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online reading and math

My kids love to play on computer. They love to have access to games and anything they think is fun. So, I love when I can find an online program like K5 Learning to allow them to have fun while they are still learning!

online reading and math

K5 learning is an online learning program for K-5 with the focus on Math and Reading, and a little Spelling also. There is no need for extra textbooks, no extra space to take up. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

While the kids had a lot of fun using K5 Learning, this is not the typical game style learning site. K5 Learning focuses on teaching children great study skills and how to work on their own. These are two very important skills I want my kids to know when it comes to school.

online math and reading program

The use of K5 Learning is very simple. You set up your account, add an account for each student, with their own login information and send them on their way. The first thing they will do is take an assessment test for both reading and math. These are separate and do take a little bit of time, but they are needed to place your child in the right level.

online program

Once the assessment is over, your child is free to go. Each lesson plan is personalized for each child. There is no one size fits all here. The site is safe for the children to use, there are no ads and no links to anything outside of K5 Learning. This made me happy knowing that the kids could be on the site while I was busy helping someone else, and that they would only be working on quality lessons and not surfing the web getting into trouble!

online math and reading program

There was not too much for me to do when it came to this program. After I set the kids up, I would log in once or twice a week and see their progress, but that was about it. I did take the chance to print a few worksheets that are available to go with the lessons they are learning, but that was it!

Both Ray Ray and Little Miss love to do their K5 Learning Lessons. They had the choice to work on their math or reading or both each day. I loved how each subject covered many topics and didn't get boring for the kids. They would work on things like sight words or reading comprehension for reading, and math was not only numbers and adding or subtracting, but also geometry and time and money. Ray Ray has also tried out the spelling features. He enjoyed that there were many learning styles when it came to this. It wasn't just a listen and type, but rather have fun and learn.

online math and reading program

Both of my kids love the way this is set up. All I hear all day is "Can I do my K5 school yet?" "Is it time for K5 school yet?" I love that they love it and I love that I notice an improvement in both of them, specifically Little Miss and her reading skills. One week she is struggling to sound out words and the next she is sounding them out just fine. The only difference? K5 Learning!

online math and reading program

If you have a busy workload, like 4 kids and a husband recovering from surgery, K5 Learning will help you make sure your kids still learn what they need learn, as independently as possible. Yes, I still give them regular math and reading lessons, but knowing that on days when I may be lacking they won't be, that is what is important to me!

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The Typing Coach ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

learn how to type

When it comes to skills children need in the future, one of those should be typing. Most jobs will require some use of the computer, not to mention the lessons and classes that will be needed to get to that job. You don't want your child left behind because they do not have the typing skills that could help them!

While there are a lot of choices for a class on teaching typing, finding the right one for each student can be difficult. With The Typing Coach we found a great program that goes at our pace, but still helps us progress when we tried The Typing Coach Online Typing Course.

learn how to type

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is just that, an online typing course. This course gives you all you need in order to learn how to how to type, increase your typing skills or just practice what you learned when in high school. There are no lesson plans with this course, instead, you work at your own pace using the audio, video and written instructions that are available to you. Upon completion of this course, you will be typing at least 10 words per minute with less than one error per minute. Already know how to type? This course will help you increase your skills to 45 or more words per minute.

There are 7 lessons in this course, and a lot of extra tips. The first thing you will find when you log in, is your course introduction. This gives you all you need to know about how to use this course and all the printables you will need for the rest of the course.

Once you have gone the introductions, and all the beginning stuff, you will take a before snapshot. This will show you your starting point. There are no expectations when it comes to this, just a base to see how much better you will get.

learn how to type

After you take your before snapshot, notice this is not a test, just a snapshot. This is a great way to see your progress as you go through this course.

You have taken your before snapshot? Now it is time to get a start on your lessons. The first and most important is your posture. This is the one thing I remember the most from my lessons when I was in high school. I still make sure that I am sitting upright and my hands are positioned just so. This was big for Moe Man…he is a teenage boy after all!

