Blue Manor Education Review and GIVEAWAY

What type of curriculum do you like to use for your Preschooler or Kindergarten child? Do you want to give them the best that you can? A solid start to their education? Over at Blue Manor Education, they feel the same way. I was able to review the Preschool Curriculum and the Kindergarten Curriculum.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Both of these curriculum sets are Christian based and are the e-Books. With the e-books, you have options, you can print them and use them like real books, or save paper and ink and use them on our tablet. We printed some of the pages, but both Ray Ray and Little Miss loved to use the tablet to do their school! They felt grown up and thought they were playing.


The Blue Manor Preschool eBook set comes with 23 individual books and a “how-to” book on how to use this curriculum with the kids. Among these ebooks, are Bible, Colors and Concepts, Drawing and Art, Mathematics, Personal Development, Phonics Reading, Science and Vocabulary along with 4 Level 1 phonics readers.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Little Miss loved using this curriculum, and loved having her own school to do along with her brothers. I loved that there was no planning needed on my part. If I had a few minutes, I would grab her, the tablet and we would go to town on one thing at a time.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

We would be able to pick and choose what we wanted to work on each time we had the chance. I loved the Bible lessons. The pictures are not “kiddy” pictures, they are real pictures. The artwork is beautiful and goes along with the story perfectly. The stories are not that long, but just right for the attention span of a preschooler.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

Although the Phonics Readers are in the preschool package, I have been using those for Ray Ray. He is my math wiz, and wants nothing to do reading. However, he is picking up on the reading now, so we are using these for him. He loves the stories for the stories, I love that the picture is located on a different page from the words so he can’t guess the words. He actually has to read the words and then he can go on to examine the picture. It is also nice on the tablet that there is no picture to distract him while he should be reading. He is zooming through these and actually asks to do his reading now!


The Kindergarten Curriculum eBook Set is set at Level 2. This should be done after Level 1 is completed. Once again there are 23 individual eBooks and the How To eBook. Included at this level are Bible, Brain Builder, Drawing Basics, Geography, History, Math, Phonics Reading, Science, Vocabulary and Writing & Penmanship.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

While Ray Ray loves the phonics in the Preschool set, he loves the math in this package just as much. The children are introduced to all these subjects by the reading of the books again. Once again, you are able to download and print or just use them on the tablet. With the use of the tablet you are able to pull this out as you see fit for time or attention.

These subjects are building off of the same subjects from Level 1 and your child will be more successful if you fully finish Level 1 first. I did a quick review with Ray Ray before jumping ahead to the Kindergarten level and he is doing well with these lessons.

A Review and Giveaway of Blue Manor Education

My favorite addition to the Kindergarten set that wasn’t in the Preschool set is the brain builders. We love to add any kind of logic lessons into our daily lessons. The kids think of them as games, and I love that they are using other parts of their brains to figure out the answers. The Brain Builders are no exception and Ray Ray loves to do these as his daily warm up.

If you are looking at a great way to get your kids into their school, give them a head start and build a love for learning, I highly recommend these programs from Blue Manor Education. And for a regular price of $39.99 for a full curriculum, you can’t really argue about the price!

Today you are all really lucky…I have been given the priviledge of being able to give away one of the Preschool Curriculums to one of you lucky readers! Enter in below!!

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20+ Free ABC Printables

20+ FREE ABC Printables


The best part about homeschooling the preschool age is that there isn’t much schooling, but a lot of fun and learning added into that fun. We did some fun things with Ray Ray when he was in preschool, and I am planning out Little Miss’s schedule since she is telling me she is ready for school.

The first thing that we focus on is our ABCs and 123s. You could go out and buy a curriculum, or like me, you can play on Pinterest and make your own “curriculum” or play schedule. I have taken those items and complied them here for you…book lists and free printables and activities for the ABCs this week…next week I will give you the same thing for the 123s.

