7 times 8, 6231 divided by 93, then he or she is ready for the Fractions title. It also might be time for you to begin using a very basic calculator to complete these lessons.

Who is it for? 6th to 12th grade

Concepts covered: less than, cardinal and ordinal numbers, adding and subtraction fractions, lines of symmetry, geometric figures, circumference, reducing fractions, sets and subsets, probability, consecutive numbers, repeating decimals, area of a triangle, square roots, ordered pairs, and more!

Titles in this series: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

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More about the Intro to Algebra Books:

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Fred does physics before algebra. What’s the difference between math and physics? In this series, students use math and science to solve quirky, real world scenarios – all while having fun with Fred of course!

Who is it for? 3rd to 7th graders

Concepts covered: numerals, area of a rectangle, the speed of light, nine forms of energy, Hooke’s law, static versus kinetic friction, photosynthesis, metric system, Gregorian calendar, conversion factors, unit analysis, freedom versus liberty, steps in solving word problems, venn diagrams, germination of seeds, digestion, negative numbers, whole numbers, chromosomes, DNA, circumference of a circle, and more!

Titles in this series: Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics, Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology, and Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics

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More about the Pre-Algebra books:

Life of Fred High School Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Life of Fred is preparing for college! In this series, students learn algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and a few other lessons from Fred. The Zillions of Practice books are keyed directly to the chapters and topics in the associated book. Each problem is worked out in complete detail to offer additional help for a student who may have gotten stuck along Fred’s mathematical journey.

Who is it for? 8th to 12th grade

Concepts covered: infinite numbers, ratios, graphs, plotting points, averages, multiplying polynomials, solving fractional equations, Pythagorean theorem, milkshake marketing, absolute value, surface area of a cone, imaginary numbers, slopes of perpendicular lines, complex fractions, linear equations, Cramer’s rule, ellipses, graphing in three dimensions, geometric sequences, Pascal’s Triangle, right triangles, quadrilaterals, entrepreneurship, geography of Kansas, piano music, sines, cosines, functions of two angles, a preview of calculus, and more!!

Titles included in the series: Beginning Algebra, Zillions of Practice Problems for Beginning Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Zillions of Practice Problems for Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry

Buy Now

More about the High School Math books:

Life of Fred High School Language Arts Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Each book contains 19 cohesive lessons on grammar, language, writing, common mistakes, and basically the entire English language. The creator suggests doing these four books once every year during your students’ high school years.

Who is it for? 5th to 12th graders

Concepts covered: the seven parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, similes, silent letters, rules for making outlines, the difference between a metaphor and metonymy, and so much more.

Titles included in the series: Australia, Begin Teaching, Classes, Dreams

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More about the Language Arts books:

Life of Fred Chemistry

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

In a single lecture hour, Fred completes a whole year of high school chemistry.

Who is it for? 8th grade to college

Concepts covered: exponents, atoms, conversion factors, mass vs. weight, Avogadro's number, Kelvin scale, atomic number, isotopes, compounds, noble gasses, finding the atomic mass, early chemistry, oxidation numbers, balancing equation, and more!

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More about the Chemistry book:

  • Life of Fred Chemistry book is discounted on
  • "It’s solid science presented in a way that’s understandable, not intimidating, and fun. You learn math, you learn history and you learn science, all through the Life of Fred – through his experiences and teachings." -Lisa, Homeschooler
  • "It reads like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but the chemistry is solid." -Lisa's husband, PhD in Analytical Chemistry
  • Sample of the Chemistry Book

Life of Fred College Math Series

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

This series is geared toward advanced high school math students, students preparing for college, or any adult who wants to brush up on their math skills while reading fun stories. Students will learn calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and advanced math puzzles (equations, not word problems).

Who is it for? 9th grade to adults

Concepts covered: functions, speed, slope, curvature, polar coordinates, Bayes’ Theorem, probability, descriptive statistics, field guides, solving systems of equations, vector spaces, linear functionals, math theory, abstract arithmetic, and more!

Titles included in the series: Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Five Days of Upper Division Math

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More about the College Math books:

Life of Fred Financial Choices

Life of Fred Buyer's Guide - Educents

Let Fred help you teach your children about financial management, decisions, and choices. It's very likely that you, the adult, will pick up a tip or two while teaching.

