Frankincense – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Another week has flown by at our house. I have taken a few extra kids that we are watching for the summer. This gives the kids something fun to do, and it keeps me busy as well!

This week, we are on the letter F for our Blogging Through the Alphabet Journey. I am excited to share with you about our essential oil for this week, but first, make sure you check out my co-hosts:

This week, I want to share with you one of my most essential oils that I cherish. Today I want to share with you about Frankincense. Frankincense is perhaps one of the most precious of the ancient oils. This is one that was given to Jesus by the Wise Men, and to know that I have that in my house is an honor.

Frankincense is one of the most prized and precious essential oils due to its extensive health benefits. It can be used and has been used in everything from perfumes to lotions. We have used this oil on its own, mixed with others, and in the diffuser since it induces feelings of peace, satisfaction, and overall wellness.

Frankincense can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. With all the health benefits ranging from healthy immune functions, healthy digestive system, the health of the cardiovascular system and nervous system, not to mention the support of the liver and joint function, Frankincense should be in every home as far as I am concerned.

You can diffuse this oil during your morning yoga practice to focus your intention for the day. You can add two drops to a dōTERRA Veggie Capsule to support your healthy cellular function along with many of the other benefits I mentioned. You can add Frankincense to your moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and to rejuvenate the skin. You can also apply Frankincense to the bottoms of your feet to help promote feelings of relaxation and to balance the mood.

Frankincense is an oil that versatile and one that I could not imagine not having in our house! Take a moment and watch this video on how doTERRA works with the people who harvest this oil for us:

If you have questions or want to learn more about getting this oil at a wholesale price, send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Eucalyptus – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Wow! I feel like it was just last week and I was writing the Letter D post. Now here I am writing the Letter E post and wondering where the last week went to!

I want to thank my wonderful co-hosts that are with me on this journey of Blogging Through the Alphabet:

This week we are on the Letter E, and when it comes to doTERRA Essential Oils, my favorite oil is Eucalyptus.
Eucalyptus is an oil that helps to lessen the feelings of tension as well as promoting a sense of relaxation. Not only that, but Eucalyptus also supports feelings of clear breathing and open airways. Not just that, but Eucalyptus is found in mouth rinses and oral hygiene products to help freshen your breath.

Eucalyptus has purifying properties that are not only beneficial for the skin, but also for cleaning surfaces. This means that you can combine with water and lemon to wipe down surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom.

Eucalyptus is an oil that I love to have on hand and use in the diffuser to help invigorate the cold, dreary days. Putting it in the diffuser not only promotes the feelings of clear breathing but also can promote an uplifted mood. Eucalyptus can also offer soothing support during menstruation when massaged onto the abdomen.

If you want to know more about doTERRA essential oils, send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com. If you want to get these oils at a wholesale cost, you can sign up at:

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Deep Blue and DigestZen – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Welcome! I am happy to be back sharing with you about some more fun essential oils! This week, we are on the letter D. Stop by and check out what my co-hosts have shared with you for the letter D this week:

There were two oils that I had to choose between for this week, and they are both oils that we love to use in our house on a regular basis. They are Deep Blue and Digestzen. I will tell you a little about both of these.

Deep Blue is a soothing combination of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus. This blend comes in the oil, roller bottle, lotion or even as a polyphenol complex. We use this for many things in our house.

Deep Blue is the oil that we rub on after a long day when the muscles are tired. I like to use it on my legs after a long walk, or a run on the treadmill. I will even use it on the kid’s legs at night before bedtime.

When I am not using the oil, I pull out the lotion. This has been a favorite of my husband for his back after a long day. I can give him a back rub and use the benefits of the oil at the same time. I have even found for him, that I can apply the oil and rub it in with the lotion to help create a more soothing effect on him.

Now, the polyphenol complex is something I hadn’t tried right away, but once I did, I fell in love. The Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex includes proprietary, standardized extracts of ginger, curcumin, resveratrol, and other polyphenols to soothe aches and discomfort. This complex has helped aid my occasional aches and pains, and I find myself using this when discomfort presents itself. When I have had a long day, I find myself grabbing this from the medicine cabinet before anything else.

DigestZen is the second D oil that I want to share with you. This blend contains Star Anise, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, Coriander, Tarragon, and Fennel essential oils. This blend is our tummy blend. When we have the occasional stomach discomfort, this is the oil we grab. It also helps to reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion. 

DigestZen is available in the oil, a roller bottle ready to be applied to the skin and in a softgel form. I love how this is available to use in many different ways for everyone in the family.

I love the many uses of essential oils, and I love to share them with you. If you have questions about any of these oils or would like to know more about how to get them at wholesale cost, send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com.

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ClaryCalm – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Welcome back! We are on to another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet. I am glad to be here with my co-hosts. If you have a chance, stop by and say hi to all of them:

This week, we are on the Letter C. For this week, I want to talk a little about another one of my favorite essential oils from doTERRA, ClaryCalm. ClaryCalm is an oil that is just for women, and it is one that I have lived without for far too long. Once I got my first bottle, I wondered how I could have gone so long without it!

