Wulf the Saxon: Heirloom Audio Productions – A Homeschool Crew Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Action, adventure, and drama. The things that pull the listener in, no matter their age is what makes Heirloom Audio Productions a company to keep your eyes on! We have had the chance to follow along with many of their previous audio dramas, and I am happy to say that we have had the opportunity to live the adventure of Wulf the Saxon over the last few weeks.

What Is It

We had the chance review the physical CD set of two CDs. The adventure of Wulf the Saxon takes about 2.5 hours. You will not be bored during this time. You will be drawn into the adventure as each character is played by a different person. This means, rather than listen to a story, you are listening to the actual adventure. You are listening to a T.V. show with your eyes closed and watching the action happen in your head!

In this audio drama, we follow Wulf, a young Saxon landholder. We are taken into the story by Mr. George, who tells this story to two young brothers. Wulf stands up for himself and for what he believes this. Because of this, he is punished. Through this and many other trials, Wulf stays true to himself, being loyal and trustworthy.

Wulf is with Earl Harold when they experience a shipwreck due to a storm. This leaves them on the shores of Normandy, and they find themselves captured by the Normans. Wulf stayed true during this time, and after they got out of the capture of the Normans, under a false oath of loyalty by Duke William.

But this was not the end of the battle for Wulf. He has much more he had to get through before he was able to take a breath and marry the woman he loved, the daughter of the man that he stayed with after escaping Norman custody, Agnes.

How We Used It

My kids love to listen to audio stories. They especially like them when we are in the car. I have also found that having them listen to them at bedtime instead of watching T.V. is a great way to ensure a great nights sleep. But I also like to be able to play it while we are eating lunch or playing some simple games at the table.

Between the use of our physical CD set, we had access to LiveTheAdventureClub.com from our previous reviews. This online club allowed us access to the option to listen to the story online as well. Not only that, but there are many other fun activities on the club for the kids to do.

What We Thought of It

My kids loved this audio drama as much as all the other ones that we have had the opportunity to listen to! We love Mr. George introducing us to the story. Ray Ray says, “He is so interesting and makes me want to hear what he has to share.” Hearing Mr. George be our narrator throughout this whole story was fun. He is our constant in all of these audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions.

The kids and I enjoyed listening. We loved all the sound effects that have been added in. If you have the chance to listen to this with earbuds in or a good set of headphones, please do. This takes the story and adds so much more to it!

We are once again happy with the chance to enjoy another fantastic audio drama. If you are in this time period for your history lessons, or if you just want a great audio drama to listen to before bed, this is one that you need to have on hand!

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Brinkman Adventures – A Homeschool Crew Review

My kids love to have an adventure waiting for them when they get into the car for a ride. Heck, getting into the car is sometimes an adventure on its own! When I am able to add Brinkman Adventures to our car rides, the kids love me a little more! That is why I was so thankful for the chance to listen to the Brinkman Adventures Season 4 with the kids!

The Brinkman family is a fiction missionary family. They find themselves on a lot of adventures that bring to light the true form of Christian ways and how God works in our lives.

In Season 4 we have 12 new adventures to go on. They are:

37 A Paradise Lost

38 Remember Nhu

39 Aisha’s Fear

40 Heart Song

41 The Crashed Kitchen

42 Crisis In The Congo

43 The Mysterious Palm Feller

44 War of the Raccoons

45 The Five Guys

46 Toughest Man

47 Cambodian Quest

48 What Brings Us Together

Each of these adventures takes us to different areas, states and countries. Each character of the story is acted out by a different person, so you know who is who and you won’t get confused. This makes it a little more interesting for the younger kids and takes it past just a story being read out loud to an actual adventure for them.

Each adventure is only about half an hour long. They build off each other from story to story and season to season, but this does not mean you have to start at the very beginning. We have listened to Season 2, and ended up skipping Season 3. This did not cause a problem when we started Season 4.

After listening to the stories, we were able to use this as a starting point for discussion. We are able to talk about the fact that even though we know and love God, we will not always have a perfect life with no problems. We were able to talk about how God worked through the problems to make something good happen.

