No Longer Little – A Homeschool Crew Review

As a parent, there are many different stages that we have to help guide our children through. We have the infant and toddler stage where we are helping them get used to the world around us, and the teenage years as we prepare our children for their place in the world. A topic that you don’t always think about is the tween age, but this age is another very important step for our children.

Hal and Melanie Young with Great Waters Press have brought us a book to help us through the tween age (8-14years old). No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens With Grace and Hope is a book for the parents of tweens to help guide them through this age with grace and hope.

What It Is

No Longer Little is a paperback book with about 185-pages. This book is geared towards parents of boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 14. You will be walked through things like hormones, emotional upheaval, spiritual, sexuality and virtue, family relationships, and youth in the Bible to name a few.

Throughout this book, you will receive real encouragement, practical help, and overall support from one parent to the next. I will have to say, this is a book I was interested in, until I started reading it, and realized this is a book I need, especially if you currently have a tween or will be having one very soon.

Hal and Melanie Young have written many great books that I have come to love, one of the most notable is Raising Real Men. With my two oldest being boys, I fell in love with this book. Knowing their honest and real style of writing made me excited to read No Longer Little with Ray Ray in mind. While Little Miss is 7, I found a lot of things that related to her while I was reading this also.

How We Used It

There really is no we in how it was used, unless you count mom reading and telling dad what she was learning. This is not a book that I used with the kids, other than saying, “Oh my! I just read a story about you, but it is really not about you.” Yes, I had those moments when reading this book. I felt like Hal and Melanie were talking about my children, yet they were talking about their own as they went through the same stages as mine are entering.

I read this book in my “free” time. I don’t really have a lot of free time, but this book was an easy read. In each chapter, there were subsections that allowed me to pick it up and set it down throughout the day. This is what made it really easy for me to read. I didn’t feel compelled to read a whole chapter at once but was able to easily do so when the time allowed me to.

Another thing that made this book easy to read is that I kept saying, “Wow that is Ray Ray all the way.” “I can see Little Miss doing this!” Knowing that I was able to actively relate the topics to my children made me want to read more.

What I Thought About It

I LOVED this book! I can’t say anything other than that. I really truly loved the way it was written and all that was covered. I could relate to 90% of the topics that were covered and saw my children in the examples given. This made it easy to relate to the book and the advice given was something that was needed in our house.

I love reading books where I can actually see my child in the book, and reading a few examples aloud and seeing Ray Ray and Little Miss looking at me wondering how they could be in a book with their actions or reactions to things let me know this was a book that was needed in our house.

From reading No Longer Little, I was able to find new ways to deal with the changes we are going through, big and small. This allowed me to handle the situations in a new and loving way. I was able to change my reaction, which in turn changed my child’s reaction. We have found a nice balance in how to deal with these topics that many tend to skip over.

I can tell that by helping guide my children through this time in their life, that I am building a more solid foundation for when we actually hit those teen years. Having a good relationship with them now will help in the following teen years when they struggle with who they are and where they fit in the world.

This is not a book for homeschoolers alone. This is a book for anyone with a tween! If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 14, you need to have this book in your house! If you don’t and are struggling with this age, you should grab this book.

Hal and Melanie also have an audiobook out for your teenage boy, Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Towards Sexuality. Moe Man is in the middle of something right now, but I do plan on having him listen to this. If you want to know more about this or No Longer Little, check out the reviews by the other crew member right here:

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Bible Study Guide For All Ages – A Homeschool Crew Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

We love learning about the Bible in our house. The kids love things that are interactive and fun. There is a Bible curriculum that I have had my eye on for many years, but I just didn’t know if it was the one. After spending the last few weeks with the Bible Study Guide For All Ages, I am sad that I wasted all those years and would have jumped right away!

For this review, we had our hands on the Beginner (3-K) set that comes with the Beginner Student Pages and Beginner Time Line, as well as the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) set that came with the Intermediate Student Pages, Intermediate Teacher Key, and the Bible Book Summary Cards.

