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Fun Family Chess – A Homeschool Crew Review

My kids love to play games. However, sometimes I am not able to always be right there to make sure they are playing it right. Brain Blox has made it easy for my kids to play chess with Fun Family Chess.

What Is It

Included with Fun Family Chess are a folding wooden chessboard, 32 wooden chess pieces in soft pouches, a full-color chess book, 2 reference cards, and a chess cube. I will tell you more about this cube in a minute.

There are two different ways to play this chess game. First, you can play it like normal chess, using the reference cards if you need help or guidance with how each piece moves. The second way is the Fun Family way. This is the way the kids played chess while I was busy with work one day.

Fun Family Chess uses a color-coded cube and the reference cards for playing the game. All you need to do is set up your pieces, roll the cube (which will show you which piece to move), and move the piece you rolled. It still requires you to look around the board, see what you have happening and move the correct piece to help you win, but it is simplified for those just learning to play.

How We Used It

We have played this game both ways in our house. Little Miss is just learning how to play Chess and the Fun Family way was the best way for her to play. This is also the way the kids played while I was busy. Ray Ray has played before and really likes to think, plan and plot, so it made sense to play it the original way with him.

Little Miss has not ever played chess before. She loves it but has never actually played the game. I could have sat down and spent a whole afternoon explaining the game and how it works, just for her to get bored. Instead, we had a wonderful time playing chess the Fun Family way! All she needed to do was roll the chess cube, look at her reference chart and move. And I wasn’t able to make any huge moves when it was my turn since I also rolled the cube to move.

With Ray Ray, he has always loved this game. He learned a few years back with my mom, so rolling the cube was not fun for him. However, the reference cards were his best friend. He thinks that these are sent from Chess heaven just to help him beat mom in the game of chess.

While we didn’t roll the cube, we did still enjoy a long game of chess that ended up with us down to just 3 pieces on the board and him putting me in checkmate. He says the reference card helped him do that because he could plan his moves without giving them away and asking me how each piece moved.

What We Thought

This game has all thumbs up from us! We love the quality of the materials and how simple it is to learn how to play chess. I love that there are two ways to play, for both levels of my chess players. Little Miss doesn’t have to be confused and frustrated while learning the basics of the game and Ray Ray doesn’t have to be bored while playing the beginner way.

Since getting this game, I have noticed my kids enjoying more time learning and playing this versus asking to have screen time. When asked if they want to play, they gladly turn screens off and jump into a fun and educational game of chess.

We are glad to have this game in our house. It is well-loved and will be for many years to come!

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Fun Family Chess {Brain Blox Reviews}
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Wonders of Creation – A MasterBooks Review

My kids love books. This is no surprise! We have been reading books since they were babies. While they love reading books, sometimes reading to learn is not always as fun. We have had a chance to take a look at the digital copy of Wonders of Creation: Design in a Fallen World from MasterBooks. This book has helped us enjoy learning while reading!

What It Is

We had the digital copy of Wonders of Creation, but there is also a physical copy if you want to actually get your hands on this book!

Our digital copy has 218 pages from start to finish. There are 14 chapters in the book:

Table of Contents

  • 1. Since the Creation of the World
  • 2. Land Mammals
  • 3. Sea Creatures
  • 4. Birds and Flight
  • 5. Insects
  • 6. Stars and Planets
  • 7. Starlight and Time
  • 8. Beauty
  • 9. Mathematics and Beauty
  • 10. Materials
  • 11. Mankind
  • 12. A Changed World
  • 13. The Six Days of Genesis
  • 14. What Happened?

This book will not only talk about the perfect world that God created, but it ends with what went wrong. This is not a dark and terrible ending, rather we are walked through the fall that Adam and Eve created, and we are learning about the why’s that have come from this. The explanations have not only helped my kids understand the pain and suffering of the world, but it has also helped me understand it better!

How We Used It

Since this was not a textbook, there are no questions to be answered, besides our own, we used this as a book to read as we wanted. We started reading from the beginning but found ourselves jumping to the different categories that we were more interested in.