We love having something to listen to in the car, and I love having a way to open up discussions with my kids. We love the adventures the Brinkmans go on and can’t wait for more!

Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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Captain Bayley’s Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions – A Homeschool Crew Review

Are you ready to go on an adventure? One that will take you face to face with a deadly storm, or riding with storytelling cowboys? One that will help your children with their understanding of history as history is brought to life for them in an audio drama? If this sounds fun, you will; want to check out Captain Bayley’s Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions.

Heirloom Audio Productions is a company we love in our homeschool. They have given us so many great audio dramas that are not only entertaining, but they bring history to life! They are not only telling us stories, they are taking those stories off the pages and into our minds as if we were watching a movie.

When we received Captain Bayley’s Heir, we found out this was no different. We received the physical CD set as well as access to LiveTheAdventureClub.com. We had access to this audio drama available to listen to online along with bonus content! I always love bonus content!

My kids were excited beyond belief to see that we had gotten another adventure to listen to! When they asked what it was about, even Daddy was impressed and was ready to listen. It was time to figure out how, when and where we were going to use this! We decided to listen to it in the car while we were busy with some appointments. Everyone was in love! The way they tell this story catches you from the moment you start listening and never stops!

We start out our adventure in London. Here we meet Frank, Fred, Alice and Harry. Frank takes a chance and saves Harry’s dog. This was a favorite part for Little Miss. She is the dog lover in the house, so anyone who would take the risk of their own life to save a dog is here hero. She wanted to know more about Frank, and good for her, we followed Frank.

Frank ends up in trouble, and is accused of stealing from a teacher. This does not sit well with his uncle, Captain Harold Bayley. To prove to his uncle that he didn’t steal the money and can make it on his own, Frank heads off to America.

We follow Frank to America. We go with him as he heads to California for the Gold Rush. This was not an easy journey for him as he faces many challenges that are trying to stop him. We see the trials and tribulations of what he goes through each one bringing him closer to God. But the end, that is one that you will really feel! My kids didn’t want it to end, but wanted to know at the same time!

On top of listening to one of the best history programs, we have many extras to help take this learning to a new level! By accessing the bonuses online, we found that we could listen online, read the E-Book, listen to the official soundtrack, print up the promotional cast poster as well as a study guide, and inspirational hymn poster. As well as download a background for the computer.

We love listening online! They have fun little quizzes after each track that help us pay more attention. The study guide allows us to do the same thing. The kids love doing the questions online better, as they are given multiple choice options, I love that they are listening so that they can answer the questions.

Also with the listening online, we found a read along script! This highlights the words that are being said, but the kids loved looking at a script! Seeing all the descriptions written while listening to them happen was a great introduction to plays for Ray Ray and Little Miss!

While I don’t have anyone who needs to use this for their history lessons right now, I do know that Moe Man will be using it shortly. I will have him listening to this and writing out the answers to his questions. The added defining words are a great way to work on his vocabulary and the Thinking further questions are a great starting point for us to add projects or extra writing.

We love the fact that Heirloom Audio Productions brings stories alive for us! We love the detail that goes into them to make it sound just like a movie, only we have to use our imagination for this movie! This audio drama has been a great addition to our history lessons and will be for years to come!

Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}
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In the Reign of Terror – A Homeschool Crew Review

Our family loves history. All forms of history. But the best history that we have found comes from Heirloom Audio Productions. We have loved their audio dramas in the past, so I was excited to see In the Reign of Terror available to review!

Heirloom Audio has given us many great history adventures from all over, and In the Reign of Terror comes while Moe Man has been learning about the French Revolution in his history class right now. When he was having a hard time bringing the history to life, we could listen to this audio drama and be pulled right into the history of this event!

This story starts off with a young man named Harry who is stuck in Arlington Cemetery with his family. He is lost and just doesn’t understand. He meets up with Mr. George and his eyes are opened when he is taken back to the French Revolution and the struggles of man and faith that happened during this time.

