All About Reading – A Timberdoodle Review

I am on my last child who needs to learn how to read. I have already learned that there are many ways to teach this, but this time I am trying All About Reading Level 1 with Baby Girl.

~ I received a copy of this from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review and I was not compensated in any other way. ~

What Is It

All About Reading Level 1 is part of the Kindergarten Curriculum Kit from Timberdoodle. I received a Teacher’s Manual, Student Pack with Activity Book, three readers, Reader Divider Cards and Reading Review Box, Letter Tiles, Magnets, and Tote Bag.

With a little bit of prep work at the beginning, there is little need to prep at the beginning of each lesson. Each lesson in the teacher’s manual starts with a section just for you. This will tell you the objective of the lesson, what you need, and what you need to know before you begin.

At the start of each lesson, you will start with a review of the previous lessons. This review allows your child to keep on track and allows you to see where they need to keep practicing.

After that, you move on to the new teaching. The teacher’s manual takes you step-by-step on how to do the new teaching. You are not alone on this. Not only that, but you will use multiple ways to teach, as this is a multi-sensory curriculum.

How We Used It

I spent my first day reading the beginning of the teacher’s manual and applying the letter tiles to the magnets. I also took the letter cards and word cards and separated them by lesson. This had me ready to open and go for each lesson.

I would sit down with Baby Girl and we would start going through the lesson. While the lessons are short, we would take our time with them, sometimes taking 2 or 3 days to complete the lesson. Even with spreading the lesson out, we would still do the review for that lesson each time.

Baby Girl has a short attention span, so even though the lessons are already short, sometimes it just needed to be shortened even more. Since we didn’t have a magnetic board to use our tiles on, we took those tiles to the fridge. I think this was the best part for Baby Girl!

This was our “reading class” for at least 3 days out of the week. That was the least amount of time we would spend on it, with 4 or 5 being the normal. But, as I mentioned, sometimes we would spread the lesson out. It was fun to have a lot of ways to practice the reading, from word cards, worksheets with different activities and books that the children will be reading within the first three lessons! When teaching to read, reading a book is a huge incentive!

What We Thought Of It

We love this program. I wish I would have tried this with Ray Ray and Little Miss! One thing I did learn was that each child will learn to read at their own pace. So, while going into this with the intention of teaching Baby Girl to read, I also knew that I had to go at her pace.

With this in mind, this is why we split our lessons. When Baby Girl was not feeling it, we would take a break. This is also why would re-do the reviews at the beginning of the lessons. While I wanted to follow her lead, I didn’t want her to forget what we were learning.

Baby Girl was excited to get started. This was just what I wanted. She loved the letter tiles on the fridge and would do the sounding out of those letters for hours. In fact, I found this to be a great way to do our reviews. The other thing she really liked was the splat pencil. Sometimes instead of having her read the words, I would say them and have her “splat” them.

Overall, we are impressed with this curriculum. While we are taking longer to use it, we are still getting the full benefit of it. We are not skipping a step and redoing some as we go. Baby Girl loves doing this and knows that when it is too much, we stop. I feel this is why she still loves it.

If you have a child who is ready to start learning to read this is the curriculum you will want to have.


Bugzzle Puzzle Review

Bugzzle Puzzle

Playing games is my favorite way to teach kids. They don’t know that they are learning, and they are having fun. This was just the case when we got the Bugzzle game from the TimberDoodle Kindergarten Curriculum Kit to review.

Bugzzle Puzzle

What Is It

Bugzzle is a pattern-matching puzzle bug. In the middle of this bug is a circle broken down into layers. These layers have different pieces and colors to the pieces that go together to make the circle complete. By playing with this puzzle your children can strengthen their visual-spatial thinking, problem-solving, and it is a great way to introduce your children to fractions.

The recommended age for this game is 3-8 years old. I had my 4, 8, and 11-year olds all playing with this game. They made their own games up and even started competitions among each other. This goes to show that just because there is a recommended age, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to that!


