A+ Interactive Math ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

You have a math program, but what does your child understand? What do they need more help with? What can you skip for now? Do you know the answers to any of those questions? What if I told you there was a math program that would be tailor fit for your child? Would you believe me?

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

A+ Interactive Math has a wonderful Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan available that will do just that!

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan are an online program offered by A+ Interactive Math. It is a full math curriculum that is based on each specific child’s knowledge of the subject area.

Your child will start out by taking a small quiz to determine what level they are at in different areas of their “grade” level in math. As they do each quiz, those lessons will become available to them. They can “test out” of the areas they know and move on to a more specialized study in the areas they are weakest.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

They do not need to take all the tests to start. You, as the parent, decide how many areas to work on at a given time. Once the test has been taken, those lessons will open up, if needed, to be worked on. Your child will then be able to work on the lessons and worksheets until they feel they have learned that area. Once your child is comfortable in that area, they are able to retest. If they pass, they are done with that area.

Adaptive Math Placement Test

There is no do this on this day type of lesson plan with this program. You are able to decide how much to do each day. With Moe Man, I make him work on 1-2 lessons and then 2-3 worksheets per lesson. This helped to make sure that he understood what the lesson was talking about, and you are able to generate new worksheets if you have trouble on one. This truly helps with making sure the lesson stuck in their minds.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

While this is an interactive program, they do not overload it with animations of any kind. Being interactive, this program speaks the lesson to your child while they follow along. They work on problems after listening to the lesson, and are told right away if they have a correct answer or not. While this was awesome for Moe Man being in an older grade, Ray Ray was bored in the first grade lessons. But between my two boys, Moe Man prefers reading and Ray Ray loves video games, so they are different from each other in that way.

Adaptive Math Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan

We loved this program for what it offered. Moe Man was able to work on the areas he was lacking in, which was easier than having a box curriculum and trying to guess where he needed extra help. Ray Ray was able to us this and skip the sections he knew well (he is my math boy!). This made it more fun/interesting because he wasn’t sitting here doing the same thing over and over again when he already knew it. I have always liked the curriculum from A+ Interactive Math, and now it just got better with the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

You’re in luck if you have been interested in this program! From now until May 18, 2015 there is a sale happening! 40-50% off sale on the Family Math Packages and the Adaptive Placement Testing with Lessons! And don’t forget to head over and check out some of their FREE items for homeschool families, like the Free Math Placement Test and Free Family Math Package!

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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GPA LEARN ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

What kid doesn’t like to play a video game of some sort? What kid doesn’t like to be in control of what they are going to learn? So, if you let your child choose what lesson they want to learn about in math each day, let them play games to learn that lesson and set motivations (rewards) for a job well done, who wouldn’t be happy?

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

GPA LEARN has this wonderful math program called GPALOVEMATH that allows your child to choose which path they are going to follow for the day. GPALOVEMATH is available for grades K-5 and is a web-based math program. To fully complete a grade in 10 months, you just need to do 4-5 lessons each week. All of the lessons within GPALOVEMATH meet or even exceed the Common Core Standards (if you are worried about them).

Ray Ray got to explore this math program. We stared with the free trial that they offer before receiving the review from GPA LEARN. After two lesson in the free trial, Ray Ray asked if he could do this for his math instead of the worksheets we were doing. I told him as long as he kept working on our “fun” sheets (practicing our handwriting of the numbers), I would let him do the rest of his math on the computer. The reason for his enjoyment…being in control of what he was learning instead of me telling him what to learn.

Each day, Ray Ray would hop onto the computer when I told him it was math time and decide which one, or two lessons he wanted to complete that day. Some days, I would be able to get him to do three lessons with no problem. He had motivation and wanted to get going on getting his lessons done.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

Each lesson would start out with an actually lesson from the character of that grade level (each grade has its own character). Ray Ray has Pi the Penguin for his 1st grade lessons. After learning the new lesson, the child is than working on practice problems. These problems let your child get a feel for what they just learned. After practicing their new skills, the child than moves on to the quiz. This is where it really counts. The quiz will determine how well you know your new skill and how many points you get to earn.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

There are three levels of knowledge on the quiz, 2 master levels (Rockstar and excellent) and an apprentice level (good job). The more they get right on their quiz, the higher level you child will receive. The nice thing, when you get a problem wrong, you can go back and look to see what you did wrong. After you see what you did wrong and work on that skill, your child will be able to go and retake the quiz.