Who is it for? Useful for middle school kids all the way to adults

Concepts covered: entrepreneurship, spending, investing, retirement, debt, calculating interest, how to start a business, insurance, taxes, real estate, successful spending habits, stocks, mortgages, REITS, mutual funds, and more!

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More about the Financial Choices book:


Super Teacher Worksheets ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What do you do when your child does not understand something? What if you need something fun to practice what you are learning? Where do you go for that? I have fallen in love with the Individual Membership over at Super Teacher Worksheets for just these types of problems!

Super Teacher Worksheets

What It Is

This is a wonderful website that has worksheets and games for preschoolers and beyond. Most of the “grades” are up to the 5th grade, but I loved the practice that these were able to give to Moe Man in the 9th grade when it comes to some subjects!

This is not a full curriculum in any way, but can be used to supplement any curriculum that you may have. All major subjects are covered and within those subjects, all major categories are there. You are even able to make your own extra practice sheets when needed.

How We Used This

I love supplementing when I want my kids to practice something a little more. I don’t like looking all over and wasting my time trying to find just the right thing. That is where Super Teacher Worksheets came into play. I would look at our lesson plan, and look on the menu, find the matching worksheets, pick the one, or two, that I wanted and away we went.

Ray Ray has been asking me for some time to have a color by number like Little Miss had, when I found the scarecrow addition color by number, I was thrilled! Not only did he get what he wanted, mommy got what she wanted by having him practice his addition skills.

Super Teacher Worksheets

When Moe Man forgot about algebraic expressions (really who remembers that stuff anyway!), I was able to find some simple worksheets that refreshed his memory in a fun, non-threatening way. When his double digit multiplication was missing a step, I was able to find fun, colorful worksheets to help him practice. (These simple things are a MUST for him and his learning).

Super Teacher Worksheets

And when Little Miss wanted to be like her brothers, I was able to add some letter worksheets into her daily work! There is truly something for everyone here!

With all the supplementing, I was able to find something for everyone to do in different subjects, so we are using this website daily. Each worksheet is at least two pages, with the answers included. When printing, I would only print the student pages to help save on paper and ink. I could always go back and check the answers on the computer. The only time this did not work was when it was a build your own worksheet. That is where the File Cabinet comes in, just remember to save your worksheet to the file cabinet before you generate it…I forgot this step the first time!

What Did We Think

I love this website! While I was given an individual membership for this review, I have my own account that I set up and purchased before this review. I plan to continue my membership after this review as well. This is a site that I have found very useful in our homeschooling. It is a site that I do use on a daily basis. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you need more opinions, check out these other reviews from The Crew! If you do, or have had this membership, what is your favorite feature of it?

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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A+ Interactive Math GIVEAWAY

You have a math program, but what does your child understand? What do they need more help with? What can you skip for now? Do you know the answers to any of those questions? What if I told you there was a math program that would be tailor fit for your child? Would you believe me?

Remember my review on A+ Interactive Math and their Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan? Go check it out if you forgot about it! This was a great eye opener as to what the boys did or did not know about their math lessons.

Are you interested? Let me tell you a little secret. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Lean in close for this one…

A+ Interactive Math GIVEAWAY

I get to giveaway a 3 month membership for up to 10 students ($119 value) to one of you!!

So what are you waiting for?!?! Go and sign up, oh, and go ahead and share this with your friends!!

(By entering the giveaway, you understand and agree that your contact information will be shared with the sponsor.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

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CTC Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Reivew

CTC Math Review

I don’t like math. It’s too hard. I don’t understand it. Do these all sound familiar in your house? What if you could use a program that allowed your child to continue working on the problems until they got a correct answer? A program where they could pause the teacher, or rewind him to help them understand the lesson? If this sounds good, you need to check out our review of CTC Math and their 12 Month Family Plan.

 photo CTC Review_zpshhjfsrqu.jpg

What It Is

CTC Math is an online math program for kindergarten up to the high school grades, Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The program includes a video lesson that lasts about 5 minutes and as many work problems as your child needs to obtain a passing grade.

How It Works

This program requires very little planning on the parents part. You can decide what lessons you want your child to learn each day, or you can let them work their way through each grade level at their own pace and following their own interest.

From the parents section, you will be able to watch the progress of your child. You will be able to see what areas they have completed, what their grades were for that area and their overall average for the grade level. You are able to see if there are any areas where your child needs help, or if they need to go back and redo a lesson because of a low grade.

 photo CTCMath Review_zpsihd9hljq.jpg

Each child has their own log in information. Once logged in, they are able to choose the grade level they want to work on. After picking their grade, they will choose which stream they are going into. This is usually divided into sections like Number, Pattern, and Algebra and Measurement, etc. Finally, after picking the stream, they will choose what topic they are working on.