What It Is

This is a hands-on physical product that my kids were able to touch and color on. We started at the beginning, and the Beginner and Intermediate levels followed along the same time line. That means that I was able to work with both kids at the same time without any of us getting confused.

These levels talk about Joseph, Daniel, and the start of Jesus’ life. You are able to see the order of study by looking here. Unit 1 is the first 104 lessons, ending with Jesus’ last week.

The Beginner Level is geared for age 3 or 4 up to Kindergarten. This curriculum uses engaging activities, a Bible story, review system, and Bible drills to name a few. This is a great level for children who don’t know how to read or who are just starting to read. At the beginning of the set of lessons contains some quick teacher instructions. These instructions allow me to know what I need to know to help Little Miss learn more about the Bible.

Along with this, we also got the Beginner Time Line. This is a great way to show the events of the Bible to your children in a simple way. These time line pieces are 8×10 color pictures. The pictures are simple and easy to understand. They are colorful and easy to understand. They ask simple questions, like “Who was the first mand? Who was the first woman?” This simple drill as we look at the time line allows the kids to answer the questions and remember the order of events in the Bible.

The Intermediate Level includes a similar set-up but is geared towards the older ages. Your child will still work through an interactive Bible story, review games and Bible drills, but they will also be using a time line and map drills to help them dig deeper into the study they are working on. While the student pages include the Teacher Quick Start on the first page, they also have a teacher key for this level that gives you a little more for the beginning of the lesson and all the answers for the question that are asked of the kids at this level.

To go with this level, we received the Small Bible Book Summary Cards. On the front of these cards are pictures showing what the main concepts of each book of the Bible are. The back of the cards provides a short summary of the book as well as review questions that you can use to quiz your children and see what they remember. Ray Ray has never been a fan of flash cards, so he is still hesitant about using these, but has been improving as I pull them out from time to time.

How We Used It

When I first thought about using this program with the kids, I thought I would have both Little Miss and Ray Ray using the Intermediate Pages and Baby Girl would use the Beginner Pages. However, when I got the Intermediate Pages (just one set to look at first) and the Beginner Pages, I decided that Little Miss would be better with the Beginner Pages over the Intermediate Pages as she is still working on her reading skills.

We would sit down at the kitchen table three days a week to work on our lessons. These lessons would only take us 20-30 minutes each day, depending on how talkative the kids were that day. They only require a Bible to read the stories from and some sort of colored item to color with. We set aside a set of colored pencils just for this course and kept them with the student pages.

I would read the story from the Bible and work over the lessons with the kids. Being at two different levels, they each did different activities on the pages, but they were very similar. I would be able to get one child started and get the second one started on theirs. We were easily able to work through the lesson without confusion or frustration on anyone’s part.

What We Thought Of It

My kids are in love with this Bible Study Curriculum! They don’t fight me when I tell them it is time to do it and actually look forward to it. They remember that we learned in previous lessons, which is something that we have had issues with before. While the lessons take about 20-30 minutes, this did not deter my children. They had fun, yes fun, the whole time we were working on the lessons. There was enough interaction with the lessons, that they kept the kids interested.

As we neared the end of the review period, I asked the kids if they wanted to keep using this or look for something different. Both kids were very insistent that we kept using this and asked if we could get more once we finished these pages that we had in front of us. They loved this curriculum, and I also did.

Having these two separate ages, and knowing the teaching would be a little different, I was surprised to see how easy it was to teach the two different levels at the same time. For a busy mom like me, I was happy to find a Bible Study Curriculum that worked with both of these ages at the same time. Knowing I only had to teach the lesson once was a blessing and sanity saver for me.

If you are looking for a Bible Curriculum that will work with multiple ages in your homeschool, I highly recommend the Bible Study Guide For All Ages. If you want to hear about how it works with other homeschool families, click the image below and check it out!

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Grammar and Writing from Hake Publishing – A Homeschool Crew Review

Grammar is one of those subjects that I just don’t know how to teach. I know what I want to say, but how do I explain it to my 3rd-grade son? Hake Publishing has taken all the guesswork out of the teaching process with their Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 curriculum.