Harry is taken right into the battle of the French Revolution. He sees the start, the battle and the end. He finds his faith and the strength needed to get through such an event. The whole time we were listening, we were there, we were with Harry during the battles and the end with Jeanne and Virginie. We felt what he felt, saw what he saw and heard what he heard.

Heirloom Audio had once again given us another movie without the screen! There are all the sounds that are happening, the sounds that bring the story to life. Each character has an actor just for the part. While this is based on a G.A. Henty book, this is anything but a book! We follow the same path of the book, but with oh so much more excitement!

In the past, we have had access to some great extras to go with our Audio Drama. This time is no different! We have access to the original e-book, the official soundtrack, a printable cast poster, desktop wallpaper, inspirational verse poster and the tried and true study guide.

While we love to find a place for the inspirational quote, we really enjoy using the study guide to help us reap the full benefits of using the Audio Drama! This guide includes different areas of learning. You have the first section that checks to see how well everyone was listening in the Listening Well section. Here we find 10 or more questions about the track we just listened to.

The next section is Thinking Further. This is a great way to get the minds thinking. Taking what we have heard and looking further into what this could mean. This was a fun way to take Moe Man further into his lessons. He was able to connect the story to his lesson and take the research father.

We also love checking out the Defining Words. Some of them we know, but others we need to check out. I am able to pull Ray Ray in on this one and have him practice his dictionary skills. This is a fun break in our day to listen to the audio drama and learn new words. The kids don’t think they are learning when they just want to know what is being said in the adventure.

Now this year, Heirloom Audio has started something new. They have started Live the Adventure Club. This is a great site that brings a lot of information to your homeschool. Not only are you able to listen to the Audio Drama online, but you have access to other, fun things!

While you are listening to the story online, you are able to follow along with the script. This is a great thing when you want your child to learn about plays and acting. Not only that, but at the of each chapter, you are able to take a quiz. This is a fun online quiz like many that you see on Facebook. You are given questions and you pick the right answer, don’t get it right, they show you the correct answer in green with your wrong answer in red. This is a fun review that we have loved to do together as we are listening to the story.

Live the Adventure Club has so much more in it as well. My favorite was the Resource section. This section talks about current events, movies and issues. I loved coming here to see what was said about the lastest movies that were coming out, or currently out. This lets me think more about what I will need to know when the kids want to watch it!

Not only that, but the community page is a great way to learn more, ask questions and find new ways of using the dramas that are available. I love getting to know more about the other families who are using the Heirloom Audio Dramas in their house, and I love being able to ask questions and get answers.  If you love Heirloom Audio and want to connect with others who love it as much as you do, this is where you need to be!

While I love the new additions that Heirloom Audio has added, I will still fall back on the quality of their productions. I love being able to have history come alive for my children. And when it comes to life, it is without a screen. Heirloom Audio has given us all we need to make our imaginations go wild with the adventure we are on. We watch T.V. without the T.V. and enjoy every moment of it. Or we fight, holler and scream when we are told we need to stop at a certain chapter, yet we want to keep going!

Heirloom Audio Productions has always given us the best quality audio dramas and we look forward to the future and all they have in store!

In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}
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The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury ~ A Homeschool Review

Captain Chaos has come to attack the manager with the Manger Blaster, Cootie McKay saving the nativity, Harold Grubbs and a Christmas Vest. What in the world do all of these and other stories have in common? They are all part of The Familyman's Christmas Treasury – Digital Download Collection from The Familyman.

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews

For this review, we had the chance to listen to 8 of these wonderfully funny and meaningful stories from The Familyman. These stories included:

  • Captain Chaos and The Manger Blaster
  • Cootie McKay's Nativity
  • The Stranger
  • The Bishop's Dream
  • Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest
  • Gladys Remembers Christmas
  • The Secret of Snow Village
  • It's Called Christmas

These stories are fun, humorous and very touching all at the same time. We enjoyed listening to these stories and I can't wait to tell you a little about them

Each one of these stories lasted about 15-30 minutes and were filled with action right away. This was just the right amount of time to keep the focus of the kids. While all 8 of these stories are different, you will find one common theme among them, the true meaning of Christmas.

