Brookdale House ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Brookdale House Review

How do you teach your kids the United States? You know, the names of the states and where you can find them? How do you make it fun and not boring? Well, we draw them…yep, Using Drawing Around the World: USA from Brookdale House.

Brookdale House Review

What It Is

This is a simple program that will help your children learn about the United States. This program, while simple is very effective in the repletion it uses. Each week you will work on one or two states all while refreshing what you have already learned in the previous weeks.

The first day of your four days of using this each week starts off with the children learning the state(s), what shape they are, and the facts about them. They will also find them on the map and start memorizing that as well.

Each of the rest of the days has your child drawing the states on the map first tracing the outline of those states next you have the chance to challenge your child and have them draw the state free hand.

Finally, on the fourth and last day of the weekly study, your child will list the states and abbreviations that they know, all the way from the beginning. This is the test each week!

Brookdale House Review

How We Used It

We had both boys using this program together. Monday would be the day they sat down and looked up the information together on the internet and the map we have hanging up. Ray Ray even pulled out our geography book to look at. They would find the information and each write it down.

The drawing was where I saw the difference in the boys. Moe Man loves to draw and really enjoyed the drawing part of it all. This is where he found himself memorizing the states. Ray Ray is my facts boy, he remembers the states by their facts!

Each week, I would quiz the boys during the week to see how much they remembered. I would see if they could remember the names and capitals of the states, as well as the abbreviations of the states. After we got that bit down, we would find them on blank maps. The maps that show you the states, but not the names. While this is not listed in the program, this is something I really like to do with them, it is a me thing!

What We Thought of It

I love Brookdale House, and all that they have to offer. When I heard they had this…I was happy! I wanted the boys, and the girls when they are older, to know our states. I know that it is hard for Moe Man to memorize, but I know that with Brookdale House, that he can. This company knows how to make memorizing facts fun.

The boys loved sitting down together and working on this. Moe Man loved to be able to find the information on his own and loved to be able to remember what he was learning. Ray Ray loved doing big kid work. And I loved watching both of them memorizing on their own terms.

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 Brookdale House Review

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Progeny Press: Sam the Minuteman ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

ProgenyPress Review

Finding just the right study guide for a younger child and a shorter book is sometimes hard to do. While you might find those with all the lovely pictures and cut outs and prep work, sometimes you just want the good old fashioned study guide!

ProgenyPress Review

When given the chance to use the Sam the Minuteman Study Guide from Progeny Press, I was excited! Finally something that I could use with Ray Ray that would keep him focus on what needed to be done, not what color the whatever was!

What It Is

This is a straight forward study guide from Progeny Press. We have used their study guides in the past and loved them so we were excited to use this one for Ray Ray. This study guide covers the before, during and after activities to go with your story. This is just the study guide and does not include the book (I found it at the library and bought it from Amazon because we liked it so much!)

ProgenyPress Review

While he was reading the book, it was all him, I was not allowed to help, Ray Ray would remember something from the map, and you could see the dots connecting in his head. He remembered talking about something and then reading about it, and he loved this feeling!

While most of the big kid study guides have you using the guide while you read, I did not find that necessary with this one. The book was short enough that we only took two days to read it, but the activities last us the whole week.

How We Used This

I set aside our reading program for a week and we used this. We were able to start our literature lesson with Ray Ray looking at the map and learning about the distance and space between something on a map. After the map, I sat back and listened to him reading to me.

After the reading was done, we started working on the worksheets. Each activity focused on something different in the world of literature. It was nice to see that even though this wasn’t all pretty and colorful, it was still geared for grades 1-3.

The first activity was vocabulary. It was a little difficult for Ray Ray to write the definitions, but we worked together and he did it. There was plenty of room for his big writing on the two lines provided. And although the words were “big” he picked up on the meaning and was able to easily use them in a sentence. This made him feel grown up!

Another section was the Looking at the Story section. This is always my favorite. This is where I see if the kids remember what they read. While I would make Moe Man use complete sentences in this section, I was easy on Ray Ray, I had him just write the answer, but he had to tell me in a complete sentence (the joy of homeschooling and doing it your way!). The questions were not hard, but they were either simple or thought provoking. Both perfect in my book.