ClaryCalm includes a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamoline, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Geranium, Fennel, and Carrot seed oils. These oils work together to help provide a soothing and calming effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is one of the best oils for your worst week, period!

So, how do I use this oil? It comes in a roller bottle format, already for me to apply topically. When I notice that my mood is not quite right, I apply. When I feel the need, I roll it on my abdomen for the soothing and calming massage it gives me. And most days, during THAT week, I will be seen sniffing the bottle just because the scent calms me.

After getting my first bottle of ClaryCalm, I am surprised that I went years without this oil! This has been one that I crave, one that I know that I need, and one that I know I need once a month. If you suffer from this once a month weekly issue, ClaryCalm is an oil you want to have on hand to help you with these issues that arise.

If you want to know more about ClaryCalm and how to get it at wholesale cost vs. retail cost, send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be happy to help you get this oil in your house!

Blogging Through the Alphabet – B is for Balance and Breathe

Welcome back to the second week of this journey of Blogging Through the Alphabet. I am glad that you are here! Please make sure you check out my co-hosts when you get a chance:

This week, we are on the letter B. For this, I want to share with you about doTERRA’s Balance, or grounding blend. This oil is a must-have in our house! I currently have three open bottles in three different parts of the house right now and plan on ordering more! Yes, Balance is that good!

My second runner-up for the letter B is Breathe or the respiratory blend. This essential oil comes in many different forms besides the oil, like the vapor stick and the respiratory drops. All of these will help to clear your airways and help your breathing.

But first, Balance. Balance is a blend of spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile, and osmanthus. This is a woodsy smell that will help to promote a sense of overall relaxation. This is also a great oil to help with your anxious feelings. We use it in daily in our house.

Ray Ray loves when I diffuse Balance in his room at night. By diffusing this oil, he seems to relax for the night and actually goes to bed when I diffuse this oil. He loves the smell, telling me that it is not a girly smell. This is a big thing for him when I diffuse this blend in his room every night.

I personally use Balance as a perfume for myself. I will apply it with doTERRA’s Hand and Body lotion on a daily basis. I will also apply it to my pulse points on extremely stressful days to keep me grounded and in check with myself.

Now, Breathe, the respiratory blend, is another great oil! This blend comes in a few different ways. You can get the oil, a roller bottle diluted and ready for topical use, the Vapor Stick, and respiratory drops.

Breathe combines Merges Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamon, Ravintsara, and Ravensara essential oils to help maintain the feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. So, how do we use this one?

I personally love to apply it to the back of my neck and behind my ears before I go to bed. I feel that I sleep better with this on, and I have been told I might not snore as much! We also love to diffuse this oil at night when someone has a stuffy nose.

The vapor stick is one of my favorites to have on hand when the sniffles come into the house. We are able to apply this like any other vapor rub, but since it is in stick form, I don’t have to get it on my hands to apply it. The kids are even able to apply it to themselves, with my supervision, which makes them feel more independent in their own health.

We have not tried the respiratory drops ourselves, but I have heard great things about how they help to soothe and cool the nasal airways. This is one of those items on my never-ending wish list of things I want in the house!

Have you used Balance or Breathe in your house? What is your favorite way to use them? Do you have questions about them? Ask away in the comments, or send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Blogging Through the Alphabet – AromaTouch

Welcome to the first week of Blogging Through the Alphabet! I am glad to have you here! Please make sure and stop by my co-hosts when you get the chance.

This time around I want to talk with you about dōTERRA Essential Oils. My family has been using these oils for 4 years now. They are the best thing we have found to help us to stay healthy and avoid OTC medications for the everyday ups and downs.

For the letter A, I want to share with you one of the most used oils in our house, AromaTouch. AromaTouch is known as the Massage Blend. This is an oil that we love to use for an upper shoulder rub when the days get long.

AromaTouch features a blend of Basil, Grapefruit, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils. These oils will help to promote a feeling of relaxation and helps to relieve tension. This is why we use it for shoulder rubs!

The benefits of AromaTouch go beyond its comforting and relaxing benefits. It can add an aromatic experience to a massage, it can be used in the AromaTouch technique with seven other essential oils, and you can use it in a hot bath with Epsom salt.

AromaTouch has a clean, fresh, and minty fragrance which helps to boost the massages. You can also use this in a hand massage instead of a full back massage. We have done both, and love the massage benefits of AromaTouch when the days are hard.

dōTERRA AromaTouch Directions for Use:

Topical Use: Apply one to two drops to the desired area. Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician first. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Please email me with more questions or how to purchase AromaTouch essential oil at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Blogging Through the Alphabet – Introduction

I am so excited to announce that I am going to host another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! I have had so much fun over the last two rounds that I am not ready to quit!

The first round I didn’t have a theme to follow, so I went with the flow. I had fun with this, but I loved watching all these other posts that followed a theme. The second time, I decided I wanted to write about books. That meant every week I would pick one or two books that started with the letter of the week. Having these themes was fun and made it easier to write the post each week.

I decided to stick with a common theme again this time around. I played around with a few ideas and finally settled on my theme for this round. I hope you are ready to follow me as I talk about doTERRA Essential Oils.