While we didn’t always use this for a textbook, I did decide that we would pull this out and read at least one section a week. This allowed us to talk about how everything was made perfectly the way that God had created it. It was the perfect break in our typical school and allowed us to still learn.

What We Thought Of It

We give this book thumbs up! We really enjoyed scrolling through and looking at the pictures. This leads to us reading about the different creations of the world and how they work. While reading about the Fall is not something we look forward to, this book was able to describe it in a great way for all of us to understand.

This is a book that my kids will be loving for years to come. I love knowing that my kids will be able to learn about creation with a strong biblical viewpoint. This will help them defend their faith and know that all was created just the way God wanted it to be.

If you are looking for a beautiful book full of great pictures and useful information, you will want to grab a copy of Wonders of Creation for yourself!

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Learning to Study with Victus Study Skills System – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning how to study is an important skill for children to have, but just how do you help them learn how to study? We had the chance to get our hands on the Vitcus Study Skills System. After spending some time in the various books, all three of the older kids have learned more about the best way for them to study.

The first time we used this program, there was only one level. That level is the current Level 3. We loved using this and I was excited to see that they had added new levels to their already wonderful program. There are now 4 levels, from Level 1 (K-2/3) up to Level 4 (10/11 – college).

Moe Man was the one who had used Level 3 before. This is geared towards the middle school ages (5th – 10th-grade levels). One of the new levels is the college level (Level 4). I had Moe Man use this one this time. While he is not certain about what he is going to do after high school, this gave him good skills to have. I really liked that this book talks about the skills you need in college that are different from high school. The appendix is filled with a lot of great resources to enforce the lessons and really made Moe Man think more on the college level.

Another fun level is Level 2 (Grades 2/3 – 4/5). I picked Ray Ray to work on this one. He really loved learning about his learning styles. This was something that we had not talked about before. The same day that we started using this, Ray Ray was busy putting it to the test with his other work. We found less stress and more enjoyment out of school! I knew how to present things to him, and he knew how to do them for himself as well.

My biggest excitement came with Level 1 (Grades K- 2/3). This is the smallest book of them all, but it was just the right information for the younger ages! Little Miss was thrilled to be working on these short lessons, and while they are shorter than the other books, she grasped a lot of what they were getting across.

All of the books, except Level 1 have 10 simple lessons to go through. Level 1 only has 6 lessons, but it is for a younger crowd, so this makes sense. It is recommended to do to the 10 lessons over 5 days. We decided for Ray Ray and Moe Man to do one lesson a day for 10 days. This meant, instead of one hour a day, we would spend about 30 minutes a day working on this, which matched our current school style of short lessons.

There is a teacher book that you can get that goes for all the lessons, Level 1 and 2 come with a supplement to the teacher book that helps you tailor the lessons to the age of the child. Ray Ray loved being able to play games that brought the lesson to life for him.

But, back to Little Miss and the fun new Level 1 books! At the younger age, you are not really focusing a lot on actually studying versus getting the idea of studying. These 6 lessons are a little different from the rest. They are only about a page long. The pages do not have distractions on them, and they are straight to the point. There is more teaching to talk about and the short page to enforce what you tell them. These lessons talk about how they study, how they learn best, goals (the longest lesson, but the most important in my opinion), time management, skills on reading, and listening.

I loved that the goals lesson is the longest. Teaching younger children what goals are and how to achieve them will set them up for greater success in the future. They are taught about goals, by examples of things in their everyday life, not just school. After learning about goals in life, they are brought back to school and making goals for their classes.

I really enjoy the Victus Study Skills System. I was happy with it in the past and am thrilled with the new additions!

I am not the only one who used this program, click below to check out what the other reviewers thought of this!

K through College Study Skills {Victus Study Skills System Reviews}

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Fitting Words – A Homeschool Crew Review

I am still in shock that I have a senior in high school this year! Where did all these years go by? There is only one thing harder than grasping you have a senior, it is finding curriculum for them that they love to use.

Roman Roads Media gave us a chance to review Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (complete program). This is just what I knew Moe Man needed, and he loves using it, so it is a win-win!