ProgenyPress Review

The Thinking About…section was a great way to make a young child truly think about what was happening. With some True/False statements to studying the Declaration of Independence. It was simple yet effective.

Finally, you have the After-you-read Activities. These activities took what you learned and let you have fun! We looked over the activities and decided to work on our own sequel to Sam the Minuteman. This was a great way to tell a story in our own words. As soon as we get more ink, we will be making our three cornered hats!

What We Thought

We really liked this study guide! It had all the elements of the big kid ones yet was perfect for Ray Ray. I could tell by doing this study guide, Ray Ray learned many new things about the book and the history that he would not have learned if we didn’t use it!

I enjoyed the simple print and use set up. There was no cut this, buy this or print this on this kind of paper. Just print and go! While I was able to easily help with the answers, there was an answer key at the end if I needed it.

Ray Ray really loved solving the word mystery (vocabulary) and I loved that he thought he was playing games not doing school!

Another great point, is the Christian perspective that is put in each of these guides. Being able to relate the stories to the Bible is a great wya to include our bible into our daily life!

These study guides have not disappointed us! There are so many different options and stories, check out these other reviews on some of the other guides!

Progeny Press Review

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Reading Kingdom ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Reading Kingdom Review

“Mom, can I do my Reading Kingdom?” “Honey it is 8 in the morning you still haven’t had breakfast!” “I know mom, but it is fun and I want to start the day off with fun!”

Reading Kingdom Review

This is how my mornings have been starting…taking a kid who fights me to do his school and making it so that he asks me if he can do it before he even eats or gets dressed in the morning! Reading Kingdom Online is the perfect way to help my son with his reading skills and he thinks it is just a game!

What Is It?

Reading Kingdom is an online reading program that progresses at your child’s pace. In fact, you are told from the get go, that no matter how much they struggle, you need to let them do this on their own so that the program knows what the child does and does not know.

Reading Kingdom is a program for kids ages 4-10 (up to a third grade reading level) that helps them with their reading and even some writing skills. This program requires minimal adult supervision, I found it easier to walk out of the room. This program works with your child and customizes to your child’s learning to help them on an individual level.

Reading Kingdom Review

As they learn new skills, your child will progress forward in the program, or stay and focus on a needed skill. They work on earning points and opening new pages in their passports.

As the parent/teacher, you get progress report emails that let you know how your child is doing, and you have easy access to see where they are excelling and where they are struggling. While you see this, there really isn’t much for you to do…besides watch the program adapt for each child until they get it and move on.

How We Used This

Upon starting this review, I spent some time reading up on my role in this program. I was quite shocked to see that I didn’t really have a role. I was told that I could view their progress and that the best thing for me to do was to step aside and let them learn!

Reading Kingdom Review

What does that mean? Mom makes sure they do 4 or more lessons a week, and that is it! The program works with their skills and adapts to them, so if I were to help them, they would get false readings and I would be messing up their learning.

Ray Ray took to the program right away and loved it. He had no problem working on 1-2 lessons each day. He wanted to start the lessons right away because they were “easy” and fun. (I think they were easy because they were fun!)

Reading Kingdom Review

Little Miss struggled with using the keyboard, and I struggled with not being able to help her. It has taken her some time to get moving forward, but I like that we were able to allow her to use an onscreen keyboard instead of the physical one. The reason for this, the physical keyboard doesn’t have both upper and lower case letters listed, and it was hard for her at 4 to know the match for some.

What We Thought

Ray Ray and Little Miss were super excited to get the chance to try this program and I was excited to see what all the hype was that I was seeing. Man, was I impressed with what I saw…after I got over my need to constantly help the kids that is!

Reading Kingdom is just what we needed in this house! It took the reading and writing skills of the children to a whole new level! I had to get used to not helping them all the time, but once I did, it was perfect. I realized that they were still learning, and they were learning at their pace. Not too fast, and not too slow!

We love this reading program and plan to use it in the years to come. I love seeing the kids learning and being challenged in a good way on a daily basis. It makes it so much more fun for the whole homeschool thing!

