Resurrection Day: An Easter Activity & Coloring Book – A Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. No, it is not because of the bunny or the eggs that I have to find a time to hide. Easter has so much meaning that I just love the holiday. Finding resources that allow my kids to have fun with this holiday without the silly bunny can be hard to find. Resurrection Day from Paradise Praises is a fun little activity book that stays true to the meaning of Easter.

What Is It

Resurrection Day is a 30-page book full of activities that are focused on resurrection day! The activities range from beginning sounds, roll, and stamp, crosswords, word finds, cursive and printing practice along with coloring pages. Not only that, but you have the option of English or Spanish pages to complete.

This is a book full of activities, none of which need to be used in any specific order. Do you have a child who loves word finds? Do those first. Working on cursive skills? Do those page first! Have a bored child? Give them the coloring pages to fill out!

How We Used It

This book covers a range of ages. Because of this, we were able to use this one book with both Ray Ray and Litlle Miss. Even Baby Girl hopped in on the fun from time to time. We were able to keep this book on hand, so when I got the whole “Mom, I am bored.” statements, I was able to hand this book to the said child and allow them to have some fun doing something that is not a screen.

I did not have any lesson plans that I used for this Resurrection Day. I used this as I would any activity book. When the kids get bored, this book comes out, and we talk about what we are working on as we work on it. That is how simple it is to use something for learning in the homeschool environment. Find what works and make it happen!

What We Thought

With this activity book, we were given permission to make photocopies for our household. This makes it great when one child wants to do the same page as another. The activities were a great variety of simple things for the little kids and the more advanced for, the older kids. I was able to let Baby Girl (3) do pages as well as Ray Ray (9) and Little Miss (6). I am sure that Moe Man (17) could have found something, but he has been busy these last few weeks.

My kids loved the change in school, while still learning about Easter. I was happy to see them having fun and knowing that they were learning. I love that there is a wide range of activities and that I am able to make the additional copies to use for everyone. This was a fun activity book that is helping us get ready for the Easter holiday in a way that I am happy about!

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Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Falling in love with history can be a hard thing to do. Finding the right resource to allow you or your children to fall in love with history makes a huge difference! Moe Man loves history. But just reading it is no fun all day long. We found and fell in love with Drive Thru History® for his Ancient History lessons. So when we found out Drive Thru History® had come out with an 18 Part Miniseries on the Life of Jesus of Nazareth, we were thrilled!

Learning about the bible is a great thing, but having a video course that will bring you on location is a blessing for our visual learners in this house! Drive Thru History® – "The Gospels" brings the history before Jesus, his birth, his life and his death alive to anyone who wants to watch it.

For this review, we received 3 DVDs and a study guide all wrapped up in a book that reminds me of a bible. The DVDs themselves, are regular looking DVDs, and if we had not already fallen in love with Drive Thru History®, I would have thought just that. The study guide is not what I was thinking. This study guide is like a picture book that one would want to sit down and flip through, not be forced to learn something.

Now, these basic looking DVDs that are the main part of this product, these are not basic DVDs. These DVDs are so full of beauty and wonder. Full of information and excitement. These DVDs brought us into the life of Jesus, and made the Gospels come to life for every one of us who sat down to watch.

The three DVDs contain the 18 episodes. They are:

Episode 1: The Historical Landscape

Episode 2: The Announcements

Episode 3: Jesus is Born

Episode 4: Jesus Grows Up

Episode 5: Jesus Starts His Ministry

Episode 6: Jesus Returns to Galilee

Episode 7: Jesus Begins His Miracles

Episode 8: Jesus Teaches with Authority

Episode 9: The Sermon on the Mount

Episode 10: Jesus Travels the Sea of Galilee

Episode 11: Jesus Travels North

Episode 12: A Final Trip to Jerusalem

Episode 13: Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem

Episode 14: The Last Supper

Episode 15: The Trial of Jesus

Episode 16: The Crucifixion of Jesus

Episode 17: The Resurrection of Jesus

Episode 18: Who is Jesus?

Dave Stotts takes us on location for these episodes. He talks to us the whole time, not the camera, not the "audience", but to us! The way he looks at the camera, makes it appears he is looking through the camera and holding eye contact with us. This draws us in and makes us want to listen.