Points are always fun. But when you earn motivation rewards and you need points to redeem those rewards, you work hard to get more points. This is where it gets to Ray Ray. He loves his rewards, but always wants bigger…so he works harder to get more points. The good thing, he loves math so this is a game for him…even though he is learning something new each day he sits down to do his lessons.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

As his “teacher”, I have access to see how well he is doing. As he completes each lesson, I get an email that will tell me that he has completed a lesson and how well he did in that lesson. In my parent account I am able to pick and choose his motivation rewards, or let the computer choose for me. I am also able to send him messages that he will see when he logs in next. I am also able to test drive each new lesson that is in store for him. This helps me to know what he needs to learn, and add to that lesson if I feel that it is necessary.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

This has been a wonderful addition to our daily lessons! After Baby Girl being born, and mommy’s time being spread out a little more, I love knowing that Ray Ray is still learning his math. And I love being able to choose 30 minutes of snuggle time as a reward (his favorite so far)! What child, in what today we would call a large family, doesn’t love a little extra snuggle time!

Ray Ray loves the rewards number 1. That is his favorite part of the whole thing program. But as I ask him more about what he likes about math, Ray Ray tells me that he loves to pick what he is doing for school. A six year old boy being able to pick his own lesson… yeah, that is pretty cool!

We loved GPALOVEMATH and the freedom and independence that it gave to Ray Ray. Ray Ray is happy with his math and doesn’t argue with me when it is time to do math, so we have a win-win in this house!

Do you have a favorite math program that gives you a win-win in your house?

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GPA Learn Review
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The Critical Thinking Co. ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

The Critical Thinking Company

Patterns Patterns everywhere! But did you know that patterns help you with your reasoning skills and those skills are needed to help you with your math and science. The Critical Thinking Co. has the perfect book to help you with your patterns. We were able to review Pattern Explorer with Moe Man recently.

The Critical Thinking Company

I don’t know who was more excited when we received the Pattern Explorer book in the mail. I love patterns and anything that has to do with them. Moe Man, well he has issues with patterns. I figured this would be the best way to get him to have fun with them.

In this 90 page workbook, we have 5 different themes for the patterns. These themes are the Pattern Predictor, Equality Explorer, Sequence Sleuth, Number Ninja and Function Finder. Moe Man and I each had our favorites when it came to these themes. While I loved the Number Ninja and the Sequence Sleuth, Moe Man loved the Pattern Predictor the best.

The Critical Thinking Company

There are 40 different worksheets in this workbook, and following the worksheets is a Hints section. This has come in helpful for us. Both Moe Man and I were able to open up to this when we were stuck and use it to help us along with our page we were working on. There are hints for every worksheet, but not every problem.

After the hints section there is the answers. This is the section I had to hide from Moe Man. He would get frustrated at times and want to check, but I wanted us to figure these out without checking until we were done.

I keep talking about Moe Man and I doing this together. Since he has some issues with math and patterns, I thought this would be a great way to work on that. However, he didn’t quite understand the patterns as well as I thought he would, so we worked on these together. Each day, we have found time to work on at least one worksheet together. This was a great experience for him and I know that he learned a lot during this time.

The Critical Thinking Company

While working on these worksheets together, I seen Moe Man start to figure out how to work on them more and more on his own. There is no right or wrong way to work on the worksheets. They do slowly get harder as you go along in the book, but you can start anywhere and skip around as much as you want without a problem. Since Moe Man has an issue with the patterns, we worked from beginning to end, no skipping.

Our final opinion on this workbook? Well, I loved it and loved working on it with Moe Man. As much as Moe Man fought me every time we sat down to do these problems, I noticed the fight getting to be less and the questions on how to do the problems getting to be more. While he may not say it, I have to say that it was nice to see that he was enjoying thinking in a new way about patterns.