How We Used It

The first day I got this, we had a long and busy day. I didn’t want to worry about school, so I opened the box and let Baby Girl play. She got the hang of following the pattern cards in under 5 minutes.  She loved that they started off easy and was asking for harder. It was fun to see her trying to figure out the brainteaser and see her connecting dots on how to make it work.

Little Miss was next to give it a try. She really enjoyed making the pattern and flipping it over to see the reverse pattern. Ray Ray was next in line. He took a minute, being the oldest, but he likes to overthink everything.

Ray Ray and Little Miss had a time when they would spread all the pattern cards out on the table and pick one blindfolded. They would try to master the pattern and the others would see if they got it right. This made it a fun and competitive way to learn.

Bugzzle Puzzle

What We Thought Of It

All the kids give this puzzle a double thumbs up. They love that it is a simple game they can play together or alone. It is also one that they can do without mom, even Baby Girl. I love that it is a game that teaches math skills in a fun way.

Bugzzle is a game that has been out of the box almost as much as it has been in the box since it got into our house. This is a game that will be used over and over again.


If you want a game that is fun and teaches at the same time, Bugzzle from TimberDoodle is what you are looking for!

Learning to Study with Victus Study Skills System – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning how to study is an important skill for children to have, but just how do you help them learn how to study? We had the chance to get our hands on the Vitcus Study Skills System. After spending some time in the various books, all three of the older kids have learned more about the best way for them to study.

The first time we used this program, there was only one level. That level is the current Level 3. We loved using this and I was excited to see that they had added new levels to their already wonderful program. There are now 4 levels, from Level 1 (K-2/3) up to Level 4 (10/11 – college).

Moe Man was the one who had used Level 3 before. This is geared towards the middle school ages (5th – 10th-grade levels). One of the new levels is the college level (Level 4). I had Moe Man use this one this time. While he is not certain about what he is going to do after high school, this gave him good skills to have. I really liked that this book talks about the skills you need in college that are different from high school. The appendix is filled with a lot of great resources to enforce the lessons and really made Moe Man think more on the college level.

Another fun level is Level 2 (Grades 2/3 – 4/5). I picked Ray Ray to work on this one. He really loved learning about his learning styles. This was something that we had not talked about before. The same day that we started using this, Ray Ray was busy putting it to the test with his other work. We found less stress and more enjoyment out of school! I knew how to present things to him, and he knew how to do them for himself as well.

My biggest excitement came with Level 1 (Grades K- 2/3). This is the smallest book of them all, but it was just the right information for the younger ages! Little Miss was thrilled to be working on these short lessons, and while they are shorter than the other books, she grasped a lot of what they were getting across.

All of the books, except Level 1 have 10 simple lessons to go through. Level 1 only has 6 lessons, but it is for a younger crowd, so this makes sense. It is recommended to do to the 10 lessons over 5 days. We decided for Ray Ray and Moe Man to do one lesson a day for 10 days. This meant, instead of one hour a day, we would spend about 30 minutes a day working on this, which matched our current school style of short lessons.

There is a teacher book that you can get that goes for all the lessons, Level 1 and 2 come with a supplement to the teacher book that helps you tailor the lessons to the age of the child. Ray Ray loved being able to play games that brought the lesson to life for him.

But, back to Little Miss and the fun new Level 1 books! At the younger age, you are not really focusing a lot on actually studying versus getting the idea of studying. These 6 lessons are a little different from the rest. They are only about a page long. The pages do not have distractions on them, and they are straight to the point. There is more teaching to talk about and the short page to enforce what you tell them. These lessons talk about how they study, how they learn best, goals (the longest lesson, but the most important in my opinion), time management, skills on reading, and listening.

I loved that the goals lesson is the longest. Teaching younger children what goals are and how to achieve them will set them up for greater success in the future. They are taught about goals, by examples of things in their everyday life, not just school. After learning about goals in life, they are brought back to school and making goals for their classes.

I really enjoy the Victus Study Skills System. I was happy with it in the past and am thrilled with the new additions!

I am not the only one who used this program, click below to check out what the other reviewers thought of this!