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What is something about Reading Kingdom you did not know before today?


Reading Kingdom Review

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Middlebury Interactive Languages ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Middlebury Interactive Languages

What do you do when your first grader wants to learn French? Do you find a high school program and try to adapt it to the needs of a young child? I decided to try Middlebury Interactive Languages and their French Courses, which has an Elementary French 1 program for grades K-2nd.

Middlebury Interactive Languages

What It Is

This program, is a fully online program that teaches the child the language of choice through fun games and activities right from the beginning. For this elementary program, your child will have their main focus on the French vocabulary. But the vocabulary is not the boring study this word until you have it memorized kind of vocabulary.

As soon as Ray Ray logged in, he was finding out that he was going on an adventure in France, and he needed to pay attention! This was easy with the interactive lessons that had him doing activities to learn the vocabulary instead of reading and studying.

The Middlebury Interactive Language program contains all you need to help your child learn the language of their choice. It comes with a calendar that has the lessons planned out for you and a gradebook to see how your child is doing.

Middlebury Interactive Languages

How We Used This

I will say right off the bat, we did not follow the calendar. Ray Ray would do 2 or 3 lessons one day and then skip a day or two. He was excited to be able to finally learn French in a way that he understood, by playing a game.

We would use the calendar as our guideline as to what we needed to do each week. Ray Ray would look at it and know what he needed to do. Than I would let him go at it. He was in charge of his learning in this program and he loved it!

If you didn’t want to follow the calendar, there is a table of contents showing all the units. In the French course there are 12 units, each unit consisting of 6 lessons. This gives a wonderful amount of time to focus on each category and practice it before moving on.

Each lesson consisted of different parts. You would start out with a review of what you already learned, keeping this fresh in your mind. Following that, your child would be introduced to the new set of words or phrases. This learning of the new material comes in many parts. The kids have many chances to learn these words and phrases in many different games, activities and stories.

Middlebury Interactive Languages

What We Thought About This

Ray Ray has always loved French. He has wanted to learn it, and we have tried many different programs. This is the one program that seems to work for him. I think the interactive immersion is what works. Everything is spoken and written in French, and you have to move to a different screen to see and hear the English.

Having him listen to someone telling him what to do in the language is how we learned to speak our current language as babies, so why wouldn’t it work as children? Being able to check and see if you understood what they were saying makes it the perfect program for him.

“I love it, it is really good actually.” This is what I hear from Ray Ray when I ask him what he thinks about this program. When asked what he likes about the program, “I like almost everything. I really like being able to move my character. Every time I sit down, stuff is new.” And what he doesn’t like about the program, “The thing I don’t really like is trying to record myself, but that is the only thing I don’t like.” Now how can you argue with a 7 year old?

Middlebury has many different languages and grade levels. Go and check them out over here!

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

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Super Teacher Worksheets ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What do you do when your child does not understand something? What if you need something fun to practice what you are learning? Where do you go for that? I have fallen in love with the Individual Membership over at Super Teacher Worksheets for just these types of problems!

Super Teacher Worksheets

What It Is

This is a wonderful website that has worksheets and games for preschoolers and beyond. Most of the “grades” are up to the 5th grade, but I loved the practice that these were able to give to Moe Man in the 9th grade when it comes to some subjects!

This is not a full curriculum in any way, but can be used to supplement any curriculum that you may have. All major subjects are covered and within those subjects, all major categories are there. You are even able to make your own extra practice sheets when needed.

How We Used This

I love supplementing when I want my kids to practice something a little more. I don’t like looking all over and wasting my time trying to find just the right thing. That is where Super Teacher Worksheets came into play. I would look at our lesson plan, and look on the menu, find the matching worksheets, pick the one, or two, that I wanted and away we went.

Ray Ray has been asking me for some time to have a color by number like Little Miss had, when I found the scarecrow addition color by number, I was thrilled! Not only did he get what he wanted, mommy got what she wanted by having him practice his addition skills.