What Is It

This grammar and writing curriculum comes with everything you need to teach your 3rd-grade child the proper usage of grammar and writing. You will get the Teacher Guide, Student Textbook, and Writing Workbook. These books are all you will need to teach your homeschool child all they need to know about grammar and writing.

The Student Textbook includes 111 lessons. After every 10 lessons or so, you will do a writing lesson from the Writing Workbook. The Writing Workbook consists of 21 lessons. Together this makes 132 lessons to cover a whole year of learning.

Your Teacher Guide includes not only the lesson plans for each lesson and the answers to the student workbook but also some extra practice if you notice your child lacking in some areas as well as tests that you will give about every 10 lessons.

You simply need to have your child work through one grammar or writing lesson each day depending on the day and by the end of the year, they will have a firm grasp on all they need to know about grammar and writing for the 3rd-grade level.

How We Used It

We started off by me teaching the lesson to Ray Ray. I would read the prompts from the teacher guide and have him answer the questions before working on the questions for the day. However, he did not like this. He found that he liked to take his book and work on it on his own. As much as I didn’t want to do this, at the same time, I am trying to raise self-learners, so this worked on that aspect.

Each day, Ray Ray would open his student textbook and go through the lesson. I would follow behind him and correct any that he got wrong. If I noticed that he was struggling, I would assign an added practice from the teacher guide for the next day, but I didn’t have to do this very often.

After every ten lessons, there would be a test and a writing assignment. Ray Ray has never really had tests before, so this was a new thing for him. He really liked them. He is a competitive type of person, so he aimed high on these and really wanted to accel at them. I did not tell him about the tests until the day before the first one, so when he had the test, he was a little nervous but aced it without a problem. That means that everything he was working on in the first nine to ten lessons was tested without him knowing that he would be tested, and he had no issue with it at all! He knew all that he needed to know with the simple daily practice that was included in the daily lessons.

What We Thought

After trying something similar with Moe Man in the older ages, I was looking for something like this for Ray Ray. I was happy to find that with Hake Publishing. I love the idea of introducing something new while still including the daily practice of what was already learned. Ray Ray proved that this was a benefit when he took his first test and had no issues with it.

Hake Publishing has given me something that works for my child. The lessons are to the point and allow him to progress without a lot of extra nonsense. We can use this in conjunction with a literature program to round out our language arts curriculum.

I am in love with the fact that Ray Ray can go through the lessons on his own with little help from me. Ray Ray loves that the lessons don’t take him all day and that each day he has a review from the lessons that he has had in the past.

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Traditional Logic from Memoria Press – A Homeschool Crew Review

Finding a way to teach logic can be hard. You want to make sure you cover the bases, but you want your child to understand it as well. I have found that Traditional Logic I Complete Set from Memoria Press.

What Is It

The Traditional Logic I Complete Set includes Instructional DVDs, Student Text, Student Workbook, Quizzes and Tests Book, and the Teacher Key.

This is a high school logic course, but with the way it is written, even 7th graders can read and understand this curriculum. This text provides an in-depth study of the classical syllogism as well as a basic understanding of the Christian theory of knowledge. Through this text, your child will see the four kinds of logical statements, the four ways propositions can be opposed, the three ways in which they can be equivalent, and the seven rules for the validity of syllogisms.

The student text is written for the student. It is easy to read, and easy to understand. Main ideas are bolded or pulled out to the side to draw attention to them. To go along with this book is the student workbook. This is like a study guide that goes along with the text. Each chapter is broken down into specific exercises for four days ending with a review that can be done on the 4th or 5th day.

At the end of each chapter, there is a quiz available in the Quizzes and Tests book. There is also a Final Exam to make sure that your child has retained the information they have learned.

Finally, there are the instructional DVDs. These are DVDs that bring a logic teacher into your house to go over the lessons with your child. It is like your child is sitting in a classroom with the teacher showing all the key points and slides to go along with all that they have read.