Not only does Dave look at us when talking to us, he talks to us in a way that we understand. For some people, the bible can be confusing or boring when it comes to the dates and history, but when Dave talks, we understand. Not just mom and dad, but Moe Man all the way down to Ray Ray and Little Miss fell in love with listening to Dave talk to us.

The pictures and videos that we are shown are just, beautiful. And even that word does not describe what they really are. You feel like you are right there, on location. You can see and hear everything around you. If you had smell-o-vision, you would be able to smell everything. Something or someone is always moving on the screen, this kept the eyes on the screen and when we had our eyes on the screen, we were listening, and learning.

Now, on top of these wonderful, eye catching, bring you to location DVDs, we also had the study guide. For each episode, the study guide gives us a summary, five great discussion questions, readings from the bible and a small side road that brings just a tidbit of information forward from the episode. Not only that, but the pictures in the study guide are just as beautiful as the DVDs!

There are many ways for you to use these DVDs. You can focus on one a week or more. I really wanted to spend time during Holy Week watching the videos of Holy Week as our study for that week. When your family falls in love with the DVDs, it is not hard to watch them daily.

My one hint, as with any video that you decide to show your family, make sure you preview it first. Episode 16 is The Crucifixion of Jesus. While the bible tells you what happened, watching it can be something different. This episode starts off with a warning. You learn about the crucifixion, you see pictures of the beatings Jesus suffered, and there is an actor portrayal of the beatings and Jesus hanging on the cross. This was hard to see, even for me. We decided that Little Miss and Baby Girl did not need to see this. Ray Ray and Moe Man had the option to walk away as needed, but they were both so transfixed in seeing the story they had heard many times before. This one episode gave the boys a new respect for the true meaning of Easter. (Please note, all our kids have watched zombie shows, you MUST preview this episode and decide what would be best for your own children.)

After this episode, it was so nice to spend the time learning about the resurrection. Showing the kids the location of the tomb, the rock and making it more than a small stone, brought it to their attention the real power of what happened during the resurrection.

We may not have gone to the Holy Land, but after watching these DVDs, I can tell you, that I will never again feel the same of the life of Jesus. I feel as though as I had been there, without the cost of travel. I felt goosebumps many times while watching. I was not the only one. Everyone in our house have a new outlook on the Gospels, a new respect (which I didn't think was possible) for all that Jesus has done for us.

If you are looking for a way to bring the story of Jesus alive to your family, I would tell you to watch these episodes. If you wanted to spend time on location to where our Lord was born, lived and died yet cannot afford it, I would tell you to grab these episodes. If you want a one on one tour guide who will guide you through The Gospels, you NEED these episodes. I was thrilled with Drive Thru History® for our history lessons, but The Gospels has gone far and above what I thought they would. They opened my eyes and heart. For that I am thankful!!

The Gospels {Drive Thru History® Reviews}
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The Legend of the Easter Robin ~ Review and GIVEAWAY

How do you talk with your kids about Easter? What stories do you tell to make the East story easy to understand for littler ears? We love to tell the truth about Easter, and a good book is always helpful. I was so excited to read The Legend of the Easter Robin and now love the early spring bird even more! Little Miss was just as excited to see a new book arrive in the mail. But every child has fallen for this book since it has been in the house!

The Legend of the Easter Robin Reveiw

About the book:

In the center of the nest lay one perfect egg, the color of a spring sky. The father robin sat on a branch nearby, guarding his family. Tressa spotted raccoon tracks below and a blue jay eyeing the nest. "Gran, how are we going to keep the egg safe?" "We'll have to leave that one to the Creator," Gran said. Robins have built a nest on the window ledge at Grandmother's house! Tressa is thrilledand concerned. What will happen to the sky-blue egg laid by the mother robin? As more eggs appear, Tressa witnesses the daily drama of the robins' nest and learns how God cares for all creatures. Besides watching the birds, there are Easter eggs to color. And there is a very special story to heara tale of long ago about one small bird with a very big heart. How did the robin get its red breast? Tressa is about to find out as Gran tells her the story of the Easter robin. Brought to life with colorful, tender illustrations, The Legend of the Easter Robin will captivate and teach your child about compassion and faith.