The Patterns Explorer workbook is for grades 5-7, but I was enjoying it, and I don’t think I am a 7th grader anymore! This is a fun book to do and a great way to use your brain in a different way.

You can find The Critical Thinking Co. on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pattern Explorer is just one of the many workbooks and activities that The Critical Thinking Co. has. Check out some of their other items that these families got to review by clicking below!


Critical Thinking Company Review

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Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Rumor has it that practice makes perfect. So how do you practice Math and Language Arts with your kids? If you were like me, you could be using IXL and the IXL Math or IXL Language Arts online programs.

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It?

IXL is an online practice program for grades K-12. They cover Math and Language Arts topics for the different ages and offer fun “rewards” and certificates as you achieve new goals. This is not a full curriculum, and is not a teaching program (unless you get a problem wrong). This is strictly for the practice concept of each subject.

Math Skills start at the Pre-K level, and go all the way up to Precalculus Skills. Each level contains hundreds of skills needed to master that level, except Pre-K which just has 42 skills. You are able to do as many problems as needed in each skill until you feel that you have mastered that skill.

Language Arts Skills start at the 2nd grade level and go all the way up to the 8th grade level. Once again all levels contain 80+ skills per level. These skills build off the last level and are focused on what is needed for that grade.

Although these skills are broken up by grade level, you can also focus on just the topics that your child needs help with. Instead of looking at grades, you simply look at topics and see where you need to work. I like this option better for Moe Man, as he is at different levels for each skill and I don’t have to make him feel bad if he is lower in one skill than the next. (I really don’t like focusing on grade, rather I like to focus on skills.)

When it comes to deciding what “grade” your child should be using, we went for one grade lower than they are working in right now, so we could practice those skills they have already learned. While at the same time, using the topics tab and also practicing the new skills they have currently learned in their Math or Language Arts curriculums.

How We Used It

We loved to hop onto the IXL.com or IXL app for our daily review of the skills we were working on, or already knew. Ray Ray was the child who loved this the most, and got the most from it. He used this for his math practice every day and would work hard just to earn his virtual prizes. Although he has been mastering his 1st grade math, he is working hard to complete all the Kindergarten skills right now. He is having fun with the simple ones (numbers up to 3) and being challenged by the harder ones like skip counting.

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

As Little Miss was watching Ray Ray and his excitement over virtual prizes, she wanted to try. I haven’t focused much on Preschool for her yet, but was happy to see how much she really did know from our talking, reading and playing around the house. She has a smaller virtual rewards chart, but is just as excited every time she is able to earn that reward!

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Moe Man has been using the Language Arts part of IXL to help him work on his parts of speech. I love being able to let him practice and know that if he reads the corrections, he is learning from his mistakes and I don’t have to be the one to correct him. At 14, mom is always wrong, so I like to find the things that show him as much as possible without me being that person to do it.

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What We Thought of It

Ray Ray and Little Miss loved this program! They love anything with computers, but to earn rewards from this has also peaked their interest, as they compete to finish as many problems or skills as possible to earn just one more prize for the day.

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Moe Man is a teenage boy and this is school. He doesn’t get as excited as the littles do, but I can say that the practice is helping him in his subjects. I see improvements and that makes me happy no matter how he acts about it 🙂

Math and Language Arts Practice from IXL A Schoolhouse Crew Review

I loved getting emails with the reports for each child, and when they earned a certificate for every 100 problems they completed. Since this isn’t the full curriculum, I was more at ease of letting them pick what they wanted to work on, and they loved having that freedom to do that. Making it more fun for them instead of just school.

While IXL shows the state standards for both Math and Language Arts, I personally ignored that part of the site. If you needed to show that your child has mastered a standard, you have that option, if you don’t, then look away 🙂 It is that simple. It is not something that interferes with the program and really doesn’t take away from it at all in my opinion.

Membership for IXL is $9.95/month or $79/year for one child and subject. Each additional child costs $2/month or $20/year.

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UberSmart Software ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Do you use flashcards in your math studies? Do your kids like them? I love the concept of flash cards, but with multiple children, sometimes it is just too hard to sit down with each one and study them like they need. Enter in UberSmart Software and their UberSmart Math Facts.