How We Used It

I got this set with Moe Man in mind. I have had him used other logic curriculums in the past, and while I loved them, he had a hard time understanding them. With Traditional Logic I, I gave Moe Man his books and let him decide if he wanted my help, or if he wanted to go on his own. After going over the introduction, Moe Man decided that he felt confident to go on his own for this course.

Besides the exercises, nothing has a set schedule. Moe Man would read the lesson on Mondays and work through the exercises the rest of the week, ending with the quiz. He did spend a little time watching the DVD but learns better by reading and doing versus watching and doing when it comes to this.

What We Thought Of It

Moe Man really loves using this curriculum. He has not argued it one bit when he sees it on his school schedule, and will even do it when I forget to put it on the calendar each week, unlike his math! Knowing that he is willing to do this no matter what tells me that he understands it.

He is able to read the lesson and work through the study guide each day. He tried to use the DVD, and while I loved listening to it, he found it easier just to use the text and skip the DVD.

The text was written in a great way. I rarely see Moe Man not leaning on a video to help him understand the words he has read. To see him read something and understand it, I love to know that he is able to learn differently. Knowing how to read something and understand it, is huge, especially for Moe Man. Seeing him learn on his own had me thrilled!

If you are looking for a logic curriculum that will allow your student to learn the way they learn best, you will want to check out Traditional Logic I.

Memoria Press offers many other curricula that works for many students. Check out the reviews from the other crew members right here:

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T is for Tree – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning the alphabet is key to learning to read and write. But when you are younger, learning the alphabet should be fun. I love finding books that teach the alphabet so that I can read them to the kids. T is for Tree: A Bible ABC is a great alphabet book from Reformed Free Publishing Association that teaches the alphabet from a Christian perspective.

T is for Tree is a hardcover book that talks about all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is about something that God made for us and is followed up with a Bible verse that goes along with the letter word. Each page also contains a beautiful color picture that goes along with the word.

Even though each page has a letter and word, writing about the word and Bible verse to go with the word, the writing/reading on each page is not more than two or three sentences. It was enough for my 3-year-old daughter to sit through in one sitting.

 photo 20180521_001858_zps0qdyech4.jpg

Using this book in our house was easy! A lot of the time, Baby Girl would bring me the book to read to her. She loves books, and as soon as we got this one, she was excited about reading it with us. We would read the book out loud, pausing at different times on different letters to talk about the word or the Bible verse that went along with it.
 photo 20180518_212524_zpsjtdbnvcv.jpg

We haven’t done much as far as school yet for Baby Girl, she just hasn’t shown the interest, but she loves books. That means, that with a book like this, not only do we get the read-aloud time with her, but we are introducing the letters and the Bible all at the same time. This makes me happy knowing that she is not only learning her alphabet but that she is learning about the wonders of God at the same time.

Baby Girl loved this book. She loved looking at the pictures whether I was reading it to her or not. She found them intriguing and could tell me what the pictures were about after the second time we read them. I loved listening to her talk about those pictures and seeing what she could remember. This was my cue to see where to push her a little more and what she already knew.

Another thing we loved to do was pick a letter and use that Bible verse as a memory verse. While she is only three, I had no worries that we could work on memorizing the Bible. We started with some of the simpler ones, and so far, she is doing great! I love knowing that as we come to a page where she has the verse memorized, she would jump in and say that verse to me. In my opinion, children are never too young to memorize the Bible and introducing it in a fun way like a book like this was the perfect way to do it!
 photo 20180518_212938_zpsifmjfwyb.jpg
If you are looking for a fun way to introduce letters and Bible memory to your younger children, I would tell you to grab a copy of T is for Tree. This book will allow you to combine letters and Bible for your children in one simple and fun way.

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Preschool Learning with PandaParents – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning is something that is supposed to be fun. And preschool learning should especially be fun. We love interactive learning in the house, so when we had the chance to review PandaParents, we jumped at the chance. Baby Girl has fallen in love with MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTENERS program that we have had access to.

