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Homeschool Legacy Once-A-Week Unit Study ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a once a week unit study? We recently reviewed a history unit study from Homeschool Legacy called Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution.

Homeschool Legacy’s Once-a-Week Unit Studies are a wonderful way to work together in all subjects on one basic topic. This way of learning is something I have always wanted to try with Moe Man and see how well he would do.

american revolution unit study

With the Once-a-Week Unit Study, you have simple daily activities, which is mainly reading, and your Once-a-Week activities which would take the whole day and cover almost every subject you need to cover for the day.

At the beginning of every week in the study, there is a list of Library/Video Choices for the week. You are also told about the focus of the week. Within the list of library book choices, you are told which books are the most important, which ones carry along the main focus of the week.

Homeschool Legacy Review

Once you have found your book choice for the week, and grabbed your family read aloud of the week, you are able to get started. Daily activities include reading those books and keeping up with your regular studies.

Once a week…Wednesday is the suggested day, you will work on the Unit Study for the day. You will still do the reading for the day, but you will add in the family devotional and other activities focused on the unit study.

The family devotional helps to tie the history of the United States into the bible. You talk a little about what you are focusing on for the week and read a bible verse that goes along with it. Week 3 we learned about the firebrands and then read Galatians 5:1 about freedom.

Other activities for the once a week range, but usually include everything from history, language, research of some type and arts. All these subjects focus on the topic of the week and help the children to learn more about that topic.

Homeschool Legacy Review

These subjects have your children doing research, some online or in encyclopedias. There are many different things you can do, and they are easy enough to adapt to your child’s learning skill level. Every once in a while you will come across a student work page (worksheet) for your child to fill out, but most things are done online and on notepaper.

Fridays you will do your 3 R’s including the daily reading, but you will also go on a field trip, if it is available for you and/or have a family movie/game night that goes along with the focus of the week. There are Netflix/movie choices that let you know which movie would go good or if there is a game, you would find it listed in the lesson.

This Homeschool Legacy Unit, along with many to most of the others, are Boy Scout and American Heritage Girl friendly and can help your children to earn different badges.

We printed our unit study out so that I could take notes on it. This is a no-prep study, one of my favorite types of studies! I really loved the set up and layout of the unit study, but found that this does not chive well with Moe Man’s learning. He loves to read, but free reading only. When needing to learn something from reading, or making a deadline with the reading, he freezes. This unit study focuses a lot on reading and while I helped him out through this review period, he was not happy.

Now, my final decision on this…if Moe Man loved reading a little more, this would have been a hit. He loved the research part of this unit study, and loved the movies. I loved the whole thing and would love to try this again with Ray Ray when he gets a little older.

Homeschool Legacy has many different unit studies, and many other homeschool families had the chance to review other ones. Head over here and find out how much they enjoyed their unit studies.

Homeschool Legacy Review

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In Freedom’s Cause ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Heirloom Audio Productions ~ In Freedom's Cause Review

I didn’t know if they could do it, but they did! Heirloom Audio Productions has created another wonderful audio drama that captures everyone’s attention from before the first words are spoken all the way to the end with the last word. This time, we are taken back into time for the Real Story of Wallace and Bruce in the story In Freedom’s Cause.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~ In Freedom's Cause Review

We were delighted when we received our In Freedom’s Cause Single Package, which came with the physical CD, In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide (Digital Download), MP3 download of In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack and the Printable copy of The Prayer of William Wallace (Digital Download). This package is available for $29.97.

Upon receiving the physical CD, the boys were thrilled, so was I! We used this as two different things this time. We had some car traveling to do, and used this to listen to while we were driving. This was a great way to keep the read alouds going, even when mommy couldn’t do the reading. After getting home, we decided that we would use it again as a read aloud and take full advantage of the study guide, thus counting it as our history and literature classes as well!

The study guide that comes as a digital download is wonderful! This one study guide was enough to help us understand so much more of the story, instead of just a story. I was able to have Moe Man look up the defining words in each section. This helped us all to understand the story that much more. We were able to go over the Listening Well questions together as a family, while Moe Man took the Thinking Further questions and did his research on those. He not only learned more about the history, but I was able to have him work on his writing and researching skills. This new knowledge helped him to enjoy the story that much more.

We love to listen to history. It is a thing for our family. But to listen to history in this way, I can’t explain how happy everyone was! Heirloom Audio Productions have a way to take an ordinary story and bring it to life in your mind. There is no need for a TV when you can pop in one of their CDs and listen to an audio drama like this. When my kids find something quiet without arguing and sit down to listen, and actually argue when I try to stop the CD for a while so we can work on something else, that is when you know this is a great product.