What It Is

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric is a curriculum that will provide high school students and above with a full year’s credit of learning how to communicate by studying the great speeches and giving their own speeches as well.

We received the complete program that comes with the student text, student workbook, video course, exam pack, and answer key. These all complement each other and makes this course a great one, especially for Moe Man.

The student text is a hardcover text with about 400 pages. Each of the pages is clean and uncluttered. This makes it easier to read. There is also room on the edges of the pages for notes if your child likes to take notes, mine doesn’t, but I love to, so noticed this right away!

The workbook is a spiral bound book. There are plenty of well-spaced lines for writing answers to the questions asked for each exercise. Even my large writing son had no problem writing his answers on these spaces.

The video course is my favorite aspect of this program. Moe Man is great at reading, but sometimes he doesn’t remember what he read. We all have those moments when listening to someone read or explain the lesson brings things to light that we would not have noticed before hearing it.

This video course is 4 DVDs that go with each lesson in the textbook. It is recommended to watch the lecture of the lesson first and follow up with reading the lesson after. Not only that but at the end of each lesson, there is a lesson application video to watch. There is even a pre-exam video that walks you through what you need to know for each exam. All the videos helped to reinforce what your child needs to know for each lesson.

The exams packet has review sheets for each exam. They are not study guides, instead just a sheet with the things the student should be able to do and know before the exam. This allows your child to review in the way that is best for them. You will also find all the exams in this packet. The last thing you will see is the speech judging sheets. This is an excellent way for me to be able to judge each individual speech. It also allows the student to know what they will be graded on for each speech.

Finally, we have the answer key. It is just that, a softcover book full of all the answers for the worksheets in the textbook as well as the exams.

How We Used It

At the beginning of the answer key, you will find two optional schedules on how to use this curriculum. There is an option for one or two years.

Since this is Moe Man’s last year of school (Yikes!) we opted for the one year schedule. Using the one year schedule, we see what to do each week and day. The bonus, it is only 4 days per week! Moe Man was happy to see this!

I wrote up what needed to be done on Moe Man’s planner, and with this guide, I could easily do the whole first semester in just about half an hour. After that, he logs in to see what he needs to do and goes. It is strange not to have to help him throughout the day like I used to have to do, but I am glad that he is getting better at doing things on his own, and the videos really help take my place in discussing the main point!

The way the schedule is broken down, it is easy to complete all that is needed each day without the stress of too much to do. At first, Moe Man wasn’t sure about the videos. However, now on lesson 7, he is appreciating the videos to help him with the lessons! They are not long, only lasting about 10-20 minutes, but they are full of the main points and great examples of the topics the kids are learning about!

There are 5 speeches that Moe Man will give throughout this course, the first of which will come after lesson 13. I am looking forward to this because he has a hard time speaking in front of people. I have to decide and split up the speeches between us at home and a good friend of the family. I figure this will give Moe Man a different audience for different speeches, and it will give him a chance to be judged by more than one person.

What We Thought

We loved this curriculum. I loved the simplicity on my end, and Moe Man loved how he was able to do this on his own without my help. He loves being able to do his work on his time instead of mine, so having a curriculum that includes the videos to help him, has helped us both.

The suggested schedule is perfect for Moe Man, and it helps me. I am always one who loves a schedule that is done for me vs. me having to figure one out. One thing I did notice was that the Table of Contents was the same for both the workbook and the answer key. This isn’t a huge deal, but I kept wondering where the schedule was in the workbook, and couldn’t find it.

Finding a curriculum that focuses on the great speeches, like that of Martin Luther King Jr, Patrick Henry, or even Pericles, is hard to come by. But Fitting Words is just that. We love the style of teaching and the use of these and other great speeches to help us learn!

There were others reviewers who used this curriculum or the new Picta Dicta curriculum. Check out those reviews right here:

Classical Rhetoric and Picta Dicta {Roman Roads Media Reviews}
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High School Health from Apologia – A Homeschool Crew Review

In our state, teaching health is a requirement for graduation. However, finding a health curriculum that is biblically based can be hard to find. I want to make sure to teach the topics needed, but I want my children to see them as God’s creation.