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Starfall Education Foundation – A Homeschool Crew Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Sometimes you need a break from your homeschool lessons. Just sometimes you need to have fun But what if you could make learning fun and trick your child into doing extra lessons? That is what happened when we were given a one-year subscription to The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation.

Starfall has been a part of my homeschool since the first day that I started homeschooling. Then, it was only Ray Ray using it. Now, Ray Ray still loves to use it as well as Little Miss and even Baby Girl. Starfall has become our go to when the day gets to be too long, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What Is It

Starfall is an online product. You need to have internet access to use this program. This program covers many things from reading to math and ranges from Pre-K to 1st and even 2nd grade. There are also apps that you can download to bring the fun of learning with you on the go.

Starfall’s website is full of everything that you can imagine. They take the learning to a fun level that allows the kids to play games, watch videos or read books while learning reading and math. This is great for the beginning learners as well as those days when you just need something to do that isn’t the same thing.

Now, one thing that I haven’t noticed before, but just recently found was the Parent/Teacher Center. This section of Starfall is FULL of extras to help you as the parent and teacher to take the learning that you have been doing on the computer, off the computer. There are guides for you to see what your child can learn in each section, what apps help teach certain things, and what some of the extra resources are that you can purchase.

Not only does this section give you the guides, but it gives you printables! Yes, printables. These range from practicing your alphabet, printable books to read, journal writing, and even grammar worksheets. And that is just the ELA downloads. Math is not as much, but there are still some great worksheets to help practice what the kids are learning.

How We Used It

This is one of those programs that I let the kids go wild on. I don’t have to worry about links to outside sources, and even to get into the Parent section, you have to be able to answer a question. This means that when they are on this website, they are safe and learning. Yes, they could click in the address bar and go somewhere else, but this is very uncommon with my crew.

Playing their favorite symmetry game.

When it is time to get ready for school, or if I have to help the bigger kids with something, Little Miss will be able to go to Starfall and play around. I say it this way because she really doesn’t think of this as school. She feels that I am letting her have some extra game time.

As Little Miss progressed through her “play,” I would look at the different printable downloads and see which she was ready for. She is a reluctant reader like her brother was at her age. But as I watched her figuring out words and sounds, I loved being able to print books that matched her reading level, and these books went along with what she was learning on Starfall.

I did not set up a do this or do that schedule for her on this site. I figured the more fun it was, the more she would use it without arguing me. This meant that she was learning and having fun at the same time, and she wasn’t arguing with me over getting some lessons done. I did have to remind her that she couldn’t just sit there and customize her character the entire time, but she had no issue with moving on from there.

What We Thought of It

We have loved Starfall Education Foundation for the last five years. We have paid for this yearly subscription and have never thought twice. There is a lot of great activities that keep the kids interested. There is no need to worry about your child’s interest. They will love it! There is something for everyone within this program. They can work online, or they can take the download printables that are offered and do more offline. This is something that I love about Starfall, you can do online and proceed to take it offline when your child has had enough screen time.

I have never had an argument about using this program. From Ray Ray when he was at this stage, to Baby Girl as she is getting into it, all three of my little ones love to get on Starfall and play. I will let them do this because I know that when they are having fun, they are also learning1 This is a program that we will use for many years to come. It will always be a part of the first years of homeschooling for them.

There are 60 reviews total for this program. Check out all the other reviews right here:

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Reading Eggs – A Homeschool Crew Review

One of the important things to teach our kids is how to read. Sometimes they don’t want to, other times they just need some motivation to help them out. We have fallen in love with Reading Eggs and the fun online learning and activates that we have found there!

Reading Eggs is an online program that keeps your kids interested in learning to read by engaging them with games, songs and rewards. These help to motivate the children to keep going. This is set up like a game, and earning eggs or cards (in Reading Eggspress) makes your kids push through and learn.

There are three different levels in Reading Eggs. You start off with Reading Eggs Junior. This is great for the new learners from 2-4 years old. This helps build their pre-reading skills and in a fun way. Reading Eggs is for 4-7 years old and starts lessons on a self-paced mode. Once your child has mastered reading, they move on to Reading Eggspress for 7-13 years old. This section takes the reading and looks at the meaning.