We loved listening to the story of Ned and his adventure for Scotland’s freedom with William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce. We loved listening to the adventure and being able to visualize everything that was happening thanks to the great sound effects and the reading/acting on the part of the characters. I honestly don’t think that a movie of this audio drama would even do it justice. We were excited to have the chance to listen to this, and we were not disappointed in the least bit! Now daddy gets to take the CDs with him on his next over the road trip. He is just as excited as we were, and I know he won’t be disappointed either!

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In Freedom's Cause Review



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With Lee in Virginia ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Living history books are a household favorite in this house. But to have it in audio form…that is even better! Jim Hodges Productions has some wonderful audio books, and we got the chance to listen to With Lee in Virginia.

With Lee in Virginia - Schoolhouse Crew Review

What It Is

With Lee in Virginia is the story written by G.A. Henty. This audio book is that same story, but read aloud and recorded onto an MP3 CD. An MP3 CD will play on any computer CD drive, DVD player or MP3 Compatible CD Player. They will not play on the standard CD player. The bonus to an MP3 CD, you are able to download the audio files to your iPod!

With Lee in Virginia has 11 hours and 20 minutes of listening time. We get to follow along with Vincent Wingfield, who is our hero in this story. But we also get to meet and learn about Robert E. Lee and his officers during the Civil War. We are taken to battles and need to find the courage to get through those.

To go along with this MP3 CD, Jim Hodges Productions also offers Study Guides. These go along with each chapter to help your child focus on the story or to help them remember what they heard.

How We Used This

Since Moe Man is a visual learner, we not only listened to this MP3 CD, but followed along in the book. We used the Study Guide that goes along with the story. We listened to a chapter a day for our history lessons, and did the corresponding study guide pages following or during the listening. After every 5 chapters we would work on a review. This was perfect for Moe Man. I loved that I didn’t have to read to him, or wondering if he was really reading. Plus I got to listen along with him while working on other things…because I am that multi-tasking mom!

With each chapter reading lasting about 30-40 minutes, this was a great way for Moe Man to settle down after our lunch and outside time. It was a way for me to get order back into our day, while still having someone actively learning. Since this was an MP3 CD, we used the media player on my computer to allow us to listen to this and had no problems at all with it.

With Lee in Virginia - Schoolhouse Crew Review

What We Thought of This

We love living history books, and it was no different with this one. We have not reached this point in history yet, but I knew that our family loved items like this and stories like this, and I wasn’t wrong. Moe Man loved being able to sit down and listen to a story instead of writing papers. I loved having a simple study guide to know that he was actually following along. Some of the chapters did get long, and we would have to split them up throughout the afternoon. We made it work for us. I think this has a lot to do with Moe Man’s ADHD versus the actual listening to the chapter. I noticed that if he had busy hands, he would be able to listen better. We all really did enjoy spending some time listening to the story and learning of the war and Robert E. Lee as well as the battles during the war.

The MP3 CD is selling for $25 and the digital download is $18. If you wanted the study guide to go along with this, these sell for $12. We loved this story and are interested in all the other stories now! I am heading over to check out the other reviews, and would love to have you join me in doing so!

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Under Drake’s Flag Audio Drama ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


History is brought to life for your kids when you listen to the story of Ned Hawkshaw in the audio drama of Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions.

What It Is

Under Drake’s Flag is a 2 CD disk set that has over 2 hours of non-stop adventure for your kids to listen to. There is also a study guide included to go along with the CDs. There are listening well questions, thinking further questions and defining words. This simple little guide is just what you need to help drive home what you are listening to.

This is not a full history curriculum, it is just a supplement to go along with what you are learning. This is a fun way to add adventure without mom or dad needing to read out loud all the time. Not only do you get to hear adventure, but add in some courage, determination, virtue and character and you have a lot you can talk about after your done listening!

How We Used This

I used this in two different ways at two different times. First of all, we were busy with finishing up some history timelines and art projects. I wanted “noise” while we were doing this, but didn’t want the TV on, so I put this in the CD player. I did not prep the kids, I didn’t tell them what it was, I didn’t make them sit and listen. But within 5 minutes I had all their attentions and they were paying a lot of attention to the story while working. It was a very quiet house during that time and I got yelled at when I turned it off when we moved on to the next subjects. I can say, they were very happy to have the chance to finish listening to the story later in the day!

The second time I used this CD, I had the kids sitting down and told them we were going to listen to it. Each of the kids had something to color or draw so they could keep their hands busy while they listened.

As each section went by, we would pause the CD and talk about what we had just heard. We would go over the listening well questions to see what they could remember and I had Moe Man looking up the defining words and explain them to us. This not only allowed all of us to understand the words, but Moe Man learned how to search the words and had to speak out loud for us to hear him clearly.