I was thrilled to see that Apologia Educational Ministries had recently come out with Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition by Dr. Laura Chase for high school aged students. We had the chance to review the Basic Set.

What It Is

The basic set includes the hardcover textbook and one spiral-bound student notebook. Both of these are required to make the coursework. Also included with this set is access to the book extras on the website. You will find the password for the book title in the front of your textbook.

The book extras include the answers to the study guides and tests as well as many supplemental weblinks to visit to supplement each topic in the book. While these are not needed, it is fun to take a topic and explore it further.

At the beginning of the Student Notebook, you are given a suggested daily schedule. This is set up for a whole year doing something three days a week. You can also make this into a one-semester course by doing something every day instead of three days a week.

How We Used It

Moe Man has a full year to complete his senior courses. I figured that it would benefit him if we took the slower pace option over the faster. That means he has been working on this course on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We could pick any three days during the week, but this was the easiest way for us to split it up.

Moe Man will read through the text, stopping as needed to work on the On Your Own (OYO) questions and projects. The projects don’t require much of anything. In the first module, Moe Man learned a lot about himself and his temperament. This is a huge thing for him! As we move forward, he will do things like checking on food storage to exercising daily.

After the end of the module, there is a study guide to go over the main points in the module. This is a great way for the kids to study before the test. With the Study Guide Solutions from the book extras, Moe Man was able to go through and make sure he had the right answers to study from. I let him correct these on his own so that he could get the right information in his head before the test.

At the end of each module, there is a test to see what has been retained by the student. The questions are very similar to the study guide, so if your child actually studies the study guide, the test will be easy for them! I usually don’t like tests for Moe Man, he tends to get stressed out over them, but these are easy to do, and he has no issue.

What We Thought Of It

I have always loved Apologia in our house. They create great products, and they are based on God’s creation. When it comes to science, this is a huge factor for me and picking a curriculum.

Moe Man has not used an Apologia product before but has always admired when the younger kids get them. He is thrilled that he has had the chance to use one finally. He loves the way the lessons are broken down. The OYO questions are easy to answer, but yet they challenge him to think a little more.

The tests are easy enough for him to understand, being one who stresses over tests. He is actually doing very good at these tests.

I really appreciate that the topics covered are all the topics that are needed for a high school health class, yet I don’t need to worry about proofreading the lessons to make sure they align with our beliefs. This makes me happy that Moe Man can work independently without me making changes on particular topics.

If you are looking for a health and nutrition curriculum for your high school students that has a strong biblical foundation, Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition from Apologia is the curriculum that you want.

Right now, you have the opportunity to grab a free Whole Health Activity e-Book from Apologia. Included in this book is not only some fun activities and articles on health but also a sample chapter of Exploring Health and Nutrition to see how this wonderful curriculum would work in your house!

Health and Nutrition Basic Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Reviews}
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High School Diploma from Homeschool Diploma – A Homeschool Crew Review

Our primary goal as homeschoolers is to make sure our child is ready for graduation. I never thought in a million years that we would be homeschooling through the high school years, but someone else had bigger plans for us. Because of this, we had to start planning for Moe Man’s graduation, and Homeschool Diploma was there to help with our standard diploma issue that we were worried about!

What It Is

The standard diploma from Homeschool Diploma is just that, a high school diploma. We wanted something more for Moe Man, so we looked at the Personalized Diploma and we were not disappointed! Moe Man is my very shy child. He does not do anything extra if he doesn’t have to. Because of this, he asked that I not make him dress up in a cap and gown. Homeschool Diploma offers cap, gown, tassel, and diploma. They also have an 8th Grade Diploma option as well.

How We Used It

Dad and I sat down and went through all the options available to us for customizing Moe Man’s diploma. We wanted this to be meaningful and not just the same old thing that everyone else was getting.

The personalization started with what size diploma we wanted. There were three size options, but we went with the 6 x 8 size. We continued on and were taken on a step by step process to make this diploma the one we would be proud to hand over to Moe Man, and one that he would be proud to receive.