The first thing…you can’t just hand your child a paper and think they are going to have fun, well some of them will, but for those who don’t, start and continue with fun books. Not only is reading with your children fun, but it helps their minds grow. Here are some fun ABC themed books to get them interested:

ABC Books for Fall

ABC Books for Winter

ABC Books for Spring

ABC Books for Summer

Top 10 Alphabet Books

Animal ABC Books

26 Alphabet Books

Alphabet Activities

ABC Handprints

Crafty ABCs

ABC Activities

Alphabet Weekly Themes

ABC Printables

Free Handwriting Worksheets for Preschool

Learn to Write the ABCs

Alphabet Mazes

Christmas Alphabet Book

Fall Q-Tip Painting Printables

Free Printable ABC Puzzles

Free ABC Handwriting Pages

(A Ton of) ABC Printables

ABC Printable Scripture Cards

Alphabet Do-A-Dot Printables


These are just a few of the many things I have found using Pinterest…I have my ABC Board that I keep adding to and love to have a variety of fun activities without being committed to one curriculum because I had to buy it. Little Miss loves doing different things each day, so if I keep it changing, she keeps having fun!

What do you do to learn the ABCs? Do you have a fun printable you want to share? Post it below in the comments…I would love to “Pin” it and add it to my board to use!

*At the time of posting these items were listed as free.*

Preschoolers and Peace ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Preschoolers and Peace Review

What ages do you have in your homeschool? Are you like me and have little ones who want your attention while you are trying to teach your older children? Kendra Fletcher helps you learn how to homeschool multiple ages while keeping the peace!

Taking the best of the information from the Preschoolers and Peace website, lead to the making of the e-book Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet. And this book is made for moms who have very little time to sit down and read!

There are 14 easy to read chapters in this book:

What a Homeschooling Mom Needs
Preparing Yourself to Homeschool Older Kids With Little Ones Underfoot
Planning Around Preschoolers
How Do I Keep Them Busy?
What Does a 2-Year-Old's Day Look Like?
How Do I Get Any Preschooling Done?
How Not to Just Kill Time
Circle Time: Or How We Pull the Little Ones In
Preschool Boys
When All of Your Kiddos Are Preschoolers
Preschool Chores
Planning for Preschool
When Mama is Worn Out (or Pregnant)
Meal Planning 101


Preschoolers and Peace Review


When I say easy to read, I mean easy to read! Kendra has thought about how busy we must be if we are reading a Preschoolers and Peace book before putting this all together! I don’t have “me time” to sit down and read like I used to…there are some times, but they are far and few between. But when I started reading Preschoolers and Peace, I was so happy to be able to read through a chapter, or two (!) and not feel guilty.

In this short, 47 page e-book, Kendra helps you to find the way to make your homeschool work, without telling you how to do it “by the book”. She is reminding us through the book, these are just ideas that have worked, and that we are all different families with different kids and to make sure we tweak the ideas to work for us. This is an awesome reminder that all of us moms need. We always strive to have that “prefect” homeschool (at least I do) and to know that there is no such thing, helps to loosen things up right away.

Kendra does talk about how God is needed to help you and how that is the same for your kids. I know that, but to be told that again, made me focus on that more. I am thankful for this if nothing else! Making sure to prepare yourself and your family each day with prayer and not just plans helps make the day run smoother!

But she doesn’t just talk about spending time with God, she goes over everything! Schedules are included in this everything. Now I love schedules…I love to look at them, but I always fail with them! Kendra has told me why when she explained her schedule. It made me look back and wonder about mine. After checking that over, I found that I was making my schedule wrong, and I am now able to make a schedule and a backup schedule to get us through the weeks of homeschooling!

There is a whole chapter on how to keep your littles busy! I have used some of these ideas, but the whole collection of them gives me so many fun new ideas to keep my littles busy for the years to come!

Before reading this book, I had thought long and hard about a circle time. But after reading the chapter on circle time, I really actually started using it! We have had so much more fun together and enjoy this time. We don’t start our day with it, but it gives us the break from the craziness of the day when we do sit down with each other.

I could honestly go on and on about the book…almost telling you the whole thing I loved it that much! But I want you to take some time, and read it. I want you to be touched by the simple but true writing that Kendra has done. I have been reading and re-reading the When Mama is worn out (or pregnant) chapter. There is so much information in there that I don’t want to miss any of it. It makes sense, hits home and I will need it more and more as we get closer to January!