Super Teacher Worksheets

When Moe Man forgot about algebraic expressions (really who remembers that stuff anyway!), I was able to find some simple worksheets that refreshed his memory in a fun, non-threatening way. When his double digit multiplication was missing a step, I was able to find fun, colorful worksheets to help him practice. (These simple things are a MUST for him and his learning).

Super Teacher Worksheets

And when Little Miss wanted to be like her brothers, I was able to add some letter worksheets into her daily work! There is truly something for everyone here!

With all the supplementing, I was able to find something for everyone to do in different subjects, so we are using this website daily. Each worksheet is at least two pages, with the answers included. When printing, I would only print the student pages to help save on paper and ink. I could always go back and check the answers on the computer. The only time this did not work was when it was a build your own worksheet. That is where the File Cabinet comes in, just remember to save your worksheet to the file cabinet before you generate it…I forgot this step the first time!

What Did We Think

I love this website! While I was given an individual membership for this review, I have my own account that I set up and purchased before this review. I plan to continue my membership after this review as well. This is a site that I have found very useful in our homeschooling. It is a site that I do use on a daily basis. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you need more opinions, check out these other reviews from The Crew! If you do, or have had this membership, what is your favorite feature of it?

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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Alpha Omega Publications 1st Grade Phonic and Reading ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

AlphaOmegaPublications ScoolhouseCrewReview

Do you need a reading program for your homeschool? Are you looking for something that is simple yet fun for the kids, and easy for mom or dad? I know what you need!

AlphaOmegaPublications ScoolhouseCrewReview

We had the chance to review Horizons 1st Grade Phonics and Reading Set from Alpha Omega Publications. I have had my eyes on this program for a while and was not disappointed in what I seen while using it!

What it is

We received the 1st Grade Phonics and Reading Set, this included a Teacher’s Guide, two Student’s Workbooks and 2 Companion Readers. These are all physical products that we were able to hold and write on! I loved this and so did Ray Ray.

While this is the full phonics and reading program, Horizons does also offer their spelling and vocabulary for 1st grade to complete your child’s language arts class. With this set, we did not have to get anything extra to complete our lessons, besides a pencil.

How it works

There are 160 lessons including reviews in this program. This makes it possible to use this as a full year of phonics and reading. Each day, I would simply look at the overview for the lesson, to see what we would be learning. I would make sure to have the materials, usually the workbook, reader and teacher’s guide, along with the phonics rule flash cards which are located in the back of the teacher’s guide.

AlphaOmegaPublications ScoolhouseCrewReview

Every day there are 4+ activities on the worksheets. There are teaching tips for these in the teacher’s guide along with the answers. After going through the lesson, your child will be able to use their new skills in the companion reader. These companion readers are a perfect way to have your child show off what they know and gain more confidence.

After every 10 lessons, there is a simple test to see what your child has learned. The teacher’s guide once again has the instructions for each of the activities on the test and the answers as well. While Ray Ray does not like tests, he was still able to do these and not be frustrated.

What we think

As a mom and teacher, I loved this program. I loved having the teacher’s guide. I loved being able to see the names of the pictures in my guide book for when we had some questions as to what it was. The teaching tips gave me the confidence as a mom to make sure Ray Ray was learning the phonic rules the right way and that I didn’t screw it up for him.

AlphaOmegaPublications ScoolhouseCrewReview

The student workbooks have the perforated pages, which made it easy to take out only what we needed to use that day. This was a great visual for Ray Ray, as he didn’t have to see the whole book and get stressed out each morning. He enjoyed knowing how much had to be done, and loved being able to sit anywhere in the house with a clipboard instead of being stuck at a table with a book.

The companion readers are a favorite in this house! Ray Ray loves to read them, knowing that he knows what the words are. I love them because they not only allow Ray Ray to practice what he is learning, but they don’t have the pictures to allow the readers to guess what is coming next in the words. They need to be able to read to know what comes next.

AlphaOmegaPublications ScoolhouseCrewReview

We love this program in this house, and I am happy to say that there is not and extra struggle to do our reading lessons anymore!

Alpha Omega Publications has more than just this product available. Simply check out these other reviews and see what else you might love.

