A Planner for the Home

I am so excited! After spending some time playing around with ideas, I finally did it! I made a basic planner for the house. Or a mom planner, or dad planner, whatever you want to call it!

This planner is simple. It is not for homeschool lessons, but you could make it work if you wanted. Or you wait while I brainstorm up a way to make a homeschool lesson planner

In my Home Planner, you will find un-dated monthly calendar pages. I left them un-dated, because I know this is way past the beginning of the year, so you can start whenever you want AND you can reuse this time and again.

I have included a Monthly View in this planner. This will allow you to plan out your month a little more in detail. List your Top 3 goals, must do things, important dates. This is the page for you to plan out your month.

Breaking it down more, I have included a weekly planner. List out what you need to do each day of the week and have it on hand for a quick glance to see what needs to be done. Also, I have added in a meal planner. Sometimes I menu plan, sometimes I wing it. But, I have had requests for a structured meal plan for each day, so I am using this to help me plan out the meals before I go shopping!

I love knowing what I need to do each day, so I have added in Today’s View. I can take the menu from my weekly plan and list them down for each day. I can focus on the important details, along with my quote for the day. This is something I am starting to help me keep my focus on the good things.

For those working on new habits, I have you covered with a habit tracker. I plan to add some new habits into my daily life. Not only for me but for the rest of the family. This sheet is just what I need.

Grab the Home Planner to get your home in order!

Menu Planning Monday ~ December 19, 2016

I know, I know, it is a holiday week why should we worry about menu planning? Well, the holiday is actually on Saturday and Sunday, so you will still need a full 5-day menu planned for this busy week!

Last year I was busy planning freezer meals that kept my freezer stocked full of all the yummy goodness! This year, while I still have some freezer meals, I have mostly frozen meat in the freezer and all the fixings in the pantry. I can still simply throw all the ingredients into the crockpot in the morning and forget it, but I miss my freezer meals. I hope to refill the freezer after the new year!


Meatball Monday! I only say this for today. Meatballs are far and few between. Ray Ray does not like them yet everyone else loves them. So, we find fun ways to eat these, so Ray Ray can put his off to the side. Right now, I have a bag of these big yummy premade meatballs that my mom grabbed for me. They are restaurant quality and we LOVE them! This week we are going to be making Baked Spaghetti. (In place of the ground hamburger, we will be using the meatballs.) We like to call this Spasagna, yes Spaghetti and Lasagna mixed together. This is one of the meals that Ray Ray will eat the meatballs with, so we will see.


Every Tuesday is always Taco Tuesday. This Tuesday is no different. We will be following the same recipe we have always been using and can't wait to keep up with this tradition!


I really want a good pulled pork sandwich, so why not make one right here at home! I am excited to try this Root Beer Pulled Pork recipe! How could this not be good? I hope it turns out as good as it sounds!


A few weeks ago, Daddy had a deer fly into his window. Yes, it was a great thing. Only, we got some venison meat out of the deal! It has been awhile since I have made anything with fresh venison and I am looking forward to making this Venison Cheeseburger Soup! Cheeseburger Soup just sounds amazing in and of itself, but being we are in the middle of winter, and rich, creamy soup sounds amazing!


Friday Pizza Night! This is something that comes and goes. We love to sit around pizzas and hot wings. Well, mommy and daddy enjoy the hot wings. We find a good deal on the pizza in town and make it here in the pizza oven. With the busy weekend ahead of us, this seems to be a fitting end to the week.

I have no plans for Saturday or Sunday. Well, actually Sunday morning I do plan to make this Easy Breakfast Casserole. We love to make it every Christmas morning. This is something that we can throw in the oven when Gaga stops over, by the time we are done with the present opening this is ready to eat! What a great plan!

What are you eating this busy holiday week? I would love to hear some of your favorites!

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5 Freezer Meals for the Week

It is the start of another week. Another week means another menu plan for the week. This week I again plan to use my freezer meals to help me provide yummy, healthy, real meals for my family with little to no prep each day from me!

5 Freezer Meals


Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Our Jolly Life

This soup is DELICIOUS!! I can say this because I have been eating it all last week! We have made this more than once because everyone in the house will eat it and it has everything we need, protein, veggies, and flavor! You can add potatoes, but we did without and loved it. Serve this with some biscuits and a nice side salad or just plain.



Baked Tortellini Casserole from Number 2 Pencil

I have yet to find a tortellini recipe that I don't like. This is sure to live up to the standard. I had two of these, but one went across the road to a new mom with a baby in the NICU. She is a tortellini lover and says that this is a hit. I am taking her word for it and looking forward to this with a ceaser salad on the side.


white chicken chili better

Crockpot White Chicken Chili from Sweet Annas

I have always wanted to try Chicken Chili, so when my mom (Gaga Bebe) made this for the freezer, I was stoked! Wednesday is our busy day and it is the one night we don't eat together so finding a meal that can sit in the crockpot is awesome. This is that meal for us. We plan to have some breadsticks with this and mommy wants another salad (everyone else is tired of salads now).



Chicken Fajitas from New Leaf Wellness

I personally love fajitas and to have them in the crockpot sounds like heaven! Thursday is the second busiest day of our week. With this meal there is no prep involved, other than throwing it in the crockpot and eating it! I can't wait to try this, as I have heard great things about the idea of cooking these that way. I can't wait to try this one out!


bacon chicken

Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Rosemary from Allergy Free Cooking

The last time we had this we used real rosemary, this time we are trying dried rosemary. I am super excited to try these again as they were delicious the first time. I will be serving this with some mashed potatoes and a vegetable.

I love having all the meals prepped in one day and just heating them up the night that we need each one. This makes it very easy to feed the meals that we need to eat each day. I love using my crock pot, like this one. It makes it so nice! And these liners make the clean up even more easier (is there such a thing?)! Do you do any freezer cooking? What is your favorite recipe?


God bless!!


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