I am just giving you a simple idea of the book and how much I loved it! I only have one preschooler underfoot right now, but check out the other reviews and see how true it hits home for those who have more little ones running around and how this will help you!
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Our Week in Review ~ August 25-29, 2014



So, here we are into our school year. I know that many of you are still waiting on Moe Man’s curriculum choices, and I will get there. We actually had a few things change with each child as the first few weeks got started and now that we seem to have a good thing happening I can get that list together.

This last week has been a busy and fun one for us. Our public school friends were here this week for “daycare”, and that meant kids wanting to play instead of learn. I stepped our studies back, a little, and let that happen. But I will tell you we didn’t skip out on everything.

Moe 8-29

Moe Man has been working on learning about the New World Explorers for American History. We have started using the Time Travelers Studies from Homeschool in the Woods and Moe Man loves the hands on fun with this! This week we got to learn how to tie some knots. We also started a new grammar program from IEW, Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Book. This is a simple way to work on grammar daily and I get to share a review with you soon!


Ray Ray has been working on his reading with BOB Books. He loves this because we have the Kindle edition, so he has an excuse to use the tablet! We have found a fun lesson plan over at This Reading Momma. We pick and choose the activities that we will use and only print those. We have fun stamps for some of these, but mommy pulled out our letter tiles, and everyone had fun with those! This week for math, I wanted Ray Ray to have fun. We started on our addition families. With this, we started our Addition Lapbook and used UberSmart Math Facts and Starfall to practice. Ray Ray is also working on mastering his number writing. He has never been a fan of writing, so we are taking our time instead of forcing it on this one.


Little Miss is just having fun for her learning! She has taken to loving Starfall like Ray Ray did at her age. The biggest difference I have noticed with Little Miss, she loves to write and draw! She got to have fun on the dry erase board this week and started drawing herself. Both Little Miss and Ray Ray watched some Magic School Bus for their Science lessons. I feel that at this age, the littles just need to be introduced to these topics. Little Miss love The Magic School Bus and it is one of those go to videos that I am thankful is available on Netflix streaming.

Together we are working on memorizing our prayers. Next week we are going to add in our Scripture memory for the year. We are going to use Verse Pack 1 from Simply Charlotte Mason. Lots of new things will be coming next week as we will be onto our full schedule instead of the getting started schedule. I hope that you will join me back here to see what we did!

I am linking this post up to My Week in Review at Home to 4 Kiddos.

Happy Kids Songs ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Happy Kids


Do you have that child who loves to listen to music all the time? The one who loves catchy tunes? Do you want to have them listen to songs that will help them build character, work on their attitude, manners and respect? Happy Kids Songs has some fun albums, like Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, Manners & Character and a fun activity book Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills.

What Is It

For this review we received a physical soft cover 125 page activity book. This book has activities to go along with all the songs of all 8 albums. When I say activity pages I am talking about the lyrics, coloring pages and activities that build on the song. You are able to include every child with this activity book with all different learning styles. And the nice thing is, you only need to buy the one ($13.95 list price) for all the albums instead of one for each album.

We also got 3 albums to download. You can find these downloads on either itunes or Amazon ($4.95 each album) and from there, you put it on the device you want to listen to them on. Each album contains 5 songs that goes with the theme of the album. Average length of all the songs is about 3 and ½ minutes long, which makes each album about 15-20 minutes long. Oh, and did I mention that each song is sang by kids for kids!?! This makes it even more appealing to the kids!

The topics covered in each of the three albums we received are:

Friends and Sharing

  • Shyness
  • Reaching out
  • Not being bossy
  • Dealing with goodbyes

Manners and Character

  • Lying
  • The golden rule
  • Respecting others
  • Accepting difference
  • Rudeness and manners

Happiness and Attitude

  • Being thankful
  • Positive thinking
  • Paths to happiness
  • Handling frustration
  • Time together/time apart


How Did We Use This

I downloaded all the songs first…and then lost them to Little Miss. Although these are recommended for ages 4-8, Little Miss was the happiest with them and listened the most. But I am fine with that…good topics and lessons within each song made it worthwhile for her! I did have Ray Ray listen in with Little Miss and we would color the pages together while talking about the songs. The Copyright of the book does allow you to make copies for home use if you are the one who purchased the book.

We also added in some of the activities to our Character time during the day. I had fun reading through the different ideas and finding those that would appeal to my kids, while still seeing other ideas too! I was able to find things that Ray Ray and Little Miss could do together…and while Moe Man is “too big” for the songs, I was able to find activities to help touch up on topics he needed refreshers in too.