Alpha Omega Review
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CTC Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Reivew

CTC Math Review

I don’t like math. It’s too hard. I don’t understand it. Do these all sound familiar in your house? What if you could use a program that allowed your child to continue working on the problems until they got a correct answer? A program where they could pause the teacher, or rewind him to help them understand the lesson? If this sounds good, you need to check out our review of CTC Math and their 12 Month Family Plan.

 photo CTC Review_zpshhjfsrqu.jpg

What It Is

CTC Math is an online math program for kindergarten up to the high school grades, Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The program includes a video lesson that lasts about 5 minutes and as many work problems as your child needs to obtain a passing grade.

How It Works

This program requires very little planning on the parents part. You can decide what lessons you want your child to learn each day, or you can let them work their way through each grade level at their own pace and following their own interest.

From the parents section, you will be able to watch the progress of your child. You will be able to see what areas they have completed, what their grades were for that area and their overall average for the grade level. You are able to see if there are any areas where your child needs help, or if they need to go back and redo a lesson because of a low grade.

 photo CTCMath Review_zpsihd9hljq.jpg

Each child has their own log in information. Once logged in, they are able to choose the grade level they want to work on. After picking their grade, they will choose which stream they are going into. This is usually divided into sections like Number, Pattern, and Algebra and Measurement, etc. Finally, after picking the stream, they will choose what topic they are working on.

Once they are into the topic they want to learn for the day, your child will watch the video lesson and when they are ready, they will move on to the practice problems. After they are done with the problems, they will receive their grade. This will show them what problems they got wrong, what the correct answer was and their overall score for the lesson. If they, or you are not happy with the grade, they are able to do a new set of problems. Once they are done, they will receive an overall average score for the last three attempts at the lesson. And there is math for the day!

How We Used It

We used CTC for our math for both boys. They would each be able to log in and do their lessons from the computer and mom could help as needed, but be able to help the other kids too. This made it easier for me, knowing they were learning, even if I wasn’t doing the teaching.

Moe Man would be required to do 3 passing lessons a day. I would not tell him what to do, or what order to do them in. I noticed that once I left control to him and once I required 3 passing lessons for him to be done with math, he slowed down, paid attention and got good scores. If given the chance to just “do it” he would speed through to get it done. But knowing that there is an unlimited number of problems and I expected him to work on it until he got it, changed his speed.

 photo CTC Math Review_zpsdehka1ah.jpg

Ray Ray also used CTC Math. He is my math lover, so he was always aiming for perfects. This is the kid that would do a passing lesson over and over until it was a perfect score. For him, I had to give rewards for completing full topics. I would ask that each lesson be “in the green” which shows a passing grade, and he would get a prize from our prize box each time a topic was completed. This worked for him, and kept him working not just trying for perfects.

Along with their daily lessons, I would have Moe Man work on the Speed Drills that are listed at the bottom of the student pages. These would help him strive for memorizing his facts (something he has a hard time doing). This was his favorite part of the whole math day, and I loved to see him competing against himself to get a better score than last time.

What We Thought of CTC Math

CTC Math is one of our favorite math programs. Moe Man loved being in charge of what he was learning in math. Since he doesn’t like math at all, giving him that control worked! I watched him actually trying in math instead of not wanting to do anything and fighting me. I don’t remember the last time we had a fight over math.

Moe Man still has some trouble spots, and with only 5 minutes of lessons, it is hard for him to grasp that concept. I wish there was a way to have additional information available for these cases, maybe links to sample problems or links to more information on the topic. There is a search option, and it does bring you to other lessons within the whole program, but this just wasn’t enough for Moe Man.

Ray Ray loved CTC Math! He would aim to complete as much as he could before mom made him turn it off. I loved knowing that he could work as much as he wanted and I would not have to buy a new curriculum half way through the year, he could just move on to the next grade.

I love CTC Math for the ease on my part. I knew I could just write CTC on the schedule and the kids would know what to do. I didn’t have to plan out worksheets, or teach lessons, I just had to let them go and let them learn!

If you have an overachiever, a struggling student or just a homeschool child who needs math, I suggest you take a look at CTC Math, sign up for the free trial and see what you think!