For this review, Little Miss used Reading Eggs to get her reading and Ray Ray used Reading Eggspress to help build his reading skills further. We used this as our language arts curriculum for 3-4 days out of the week.

Each of the lessons is self-paced. The kids are able to log in under their own user name and go when they want to. The first thing they did was a placement test to see where they should be in the program. Both children skipped many lessons, and were placed in the area that was challenging, yet they were able to do.

Each self-paced lesson consisted of numerous different activities. These ranged from games, reading and learning. Ray Ray being in the older section of this also had quizzes as a part of his lessons. These quizzes were really comprehension of what he had just read, but in his mind, they were quizzes!

Little Miss is just like her big brother, as in, she doesn’t want to learn to read. She fights me. I don’t really worry about it, knowing they will learn when they want, but when I logged her in on our Free 4 Week Trial, she wouldn’t stop! She wanted to keep going, keep learning! I wasn’t going to stop her!

After a week of using Reading Eggs, I noticed her picking up on reading. She paid more attention to the sounds of the words we were speaking to her and she was begging me to do her school! She wanted to learn to read! For once, she wanted to learn how to read! I just stood back and watched. Something was clicking for her and I loved watching that happen!

After two weeks, TWO weeks, she was reading sentences, and simple books! This girl went from not having an interest in reading to wanting to read and loving it! Why? Because she played a fun game on the computer and finished the “level”. Because that level lead to the next and she wanted to see what she could earn next, so she did the next lesson.

There is something new on Reading Eggs as well! A Homeschool Guide. This guide is for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. Each guide contains 36 weeks of lessons mapped out with Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Some of the lessons are online lessons using Reading Eggs, or Math Seeds, but others are reading the books in the Reading Eggs Library. This is a general topic, and you can build off it however you would like.

With quick learning, and simple sight words, reading a sentence starts early. This is enough motivation to keep your child interested in what they are doing. Little Miss loved that she could read so quickly and this was exciting for her. She wouldn’t stop! I didn’t make her! If you have a child who is struggling to read, or one who fights your current lessons, you need to give Reading Eggs a try! Don’t forget, you are able to use this 14 day FREE trial to see before you make a decision.

Reading Eggs
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Apples to Zebras: An ABC Program for Preschool to Kindergarten – A Review

Baby Girl loves to learn, and she loves to do school with her older siblings. While it is fun to give her copies of what they are learning about, sometimes she needs her own lessons and her own “school”. We have had so much fun with From Apples to Zebras: An ABC Workbook for Preschool to Kindergarten from Annette Breedlove at In All You Do Breed-Love.

While Baby Girl is younger than preschool, I found that From Apples to Zebras is a great way to build her learning of the alphabet and introduce her to the letters and sounds they make. This was a great introduction for her, and I plan to re-use this again with her in the next few years!
In All You Do

What do I mean by this? Well, right now, Baby Girl is not ready to learn everything that is included in From Apples to Zebras, but she is ready to learn. We are able to use some of the items, and we use them multiple times during the week. But if she was just a little older, we would be able to use so much more.

Preschool Alphabet Curriculum

So, how do I make this work? Well, I think about what Baby Girl can do right now, and I think about what she can do in the future. I know that I will be using this program with her for two, maybe three years. And this is great for me! Um hello, one price, use it multiple times to have your child master what they are learning? Yes! Especially when it is a younger sibling to a homeschool child!

While Baby Girl may be a little too young for this curriculum in its fullest, I found that this was a great introduction for her that I could use over again for a few years and make sure that she had mastered what we were learning before moving on to the next adventure. By using bits and pieces of this curriculum at this age, we have built a foundation that I am happy to keep building on!

Preschool ABC curriculum

Apples to Zebras is broken down into units. Each unit focuses on 3 letters and is followed up by a review of those letters. Each letter takes one week to focus on. Each day, for three days during the week, you get to work with your child on the letter. We decided to try Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which worked for us.