Once they are into the topic they want to learn for the day, your child will watch the video lesson and when they are ready, they will move on to the practice problems. After they are done with the problems, they will receive their grade. This will show them what problems they got wrong, what the correct answer was and their overall score for the lesson. If they, or you are not happy with the grade, they are able to do a new set of problems. Once they are done, they will receive an overall average score for the last three attempts at the lesson. And there is math for the day!

How We Used It

We used CTC for our math for both boys. They would each be able to log in and do their lessons from the computer and mom could help as needed, but be able to help the other kids too. This made it easier for me, knowing they were learning, even if I wasn’t doing the teaching.

Moe Man would be required to do 3 passing lessons a day. I would not tell him what to do, or what order to do them in. I noticed that once I left control to him and once I required 3 passing lessons for him to be done with math, he slowed down, paid attention and got good scores. If given the chance to just “do it” he would speed through to get it done. But knowing that there is an unlimited number of problems and I expected him to work on it until he got it, changed his speed.

 photo CTC Math Review_zpsdehka1ah.jpg

Ray Ray also used CTC Math. He is my math lover, so he was always aiming for perfects. This is the kid that would do a passing lesson over and over until it was a perfect score. For him, I had to give rewards for completing full topics. I would ask that each lesson be “in the green” which shows a passing grade, and he would get a prize from our prize box each time a topic was completed. This worked for him, and kept him working not just trying for perfects.

Along with their daily lessons, I would have Moe Man work on the Speed Drills that are listed at the bottom of the student pages. These would help him strive for memorizing his facts (something he has a hard time doing). This was his favorite part of the whole math day, and I loved to see him competing against himself to get a better score than last time.

What We Thought of CTC Math

CTC Math is one of our favorite math programs. Moe Man loved being in charge of what he was learning in math. Since he doesn’t like math at all, giving him that control worked! I watched him actually trying in math instead of not wanting to do anything and fighting me. I don’t remember the last time we had a fight over math.

Moe Man still has some trouble spots, and with only 5 minutes of lessons, it is hard for him to grasp that concept. I wish there was a way to have additional information available for these cases, maybe links to sample problems or links to more information on the topic. There is a search option, and it does bring you to other lessons within the whole program, but this just wasn’t enough for Moe Man.

Ray Ray loved CTC Math! He would aim to complete as much as he could before mom made him turn it off. I loved knowing that he could work as much as he wanted and I would not have to buy a new curriculum half way through the year, he could just move on to the next grade.

I love CTC Math for the ease on my part. I knew I could just write CTC on the schedule and the kids would know what to do. I didn’t have to plan out worksheets, or teach lessons, I just had to let them go and let them learn!

If you have an overachiever, a struggling student or just a homeschool child who needs math, I suggest you take a look at CTC Math, sign up for the free trial and see what you think!

CTCmath Review

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A+ Interactive Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

You have a math program, but what does your child understand? What do they need more help with? What can you skip for now? Do you know the answers to any of those questions? What if I told you there was a math program that would be tailor fit for your child? Would you believe me?

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

A+ Interactive Math has a wonderful Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan available that will do just that!

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan are an online program offered by A+ Interactive Math. It is a full math curriculum that is based on each specific child’s knowledge of the subject area.

Your child will start out by taking a small quiz to determine what level they are at in different areas of their “grade” level in math. As they do each quiz, those lessons will become available to them. They can “test out” of the areas they know and move on to a more specialized study in the areas they are weakest.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

They do not need to take all the tests to start. You, as the parent, decide how many areas to work on at a given time. Once the test has been taken, those lessons will open up, if needed, to be worked on. Your child will then be able to work on the lessons and worksheets until they feel they have learned that area. Once your child is comfortable in that area, they are able to retest. If they pass, they are done with that area.