The second listening of the story lasted for just shy of a week. We broke it down into different days (since we were answering questions and looking up words). Since we had already heard the story, it was easier for us to dig deeper into it.

How We Felt About It

The kids loved this story! Little Miss wasn’t too thrilled, but it is recommended for ages 6 to adult, so I understand that on her part. The boys, couldn’t get enough of it! They enjoyed it from the first time I put it in the player. Ray Ray kept asking me if this stuff really happened. I had to tell him probably, but we don’t know what people really said, so this is our best guess. He loved it the most, and being my adventure child, I see why.

This story hits the mark on an attention grabbing story with all the effects of a TV show without the screen. You have the people, the sound effects, and every little detail. It is very well done and prepared. You can tell their goal was to capture the child, or adult, and show them that their minds can make the picture instead of having to stare at a screen to get the picture. I love having the option of having stories without a screen for the kids, and have found some stories that are interesting…but nothing with the quality of an actual TV show that makes my kids stop and listen. Well, now we have! And I can’t wait for Heirloom Audio Productions to come out with their next adventure!

For the price of $29.95 for the two CDs and small study guide, I think this is a good price. You get an actual product, and don’t have to download or burn it yourself. Add in the fact of the quality of the story, I can’t find anything wrong with what they are asking. It is worth every penny!

Make sure to stop by and see what these other families thought of this super fun adventure!

Under Drake's Flag Reviews
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Dave Raymond’s American History ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Roman Roads


Do you have a history loving child? How about a visual learner? Do you need a history course for high school? If you answered yes to any of these than you need to check out Dave Raymond’s American History by Roman Roads Media.

What Is It

Dave Raymond’s American History is a set of 8 DVDs with 26 Lessons, a Student Reader, and Teacher’s Guide. With the full American History set, you have a full 1 High School History Credit and nothing more is needed to complete a full year of American History with a Christian Worldview added in.

The Student Reader and Teacher’s Guide can be printed in PDF format, or viewed digitally via mobi and ePub formats. The DVDs work on my media player on the computer or in our BluRay/DVD player with no problems on either one.

Although no other major supplies are needed for the curriculum itself, you do have a portfolio project where you will want to invest in a three ring binder with page protectors or a sketch book with durable pages. And your art supplies as well. There are other projects and assignments throughout the course as well that will have you use the internet or your library for research.

How Did We Use American History

Dave Raymond has taken a subject and brought it to life for my son. Each of the 26 lessons is split into 5 sub-sections, making each lesson last about a week. The daily lectures average about 10 minutes per day.

We would sit down and read the Student Reader to start the lesson off. We would then have an idea of what we would be learning and know what to look for to answer the question asked in the student reader. I would help Moe Man take notes during the lecture and then we would go over the question to make sure he understood the main concept. After taking notes we would either take our favorite part of the lesson or the question (depending on how in depth it was) and make a notebooking page to add into our yearly portfolio.

Right now, we are in the middle of our fun map project. So after finishing the lecture and notebooking page, we will add a little more to our map. Although we are notebooking, you are able to decide whatever you want to do for your portfolio page. If your child likes notes, go for it. If they love to draw, let them draw. The portfolio is their way of sharing and remembering what they are learning.

Since Dave Raymond’s American History is for grades 6 all the way up to high school, I am picking and choosing some of the questions and projects that seem too intense for Moe Man at this time and skipping them. We have not missed out on anything from doing this, and Moe Man still loves the program.


Our Opinion

We have found our American History Course for the year! And I have a feeling we will reuse it again when Moe Man is older and do some of the items we are skipping this time around. When I asked Moe Man what he like about the program he said all of it. He loves having the video lectures to help him understand the reading, and he loves that there are projects to work on while doing the lessons. I love that everything is planned out for me. I will add some things and omit some, but that is homeschooling at its finest. I haven’t actually taken anything out yet, but I know there may be something…

Moe Man did not like the weekly tests or questions. But he doesn’t like tests or questions period. I did notice some were too advanced for him, but we tried our best and worked on them together. Other than that, we didn’t find anything to complain about.

For a full year of High School American History, the price of $75 per semester ($150 for the full year) seems kinda steep. However, after a week using the program, I would change my mind and say it is worth it. You have someone who is taking their time to record the lectures for your kids and actually speak to them in the lectures. Than you add in the fact that you have the lessons and projects planned out for you and you have the teacher guide and student reader…the price is truly worth it!

Please share the love with Roman Roads Media by stopping by their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. Tell them I sent you!

Roman Roads Media not only sells Dave Raymond’s American History, they sell many other quality products as well. Stop by these other reviews and see what they are!

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