After you have mastered your posture, you will work on the Home Row, Top Row, Bottom Row, and Shift Keys. Working your way through these lessons should take about a week per lesson. But here is the thing, this is self-paced. You didn't do as you wanted to in the test? No problem, keep working on it! This had a smile on Moe Man's face from the get go! He doesn't like deadlines, so knowing he had as much time as he needed, eased the stressed and opened him up to the process.

Each weekday we worked on the lesson at hand. While the normal student took a week per lesson, Moe Man took about a week and a half, sometimes two. Each day he would repeat the current lesson, repetition was the key here. Get your hands and muscles used to doing something and they won't forget, that was the key. Just like learning to ride the bike, you must train the brain and the fingers to work together. The more practice the better you get!

learn how to type

You are able to check in on your progress as you go along, taking the snapshot and other tests along the way. You can see the simple advances you are making in being the typist you always wanted to be!

Moe Man has taken his time with this course. He is a perfectionist and wants to make sure that if he learns to type, it is the correct way. Due to this, he is still in the middle of this course. Until he passes the learning checks with 100%, he will not move forward, but this is him and the joy of this course, he can choose that if he wants. No pressure or deadlines to go farther faster!


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Digital Savvy From CompuScholar, INC. ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Using a computer is a must in the world today. If you don't know how to use a computer, you will be left behind and feeling lost. While I love having the kids away from screens, I know and understand that they need to learn about them as well. Finding the right curriculum to help them learn the basics can be hard, but with Digital Savvy from CompuScholar, Inc. you have all that you need for your child to learn right at your finger-tips.

What It Is

Digital Savvy is a beginner's course in computers and covers the fundamental aspects of the computer. Topics that are covered in this course are:

  • Hardware, software, and operating systems
  • Managing files and folders
  • Basic networking
  • Online safety and computer security
  • Using Word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs
  • Creating simple databases
  • Image editing
  • Using social media and email communications
  • Introductory website design
  • Simple computer programming concepts
  • Exploration of computing careers

Each of these is broken down into lessons that will cover one year (two-semesters). Once you open the syllabus, you can see how everything is broken down and you are even given the suggested amount of days to spend on everything.

Each chapter is broken down into simple daily lessons. These lessons include a video lesson, text to go with the video and a quiz to see what you have learned. What is also nice, is that there is a teacher's guide if you log in as the teacher. This includes questions you can ask to see how well your children are retaining what they learn.

At the end of every chapter there is an activity that will check your child's learning. It starts off simple with the peripherals, but will grow from there to things like a domain name search and social media posts. After completing the activity, your child will finish up the chapter with an exam.

Checking the answers on the quiz.

How We Used It

This was a simple assign and go program for Moe Man. I didn't have to prepare for anything and I could just assign him the chapter and lesson each day. Moe Man would sit down each day and work on the lesson at hand or the activity or exam. I didn't need to stand over him, I just had to make sure he did what was needed each day.

After each day, I would go in and check on my teacher side of things to see how he was doing. If I noticed a problem, I would make him redo the lesson with my help, otherwise he was able to complete these on his own.

My view in the teacher page.

What We Thought of It

I won't be stopping this program! I plan to make Moe Man complete Digital Savvy and possibly move on to some of their other more advanced computer classes. This is a course that all children need to know about. CompuScholar, INC. has set it up in a way that works. Moe Man opens it up and gets to work. He doesn't need any extra help from me, other than to make sure he uses it.

The topics that are covered are exactly what I would want him to be learning about. They cover everything for the beginner. There is not too much, but just enough for each topic. I know that after completing this course, Moe Man will be able to use a computer without hesitation, or needing to ask me about something.

CompuSholar, INC. and Digital Savvy is a hit in our house! But this is not the only program they offer. Check out these other reviews and see if there is something there that piques your interest for your homeschool!

Digital Savvy, Web Design & Java Programming {CompuScholar,Inc Reviews}

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