Our Opinion

The songs are still being listened to by Little Miss. She is even singing along with them. When I asked her if she liked them, she told me to be quiet because she was listening to the music. I took that as a yes answer. I love them because I know they have a meaning behind them, and although some music just for music is good, I love having her sing and listen to songs with meaning.

I love the activity book as well. We have artistic kids who love to color, so we have been using the coloring sheets the most. I love being able to find a fun game to play when the kids are bored on rainy or too hot days and have it teach them something while they play. Come on, who doesn’t like to teach their kids while they are playing?!?

We love these songs and activity book, and I do recommend this to anyone who has a music loving child!

Stop by and read what everyone else is saying about Happy Kids Songs!

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Preschool 2014 Plans


Today I am going to tell you a little about Little Miss and her Preschool program. She is only 3, but LOVES to copy her brothers with school, so I figured this will be a good year to start her on something. I don’t want to push her into not liking school, but I want to challenge her if she is ready for it.

For Little Miss, I plan to start simple. I am using my edition of Before Five in a Row to plan out a simple schedule. We have “played” with BFIAR before, but this year I want to make sure to actually use it! (Check out when we did Runaway Bunny here.) The books listed are wonderful and with Pinterest you can find all sorts of activities to go along with all these stories (of course I have a board just for BFIAR!).

Before Five in a Row is the perfect program for ages 2-4. I don’t have access to all the books, but I have 90% of them between my house and the library. For her “extras” I plan to have Little Miss work on some free printables. I love the ones found over at Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1. These are not the only two sites I will be using, but those are my top two go to for Pre-K printables. Make sure to check out my Pinterest Board with some of my favorite units for Little Miss!

I plan on posting about these “rows” as we do them throughout this upcoming year. I hope that you will check back with us and see what kind of fun we can have with reading books!

Tomorrow I have a special review for those homeschool moms who need to Flourish. Trust me, you will want to read this! Then I hope to see you back here on Friday to see what Ray Ray gets to do this year! Do you think you might know? Let me hear your guesses!

ARTistic Pursuits ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Little Miss is still a little too "little" for real school, but she is my artsy girl. Anything to do with art and she is there. When I seen the opportunity to do a review on The Way They See It (Preschool) from ARTistic Pursuits, I jumped for joy for Little Miss! She was so excited when the package arrived and I told her that her art school was here. 

There are twenty-six lessons in this book. Although this is an art book for preschoolers, it is also an art book for the parents and teachers of the preschoolers. Each lesson starts with "Grown-up Talk" which tells the parents and teachers a little about the child's learning and understanding. It helps us see their art as they see it. The lesson goes next to a work of art from many diverse artists. There are fun little activities that you do with those pictures. Simple, yet fun things that help your little one look at and study the picture a little more than just a fun glance and go. And finally it is time for the kids to have fun! Each art activity for the children is based on the picture they were just studying. You will not be just coloring, you will painting, drawing, molding, and building. You are going to learn the art technique that was used for the picture study in each lesson.

The Way They See It (Preschool) is a spiral bound book. It does not include the supplies needed for the activities. I wouldn't worry too much about those…half of them I already had at home and the other half were not too spendy to grab from the store. You can grab your own copy for $47.95. The recommended age for this book is Preschool (3, 4, and 5).


I have listened to Little Miss and her desire to be artistic. We took a lesson a week and included Ray Ray with us on these fun "school lessons". I would take the time at the beginning of the week and read the Grown Up Talk for the lesson. I loved reading and having my eyes open to how my kids were seeing all the art around them. We would than move over to the kids paying attention to the different pictures for the week. We would study the picture one day, talk about it and do the activities talked about below it. The next day we would talk about what we remembered with the picture and talk about how they made that. We would than do the art activity that is listed in the book.

Ray Ray watched us one day and had to join in right away. These two kids of mine love their art and for them to see play doh pulled out made them smile! We would play with whatever technique we learned about for the rest of the week. We would only take one lesson and just stretch it out for the whole week. This was the perfect schedule for our family, and I am sure you could do more or less for your family.