Adaptive Math Placement Test

There is no do this on this day type of lesson plan with this program. You are able to decide how much to do each day. With Moe Man, I make him work on 1-2 lessons and then 2-3 worksheets per lesson. This helped to make sure that he understood what the lesson was talking about, and you are able to generate new worksheets if you have trouble on one. This truly helps with making sure the lesson stuck in their minds.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

While this is an interactive program, they do not overload it with animations of any kind. Being interactive, this program speaks the lesson to your child while they follow along. They work on problems after listening to the lesson, and are told right away if they have a correct answer or not. While this was awesome for Moe Man being in an older grade, Ray Ray was bored in the first grade lessons. But between my two boys, Moe Man prefers reading and Ray Ray loves video games, so they are different from each other in that way.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

We loved this program for what it offered. Moe Man was able to work on the areas he was lacking in, which was easier than having a box curriculum and trying to guess where he needed extra help. Ray Ray was able to us this and skip the sections he knew well (he is my math boy!). This made it more fun/interesting because he wasn’t sitting here doing the same thing over and over again when he already knew it. I have always liked the curriculum from A+ Interactive Math, and now it just got better with the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

You’re in luck if you have been interested in this program! From now until May 18, 2015 there is a sale happening! 40-50% off sale on the Family Math Packages and the Adaptive Placement Testing with Lessons! And don’t forget to head over and check out some of their FREE items for homeschool families, like the Free Math Placement Test and Free Family Math Package!

You don’t have to take our word for it…check out some of these other reviews.

A+ Interactive Math Review

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Crew Disclaimer Alegebra 1 Review (Schoolhouse Review)


When you say the word Math to Moe Man you get met with a disappointed, defeated look. He has not had the "aha" moment when it comes to math for him. When I was given the chance to check out The Algebra 1: Volume 1 Tutor on DVD from I was excited to see what we could have here. Review

As part of this review, we were given The Algebra 1 Tutor Volume 1 DVD. The physical DVD (which we received) sells for $26.99, or you can get the DVD download for $23.99. Review

We also received the Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet PDF download, which sells for $21.99 or the physical CD version sells for $24.99.


As the title of this DVD states, it is a Tutor and not a full math curriculum. You will still need a curriculum, but this is a perfect way to help your child along when you don't know how to explain what they are learning. It is not required to have the companion worksheets, but they do help to reinforce what you are learning while you watch the DVD, and I highly recommend them 🙂 The Algebra 1 Tutor: Volume 1 is for grades 7 and up, unless you have someone younger who is taking an Algebra course. Review Review has been a life saver for us! We took this algebra tutor and used it the best that we could. It is a wonderful way to have someone else "teach" Moe Man when he doesn't want to listen to me. There are 3 disks which have 3-4 "lessons" on each one. From these "lessons" you are able to pick and choose what you need help with. We started at the beginning for a review of the most basic parts of real numbers and the number line. 


Even though we started with items that Moe Man already knew, he loved being able to have that review. And to have it on the T.V. and letting him be in control of the remote let him "take control" of his math learning. We took lesson 1 on disk 1 and broke it up into three days. During those three days, Moe Man would watch the video, take notes as they were written on the board and than did the companion worksheet. Doing this quick review gave him a confidence boost that continues to show every day when it comes to math now!


After our quick review, we took the tutor as a tutor. When we learned something new or had a struggling moment, we would jump over to The Algebra Tutor and see another view point on how to learn it. This is perfect for Moe Man. He learns best from the repetition, and being able to watch the same thing as many times as he needs to is wonderful. 


There is no schedule for this program. There is no do this on this day and than move onto this on this day. This is a tutor. This is a use it as you need it program, and for us we are using it a lot! 


So, do I like the program? YES! Why did I like it? Well, Moe Man actually asked me if he could do math first on the second day. He always puts it off, but to hear that he WANTED to do math, made me smile. The instructor goes slow enough on the DVD that you are able to keep up. He makes it fun for the kids, and I even caught Ray Ray watching the video with Moe Man. It is not a boring lecture of math that kids don't like. It is simple, yet effective! Moe Man enjoyed (and still enjoys) being able to go to this when he needs help. He likes being able to pause the DVD when he needs to, and the fact that he can rewind it makes it even better. I like that I don't have to keep repeating myself, yet he still gets the repetition. 


Who do I recommend this program for? I would recommend this to any family who has a child in Algebra! I don't care if you are a homeschool family or not. This program is great to help all children who need that extra boost. It helps those who struggle with math and may not have had their "aha" moment. 


I loved this program. Moe Man loved this program. This is something we will continue to use and benefit from. I can't think of anything that needs to be changed with this. 


Make sure you check out what these other families have to say about this and other programs available at by clicking on this picture:


Click to read Crew Reviews






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