What It Is

UberSmart Math Facts is a downloadable program for Windows 7, 8, XP or Vista. Once you have purchased this program, you will have unlimited access. This is not a full math program, but rather an aid to help your students with their math facts. Starting with something simple like Dot Cards (these look like dominos) and working on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, this program will help your child actually master their math facts. The addition and subtraction goes up to the 9’s and the multiplication and division goes all the way up through the 20’s. This program is geared for grades K-6, but is really for anyone who needs help with their math facts. Both Ray Ray and Moe Man are using this program here at our house.

Unlike paper flashcards, UberSmart Math Facts gives you different options when it comes to studying your math facts. You start off with the simple Learn function. This is where you simply go through the cards and learn the facts you or your child chooses. There is no typing in the answer, no right or wrong, just learn. When you are ready, you move on to Practice mode. Practice is just that…practice what you learned during the learn stage. Here you will type in your answers and check them as you go along. If you get one wrong, the program shows you the correct answer before moving along. After some practice, you can even choose focused practice, which allows the child to work on the problems they have the most problems with.


After practice, you move on to Test mode…here you can work on an Assessment Test, or a Mastery Test. These are just as they sound. The assessment test is not timed, while the mastery test is. The assessment test covers a little of everything to see what your child already knows and what they still need to learn. The mastery test helps you see the payoff for your student’s hard work.

Another section to the UberSmart Math Facts is the reports section. This is my section. I can hop on here and see if the boys are actually doing as they say (I usually know anyway), or if they are just goofing around. I can see the facts that they have mastered, or take a look at their test results.

A Day in the Life of UberSmart Math Facts

We did not use this program everyday…but we used it multiple times during the week. I would have the boys work on their math for the day and then finish up with a drill in UberSmart Math Facts. Moe Man has a hard time with his multiplication facts. He always has, but using the computer instead of me to help him, he likes it. There are no frills and confusing parts to the program, so he wasn’t distracted. He was able to focus on the facts at hand. We took one number group at a time, starting with the 3’s. I would have him study in the Learn mode until he felt he was ready to actually practice. From there he would go onto the Practice mode. He stayed here for the longest time working on mastering the facts. I let him decide when he was ready to go to the Mastery Test, but after the 3’s I changed my mind. He kept putting it off and so the new decision has been made that every Friday he does the Mastery Test until he actually masters it. This has motivated him more, and I am glad that I made this change.

Ray Ray is still in the early stages of math. However, he knows quite a bit for the early stages. He loves math, but despises writing, so with UberSmart Math Facts, I am able to let him master his facts before he masters his writing. I am fine with not forcing him to write, and love that he is still learning these facts thanks to this program. He is happy to be able to do a lot of this independently since it was a simple to use program.

Final Opinions

Moe Man is not happy with anything math, but I did not hear any complaints from him on using this. To me, this is a good thing! I did not do the assessment test with him, as we just wanted to work on multiplication first, however, I am now interested to see where he is at and regretting that I don’t have that starting point.

Ray Ray is happy anytime he gets to sit on my computer and this is no different for him. He also does not complain, and is the child who loves to figure out math. This is simple for him to use and like I said, he loves being able to figure it out without the extra reading, so he can do it on his own. He started on the assessment test and refused to finish because of the length of it. Since we weren’t really doing anything too crazy with him yet, I did not make him finish, and will have him sitting down to work on that again.

My opinion is that I enjoy having this on my computer. I know that the boys can practice without having someone else quizzing them and I don’t have to print a ton of weekly timed tests for them to work on. I love the reports section, where I can find all their scores, but I don’t like that I have to look each topic up individually. I have yet to find a simpler way to pull everything out that I want. But, I am also not too tech savy and don’t spend a lot of extra time on things to make them easier for me.

For a price of $24.95 for the download and having up to 8 students saved on the program, this is a great deal. This is not a monthly or yearly fee, but a one-time payment. I see us using this for every child from dot cards up to division mastery!

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3P Learning Mathletics Review ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Mathletics Review


Do you have fun with your math lessons? Do you like to have some online math practice for your child(ren)?  3P Learning has just the thing for you! They have this fun online math program called Mathletics.