CTCmath Review

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A+ Interactive Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

You have a math program, but what does your child understand? What do they need more help with? What can you skip for now? Do you know the answers to any of those questions? What if I told you there was a math program that would be tailor fit for your child? Would you believe me?

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

A+ Interactive Math has a wonderful Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan available that will do just that!

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan are an online program offered by A+ Interactive Math. It is a full math curriculum that is based on each specific child’s knowledge of the subject area.

Your child will start out by taking a small quiz to determine what level they are at in different areas of their “grade” level in math. As they do each quiz, those lessons will become available to them. They can “test out” of the areas they know and move on to a more specialized study in the areas they are weakest.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

They do not need to take all the tests to start. You, as the parent, decide how many areas to work on at a given time. Once the test has been taken, those lessons will open up, if needed, to be worked on. Your child will then be able to work on the lessons and worksheets until they feel they have learned that area. Once your child is comfortable in that area, they are able to retest. If they pass, they are done with that area.

Adaptive Math Placement Test

There is no do this on this day type of lesson plan with this program. You are able to decide how much to do each day. With Moe Man, I make him work on 1-2 lessons and then 2-3 worksheets per lesson. This helped to make sure that he understood what the lesson was talking about, and you are able to generate new worksheets if you have trouble on one. This truly helps with making sure the lesson stuck in their minds.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

While this is an interactive program, they do not overload it with animations of any kind. Being interactive, this program speaks the lesson to your child while they follow along. They work on problems after listening to the lesson, and are told right away if they have a correct answer or not. While this was awesome for Moe Man being in an older grade, Ray Ray was bored in the first grade lessons. But between my two boys, Moe Man prefers reading and Ray Ray loves video games, so they are different from each other in that way.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

We loved this program for what it offered. Moe Man was able to work on the areas he was lacking in, which was easier than having a box curriculum and trying to guess where he needed extra help. Ray Ray was able to us this and skip the sections he knew well (he is my math boy!). This made it more fun/interesting because he wasn’t sitting here doing the same thing over and over again when he already knew it. I have always liked the curriculum from A+ Interactive Math, and now it just got better with the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

You’re in luck if you have been interested in this program! From now until May 18, 2015 there is a sale happening! 40-50% off sale on the Family Math Packages and the Adaptive Placement Testing with Lessons! And don’t forget to head over and check out some of their FREE items for homeschool families, like the Free Math Placement Test and Free Family Math Package!

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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GPA LEARN ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

What kid doesn’t like to play a video game of some sort? What kid doesn’t like to be in control of what they are going to learn? So, if you let your child choose what lesson they want to learn about in math each day, let them play games to learn that lesson and set motivations (rewards) for a job well done, who wouldn’t be happy?

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

GPA LEARN has this wonderful math program called GPALOVEMATH that allows your child to choose which path they are going to follow for the day. GPALOVEMATH is available for grades K-5 and is a web-based math program. To fully complete a grade in 10 months, you just need to do 4-5 lessons each week. All of the lessons within GPALOVEMATH meet or even exceed the Common Core Standards (if you are worried about them).

Ray Ray got to explore this math program. We stared with the free trial that they offer before receiving the review from GPA LEARN. After two lesson in the free trial, Ray Ray asked if he could do this for his math instead of the worksheets we were doing. I told him as long as he kept working on our “fun” sheets (practicing our handwriting of the numbers), I would let him do the rest of his math on the computer. The reason for his enjoyment…being in control of what he was learning instead of me telling him what to learn.

Each day, Ray Ray would hop onto the computer when I told him it was math time and decide which one, or two lessons he wanted to complete that day. Some days, I would be able to get him to do three lessons with no problem. He had motivation and wanted to get going on getting his lessons done.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

Each lesson would start out with an actually lesson from the character of that grade level (each grade has its own character). Ray Ray has Pi the Penguin for his 1st grade lessons. After learning the new lesson, the child is than working on practice problems. These problems let your child get a feel for what they just learned. After practicing their new skills, the child than moves on to the quiz. This is where it really counts. The quiz will determine how well you know your new skill and how many points you get to earn.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

There are three levels of knowledge on the quiz, 2 master levels (Rockstar and excellent) and an apprentice level (good job). The more they get right on their quiz, the higher level you child will receive. The nice thing, when you get a problem wrong, you can go back and look to see what you did wrong. After you see what you did wrong and work on that skill, your child will be able to go and retake the quiz.

