Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Do you have a Lego lover in your house? Do you need a good way to get the scripture into their hearts? We have fallen in love with the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz. If you have never heard of this bible, even if you have, you should check this out!

Zondervan Faith Builders Bible

This is a full edition of the New International Reader's Version bible that is in an easy to read font. Not only will you find the bible, but you will find 24 full color pages of different bible verses, and those color pictures are pictures of Legos telling you the same story as the bible verse.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Ray Ray did not know that this bible was on its way to him. When he opened the box, his face was priceless! He is the real Lego lover in this house and to have a "grown up" Lego Bible made his day. He ran off with the bible and I didn't see him for over an hour. When I did see him again, he was off to his Lego area. "Mom, these pictures show me bible stories and I can build them!" That is a wonderful part of this bible. Not only are you able to use this in your daily scripture studies, your kids can take this bible and see the stories come to life with their Legos.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Now, just because this was intended for Ray Ray, I was happy to see how involved Little Miss was with this as well. She was in love with how simple it was to build the bible. While she was building, we worked on the Building Block Verse. She walked around showing everyone that Jesus could walk on water and that we should not be afraid because he will help us. This made my day!

Ray Ray has built every picture at least twice, but my favorite was when he built The Fruit of the Spirit. He had almost all the pieces and would walk around asking everyone if they wanted some fruit of the spirit to help bring them love, joy and peace. And he knew just when to offer it to each person in the house!

Faith Builders Bible

I loved seeing how much they took in when they would "play" with their bible. The fact that they could see the stories, that the stories where real instead of just words on paper, and that they were able to actually build them themselves made it easy for me to teach them the word of the bible. Actually, I didn't teach them anything, they did it all by themselves while reading the bible.

If you have a brick loving builder in your house, this bible is the ticket to their heart. They will love you for showing them how alive they can make the bible. I do want to warn you that you may find them addicted to reading this new bible and building the stories they read. Although I am not sure if that is a bad thing or not!

There were a bunch of other families that were building with these bibles as well. You should head on over and check them out!

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Do you have a builder in your house who would love this bible?

God Bless


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Top 10 Favorite Lego Sets

Top 10 Favorite LEGO Sets

It is no surprise that my kids love LEGOs. Especially Ray Ray and his constant need to build. I had him sit down with me the other day and tell me about the LEGO sets he hopes to one-day build. It doesn't take much for him to get lost in the world of Legos and I don't mind that at all.

Top 10 Favorite LEGO Sets

LEGOs are the one area that I don't mind if they kids get lost in. They are building and using their minds so much while they "play". We even pull them out when we need to visualize something in math class. LEGOs are a universal way of having fun and learning at the same time!

Well, all that being said, here are the top ten LEGO kits that Ray Ray has decided he, and any 7-year-old boy, need to have in their collection!


LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

What little boy, or big boy wouldn't love a Jurassic World set to build at home! This is that one that you save up money all year for!


LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush

This movie was a favorite. I have memories all the way back to the first one. Being able to watch more of these with the kids has made it fun, watching them build with the LEGOS after is even more fun!


Trinity Toyz Nativity Set

While this is not a LEGO brand, this is still a block set and Ray Ray loves to have fun with his bible. He loves to re-enact the stories that he reads and I love that!


LEGO Pirates Treasure Island

Yes, this kids jumps around his grid when it comes to these sets! He is very well rounded in my opinion and loves all this from history to bible to make believe. But really now, shooting cannons?? Fun!!


LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout

Minecraft, oh you Minecraft. How I have had dreams about Minecraft! In fact, as I type this, both Ray Ray and Little Miss are playing Minecraft! This is one of those games I haven't found an issue with, only because it is like LEGOs!


LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

Now, you can't have Minecraft without the crafting box! Now you can have your own crafting box at home to make all those creations come true!


LEGO Minecraft Dungeon Building Kit

Minecraft isn't Minecraft if you aren't mining! Here is the set where your child is able to "mine" while playing with their LEGOs!


LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement

Every collection needs a supplement kit. These kits are great for adding new pieces so that you can be a master builder in your own house!


LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers Submarine

Under the sea from the boys point of view! These are a great introduction to the world under the water, and you can do a unit study this way 😉


LEGO Superheroes The Hulk Buster Smash

Superheroes and little boys, why wouldn't this make sense? While these are not as much building as the other sets, they are still following directions and gives the super hero a whole new meaning to the child who builds it!


What is your child's favorite LEGO set?


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Wordless Wednesday ~ MN Landscape Arboretum

Wordless Wednesday July 2015

We recently went on a field trip with Gaga BB (my mom) to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This place is crazy cool! Not only do you get to enjoy all the flowers they are making and growing, but they have special events happening there as well. When we went they had the Nature Connects: Art With Lego Blocks there. This exhibit contained 26 super-sized Lego sculptures. The smallest sculpture contained over 9,000 Legos! For all 26 sculptures there were over 450,000 Legos used! Now that is a Lego collection!! Without further ado, here is our Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo WordlessWednesdayJune2015_zpswplve65h.jpg

> photo 1546137_10205910805921558_5416613135582419871_n_zpshxubchea.jpg

 photo 11412399_10205910806521573_1332672888570947369_n_zpslq1alsaw.jpg photo 11425490_10205910805721553_3950115189844398037_n_zpsy4di171e.jpg photo ff1.4_zpsimqpjrwt.jpg photo 1795670_10205910814041761_9078224795297090109_n_zpsemz01rry.jpg photo 11407224_10205910814241766_4103749558625576994_n_zpsaegikpdw.jpg photo 11425426_10205910814761779_3742243337765976773_n_zpsdt8cggts.jpg

 photo ff1.7_zpsfxvkuaxo.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.2_zpsv4kmsskg.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.6_zpsjtccz2um.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.5_zpsuuodri21.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo 10420778_10205910820001910_78176635069196683_n_zpsrj6elt5c.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo 1798871_10152821817531207_7448622682094945907_n_zpsdigj8xfu.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.1_zpsrpoygxu9.jpg

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