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Are you frustrated with your current curriculum? Are you looking for something fun that will help your kids learn at the same time? Instead of being frustrated and tied down, why not use some fun journaling, and why not make it pretty, or handsome, with the notebboking pages that are designed for them. The Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership at has everything you need for just this!

Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership

What Is It is a website that has a notebooking page for almost everything, with new ones being added. The different topics are A-Z, Bible/Character, Famous People, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Holidays, Language Arts and Science/Nature. Oh, and there is even a section call Any Study. This is where you can pick and choose what you need for your homeschool if it isn't already listed in any of the other sections!

Debra, the owner of, is a homeschool mom herself who wanted something better for her kids. When she wasn't able to find, she made it. And I am thankful that she did! This is our go to page for all things notebooking!


How We Used It

There is no right or wrong way to use this site, just so you know right now. You will decide how you want to use it, and that is what you will do. We have used this site for YEARS, and each time I find something new to use in a new and different way. Each one of my kids use the resources here in different ways and each one loves what they do.

Little Miss

Little Miss is busy learning her letters. I am able to hop on in and find the letter we are learning about in the A-Z section and we can use the pages to go with that letter. We love coloring the big letters and making the fun little books. We are able to draw a picture(s) of things that start with letter and practice writing words that start with that letter. She loves just having her own books to read to Baby Girl.

Ray Ray

Ray Ray is busy learning about birds and clouds this summer. We are finding out that the Charlotte Mason style homeschooing is best for him, and these notebooking pages help us to learn in a different way. I simply printed up some pages on the different birds in our area and let him find the information he wanted to learn about them. He is busy making his own bird book, and loves watching the birds with his book. We have also had fun simply staring at the clouds. The nature study section has a great collection of pages on clouds and we are able to write about what we see and find the difference in the clouds to the weather and how they both seem to change at the same time.

Moe Man

Moe Man is even busy with these pages. He has found a style he liked in the Any Study section and used this as a way to take notes for his government course. He takes one page per lesson and fills it full of what he is learning. There are some really neat little squares on some pages, and he is able to use those to draw what he has read about. This is a fun way of notetaking that you would not get from simple lined paper. I love seeing what he comes up with each day!

What We Thought

I love these pages. I love having that one site that has what I need to make a boring subject fun. That one site where I can replace the worksheets with fun sheets. I love that there are two different styles of lines with each unit and that I can pick and choose which one will work for us each day. The Lifetime Membership has been worth it to our family and we will continue to use these pages long into the future of our homeschooling days. If you have to pick one thing for your homeschool, pick this. This is essential in our homeschool and I think you will feel the same way about it in yours.

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Want to see how other families have put these pages to use? Head on over and read these other reviews with me. I can't wait to find new ideas to use in our homeschool!

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Winter Birds Unit Study Resources

Winter Bird Unit Study

It is cold, no wait, it is freezing outside right now. This is not a fun time for mom. I don't want to send the kids out in the extreme cold of Minnesota, but I want them to enjoy the outside at the same time. So, what is a mom to do? A bird study!

Winter Bird Unit Study

We are finally in a house that allows us to actually see the birds outside. We are not in the country, yet, but we have some aged trees in the yard, and that is enough to bring the birds this way. That means we spend time looking outside. Even Baby Girl loves to stand on her chair and watch the birds, and squirrels out front!

So, because I am that mom who still wants her child to have a nature study unit when it is cold outside, we have begun a bird month, or two, because I said so. I still haven't heard any arguing, so that is a good thing! What is a unit study? Well, it is a fun way to focus on one thing, but learn within all the subjects you need to learn from.

Here in the cold Minnesota weather, we still have a bunch of fun birds that we get to watch. These birds include black-capped chickadees, house finches, downy woodpeckers, blue jays, red-bellied woodpecker and Northern Cardinal. We even have a pileated woodpecker that makes his way to our feeders at least twice a week.

Now, for it being cold, that is a lot of birds. This is awesome because that gives us something to watch and learn about. Something that is not a video game or tv show. Something that makes mom happy!

I am not a creative person, I try to be, but sadly I am not. However, there are a ton of other ladies and gents out there that are. That means, when I want to work on a unit study I go to Pinterest and take a look at what I can find! Heck, I even made a fun little board full of different studies of just birds! For the bird unit studies, here are what we will be working on:

We are going to head on over and have some fun with what we found here at Homeschool Giveaways. When you go here you can find a great list of freebies to make bird learning fun!

Winter Bird Unit Study

Little Miss needs to have some fun while we are learning, right? That is when I am going to head over to 1plus1plus1equals1 and have some fun with Counting is for the Birds. What a fun way to keep her involved and having fun with us!

Winter Bird Unit Study

Over at Education Possible there are a lot of great hands on fun activities to keep those little ones busy!

Winter Bird Unit Study

Learning the key facts about birds is the main idea over at Triumphant Learning. I would love to see a turkey looking in the window at me, but we just have the cute little chickadees looking in here.

Winter Bird Unit Study

If you are looking for more resources all in one place, take a look at what Premeditated Leftovers has on their site! They have a little bit of everything!

Winter Bird Unit Study

I love the idea of being able to keep the kids busy with fun learning this winter! You need to check back with us next week and see what we have found! I keep trying to get a picture of the birds on our feeders, but apparently they know that I am watching them!

What do you like to learn about in the winter? What are some of the birds you see in the winter? I would love to hear from you!