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Respect ~ Five Minute Friday

I am back with another Five Minute Friday. Five Minute Friday is when we get a word prompt and spend just five minutes writing. No planning, no editing, just writing.

This week the word is Respect. What do I have to say about respect in just five minutes? Here we go…

Respect, I have grown up learning to respect my elders. But what does that mean? defines respect as : esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability or to show regard or consideration for.

Respect to me is a two-way street. If anyone wants respect, they must give it. But who is to start? Do you have to wait for someone to give respect to you before you give respect to them? What if they are waiting for the same thing from you?

Did Jesus wait for people to show respect to him? Or, did he give respect to those who came to him before they gave any to him? From my understanding, he freely gave respect to many. He didn’t expect it in return.

So, respect should be given. It should not be expected in return. We should respect all those around us, whether we agree with them or not. I think during these trying times, we should look back into the bible and see how things, how respect was given. We need to take notes and apply them to our daily lives.

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Smile ~ Five Minute Friday

I am back again for another Five Minute Friday post. One word, five minutes. There is no planning, no editing, just writing what comes to mind.

This week the word is Smile. Here I go…

What does the word smile mean to me?

When I hear the word smile I think of my kids. I love to see them smile. Knowing that their smile is gold to me.

I love to smile when I think of them learning in our homeschool. Knowing that I am the one teaching them and that they are learning about God and using the bible as our history spine.

I smile when I know that my kids will grow up knowing and loving God. At least I pray they do. I will give them a strong foundation, one they can lean on when the world is trying to change their mind.

I love seeing them smile as they reach a goal, finish something hard, and just get through a day sometimes.

I love seeing the smiles at church. I miss seeing those as we have not gone back yet. My husband is very immunocompromised, so we are extra careful. Not fearful, just careful.

I love that when you smile, you can see it on your whole face, not just your lips. Your eyes light up and smile. Your whole face is a smile.

I love that giving smiles is free. Smiles are contagious. You can pass a smile and see great results.

One smile can change someone’s life.


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Endure ~ Five Minute Friday

I am posting a day late for the Five-Minute Friday, but I am blaming my internet for that one! It was funky for me all night. But that can lead me to my word for this post…endure.

To Endure is a thing for me. I have endured a lot. From many life changes to trying new things. But I would not trade what I have learned for anything. I do not mind having to endure when I come out on the other end with more knowledge than when I started.

But one thing that I have also learned, I could not endure without my faith in God and my time spent learning from the Bible. If I had not found my current church family, learned what I have learned from them, and taken my learning of my bible into my own hands, I would not be able to endure the trials we have gone through.

With my faith and understanding of the Lord, I would be lost during this time. However, I know that everyone has had to endure before they meet God. Everyone has had to endure before the glory is given to them.

When we are called to endure, we must remember that this can bring us closer to God. All we need to do is open our bible and read of those who have endured before us. By opening your bible, you can find many who have endured before you. This will give you courage, no matter what you must endure.

What is your favorite bible verse about enduring?


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Worth – Five Minute Friday

It is Friday again. That means it is time for me to spend five minutes writing about one word. This week the word it Worth…wow…this will be tough!

For me, my worth is a lot. I want to be worthy of my children. I want to be the mom they need. I wonder and worry everyday if it is enough for them.

I want to be worthy of my husband. I want to be the wife he deserves. I want to honor and respect him and be worthy for him.

But most of all, I want to be worthy of God. I want to be the child of His. I want to show that He means so much to me. I want my worth to be in God most of all.

When people think of me, I want them to say, she is a child of God. She loves her husband and children, but most of all God.

The month of July, I am taking the time I need to show myself the worth that I have in me. I plan to focus on my kids, my husband, my relationship with God, and our homeschool. I want my kids to know God like I know Him so they can find their worth in Him as much as I strive to.

So, when it comes down to my worth, I hope that I can show that my worth is in God and is passed on to my family.

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How – Five Minute Friday

I am getting myself back into blogging. I know, I said this before, but I am serious this time! I want to keep sharing with everyone about our journey, homeschool and live in general! So, what better way then the Five Minute Friday blog to help me out!