We received digital access to this program, and the physical program is expected to be ready in December 2018. There were three books that we started with, A Jolly Jingling Journey, Scotty and Mommy Baby. We had access to the videos on Vimeo, each of the eBooks on PDF PowerPoint, and the workbooks to go with each, also on PDF PowerPoint.

What makes PandaParents and M.E.S.S.Y. Learning different from other preschool learning and videos that your kids can watch? Well, instead of learning just one subject at a time and mastering one level, or stepping stone, at a time, M.E.S.S.Y. Learning combines subjects and focuses on building brain networks with creative designs.

So, I keep talking about M.E.S.S.Y. Learning, but what does that really mean? Mixed pre-school subjects, Engaging questions and activities, Simple, Smart designs, and Yeah, a new way to promote pre-school STEM education. This is not a common curriculum, it does not focus on rote memorization, and it is not an electronic babysitter. This program is for you to use with your child. They will not get anything out of it if you don’t help them.

When it says it is simple, it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First, you read the books to your child and watch the videos that go with the book. These videos are an animated version of the book. They really make the story come to live for the kids. Next, we learn with the colorful workbooks. These workbooks contain many fun activities that go over the many subjects that your child is learning. Finally, you and your child create fun and engaging art activities.

We took our time with this program. Baby Girl is 3, just turned 3 in January. She has not shown a lot of interest in any kind of formal schooling, so I don’t push it, but this looked different, and I wanted to try it. I am glad I did. She fell in love with it! This was a fun program that reached her and made learning fun for her.

We picked three days each week to work on the books and workbooks. We would start by reading the book together and watching the video. We would talk about what happened, and I would lead the discussion to talk about what we learned while reading the book. This is all we would do the first day. The next day, we would start by watching some or all of the video. Some are longer, while others are short 5 minute videos. We would follow this up with a few worksheets. I had to be picky on some of the worksheets. Some were too hard for Baby Girl, so we would talk about it if we could, or skip over it if there wasn’t something to talk about.

The workbook took us a few days to get through. Each book is supposed to last about a month. Every day that we worked on the workbook pages, we would either reread the book or watch the video. I paced the worksheets to Baby Girl’s attention span. Some days I could get 4-5 worksheets, other days I could get maybe 1 or 2. Other days, I would split the worksheets up throughout the day.

These workbooks, in the physical edition, would include stickers to go with the pages you are working on with your child. With the digital edition, some pages contained what would be the stickers. I did not mind not having stickers. Stickers end up everywhere in our house, just not on the paper they are supposed to. Instead, I let Baby Girl do the one thing she loves to do, I let her glue the pieces onto the page after I cut them out. This was by far her favorite thing to do!

Finally, we get to create something. Each book has something different at the end of the book to create. These can then be given to mom, dad, siblings, or other family members or friends. This is a great way to finish the book and the workbook.

We love spending time with PandaParents. Baby Girl has learned a lot. She is usually excited to sit down and work on her school, and I am happy to see her learning. When I asked her what she thought of PandaParents, she told me she loved the videos and the gluing, just like I thought!

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Kids Email – A Homeschool Crew Review

We live in a world where technology is in almost every home. With technology, people are able to communicate with friends and family from all over the world. While there are many email options for adults, kids have a harder time getting an email account that is safe for them to use. This can be a thing of the past with Kids Email. We have been spending time using our subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids.

Kids Email is a safe email program for kids to use. This gives them the freedom to connect family and friends while being safe and protected from unwanted emails. This means that they won’t get those nasty spam emails that we deal with as adults. They also won’t get emails from unknown people who could cause danger to your children.

With Kids Email, you as the parent, have control over the account. You will be able to set up the account for your child in the way that you see fit. There are options for younger kids and older kids, including teens. We used this with Ray Ray (9) and Little Miss (6), so we used the kids account for both of them.

There are numerous options to make this email experience one fo the best for both you and your child. The one that I really loved was the contact manager. My kids could not get emails from anyone who I did not previously approve. If an email comes to their account from an unapproved contact, it goes to my account first. I have to approve the contact to email my kids before my kids even knew they were getting that email.