We first listened to Captain Chaos and the Manger Blaster. Jason feels that the nativity story is too boring and likes to tell his version with the Manger Blaster by the side of Captain Chaos. When he wakes up one morning to find out that the manger is no longer there and the whole story of Christmas is gone, he learns how special the real story of Christmas is!

Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest was about, well just that, a Christmas Vest. But that is not all. Isaac's dad digs out a Christmas Vest the first Sunday after Thanksgiving. When Isaac asks about where the vest came from, we learn about Harold Grubbs, the meanest man in town and the previous owner of the vest. This short story tells us about how Harold Grubbs changed and how Isaac's dad got to be the new owner of the vest!

Cootie McKay's Nativity was a great story about a little town a long time ago. We learn about how this little town almost didn't have a Christmas one year. However, thanks to a little boy named Cootie and all his deep thoughtful questions, Christmas was able to arrive! The kids loved listening to the questions and the answers, especially since they have had a lot of the same questions themselves.

The Stranger was my favorite story of them all. This story was about one church whose church members are nervous about a stranger in town that only seems to want to visit the members of this church. All the members want nothing to do with this stranger, hiding in their houses and turning him away. However, Sam's family welcomes this stranger into their house on Christmas Eve. What they found out by showing kindness to this stranger, was he really wasn't a stranger after all, but someone very special!

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury

These are our favorite of the 8 stories. While we love them all, these were the ones that we listened to first every time. The kids loved to listen to these while working on school, drawing, or just eating snacks at the kitchen table. These have become a great addition in our Christmas Collection. We feel blessed that we have had the chance to listen to these wonderful stories. There is not one bad one in the bunch! Every one of them is so full of meaning. This is collection that every house should have in their house this Christmas!

Social Media Links:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/youdadad
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Blog: http://familymanweb.com/blog/

We were not the only family who sat down and enjoyed these stories. Head on over and check out the other reviews right here!


The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews

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The Cat of Bubastes ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Are you ready to go back in time to Ancient Egypt? Are you ready to join in the adventure, the mystery, the suspense? Are you ready to follow along with Amuba and Jethro as they are captured by Egyptians and enslaved? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to check out The Cat of Bubastes from Heirloom Audio Productions.

The Cat of Bubastes

For this review, we were blessed to have received a physical copy of the two CDs and access to the bonus items. These bonus items included, Study Guide, a soundtrack, an mp3 of the audio drama, an ebook, a behind-the-scenes video, a couple of posters, and more. With all of this, we were set to start off on our adventure!

We used this package deal as a part of our history lessons. We have always loved the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions, and while they don't always align with our history time period, we got lucky this time around.

The Cat of Bubastes

Mom started off this time by reading through the study guide. I wanted an idea of what we would be learning instead of us just jumping in to the listening part of the fun! I love the study guides that are available, and love being able to use them to make this a true history lesson. Each section of questions contains three different sections. These sections are Listening Well, Thinking Further and Defining Word.

I started each lesson off by talking to the kids about the Listening Well questions. I wanted them to know what to be listening for. Each track on the CDs has its own section in the Study Guide. This allows you to pick and choose how much you want to do. Since we were not going to stop every 3-4 minutes, mom picked the questions she would be asking.

Study Guide
Study Guide

After the kids knew what to listen for, we started listening. I allowed the younger kids to color while listening, and would look for time period appropriate printables for them to work on. This kept their fingers busy while still keeping their ears open. After the selected tracks we would stop and work on the questions. We would work on a Thinking Further question or two. I also worked with the kids on making sure they understood the defining words and would help them if they didn't.