Points are always fun. But when you earn motivation rewards and you need points to redeem those rewards, you work hard to get more points. This is where it gets to Ray Ray. He loves his rewards, but always wants bigger…so he works harder to get more points. The good thing, he loves math so this is a game for him…even though he is learning something new each day he sits down to do his lessons.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

As his “teacher”, I have access to see how well he is doing. As he completes each lesson, I get an email that will tell me that he has completed a lesson and how well he did in that lesson. In my parent account I am able to pick and choose his motivation rewards, or let the computer choose for me. I am also able to send him messages that he will see when he logs in next. I am also able to test drive each new lesson that is in store for him. This helps me to know what he needs to learn, and add to that lesson if I feel that it is necessary.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

This has been a wonderful addition to our daily lessons! After Baby Girl being born, and mommy’s time being spread out a little more, I love knowing that Ray Ray is still learning his math. And I love being able to choose 30 minutes of snuggle time as a reward (his favorite so far)! What child, in what today we would call a large family, doesn’t love a little extra snuggle time!

Ray Ray loves the rewards number 1. That is his favorite part of the whole thing program. But as I ask him more about what he likes about math, Ray Ray tells me that he loves to pick what he is doing for school. A six year old boy being able to pick his own lesson… yeah, that is pretty cool!

We loved GPALOVEMATH and the freedom and independence that it gave to Ray Ray. Ray Ray is happy with his math and doesn’t argue with me when it is time to do math, so we have a win-win in this house!

Do you have a favorite math program that gives you a win-win in your house?

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GPA Learn Review
Crew Disclaimer

Our Week in Review ~ August 25-29, 2014



So, here we are into our school year. I know that many of you are still waiting on Moe Man’s curriculum choices, and I will get there. We actually had a few things change with each child as the first few weeks got started and now that we seem to have a good thing happening I can get that list together.

This last week has been a busy and fun one for us. Our public school friends were here this week for “daycare”, and that meant kids wanting to play instead of learn. I stepped our studies back, a little, and let that happen. But I will tell you we didn’t skip out on everything.

Moe 8-29

Moe Man has been working on learning about the New World Explorers for American History. We have started using the Time Travelers Studies from Homeschool in the Woods and Moe Man loves the hands on fun with this! This week we got to learn how to tie some knots. We also started a new grammar program from IEW, Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Book. This is a simple way to work on grammar daily and I get to share a review with you soon!


Ray Ray has been working on his reading with BOB Books. He loves this because we have the Kindle edition, so he has an excuse to use the tablet! We have found a fun lesson plan over at This Reading Momma. We pick and choose the activities that we will use and only print those. We have fun stamps for some of these, but mommy pulled out our letter tiles, and everyone had fun with those! This week for math, I wanted Ray Ray to have fun. We started on our addition families. With this, we started our Addition Lapbook and used UberSmart Math Facts and Starfall to practice. Ray Ray is also working on mastering his number writing. He has never been a fan of writing, so we are taking our time instead of forcing it on this one.


Little Miss is just having fun for her learning! She has taken to loving Starfall like Ray Ray did at her age. The biggest difference I have noticed with Little Miss, she loves to write and draw! She got to have fun on the dry erase board this week and started drawing herself. Both Little Miss and Ray Ray watched some Magic School Bus for their Science lessons. I feel that at this age, the littles just need to be introduced to these topics. Little Miss love The Magic School Bus and it is one of those go to videos that I am thankful is available on Netflix streaming.

Together we are working on memorizing our prayers. Next week we are going to add in our Scripture memory for the year. We are going to use Verse Pack 1 from Simply Charlotte Mason. Lots of new things will be coming next week as we will be onto our full schedule instead of the getting started schedule. I hope that you will join me back here to see what we did!

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