Books on Migration – Online Book Club

For April, we read some books on migration for our Online Book Club. It was a great way to get ready for spring and to learn more about how animals migrate to other climates at different times of the year.

One of my favorite authors for children’s books on learning about nature is Gail Gibbons. Her books are full of information that kids can take in and process. We read Migration by Gail Gibbons for our April reading prompt.

We had so much fun with this book. I decided to read it first and then dig deeper into it, researching more about the animals who migrate. 

This book was packed full of information about migration. We could print some simple notebooking sheets up and use those to help us organize our data. If you haven’t noticed, we love to use notebooking sheets. These are such a fun way to take any book or activity and turn it into a learning activity.

Baby Girl just did many drawings or copying of words from the book, but I made Ray Ray and Little Miss do a bit more. They had to take what they learned in the book and find more information online.

Not only did we use the book to learn about migration, but we also went outside. It is spring, so that we can see the animals, primarily birds, migrating back to our neighborhood and backyard. We were able to talk about the geese that we saw fly away last fall and how they are back now. Also, we could speak of the robins, as those usually mean that it is finally spring.

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What are some fun books you have read about migration?


March Online Book Club – St. Patrick’s Day

When did it become March already? This year is moving fast, and I am looking forward to the warmer weather! But, first, let’s talk about the online book club for this month!

Being March, the topic for the online book club is St. Patrick’s Day. While we do have a few books about St. Patrick’s Day picked out, I also grabbed a few books on Ireland.

I figured, as we learn about St. Patrick’s Day this month, it would be fun to learn about Ireland also. This will help us to add some geography to our lessons without adding in a whole new curriculum.

We have four simple books picked out to read this month for the book club. The first two are fiction books that will help us learn about Ireland as a country. The two fun books we have picked out are O’Sullivan Stew by Hudson Talbot and A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski.

We will be having fun making a stew and using our notebooking pages to help us learn more about this holiday and the country of Ireland. Check back with us at the end of the month to see what we thought of the books and how we had fun with them!

Everyone is welcome to join us in this book club, as long as you keep it family-friendly. Grab some books about St. Patrick’s Day (or Ireland) and have fun with them. Share with us about what you did with them and link up to the linky.

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We look forward to hearing what fun you have this month in our Online Book Club!


Celebrations – December Book Club

Welcome back to another month of the book club that we are starting. This book club is for anyone, kids, teens, adults, it doesn’t matter! This month our theme is Celebrations. This can mean anything, any holiday, whatever you celebrate!

Celebrations Around the World

I found a cute book at our library called Celebrations Around the World by Katy Halford. I love that this is not just the holidays that we as a family celebrate, but all the holidays that are celebrated around the world!

I do not know what I will do with the kids and this book at this time, but I am sure we will come up with some activities to help us learn and celebrate all the new holidays we will learn about.

I hope you will come back at the end of the month and see what we have learned and how we took this book and made it come alive in our homeschool!

There are other families who will be reading books about celebrations with us this month, check them out right here:

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Do you want to join? What are some books on celebrations that you will be reading this month with your family, or yourself?


October Book List

October Book List

We are doing something new this year. We are going to be reading picture books based on the month. I am going to share our October Book List before the month starts and at the end of the month, I am going to share what we did with these books.

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October Book List

Where to Find Books

We are getting our book ideas from Read-Aloud Revival (RAR). They have a great list of picture books for each month. This makes this part easy for me. The tough part, reading them and coming up with activities for them. We won’t do activities for all of the books, but we will do something that will center around the theme of the books.

Not only will we be grabbing books from the list on RAR, but I am also grabbing books from Your Morning Baskets and the Fall 3.0 guide. I will be sharing more about this in a week or two.

Our October Book List

This month, we will be reading books like The Pumpkin Runner, Fall Walk, Strega Nona’s Harvest, Seeds Move, and Swirl by Swirl.  With these books, you can see we will be getting ready for the fall and the harvest that happens. 

I am excited to make a few fun printables for the kids to do. I am thinking word finds, and things to do with nature walks. Things that will bring these books to life and allow my kids to see this wonderful transition from summer to autumn.

Want to Join Us?

Do you want to join us on this fun journey this month? I would love to have you join us! Pick some books that are good to go with October, share them, and come back to share what you did with them at the end of the month. Next month, I am hoping to have a theme for you!

If you are planning on joining us, share with me in the comments and let me know! Check back the last week of October to see what we did with our books.