Once again, we were pleased with our experience with Heirloom Audio Productions. The kids get excited every time they hear the opening song! They have been known to steal my CDs and sneak off to their rooms to listen to the stories over and over again. The Cat of Bubastes has been no exception. The sound, the action, the feeling that you get when you listen to this audio drama. You get pulled into the story of Amuba and his journey. You hold your breath waiting to hear more at every turn. The gasps from the kids when the unexpected happens, the sheer delight when the good happens, the look of fear on their faces when the not so good happens. I saw so much more from them during listening to this audio drama than I have seen while they watch their favorite TV shows.

The Cat of Bubastes has earned a spot on the shelf next to the rest of our Heirloom Audio and G.A. Henty collection. This has been loved, and will continue to be loved in the house for years to come!

Have you fallen in love with Heirloom Audio Productions yet? What is your favorite one? What do you hope they come up with next?

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Follow Heirloom Audio Productions on social media here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeirloomAudio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeirloomStories 
Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/114534826166314080647/114534826166314080647  
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Heirloom Audio Beric the Briton Audio Drama ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you ready to be taken on an adventure? One of mystery, revenge and possibly even true forgiveness? Do you want to know more? You can simply read the story of Beric The Briton by G.A. Henty, or you can check out Heirloom Audio Production's Audio Drama and be entranced from beginning to end by this wonderful story!

Beric the Briton A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It

Heirloom Audio has added another title to The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty with Beric The Briton. This 2-CD set has over 2 hours of entertaining, attention grabbing story to tell you about the history of the Roman invasion of Britannia happened. I will tell you right away that this, like other Heirloom Audio Dramas is not like any other as there is a different actor for each character.

Beric the Briton

Not only did we get the physical CDs, we also got access to the bonuses with our review, which include the MP3s of the audio drama, the PDF of the story, an inspirational quote poser with a quote from Julius and a study guide to name a few. These bonus items make this Audio Drama a history lesson happen in an instant.

How We Used It

Like previous Heirloom Audio Dramas, we first listened to the whole story first, usually while we ate lunch. I love having noise in the house besides the kids, and this was a great alternative to the TV or music. After listening to it, we would talk about what we had heard each day.

After fully listening to the whole story, we listened to it again. This time as a history lesson. This was easy to do with the bonuses that were included. We would listen and use the PDF of the story each day for history. After each session, we would go over the study guide. Each track on the CD has a matching study guide page. Each page includes Listening Well Questions, Thinking Further and Defining Words.

The Listening Well Questions are fun to use in two different ways. We tried to answer them after listening the first time. I found that the kids didn't quite get the answers the way that I would have liked. The next day, we read through the questions first. We talked about what we thought we would be hearing and then we listened. As we were listening, the kids were picking out the answers as they heard them! These questions helped us to be better active listeners and we enjoyed using them in this way.

Beric the Briton Study Guide

What We Thought Of It

As always, Heirloom Audio has blessed us with another wonderful audio drama! We have loved every one we have listened to so far and Beric the Briton is no different. In today's fast paced, loud world, it is sometimes hard to find an audio book that catches the attention of our busy minds. However, while this was based on a book, this is anything but an audio book. With different actors for each character and all the other sound effects, this is TV on a CD!

My kids loved to pull this out when they were "bored", and we enjoyed sitting down as a family and pretending to be old fashioned while listening to this. There is no physical screen to watch with this "movie", but the mind is a great screen as you listen and picture everything that is happening.

While the recommended ages is 6 to adult, Little Miss and Baby Girl have enjoyed listening to this as much as the rest of us. Now when it comes to mommy reading aloud, I get asked to use different voices like the CD does. Yeah, mommy is not that good, but we can always listen to Beric when we need that kind of action!

We were not the only family who had time to enjoy listening to this audio drama. Head on over here and check out these other reviews with me!

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

Have you listened to any of Heirloom Audio's Audio Dramas? Which one is your favorite so far?

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The Dragon and the Raven ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again with The Dragon and The Raven. They have made another fabulous Christian audio drama for the whole family to enjoy together!
The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


Heirloom Audio Productions has produced audio dramas before, and The Dragon and The Raven is no different from these. This audio drama is full of adventure, faith and suspense! This takes one of G.A. Henty's stories and turns it into real life. You are traveling with Edmund as he is fleeing the Danes, yet looking to God for the help that is needed.