This week the word is How. I have five minutes to write, no planning, no nothing…just write. So, here I go…


Wow, what a word…one that I ask myself everyday. How do I make it through the day? With homeschooling, working from home, taking care of a disabled husband, taking care of myself. How do I do it?

Not only that, but I have others ask me, How do you do it? I don’t know. I don’t think about it. I just do it. But when I do think about it, I do know How.

The only way on How I do what I do, is because of my faith in God. I rely on Him for my strength, my willpower, my everything. I could not do what I do without Him.

I love what I do, I love my family, and I would never stop homeschooling or stop helping my husband. They are my why, so when people ask me How, I guess I am surprised. I don’t worry about the How, I know that will be taken care of by God. If He didn’t want me to be in this life, He would not have put me in this life.

I have to remind myself, when I ask myself How, when others ask me How, I need to give the glory to Him for giving me the strength to do what needs to be done!

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Five Minute Friday – Direction

FMF Direction

It has been a long time since I did a Five Minute Friday. These are one-word writing prompts that you spend five minutes writing about, create an image, link up here on Kate’s post, and encourage your link neighbor.

Today’s prompt is Direction.

I sit back and wonder about the direction that I am going most days. I feel like I get up and go. I don’t have time to think. I have many things on my list, time with God, being a wife to a husband with many health issues, homeschooling  3 of our 4 kids, taking care of the house, and trying to fit in time to work and blog. My direction is changing every day.

One direction that I want to be in control of, is my direction to focus on God. Focus is my word for the year, with an emphasis on focus on God. No matter what direction I go, I pray that I go to Him. I want to be close to Him in all I do.

My directions are changing every day. I have a lot on my plate. But, with my focus on God, my direction will be guided by Him. That calms my mind in the busiest of times. Knowing that He will guide me if I listen.

Whether my direction is up, down, left, right, or any other way, I pray that God will guide me. I pray that my direction will be guarded by Him. I pray that my direction will delight and please Him.

FMF Direction

Wow. My Five Minute Friday is short this week! I know that if I keep doing this, I will be able to focus more. Keep watching for more of my Five Minute Friday posts!

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Create – Write 31 Days

I am late with today’s post! But I am getting it done! Today the word it Create!

In our homeschool we love to create, anything! We can be building, drawing, painting, using LEGOs or just pipe cleaners. Creating is something that the kids just need to do.

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with the kids when they want to create. I want them to have structure, but I was never the one to create much, other than writing, when I was growing up.

This is when I love to use my membership to and take a look at their art courses! These courses are great to fit into our homeschool day and allow the children to create when and how they want. This takes the stress off of me and allows them to learn!

Everyday Easels is a great course that works for all kids! We love to learn about different pieces of work. Not only that, but there are different activities for the different ages in your homeschool. These are a great way to allow your child to create, without you needing to plan and figure out what to do.

When I want Moe Man to be able to create, I look at Studio Art for Teens. This is a great way for him to get things off his chest through drawing. This is a great art course for high school, and it equals a full credit if you are looking at high school credits!

Just because we homeschool, and I am not one to create in a way my kids want to, does not mean they are not able to create. I just have to find a great resource like to help in the areas that I am lacking.

How do you allow your children to create in your homeschool day?

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Tell – Write 31 Days

Day number 2 in the Blogging through October. Today the word it Tell…so let me tell you a little about what we are going through…

Back in February, Daddy went through something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. He had his spine cut open to drain a buildup of spinal fluid. We are now in October and Daddy is still home, he is still suffering. He is still trying to heal, with no real signs of healing happening.

We were told that we should see some signs of getting better by now, but we haven’t. Daddy is still suffering, every day. While he doesn’t always say it. While he gets out and does things with the kids to see their smiles. Daddy is still in the middle of healing. He is still in the middle of pain, every day!