3P Learning is known for their online Reading Eggs program and now they have added to that collection with Mathletics for the math fun!

What It Is

Mathletics is an online math program for grades K-12. There are 10 levels of learning available starting with simple 1-10 adding and going all the way up to logarithms and algebra. There are lessons and games that work on building your math skills and improving them. As the teacher (with the teacher account), you are able to pick and choose the level you want your child to be at. This program is CCSS aligned, which we didn’t care for, but worked around it. As a part of the program, you are able to access the printable workbooks. These range from basic shapes to Trigonometry! Mathletics is used by students worldwide in homeschools and classrooms.


How We Used Mathletics

We have math programs that we are using, but the boys had fun doing “games” instead! As we went about our days, we would pull Mathletics up when the kids needed a break from “regular” school work. The boys would be busy playing the games and slowly advancing to the next level. I would work with Ray Ray on the topics he didn’t understand by using the printable workbooks. He enjoyed this way of learning math and I loved knowing that he was understanding what he was learning.

Both of the boys would compete against each other and themselves to see who could get the most points from day to day. I will get emails from Mathletics once a week letting me know how each child is doing. How much they are doing and how well they are succeeding in their studies, or what they need to work on more.


Once getting everything set up, it was very easy use. Simply remembering your username and password is the hardest part (that is where a nice notebook with all those comes in handy). We had an issue of slow internet when we first started using this. It made it difficult to load some pages, but once we fixed our problem, we have been speeding through the pages.

Our Opinion on Mathletics

Moe Man is not a math boy. He never has been, but I was able to get some interest out of him with this program. I feel that because it was not a textbook or anything resembling school, he gave it a better chance. Moe Man may be in the 8th grade, but I had him working on 6th grade math with this and he was still challenged. Ray Ray loves anything that allows him to get on the computer. He went into this and was happy instantly. He was a tad upset when he couldn’t go as fast as he wanted. Like I said earlier, once we fixed our problem, he was a happy camper again.

For $59 per child per year, I find the total adding up a little too much for me. But we did not use this as a full curriculum like you are able to. If we would have done that, I could see justifying the cost since a full curriculum usually costs that or more. If using this as a supplement like we did, the cost doesn’t make sense.

Would I recommend this to others? Only if you are first, ok with Common Core, and second if you are going to be using this as a full curriculum or have extra money in your budget for this.

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Learning Palette Online ~ Schoolhouse Crew Review


How do you help your kids practice math or reading skills? Do you use boring old flashcards? Or do you let them play with Learningpalette.com? We have had fun thanks to Learning Wrap ups and their fun online product that includes fun math and reading skills practice!

Learningpalette.com has 35 math titles and 20 reading titles for grades K-5. All you need is your internet and a computer…oh and your kids too I suppose! Learningpalette.com is Correlated to the Common Core for those of you who need it. For those who don’t…don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the learning. I personally just ignore it. A one year subscription for 5 users is $59.99. So, if you have your computer, internet and kids, you are ready to let your kids practice their math and reading the fun way!

We loved using Learningpalette.com as a supplement to our regular math and reading lessons. Both Ray Ray and Moe Man used this to help them as they needed. I found that they actually “needed” it more than I thought…either that or they tricked me into thinking that so they could play longer…


After a simple video explaining how to use the program, we were off and rolling. Ray Ray loved having something fun to do and actually picked up on some new skills instead of just reviewing! The nice thing about this, when the kids are having fun…all they have to do is click “Next Card” and they keep moving forward with the skills. At first Ray Ray was just using this for math…until the “mean teacher” told him to try reading. He fell in love with it immediately! Just finding out what he knew and building on it was perfect.

Moe Man jumped in on the fun too. Although the grade range is for up to 5th grade, he used this to help him with his dreaded math facts. He doesn’t care for the math, but adding fun to it and he started catching on to the things I never thought he would. Moe Man has a thing with numbers, he doesn’t like them. I couldn’t keep him from stopping when he started on the Learningpalette.com. He even understood the fractions when it was presented in this manner! I was beyond happy with this since I was beginning to get a little frustrated with trying to find just the right thing to help him.