We were able to choose the wording we wanted for our diploma, and having the option to have our faith be a part of this diploma was wonderful! I just love looking at this and seeing Godly wisdom and faith in Jesus Christ on my son’s diploma!

What We Thought

Dad and I were very impressed when we received the diploma. It was mailed to us in a resealable bag that will keep it safe until we are ready to present it, as well as after it has been given to Moe Man. Everything that I had hoped for was given to us, and more. This diploma is of high quality and is very formal. I am very excited to officially present this to Moe Man next summer when he finishes up his last couple of courses.

Like I mentioned earlier, Moe Man is not big on huge events. He doesn’t like being the center of attention. We are not planning a large ceremony because of this. We will be planning a graduation party with our friends and family, and on that day, Dad and I will proudly hand over the signed diploma to our oldest son, and that will be the ceremony, just as Moe Man wants it!

We love our son’s high school diploma. It is all we could ask and hope for. The team at Homeschool Diploma made it easy to order, and the shipping was quick. I look forward to using them again as each one of our kids graduates high school. And I look forward to using the cap, gown, and tassel with at least one of children if they will let me!

Want to see some of the caps and gowns? Check out these other reviews from the crew:

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Teach Your Students how to Take Notes

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Taking notes is not fun. Trying to teach your child to take notes is even less fun. But taking notes is a very important skill to have through high school and college. On top of this, most homeschool students are independent learners. Which means they do their own learning instead of listening to a teacher all day. Therefore, they may lack the understanding of how to take notes from auditory sources.

I had the chance to work with Moe Man on Teach Your Students How to Take Notes from Writing with Sharon Watson. This 7-week course is simple and easy to use. This is an eBook and upon ordering it, you will have access almost immediately! During the 7-week course, your child will build their skills while starting with a simple paragraph all the way up to listening to an essay and documentary.

This is a very simple open and go curriculum. It is not a computer course for your kids, in fact your child will not even be taking notes on the computer, they will be using the old-fashioned pen and paper method. Sharon did her research and found that by having your child take notes by hand will help them focus on what is important and remember what they hear.

I printed the whole eBook right away upon receiving this. I find it easier to have the papers in my hands and take notes on them myself as I teach! Each week I was able to open to that week’s page and see what I needed to know right away. The first section of each week is the objectives for the week. Following this is the teacher preparation. These two sections allow me to spend the time I need to prepare for the actual teaching of the lesson.

After the teacher prep, we jumped into the actual learning. Each week we built upon what we learned the previous week. Some weeks we had two exercises, other weeks, we had one longer lesson. With each lesson we have a handout to give to the students to help them with taking notes. I would read a selection to Moe Man, he would spend time listening to me and take notes, using the handouts to help him, and we would finish up with questions and answers. By using these questions, I was able to see if Moe Man had taken notes on the right things and would be able to answer these questions.

This was a very simple course. I was shocked as to how simple it was. However, each week, I noticed Moe Man was getting more and more questions correct. Even with the passages becoming longer, and the notes more tedious on his part, he was still getting them right. This was proof that the simple things I was telling him and the simple handouts I was giving him was just the right amount to help him, not to mention avoiding the computer and using the pen and paper.

Are you worried about your child’s ability to work on taking notes while listening to someone speak? Do you want to give them another skill that will help them as they further their education? If you want that, you will want to check out Teach Your Students How to Take Notes for Writing with Sharon Watson! I am glad that we did!

What is even better? Sharon decided to put this eBook on SALE!! From now until November 17th you can get 20% off your order of Teach Your Child How to Take Noteswith the code TEACHNOTES20. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal!

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Sex by Design – A Homeschool Crew Review

Having “that conversation” with my kids has always been on the end of my list. First, I am not ready for them to be old enough to have this talk, and second I just don’t know what to say sometimes. Feeling this way, I was happy to see Sex by Design from Abby Ludvigson and know that I would have help for this important topic.

Sex by Design is not a sex education course. What it is, is a curriculum for both boys and girls that teaches God’s design for sex and how to live that in their daily life. With this curriculum we had physical Parent and Teen Editions of Sex by Design. We also received access to the videos online that go along with the books.