While we have been using this program with Baby Girl, we have been working on the letter name and the sound. We will repeat this program again after we have fully completed it and add in another aspect that I feel will work for her. That is the benefit to this program, we can use it for multiple years adding in new things each time we do it.

Preschool ABC curriculum

Baby Girl loves having her own school. I love having an option to re-use the same program more than once to help cement the topic into my child’s memory. I love knowing that I can have a program that we can build on. The options available with this range from easy, coloring sheets to difficult, writing the letters. This means that we can have short and sweet lessons this year, make them a tad longer next year and use the program to its fullest during our third year…um three years of school for one price?!?!? Yes, I will take this!

If you have a toddler wanting to do school with the big kids, or if you have a Kindergartener who is ready to learn, Apples to Zebras is a great curriculum for you to own. And if you have the toddler ready to learn, know that you have enough with this one curriculum to guide them through up to Kindergarten for one simple price!

What is your favorite program to use for the toddler/pre-school age?

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The Crafty Classroom – A Homeschool Crew Review

Making school fun for an active 6-year-old girl is interesting to say the least. She wants to do worksheets, but she wants to have fun. She doesn’t want a lot of work, but she loves the feeling of completing something. What in the world do you do? You head over to The Crafty Classroom and check out their Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook and the R.E.A.D. Review Pack.

Little Miss is my worker bee! She loves having the chance to do worksheets. She has always loved doing worksheets with her big brothers since she could hold a crayon. Finding fun curriculum for her has always been a challenge, as she wants the fun worksheets, but she wants variety in what she does. The worksheets in this R.E.A.D Curriculum are exactly what she wants!

I will warn you right away, there is a lot of printing for this curriculum. I am only printing what we need each week on Sunday night. I also need to tell you, most of printing is in black and white and not a lot of color.

There is a Daily Schedule included in the introduction. This program is suggested to be used 4 days a week taking Friday off. This is a nice pace for Little Miss and allows us time to do fun stuff on Fridays. This can be easily adapted to take any other day off during the week, which we have had to do when Daddy has some doctor appointments.

Before you even begin, there is a Pre-Assessment that you give to your child. This will see if your child is ready to begin the program. This includes checking to see if your child can identify the Upper and Lower-Case letters and their sounds.

Once you are ready to begin, you can follow the schedule for the list of things to do with your child. Every day begins with a Daily Warm-Up. This can be done in a few different ways. You can print a new sheet every day, in color or black and white, or you can use a page protector and dry-erase marker and clear the sheet every morning. We opted to use the color sheet and page protector option. We also have a blank calendar that we fill in every day.

After our warm-up, we got started on our lessons each day. We have done all the worksheets at once, and we have split them up throughout the day. Both of these options worked for us, it just depended on the day for Little Miss. Each week the lessons are the same, making it easy for Little Miss to know what to anticipate each day of the week.

Two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, would do a fun Interactive Grammar lesson. This was something new for Little Miss and she loved learning the basics of grammar. These worksheets were different each time and instead of keeping them with our other worksheets, we put these in our Language Arts Interactive Notebook. This is a fun way for Little Miss to sit down and review by paging through the notebook instead of getting lost with her other pages.

We decided to keep all of our R.E.A.D. papers together in a three-ring binder. I keep them separated by week and word family, but by doing this we are able to quickly review something if I notice Little Miss having an issue.

Every 5 weeks, we have a review. During this review time, we get to practice all the sight words and word families that we have learned by reading fun little books. Little Miss is in love with this first review week and the fun new books we have been reading each day. I love that she is reading and not just looking at the pictures to guess what the words say!

Little Miss is in love with her new school. She loves that she was reading right away from the first day, and this has encouraged her to keep going. The variety of worksheets is just the right amount and keeps her from getting bored, but also helps her master the sight words and word family of the week. While she loves all the worksheets, her favorite by far is the Spinner Winner worksheet, which she would do every day if I let her!

While there is a little printing involved with this curriculum, I have no issues with that. I love that the pages are black and white, and actually have Little Miss color the pictures on some of them. Oh, and the cute little books! These are so fun to sit down with Little Miss and listen as she reads to me!