Learningpalette.com uses the visual aspect to help with the learning process. You see the answers and you match them with the correct questions by placing the right disk next to the right answer. You are able to check your answers as many times as you need to, and the program will tell you which are right and wrong. Then you go back and fix the ones you got wrong.

We loved this program. The ease it brought to reviewing our facts and skills has made it worth it for me. They joy that comes from the kids learning something new, or catching on to something I have been trying to teach them is so fun to see. We have had fun while using Learning Palette and will continue to have fun with it in the future!

Learning Palette does offer a free online demo of their program for you to try out if you are interested in learning more. You can also stop by and say hi to them on Facebook and Twitter.

Learning Wrap ups offers much more than just this one program. You need to stop on by these other blogs and see what they have to say about all their fun things!


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ScienceandMath.com Alegebra 1 Review (Schoolhouse Review)


When you say the word Math to Moe Man you get met with a disappointed, defeated look. He has not had the "aha" moment when it comes to math for him. When I was given the chance to check out The Algebra 1: Volume 1 Tutor on DVD from ScienceandMath.com I was excited to see what we could have here. 

ScienceandMath.com Review

As part of this review, we were given The Algebra 1 Tutor Volume 1 DVD. The physical DVD (which we received) sells for $26.99, or you can get the DVD download for $23.99. 

ScienceandMath.com Review

We also received the Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet PDF download, which sells for $21.99 or the physical CD version sells for $24.99.


As the title of this DVD states, it is a Tutor and not a full math curriculum. You will still need a curriculum, but this is a perfect way to help your child along when you don't know how to explain what they are learning. It is not required to have the companion worksheets, but they do help to reinforce what you are learning while you watch the DVD, and I highly recommend them 🙂 The Algebra 1 Tutor: Volume 1 is for grades 7 and up, unless you have someone younger who is taking an Algebra course.

ScienceandMath.com Review

ScienceandMath.com Review

ScienceandMath.com has been a life saver for us! We took this algebra tutor and used it the best that we could. It is a wonderful way to have someone else "teach" Moe Man when he doesn't want to listen to me. There are 3 disks which have 3-4 "lessons" on each one. From these "lessons" you are able to pick and choose what you need help with. We started at the beginning for a review of the most basic parts of real numbers and the number line. 


Even though we started with items that Moe Man already knew, he loved being able to have that review. And to have it on the T.V. and letting him be in control of the remote let him "take control" of his math learning. We took lesson 1 on disk 1 and broke it up into three days. During those three days, Moe Man would watch the video, take notes as they were written on the board and than did the companion worksheet. Doing this quick review gave him a confidence boost that continues to show every day when it comes to math now!


After our quick review, we took the tutor as a tutor. When we learned something new or had a struggling moment, we would jump over to The Algebra Tutor and see another view point on how to learn it. This is perfect for Moe Man. He learns best from the repetition, and being able to watch the same thing as many times as he needs to is wonderful. 


There is no schedule for this program. There is no do this on this day and than move onto this on this day. This is a tutor. This is a use it as you need it program, and for us we are using it a lot! 


So, do I like the program? YES! Why did I like it? Well, Moe Man actually asked me if he could do math first on the second day. He always puts it off, but to hear that he WANTED to do math, made me smile. The instructor goes slow enough on the DVD that you are able to keep up. He makes it fun for the kids, and I even caught Ray Ray watching the video with Moe Man. It is not a boring lecture of math that kids don't like. It is simple, yet effective! Moe Man enjoyed (and still enjoys) being able to go to this when he needs help. He likes being able to pause the DVD when he needs to, and the fact that he can rewind it makes it even better. I like that I don't have to keep repeating myself, yet he still gets the repetition. 


Who do I recommend this program for? I would recommend this to any family who has a child in Algebra! I don't care if you are a homeschool family or not. This program is great to help all children who need that extra boost. It helps those who struggle with math and may not have had their "aha" moment. 


I loved this program. Moe Man loved this program. This is something we will continue to use and benefit from. I can't think of anything that needs to be changed with this. 


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