The Dragon and The Raven is a 2 disk set that will give you over 2 hours of enjoyment. Not only that, but with the Single Package, you get the 2 disks, a 48 page eStudy Guide, a beautiful printable copy of Proverbs 21:31 and the MP3 soundtrack download.

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


The eStudy Guide is a great way to take this audio drama to the next level and use it as a unit study. You are able to study vocabulary that has been used in the story as well as answer questions to make sure your kids are listening, however, once they hear this, I doubt they will lose interest.

We have been in love with Heirloom Audio Productions from the first time we heard one of their audio dramas. These fun stories are brought to life by the wonderful actors and actresses who play the different roles in the story. John Ryhs-Davies, Helen George, Brian Blessed to name a few of the characters we get to hear this time. They spare no expense with the sound effects either. You can close your eyes and see this story happening in front of you.

Heirloom Audio Productions

We love to have a story time in the house, a time when we try to sit quiet and listen to mom read to us. But sometimes mom gets busy, sometimes there are not enough hands or eyes that could make the day happen. Those days, it is nice to start listening to someone else read for mom. But to have a TV show made into an audio book, that is a great way to let mom take a break. We would sit down after lunch, when we have our quiet time, and listen to the story. We would usually listen to ½ an hour of story at a time. However, the kids, as well as mom and dad, were always anxious to pause the story and wait until the next day. We might have listened to a bit more on some days.

Each day after we were done listening, we would sit down and go over the vocabulary. We would also check the questions and see who was listening, which usually was everyone. The kids would ask other questions as well, checking to see if they could stump the others. This made listening to this story extra fun!

If you are looking for a family audio drama the brings out the faith in a situation, you should check out The Dragon and The Raven. This audio theater style story will make you think you are watching TV without the TV. You and your family will enjoy high quality entertainment that requires you to use your imagination.

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


Have you listened to any good Heirloom Audio Productions stories lately? Which one was that?



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Heirloom Audio Productions: With Lee in Virginia ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

With Lee in Virginia Review

Well, I have to say that Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again! We have spent some time, 2 ½ hours to be exact, listening to their newest audio theater presentation of With Lee in Virginia.
With Lee in Virginia Review

What It Is

With the purchase of the Family Four-Pack you will receive the 2 ½ hour long audio theater on two CDs and access to their special bonuses online. The special bonuses include the MP3 download of the story, eBook of the original G.A. Henty story of With Lee in Virginia, the PDF download of the Study Guide to go along with the story and a beautiful printable of a saying from Robert E. Lee.

How We Used This

Just like every audio theater we have listened to from Heirloom Audio Productions, we first listen to the whole story. This time we spent some hot days hiding out in the house and keeping cool with the TV off and the story going. These stories are so full of adventure we have not had a problem getting the attention of all the kids and the adults!

After fully listening to the story and getting that “What is going to happen next” out of our system, we downloaded the study guide and took a look at it. We slowly re-listened to the whole story, working one track at a time and using the study guide to help us learn more about the story as we went along.

Each section of the study guide started out with Listening Well Questions. We read these questions first, listened to the track and went back to answer them. This was a perfect way to work on Moe Man’s comprehension skills as a family and to introduce reading (or in this case listening) comprehension to the little ones. Without grading looming over their heads, the kids were having a good time talking about the story by answering the questions.

Next, we had some Thinking Further Questions. These questions were my favorite. These made us learn more about the time era and what was happening at that time. We loved the fun little activities, like finding places on the map where the story was taking place during each track.

And of course, you can’t learn anything unless you know the words they are talking about. We would use the computer dictionary to help us find some of the words we couldn’t find in the “new” dictionary we have at home. Listening to 4 year old Little Miss using these new words, and in the right context has been fun!

I loved printing the quote from Robert E. Lee to his son and hanging it up for everyone to see in the house. This is not just a simple picture with words on it, this is a gorgeous picture with a meaningful quote, “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, You should never wish to do less.”, on it. This quote fits well with how we strive to be in our house and made a perfect addition to our school room bulletin board.