So what was our final decision on this product? We loved it! And continue to love it every week! I loved reading about what my kids see. I loved seeing their art with new eyes. My kids just like when I let them pull out the art supplies 🙂 ARTistic Pursuits lists where you can find all the supplies if you can't find them at a local store, which I can see for the older programs. Like I mentioned, we were able to find the supplies we didn't already have at the local store and it didn't set up back any major funds. Why wouldn't you let your kids have fun?

If you are looking for an art program for your kids, I really think you need to stop over at ARTistic Pursuits. They have something for all ages. Don't believe me? Check out the other reviews!


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Curiosity Quest ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

curiosity quest


Curiosity killed the cat…but what child is not curious? If your children are curious, why not feed off of that and let them learn while they can. Let them lead you in the direction of the fun they want to have. Curiosity Quest is the best way to help with that!

As a part of this review, we were given a copy of the DVD Combo Pack – Produce and the DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea. Each of these DVDs sell for $24.95 and include three episodes on each one. 

These DVDs are not a curriculum. They are just a fun way to work with your child's natural curiosity. There are no quizzes or worksheets…although you can add in notebooking pages or unit studies if you would like. They are recommended for ages 7-14, but I can tell you that Little Miss (2) and Ray Ray (5 1/2) loved them more than Moe Man (13).

Curiosity Quest Review

The DVD Combo Pack – Produce has three episodes on it. The episodes include Cranberries, Mushrooms and Oranges. We love to eat mushrooms (Ray Ray HAS to have them with his steaks) and oranges in this house, and cranberries are always on our radar every since we learned about them at Thanksgiving. Joel has enough enthusiasm to grab anybody's attention and add in the funny things that happen? Yeah, the kids loved this DVD! We were able to learn about the growing and harvesting of these produce items. As much as we enjoyed these episodes, we are going to enjoy them again in the fall when we really focus on harvesting crops with our gardening unit.

Curiosity Quest Review

Of the two DVDs, the DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea was the favorite of the two at our house. We have watched this DVD so many times I have officially lost count! This DVD Combo Pack includes Salmon, Penguins and Sea Turtles. There was actually a fight over which episode we would be watching first, Ray Ray won with Sea Turtles 🙂 

Curiosity Quest Review

Ray Ray had to of course grab every turtle in the house and set them up while watching about turtles. Every few minutes I would get the "Wow, did you know…" comments from him, but other than that, he was loving the video. As much as Little Miss did not want to watch this episode, I witnessed her being a little more happy about it as she was brought in with Joel's great attitude and the fun questions from the kids. 

Curiosity Quest Review

Little Miss wanted to watch the Peguins episode. After our Sea Turtles we were happy to watch this one with her. We had fun learning about why the peguin doesn't fly and how many feathers they have.

Our use of these DVDs were very easy…when the kids were bored, or I needed some one on one time with one of the kids, we popped in a DVD. We got these DVDs during a time when we couldn't run outside to play, and mommy was getting sick of the boring TV shows and didn't want them anymore. These DVDs were a great life saver that grabbed the attention of the kids and helped them learn through their own curiosity. 

There is no right or wrong way to use these DVDs and that is nice. All you need to do is have fun! They now have a spot on the movie shelf and the kids will pick them out on their own. 

The episodes are all unscripted…some viewers have sent in questions to go with the topics, but that is the most of it. Joel takes the kids (and adults) into a fun and educational view of the different topics. Joel takes us on location in each episode to make sure that all the questions of the curious viewers are answered on the current quest.

My Honest Opinion

We loved watching Joel and all the fun that he brought into our house. We love the Fun Facts that were given to us, and we loved how these DVDs were geared to grab our attention and make us learn and laugh with them! I loved that my kids pick these off the shelves themselves now that they have seen them once. I love knowing I won't have to worry about what the kids are watching when I need to be busy. I can see us using these videos with upcoming unit studies. This makes them that much more valuable to us. Do I have any complaints? Not really…with how interested my kids were and how much they seemed to take in, and continue to take in, these are a good addition to our video shelf (heck, learning vs cartoons…yep I know what DVD I would buy first!).

Curiosity Quest is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Please stop by and show them some love! And don't forget to click below to see what other bloggers have to say about these DVDs!