The Crafty Classroom can be found on social media here:



They also carry more than just this curriculum, check out the reviews of their other products right here:

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Learn Spanish with Whistlefritz – A Homeschool Crew Review

Spanish Videos for kids

Learning a foreign language is fun! Teaching a foreign language is not always the best experience. Learning a foreign language is best done with immersion, especially for the younger ages. While I am not able to do all our school in Spanish, I can have fun with the Educator's Spanish Collection from Whistlefritz.


Included with the Educator's Spanish Collection you will find the Lesson Plans book, 5 DVDs, 3 music CDs and a card matching game. This is everything you will need to begin a great foundation of Spanish for your younger kids. This program is recommended for the Pre-K to Early Elementary grades or ages 1-7.

Spanish Videos for kids

While you could have your child learn without all the things included in this kit, these are all made to work together. Using all the items in the collection will reach each type of learning skill you can think of, visual, audio, gross motor and fine motor. Each one of the activities involved between the items in the collection work with each other to help your child learn and retain better.

We have decided to use one lesson a week from the Lesson Plans book. We started out first learning to greet each other. All the videos included will include the introductions and numbers, so the first few weeks you can watch any of the videos. The first week, Little Miss wanted to watch them all, and I decided that I would let her.

learn Spanish

After our first week working on introductions, I focused on one DVD and we would watch that one every day before our lesson. This allowed both Little Miss and Baby Girl to hear the words that were being spoken more than once. They could watch the DVD and know visually what was happening and use their minds to make the connection with the words that were being spoke, much like when they were babies and learned English for the first time!

Each of the videos run about 25-30 minutes long. They are not boring and the boys would often join the girls in watching them. They were completely in Spanish, with no English spoken at all. This was our immersion part of the day. Even with just a few years of high school Spanish years ago, I could pick up on some of the words and phrases as we repeated the video all week.

foreign language

The lessons work with the videos and are cross-curricular. We were able to take that one lesson a week and re-do it all week. We worked on greetings the first week, and are continuing that each week after before starting our new topics. From greetings to colors and numbers, we have been having a lot of fun with Fritzi learning Spanish!

On top of watching fun videos and doing fun activities to help us learn Spanish, we also have a fun matching card game to help us with our vocabulary. While Little Miss cannot read yet, the pictures help her to know what the words are.

While I cannot do the full lesson in Spanish, which would be an awesome form of immersion, I love that we are using what we learn throughout the day. This is not just a take the course, do the worksheet and move on with the day. This is a program that gives you words that you can use daily with younger kids. Even Baby Girl gets review each day just by watching the videos and siting with Little Miss. Hearing us talk the simple words has given her a head start in speaking the as well.

There are no drills, no worrying about grammar. Just having fun. The perfect way for kids to learn a new language, by having fun and listening to someone else speak the words!

Whistlefritz also has a French program like this. Check out reviews of that and other reviews of this Spanish program by clicking the picture right here:

Spanish and French {Whistlefritz Reviews}

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K5 Learning – A Homeschool Crew Review

online reading and math

My kids love to play on computer. They love to have access to games and anything they think is fun. So, I love when I can find an online program like K5 Learning to allow them to have fun while they are still learning!

online reading and math

K5 learning is an online learning program for K-5 with the focus on Math and Reading, and a little Spelling also. There is no need for extra textbooks, no extra space to take up. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

While the kids had a lot of fun using K5 Learning, this is not the typical game style learning site. K5 Learning focuses on teaching children great study skills and how to work on their own. These are two very important skills I want my kids to know when it comes to school.

online math and reading program

The use of K5 Learning is very simple. You set up your account, add an account for each student, with their own login information and send them on their way. The first thing they will do is take an assessment test for both reading and math. These are separate and do take a little bit of time, but they are needed to place your child in the right level.

online program

Once the assessment is over, your child is free to go. Each lesson plan is personalized for each child. There is no one size fits all here. The site is safe for the children to use, there are no ads and no links to anything outside of K5 Learning. This made me happy knowing that the kids could be on the site while I was busy helping someone else, and that they would only be working on quality lessons and not surfing the web getting into trouble!

online math and reading program

There was not too much for me to do when it came to this program. After I set the kids up, I would log in once or twice a week and see their progress, but that was about it. I did take the chance to print a few worksheets that are available to go with the lessons they are learning, but that was it!

