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A Visit to the Zoo



We took a family mini-trip over the weekend. We went to the zoo! Some days it feels like I live in the zoo, but this was so much more fun! Little Miss is fascinated with "monkeys" (and she even climbs like one at 2 years old!), so it was nice to see the new gorilla forest they had. She couldn't get enough of them, even with the crowd they had. And it was cute to see the baby curled up with his (or her) blankie in this picture. The kids were able to get up close to see him (or her).



Ray Ray got to see his favorite animal too, the buffalo (bison)! He was so happy to be able to get right up to the fence and watch them eat the grass. You can tell the weather is finally getting warmer here, as the bison were starting to shed their winter coats. They didn't look "pretty", but to a 4 year old, they were perfect!! And yes, we spent a lot of time at this exhibit!!




Big Kid enjoyed himself, but the pictures of him are far and few between…he just doesn't want his picture taken. He must be getting older, although I am not quite ready for that!


It was a fun filled day and we enjoyed it! I was glad to be able to spend some time with Daddy before he had to go back to work, and the kids enjoyed it also!!

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Time4Writing Midcourse Review


I can't believe we are at the four week mark in our Time4Writing experience! Big Kid is enjoying to a degree…but he is a struggling writer and I am making him do this over the summer vacation, so I can see where that is coming from.


I sat down with Big Kid and we talked about what we did and didn't like about this program. Here is what we have come up with so far.


  • The set up is easy to understand. Once we watched the introduction video, we both knew what we needed to do to check everything out.
  • The assignment directions are just as easy to understand.
  • Even thought the directions are easy, the assignments themselves are challenging to the right degree. They are not too hard, and not super easy either.
  • The teacher was very friendly and helped Big Kid when he would turn in assignments without me knowing.
  • The emails are sent to my inbox, so I am able to keep an eye on when he should be moving on to the next section or if he needs more practice.
  • The lessons don't take too much time. I really appreciate this since we signed up for our course over the summer months. It doesn't take Big Kid that long at all if he actually focuses on it and if I have him do it before he gets involved in something else for the day.


  • To log out, Big Kid is constantly searching for the button. I have to keep reminding him where it is because it is too small and doesn't really stand out.
  • The price for this program is $99 for an eight week course. This isn't really an outrageous price, but for those on a tight budget, this is a price that is hard to find room for sometimes.


As you can tell, at this point in our course both Big Kid and I really have more pros than cons when it comes to this program. I am looking forward to see how the second half of this course works for us! I will let you know how we do when we finish. Keep an eye out for my post in about 4 weeks!





Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this 8-week course from for free in return for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Weekly Wrap Up



Another week gone by. Where did it go? I really don't know some days! This week was the first week of summer vacation for the public school kids. For my kids that meant they had company this week. For mommy that meant getting up 2 hours earlier than I have in the last six months!



We all had a wonderful time on Monday since that was the first day our friends were here. We did some reading and Big Kid continued his reading catch-up so we are ready to go in the fall on our new curriculum.



This is when our rainy weather started…we didn't have a spring this year, but I think maybe it is now here! If it hasn't been raining it has been cloudy and cold! This has made it a little difficult for the kids to wear off their energy, so we are finding new things to do. I didn't realize how much paper and markers could offer when presented at time of boredom!!




We decided it would be fun to learn a little about Bald Eagles today. It was fun to do a little something "school wise", but still have fun doing it! We had some pages printed up from and I found a few websites that showed us pictures, facts and even the sound of an eagle. We have a "few" statues around the house, so it was easy for us to find something to copy the colors with.

Big Kid RayRay


Another day, and more rain…at this point the kids were ready to hurt someone! This is the point where arguments happen on a regular basis. And for some reason they were between siblings and not amongst everyone…except for one 🙂



Now today we are hoping for some relief! It is not raining, so even with these dreadful clouds I am going to be ready to go and run in the backyard for a while after lunch. I just hope it's not too muddy. Big Kid has his weekly job of cutting grandma's yard. This is another thing that has been put off due to the fact that it has been just plain too wet! We plan to go there this afternoon and get that done. We are also expecting daddy to come home for the weekend! It will be so fun and hopefully the weather will cooperate so that we can get out and do something together! Mommy and daddy have a few ideas that the kids don't know about, just have to see what happens weather wise first!


I hope that you all have had a fun filled week! I look forward to another week ahead and have been thankful for the week I have had!



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Cloudy Days


photo credit: DeaPeaJay via photopin cc



So, it is Tuesday…it is cloudy and ready to rain. We just had a rainy weekend and I have kids who are going to want to play outside, but this is the day we have, so I am thankful!


We are in our first week of "summer vacation". I think that is more for the kids than for mommy. I still have the same things to do, and more with plans for next years homeschool schedule. I honestly think I have everything I need to actually plan it all out! Now just to do it!


We have some fun planned for the summer of course. I have two extra kids every other week to start. My three love these two and it is a special treat for them to have their friends here to play with. We plan to do some basic school over the summer months, with lots of reading involved…who doesn't love to read? And we do have our family vacation planned. It will be so fun to go and relax together! We also have our flat travelers here for a little while. We are having fun showing them what we do and where we live!


Today I look forward to some good, old fashioned cleaning! Since it will be unlikely that we are able to actually get outside, I am going to clean while the kids play. I really want to have my utility room clean so that I can store more and have less clutter else-where in the house! Also, tonight at 9/8C is the Philosophy Adventure twitter party (#PhilosophyAdventure). Since I have been part of the launch team, I am going to try my hand at participating in my first "twitter party". I hope that I have fun…I know reading this program has already been fun! I hope you will join me there and we can learn together!!


Now, I am off…time to wake the kids up and have a fun day!!





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Another Week Gone By


In my life this week… Little Miss turned 2 this week!! She is my “baby” and I am just not ready for her to be so big yet.



(I know, her hair is messy. She just woke up and had to open presents)

In our homeschool this week… This week, Big Kid started using Time4Writing and is loving hearing back from a “teacher” and not just from mom! I will be doing a mid-course review in a couple more weeks so pay attention.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… We are going to hit up some city wide garage sales this weekend. I am hoping to find some good deals on clothes and extras for school. Than we are having everyone over here for Little Miss’ birthday party. It will warm and rainy that day…hopefully the house will be clean enough for the company 🙂

My favorite thing this week was… Being outside in my garden. I loved getting out there and just making it look “pretty” again!

My kiddos favorite thing this week was… Playing outside!! As kids, who could ask for more 🙂

Things I’m working on… I am working on planning out our summer school schedule and next years schedule. What a fun week for mom, but it is worth it!

I’m grateful for… The health of my children.

I’m praying for… All the children in the world who are not healthy. I don’t want to think about what other parents have to go through, and I know they all need some prayers, whoever and where ever they are!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…Birthday kisses from her brothers!

Birthday Kiss Birthday Kiss 2









I hope you all have a great week!!