There are 7 topics that are covered in Sex by Design:

  1. Plan Ahead: Living Pure in a Sex-Saturated Culture
  2. Counting the Cost: Every Decision Has a Price Tag
  3. Dating: Doing Relationships God’s Way
  4. Sex: God’s Purpose and Plan
  5. Modesty: God Cares What I Wear
  6. Pornography: Its Deception & Steps to Get Out or Stay Out
  7. Secondary Virginity: Running Back to God

Each of these topics have 3 different levels to learning them. The first level is all about discussing what we have just learned after watching the video. This section also includes a film outline for the kids to fill in as they watch the video.

We spent time working on this section right after the video. I loved the Discuss it section. This allowed us to open doors to conversation. We didn’t do all of them, rather we picked the ones that we needed in our home. Abby includes a lot of extra resources that you can download on her website. She put little notes on the side of the pages of what resources to use.

The second level, The Bible: Your Sword in the Battle, This section is a Bible Study to help bring what you learned from the video, notes and discussions into your heart. We start off with Abby says, this gives the main point of the topic. After this, she follows with The Bible says, here is where we see the Bible verses that also relate to the topic. This shows the kids that God does have a plan and purpose.

The final level is the level where your child is going to take what they learn and make it their own. This level is based on The 1st Peter Principle. Here is where your child will prepare, rehearse and share what they have learned.

We have not completed this curriculum yet. But that is ok because Abby wants us to take this at our own pace. There is no schedule on how long to take for any of this. You go at the pace that works for you and your child. I took the time to watch all the videos before even introducing them to Moe Man. This slowed our start down, but boy did I love those videos.

Each video is filmed in front of a group of real kids. Abby speaks to them and us as real people. She has a great voice and is very serious, but fun at the same time. We are drawn to her as she talks. She makes us want to listen to her.

We spent time with the first video and the notes to go with it. After that, we spent a few days with the discussion questions. It was nice to space this out over the week. This allowed for continued thinking on the topic. After we had finished the first level, we did the second level, the Bible Study. I have Moe Man take his time with this, coming and going, reading and re-reading it over the next week. Finally, we spent the final week working on the third level. I really wanted Moe Man to focus on this part. I wanted to cement into him what he had just learned and how to use this in his day to day life.

As well as using the parent and student books, we took advantage of the extra resources that Abby made available to us. This helped us to dig deeper and apply it to everyday situations.

We really love this curriculum, even the teenage boy. He doesn’t feel embarrassed talking about what he is learning and it makes sense to him. Things that he used to wonder about are being answered in a gentle way using the Bible to guide us. Knowing that Abby was a 33-year-old virgin waiting for her husband, made it easier to relate to her. She knew the struggles, she had walked the walk while talking the talk.

If you have teens in your house, you should be doing this curriculum with them. It doesn’t matter if you homeschool or not, if you want your child to grow up knowing and practicing purity, this the curriculum to use!

Sex by Design {Abby Ludvigson Review}
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Science Week at

Science, it is one of my least favorite topics to teach. This is because it was one of my least favorite subjects in school. Being a homeschool mom, I don’t have the option to pick and choose what I do and don’t want to teach, but I can let them pick and choose what they want to learn with the Science courses available at!

With more than 30 science classes to choose from, your kids can find TONS of way to get into science! From All About Animals and Bug Science to Science Experiments and Wondrous Weather, we have science for all ages. Who knows? You might discover they want to try all the science classes. Don’t worry if they do—ONE membership to includes ALL of them!

These courses range from PreK all the way up to High School. Everyone in your house will be able to take a look at what they like and have fun learning science!

Small World Sensory Science is a great preschool science introduction. During these twelve topics you get to play with your kids while bringing new ideas and skills to them. Balloon rockets, wind chimes and bubbles all help you learn about wind. Other topics are Helping, Ocean, Garden, Pond Life and Construction to name a few.