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie ~ Our week and a Review

If you give a mouse a cookie

A beloved book and a fun way to learn this week! I took some time with Ray Ray and Little Miss to enjoy this book all over again. I remember when I bought it for Moe Man…years ago when he was little like Ray Ray…oh, the memories!

We took this book and did a "Five in a row" type week…finding many different and fun resources for both ages! I pinned them over here on my Pinterest board just for this book! Each day last week we would sit down and read the book. But this time, I started it differently. Before I read the book, I told Ray Ray the title and asked him to tell me the story by just looking at the pictures. I LOVED this "picture walk" through the book.

We also did a review with this book. Have you heard of HS Highlights? I hadn't until now, and fell in love with these simple Unit Studies. They have Unit Studies and Lapbooks for picture books up to chapter books. If you can think of it, they will probably have it. We worked through a few of the activities I felt were Ray Ray's age and enjoyed how we were not only doing reading and writing, but math and science too!


A simple download of the 39 page eBook, and we were ready to get started on our way! Included in the download, you have a sample of the carry along lapbook you can make (we are still in this process since we added some other resources as well), with an actual picture of the sample with labels as to where you can put all your activities as you finish them. I love this idea, but for Ray Ray, he has to do it HIS WAY. He has always been this way, and I don't see it changing 🙂

If you have done lapbooks before, you have everything you need to complete this! If you haven't, it doesn't take much more than some file folders, heavier paper (or cardstock) and glue… But this unit also has a pattern for making a felt mouse! The activities were a fun way to study the book. We didn't do all of these activities because of Ray Ray's abilities, but I do see this as something we will pull out again next year and add onto.

This Unit Study Lapbook is available on HS Highlights webpage for $2.00 and is well worth that price! After looking at all of the activities and doing what we have done, the only problem I have with it is I wasn't able to do everything yet 🙂 I can't wait until the littles are a little bigger and than we will be able to finish it all! (Moe Man is not being left out, he is just working on his Percy Jackson Unit Study, which we will tell you about later!)


We did add a few other things into this unit that I felt were needed. Ray Ray is still working on those cutting skills, so we found some cookies to cut out! He enjoyed this for the first half, than said cutting circles was too hard. I was happy for how far he made it. We got to compare the mouse in the story to our Gerbil (desert mouse) here at home. We also had a good time with cookies and milk…don't forget the straw! Ray Ray even had to draw a picture and sign his name, with a pen. 

This was such a fun unit and I loved introducing this book again to the kids! What are some of your favorite books to read and study with your kids?




Reading the Alphabet Week 2

Reading the Alphabet


This last week I had some fun with the two little ones. We didn't do too much, Ray Ray was sick, but we did have fun! I found this wonderful program before Christmas, it is called Reading the Alphabet. Becky over at This Reading Mama has it listed there and I fell in love!


This week we were learning about the letter "F" and the sight word "the". We also decided to read The Mitten, but I will share more on that next week because we found more activities to go with it and are going to read it for another week!


We started our week by reading our letter book. Actually, Ray Ray read it to Little Miss and I got to sit back and listen…why didn't I take a picture of them reading? I don't know. I was enjoying them being nice to each other for once I guess!

We got to do the all time favorite poke page for our sight word. Ray Ray has always loved this and now Little Miss is joining in on the fun. She doesn't quite follow the letters, but it is still the fine motor skills, so I am happy. This week instead of using a toothpick to poke the page, we used the small push pins. It was a little harder to hold on to, but it really built those finger muscles!

One of our favorite things this week was the football numbers. I would call out a number and Ray Ray would color the circle in. He loved knowing the numbers and I loved that he would help Little Miss do her circles after that. 

I love the confidence that we are building as readers. Ray Ray is saying all the sounds to the letters and is picking up on the sight words! I have officially been yelled at because he wanted to read to me not have me read to him…all because the first word in the sentence was "the" and he knew that word!

I can't wait to start on our new week, letter and word tomorrow. I hope you will hop on back and see what we do with that and see the fun we have had with The Mitten!

Becky has a new book that is on sale right now for $3.99! It is How to Choose "Just Right" Books and helps you find the books that will help your children grow as readers and not cause undo frustration. I am enjoying this book as we "speak" and can't wait to finish it!!



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