When you mess with the spinal cord, and all the nerves that run through there, you mess with a lot! I would never want to be a doctor who has to open a spinal cord up and decide what to do next. There is so much that could go wrong, but when you are wanting the best for your patient, you will do anything you think you can to help them.

Let me tell you a little more…

Daddy is still in pain. Every day. Daddy deals with not being able to sleep, or he sleeps for days on end. Both of these suck. Both of these drain a person. We don’t know what is happening. Now is the hurry up and wait time. We are in-between scans. We know what we see, what he feels, but we have to stop and wait for the doctor.

We pace the house. We pray all night and day, We try something new and jump when it helps, yet cry when it doesn’t, or when it stops.

Let me tell you, if you have a bad day, it is not that bad. If you have a small pain, it is not life threatening. If you have one night where you can’t sleep, it is not 5. Be thankful. You could be worse. Remember that if you can get up and move, you are having a better day than others. Thank God for that day. If you slept the night before, you have done better than others, thank God for that.

Let me tell you, if you are able to thank God for something, please pray for those who want to thank God for the same things you just did!

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Today is the first day of October. It is the start of the weather cooling down, leaves changing colors and yet the beginning of something new at the same time. During October, bloggers like to challenge themselves with writing a post a day for the whole month! There are many ways to do this.

One of those ways is with the Five-Minute Friday Crew. They love to take one word each Friday through the whole year. You get 5 minutes to write what comes to mind during that five minutes on that one word. For October, they have given us a list of words, one for each day of the month. While I love the five-minute idea, I want to take this as my guide for the day. Something to give me an idea on what to write about and tell you more about us over the month. While some busy days, it may just be what comes to mind!

Today’s word is Worship.

This word brings up so much for me. I grew up in a church, we went to church every Sunday, we went to church school every Wednesday. It was what I needed to learn about worship, and faith. But as I grew up, had children of my own, I wanted something more for them.

I wanted my kids to learn how to really worship the Lord. I didn’t want it to be a chore twice a week. I wanted it to be something fun. I wanted to find a church we loved. A church the kids loved. They are the future of the church, and I want them to be happy and loving it.

After moving to a new town, and trying to find that just right church where we could go to worship, we were looking. It came to us during our town fair. When the kids were handed cards for a local church’s Vacation Bible School. The price was right, and I had been eyeing up the church for a few months. We made the move and went for it!

After that week, both of my middle kids had given their hearts and lives to God. One week, that is all it took for them. To me, that meant we had found a good church! The kids have since loved going to Sunday School, mind you, they do have their days. They love to tell me what they are learning about God and they love to choose the Christian radio when we are in the car.

Moe Man was also welcomed in with open arms. Through our church, he has found what friends are, how they act and how they treat each other. Not only is he learning to worship God, but he is learning how God is present in his everyday life!

So, today, we are gathered with our friends and church family and spending some time worshiping the God we love! I hope that you have your church family and friends that you can spend today with as well!

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Five Minute Friday ~ Time

Five Minute Friday Time

Five Minute Fridays is the time when you sit down, set the timer for 5 minutes and just write, no editing, no planning, just write. Each week is a new word. This week the word is Time. So, ready, set, and let's go!

Five Minute Friday Time



How much time do we have in our life? Do we have a little time? Like my uncle who passed within days of birth? Just enough time to know love and bring a smile to the face of those who love us? Or do we have a short amount of time, like my cousin who passed at 18 years after defeating leukemia? Enough time to love and be loved. Enough time to show the world what a person is supposed to be like. Do we have a fair amount of time? Making it to our 70s like my husband's grandma before losing the battle to brain cancer. But still having time to raise kids, grandkids and even seeing your great grandkids. Seeing the bad, but more good. Or do we have a lot of time, like my great grandpa who will be turning 101 next week. The time of seeing a lot of history. Seeing kids, grandkids, great grandkids and even great great grandkids grow. Knowing that you have been gifted this time to pass on greatness. And hearing that you have passed on the values of your time.

Time means so much to so many. To me, that word is more than the time on a clock, it is the time we spend with others and what we leave them with.

What does time mean to you?