Everyday Astronomy is a fun Elementary Science course. Here we get to learn about the Sun, the planets, including Mars and a quick introduction to the constellations. Each topic will take about 2-4 weeks to complete. Each topic comes with a lesson plan, which is a great way to keep me on track when it comes to teaching these lessons. We get to work on notebooking pages to keep track of all that we are learning as well as some yummy cooking and some arts and crafts to get your hands-on learning.

Are your middle schoolers ready for an introduction to Physics? Well, has just that for them! Over 18 weeks, your child will be introduced to things like the Scientific Method, Gravity, Acceleration, Newton’s Law and the magnetic field. All of these will be taught through a variety of simple reading and experiments. The experiments are easily done with some of the most common household supplies that you have. Let me tell you, I actually look forward to teaching this course to Ray Ray!

Now, High School…the all-important years for the diploma! Yes, there are science options for high school as well! I love the Friendly Chemistry course for Moe Man. While I would normally be scared to teach such a course, I think this would be a fun one for us to learn together. It is only 12 weeks and 0.5 credit, but all the experiment material is easy to obtain if you don’t already have it at home. This seems to be the continued theme here, science can be learned at home without a bunch of extra stuff! This is something that I love!

If you have more than one student at home and you haven’t looked at yet, why not?? Really? They have an awesome special that is still happening! Did you see this Fall Harvest Special? $10.95 a month to teach everyone in your house, including yourself? Is this really up for discussion? I sure hope you grab this deal before it is too late!

Have you checked out the Science Courses at What is the more intriguing one you have found?

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Our Top Five Favorite Courses from

One thing that I have fallen in love with when it comes to homeschooling is finding sites that have lessons for all my kids at one low price! I found that does just that for me!! And they don’t skimp on their courses!! I am excited to share my Top Five Courses from


Drive Thru History


Ok, do I really need to talk more about this? Have you not heard of Drive Thru History? This is the one course Moe Man begs for! This is the course that he would do 100 times and never get bored with it! Not only that, but we have access to both Drive Thru History: American History and Drive Thru History: Ancient History. I am able to easily allow Moe Man to find the videos that match what he is currently studying in his history class and watching the video to help supplement it! Plus, I may have caught him a time or two watching these for pure enjoyment and not for a lesson!


World Book



This has been a well-loved addition to! I love being able to have this resource on hand when the kids need it. Not only that, but they are able to use it as their lesson, not just as a resource. Being able to access this has helped everyone in the house, even mom!


Writing on This Day in History



This is a great way to add some writing into your history lessons. There are 4-5 different writing prompts for each day, that are broken down by 7-day periods. Each of those prompts covers a different time period and gives your child just enough to get them interested. This is a great way to learn history and work on writing at the same time!


Preschool Playground


There are so many subtopics in this area…Arts and Crafts, Language, Motor Skills, Social Skills, and Math Skills. There are so many things that are there for preschool, that you don’t need to look anywhere else! Knowing that I can give Baby Girl some school as well as Moe Man from the same site, makes it something that I love!


Family Fitness


I love finding things that we can do as a family. This is one of them! I want to make sure that we keep ourselves active, and I have found I need more motivation in this area lately. This course is led by Bethany Learn from Fit2Be Studio. This is a site I have fallen in love with. There are 3 Modules with 4 Lessons each, which gives you a great foundation to build you fitness off of!

I love using with our whole family! Not only do you have access to hundreds of lessons, but you also get access to the planners! This is a whole other post, but they are something that you want!

Right now, has a special happening, The Harvest Special. What do you need to know? You have until October 31 to take advantage of this special. There are two special sales happening. The first one is if you are looking for PreK-8. You can get a Limited Membership for $9.95/month (reg. $14.95) just by using the code: CORNCOB. Are you looking for more? The PreK-12 Unlimited Membership is available for $10.95/month (reg. $19/95) by using the code SCARECROW. Hurry and get these deals before they end October 31, 2017.

These are just 5 of my favorite courses. There are 340 courses available with about 70 more in the works as you read this! If you have children in multiple grades, you will want to check this out! One low price for all the grades, sounds like a lot of savings if you ask me!

What is your favorite course on

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