We have been using essential oils in our home for the last four years, and we have seen some great things. We love all the benefits that they provide us.

I will be sharing some of the oils, some of the supplements, and some research about our company. Join me to find out about the different oils, how we use them and what they do for us!

This round we have some new co-hosts joining us. I can not wait for you to meet them! Check them out right here:

Will you be joining us again? Let me know what you will be talking about in the comments so that I can stop by and visit with you!

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Zathura – Blogging Through the Alphabet

This is our final week of this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! Where oh where did this time go? I have had so much fun talking about all the alphabet books we shared with you. And I have had a great time with my co-host Kirsten from DoodleMom. We will be back again in May for another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! I will have my introduction post up on the 3rd telling you what I will be talking about this time around.

But, back to this week. I had a hard time thinking of Letter Z books. Sure I could find a bunch talking about Zoos, but I wanted something different. So what did I do? I went to the library and spoke with the librarian, who was more than willing to help me out! This week I am sharing with you Zathura.

Zathura is written by Chris Van Allsburg, the author of Jumanji. After watching both Jumanji movies, the kids were excited to sit down and read this book with me! I was personally excited to read it because of how much I loved the original movie.

Zathura is a game that is hidden inside the bottom of the Jumanji game box. Brothers Danny and Walter unknowingly start to play the game. Before they know it, they are in outer space fighting to make it back to Earth and home again.

During this “game” the boys battle robots, gravity issues, Zorgon pirates, and black holes. Will they make it to the end of the game, or will they end up lost in Zathura space forever? You must pick up this book to find out!

While all the pictures are in black and white, the kids had no issues using their imaginations to paint these pictures in their minds with the story that goes with them.

If your family loves Jumanji as much as ours does, and is looking for more game fun, Zathura is a book you need to read!

Is your family a Jumanji fan? Have you heard of Zathura? What is your favorite Letter Z book?

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Letter Y – Blogging Through the Alphabet

We are finishing up this journey through the alphabet, and I am getting excited about this and starting the new series of Blogging Through the Alphabet! Will you be joining us in May for that? There will be a few new faces helping to co-host!

This week, Kirsten and I are happy to bring you our Letter Y posts. I had some great ideas for this, but when I went to look for the books, I just couldn’t find them. It is a good thing the library is only a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute drive away from me! I came home with Yertle the Turtle and Yoda Gets a Buddy.

These two books are great picture books, and both of them have some very special lessons to teach kids! I think I might have cried a little reading Yoda Gets a New Buddy!

Yoda Gets a Buddy

Yoda is a rescue cat. He helps his owners out by watching over the foster kittens. He is very strict about his rules and wants to make sure they are followed. One day a new kitten, Buddy, arrives. He is always smiling, and all the other kittens love him. Every day, he pats them on the head.

When Frankie, the foster kitten arrives, all the other kittens notice something different about him. He doesn’t look like them. They make fun of him, and when Yoda and Buddy are napping, they play a trick on him. This trick turns out horrible. But from this experience, they all learn something new about Buddy. When they learn this new bit of information, everything in the foster room changes and all the kittens look at each other in a new, loving, way!

Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle is a group of books. We are just going to focus on poor greedy Yertle for this post. That is the lesson we were able to talk about during and after reading this book. Yertle wants more and more and more until someone finally says enough is enough!

I love when I can find books that teach while they entertain! Both of these books this week teach a valuable lesson while they keep the kids laughing and having fun.

What is your favorite Letter Y book?

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Xander’s Panda Party – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Wow, are we already on the letter X for our Blogging Through the Alphabet journey? This time has gone so fast! I am looking forward to another journey with you starting in May, will be joining Kirsten from DoodleMom and I during this new journey?

I had a tough time with this weeks post. I have to admit, the book I am about to share with you has never been read in our house. That is sad, I know, but it is a book that now that I have seen it, I want to read it! This week I want to talk about Xander’s Panda Party.

This book was brought to my attention when I asked friends about a book that starts with X. You know, this is one of the hardest letters to find a book about. But, after reading about this book, I kind of want to have it on the bookshelf in my home!

Xander, the panda, wanted to have a party, and he wanted to invite only the bears. When he sent one out to Koala, he soon learned that she wasn’t a bear, but a marsupial. This seemed to complicate things, but Xander decided to open the invite up to all mammals.

When one of the mammals wanted to come with the bird, Xander was again made to reconsider his plans. If he invited the mammals and birds, who else would want to come? This book is a great book to remind us that everyone is different, but we all love to celebrate the same things.

In a world where everyone wants to separate themselves into different groups, there is a time when we must remember that we all love the same. We all love to be happy together and just because we are different doesn’t mean that we need to be happy alone. This is a book that teaches our kids that being happy can be with anyone of any kind and that the more, the merrier.

I am so happy that this book was recommended to me when I reached out to my friends. This is a book that I want to share with my kids. A book that will remind us during this time we are all here together, and we must be happy and celebrate together!

What did you find to share about the letter X? I would love to hear about it, so please share your post with us!

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