What We Thought

I have yet to be disappointed with an audio theater presentation from Heirloom Audio Productions. With a cast like Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, Brian Blessed, Chris Anthony, Kelsey Lansdowne and Jim Weiss, why would you be disappointed!?!?! We were hooked from before we even put the CD into the player! We knew what was coming! This, like their previous titles, is full of adventure and grabs your attention from the first introduction song! In our family of music lovers, the songs get us.

Once we started listening to the story, we were able to picture everything! Tony and Vincent were real in our minds! We could see them, see their struggles. There were all the sound effects, splashing in the water, the roster crowing in the morning and even the struggle of the slaves against their masters. This one got the kids. We had to pause and discuss this period in time to the younger kids. They were upset to hear about people being treated as property, but I felt this was a good way to introduce the concept and be able to talk about it with them.

When you have three kids who are full of energy sit down and truly enjoy listening to a story played out in their minds, you know you have a winner! I cannot say enough good about this, or any of their CDs! If you are in need of a way to make history come alive, or even something good to listen to, this is the way to do it! Not only do I get to enjoy this with the kids, but Daddy takes these CDs with him when he goes to work in the big truck and enjoys a break from the radio. Needless to say, he was just as happy as the rest of us to find out that he had a new story to listen to!

Still have some doubts about what I am saying? Check out the 3 minute preview on the website and you will be hooked!! I have never personally enjoyed history as much as I do when I can close my eyes and listen to it with Heirloom Audio Productions! Only one question from our family….when is the next one coming out?? We don’t even care what it is, we just want to know when!!
With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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In Freedom’s Cause ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Heirloom Audio Productions ~ In Freedom's Cause Review

I didn’t know if they could do it, but they did! Heirloom Audio Productions has created another wonderful audio drama that captures everyone’s attention from before the first words are spoken all the way to the end with the last word. This time, we are taken back into time for the Real Story of Wallace and Bruce in the story In Freedom’s Cause.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~ In Freedom's Cause Review

We were delighted when we received our In Freedom’s Cause Single Package, which came with the physical CD, In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide (Digital Download), MP3 download of In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack and the Printable copy of The Prayer of William Wallace (Digital Download). This package is available for $29.97.

Upon receiving the physical CD, the boys were thrilled, so was I! We used this as two different things this time. We had some car traveling to do, and used this to listen to while we were driving. This was a great way to keep the read alouds going, even when mommy couldn’t do the reading. After getting home, we decided that we would use it again as a read aloud and take full advantage of the study guide, thus counting it as our history and literature classes as well!

The study guide that comes as a digital download is wonderful! This one study guide was enough to help us understand so much more of the story, instead of just a story. I was able to have Moe Man look up the defining words in each section. This helped us all to understand the story that much more. We were able to go over the Listening Well questions together as a family, while Moe Man took the Thinking Further questions and did his research on those. He not only learned more about the history, but I was able to have him work on his writing and researching skills. This new knowledge helped him to enjoy the story that much more.

We love to listen to history. It is a thing for our family. But to listen to history in this way, I can’t explain how happy everyone was! Heirloom Audio Productions have a way to take an ordinary story and bring it to life in your mind. There is no need for a TV when you can pop in one of their CDs and listen to an audio drama like this. When my kids find something quiet without arguing and sit down to listen, and actually argue when I try to stop the CD for a while so we can work on something else, that is when you know this is a great product.

We loved listening to the story of Ned and his adventure for Scotland’s freedom with William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce. We loved listening to the adventure and being able to visualize everything that was happening thanks to the great sound effects and the reading/acting on the part of the characters. I honestly don’t think that a movie of this audio drama would even do it justice. We were excited to have the chance to listen to this, and we were not disappointed in the least bit! Now daddy gets to take the CDs with him on his next over the road trip. He is just as excited as we were, and I know he won’t be disappointed either!

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In Freedom's Cause Review



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