The Legend of the Easter Robin Review

This beautiful 32-page hardcover book is geared towards ages 4-8 years, but we have all enjoyed this book in the house from 1 to 38. The pictures are gorgeous. They are to the point, without being too graphic when you see Jesus, and vibrantly fully of color when talking about the robin family. When it was not being read, someone had this book in their hands to look at the pictures!

Legend of the Easter Robin

You can find your own copy of The Legend of the Easter Robin over at Zonderkidz for only $16.99. I would gladly pay that price for this wonderful story that we will be reading all year, not just at Easter! While you're looking around, stop over and say hi on Facebook and Twitter. Let them know that I sent you!

Guess what else I have to tell you? I have one copy that is for you to win for FREE!! Just enter below and see if you win!!

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Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs ~ Egglo Entertainment Review


I don't know who was more excited about the package from Egglo Entertainment, me or the kids! We were so happy to open it up and see glow in the dark Easter eggs!

Upon opening the package we found Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book audio download), Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls, and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide.


Egglo Review



The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs come in a package of 12 eggs. They come in four colors and there are plain eggs or eggs with a cross on them. They are able to open up and you can put items in them. Once charged, these beautiful eggs glow bright in the dark! The 12 eggs cost $9.99.


The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book is a very beautiful book! The kids couldn't put this down! This 40 page book tells the story of searching in the dark for the light…kind of sounds like a bible verse "The light of Jesus shines in the darkness" John 1:5, which is the books theme. The kids in this story are searching for the eggs with clues to lead them to the next egg and ultimately the greatest treasure. This beautiful book sells for $9.99.


The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure audio download book is 30 minutes long. This is a perfect way to let the littles listen to the story over and over again all day long 🙂 They loved the story and with the chimes they knew when to turn the page! this download sells for $2.99.

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls are little tiny scrolls that come with 12 verses that go along with the theme of the book. They are just the right size to fit inside the eggs and if your kids are like mine, they will treasure these scrolls more than anything…even the candy! They are only $4.29 for the 12 of them.


The Egg-cellent Adventure Program Guide is a 60 page step by step guide that helps you (or a church/youth program) plan out a wonderful and fun experience for the kids. This two part download gives you decorations, invitations, snack ideas and discussion cards. The program guide is $14.99 and lets you make this Easter a truly unique experience that teaches your kids the true meaning of Easter.

All of these items are perfect for home or group use. They are recommended for ages 4-13, but we used them with Little Miss who is almost 3 and she loved them just as much as the rest of us!

Egglo Review


As soon as we opened the package, I lost eggs throughout the house. The kids had fun holding them up to the light and than running into the darkest room to see what would happen. We than sat down and looked through the book. We didn't read it right away, because we wanted to wait for daddy, but we got the idea right away. Jesus is the light in the dark. Ray Ray took this one to heart and now carries around a "fake" candle that he can turn on whenever he gets scared. 


While the kids were busy playing and checking out the new "toys", I spent some time reading the program guide. I took the ideas and used them to work for us. We love ideas for new snacks, and snacks that go along with the book! How awesome. The program guide also gives you questions and answers to see how well the kids followed along in the book. There are coloring sheets and fun printables to add to the eggs if you want.

When daddy was home, we were ready to have fun! We left the eggs in the window sill all day to charge, and they were ready for us after supper. We all sat down together with the book and followed along with the audio download. After we finished the book, we talked about the story and the true meaning behind Easter. Than the kids had to go and hide while mommy and daddy hid the eggs. They came out and we had a flashlight shining in a general area so no one got hurt. Everyone found their eggs and had so much fun! They were thrilled that they each got a scripture scroll! However, now I am three scrolls less in my bag, but hey, it is worth it 🙂

I love the program! I love the idea of the program! I love that my kids are having more fun with learning about the true meaning of Easter! The kids had fun and that is what matters to me. The pictures in the story book are beautiful and the story line is perfect! My only complaint about the story is that it is a little long. I don't know how I would make it shorter and still keep the details that this story had. I see why they say the older ages, Little Miss had a harder time sitting still for the whole story. The program guide is full of details, and I only printed the items I wanted to use with the kids. There are lots of colors and pictures, so I didn't want to print the things I didn't need to. Would any of these dislikes deter me from purchasing the product? No. I don't think any of it takes away from the program. 

So, what is your favorite memory of Easter? I sure hope you are going to look into this to help your kids with their memories 🙂

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