Both Ray Ray and Little Miss love to do their K5 Learning Lessons. They had the choice to work on their math or reading or both each day. I loved how each subject covered many topics and didn't get boring for the kids. They would work on things like sight words or reading comprehension for reading, and math was not only numbers and adding or subtracting, but also geometry and time and money. Ray Ray has also tried out the spelling features. He enjoyed that there were many learning styles when it came to this. It wasn't just a listen and type, but rather have fun and learn.

online math and reading program

Both of my kids love the way this is set up. All I hear all day is "Can I do my K5 school yet?" "Is it time for K5 school yet?" I love that they love it and I love that I notice an improvement in both of them, specifically Little Miss and her reading skills. One week she is struggling to sound out words and the next she is sounding them out just fine. The only difference? K5 Learning!

online math and reading program

If you have a busy workload, like 4 kids and a husband recovering from surgery, K5 Learning will help you make sure your kids still learn what they need learn, as independently as possible. Yes, I still give them regular math and reading lessons, but knowing that on days when I may be lacking they won't be, that is what is important to me!

K5 Learning {Reviews}

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Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ K is for Kindergarten

Welcome back to another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet! Annette from A Net in Time and I are super happy to have you here with us! Are you blogging with us? I can't wait to see your post, remember to link it up below! If you are new and wanting to join, we want you to! You do not need to have all the letters, you can simply come and go as it works for you! We just love having you here!

This week we are writing with our focus on the letter K. For this week, I am going to spend some time talking about Kindergarten. I have taught Ray Ray Kindergarten at home and currently I am teaching Little Miss her Kindergarten at home. There are numerous things I have learned about doing these lessons at home versus the public-school setting, which Moe Man went through.

My idea of Kindergarten is learning while playing. Learning while coloring, learning the letters and sounds and learning to write. Today the school system wants all this learning to happen in preschool. The local preschool here sends homework home with 4 year olds! I was surprised by this. While it wasn't anything too much, it was too much in my mind.

In our Kindergarten at home, we focus on reading aloud, coloring and learning the ABCs. That is our main focus. I hear about other kids reading after the first month of school starting, while mine are still learning the sounds of the letters. But you know what? I have no concerns, no worries and no regrets. Instead of learning like everyone else, we are learning to fit the needs of the kids.

I focus on two subjects during Kindergarten, Phonics and Math. These are the two foundational pieces that I worry about. The other subjects, the kids can sit with the older siblings and listen in. I make sure that they listen to the read aloud that I do, but they don't really have any other worksheets.

For Phonics this year with Little Miss, we have fallen in love with Electic Foundations Level A. this program is perfect for Little Miss! They are simple lessons with hands on added activities to make it extra fun. You can check out our full review of the program right here. I have no plans on changing this anytime soon for Little Miss. She loves the pace and I love the open and go style. Not to mention the style of learning, and that readers for this program are the McGruffey Readers.

Math this year we are using Singapore Math Essentials. This is fun curriculum that we have had the chance to use. The lessons are short and sweet, and Little Miss ends up doing more than one each day. The pages are black and white with no funny drawings, just the problems. I find this to be perfect for this stage, less distraction when the need to focus is at hand.

That is it. I might find something fun from time to time. A cute printable pack that she is interested in, or a handwriting practice sheet. Heck some days I even grab a cheap workbook from the dollar store to let her do her own stuff in. And of course, she sits in on the history and science lessons of her big brothers. Getting her hands in on it as much as she can!

In my opinion, this is all that is needed for Kindergarten. She is learning, at her pace and she is enjoying it. Instead of forcing her to learn, I am building on her excitement to learn. This will help me in the future, I hope!

What are you focusing on in your Kindergarten lessons?

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