Now, my kids don’t use this email on any devices other than the computers on the main living floor. If they had access to their emails from other devices, I could set time limits on their accounts. This means that I could set a time, during the night or school hours, that they could not access their account.

We have family that lives close to us. That means that the kids don’t typically need to email anyone. However, we had the chance to connect with other homeschool families who also had access to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids. They were able to make new friends from all over the world!

The first thing the kids wanted to do was to customize their email accounts. They were able to pick their backgrounds, and I was able to give them an email with @kmail instead of @kidsemail. While my kids were not too worried about this feature, others may not want their friends to know they have a “kids email” account.

Since we don’t have family far away from us, we haven’t been using the email as often as others may. However, we have been checking it at least once a week. The kids love to read their new emails, but they don’t always like taking the time to write back. In fact, they often ask me to do the typing while they tell me what to write.

The kids loved having the option of meeting new friends from around the world, and I loved that they could email without the worry of the spam or unknown people emailing. They loved having their own email account, and I loved being in control of it without being a control freak.

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Christian Books by Kayla Jarmon – A Homeschool Crew Review

We love books in our house! That should be no surprise for anyone who has read about our Blogging Through the Alphabet Books series. When we were given a chance to check out three Christian books from Kayla Jarmon, we were excited! We enjoyed reading A Boy and His Dog, Don’t Forget Me, and Dying is Part of This World in a digital flipbook style.

A Boy and His Dog is a cute picture book about all the adventures that a boy and his dog go on through the day. While reading this full-color book, we see all the adventures that these two friends go on during the day. We are also reminded of the true friendship that a boy and his dog have and also how boys never really seem to outgrow this friendship with their dogs. 

Don’t Forget Me is the first book in the Discussion Series books. This is a book about a baby growing in mommy’s tummy and how God keeps reminding the baby that He will always be there and never to forget Him. We follow along with the growth of the baby, how they love the sound of Mom and Dad and how the room is getting small. This is an excellent book for an expecting couple or even a child who will be a big brother or sister. Don’t Forget Me is another beautiful picture book.

Dying is Part of This World is a book that helps a child through someone dying. This is the second book in the Discussion Series books. Dying is Part of This World is different from the other two books, as it is a chapter book. But is it a simple chapter book. There are different stages of dealing with death, and this book covers them all from the fear to the second death and God’s economy. By reading this book, you are able to help your child know and understand that death is normal and while it is scary, it is also a good thing.

All of these books were great books, but after getting these books, my great grandpa, the kids great, great grandpa passed away. He was 103, so we knew this time was coming, but it was not easy. We were able to work our way through our emotions by reading through this book and answering the questions at the end of each chapter. While the girls were a little too little to understand much of it, Ray Ray really took to the book to help him deal with his emotions.

Kayla Jarmon took the time to write some beautiful books that are focused on God and His plan for us, from the beginning to the end of our lives. I am so thankful that we had these books at this time in our lives. They have brought joy as well as understanding to our family. We have a new cousin on the way, and great grandpa passed, so the kids were able to relate to the books. Are was a little upset that dog book featured a boy because she is the dog lover in our house, but she related so much to this beautiful story!

If you are looking for good, solid Christian books that help your child understand that God has a plan for everything, these books are what you are looking for!

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Learn to Read with Reading Kingdom – A Homeschool Crew Review

Reading is one of those topics that scare me. I always worry about how I am doing, or not doing. When Little Miss was getting ready to read, I noticed a few issues. However, with Reading Kingdom, the worries I once had, have disappeared!

Reading Kingdom is an online program that works on teaching your child how to read. This program is geared towards ages 3-10 and will help your child work on reading and writing up to a third-grade level (Lexile 750).

Reading requires six different areas, sequencing, writing, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension. Most other programs only focus on sounds, but Reading Kingdom focuses on all six of these areas.

While it is an online program, it is easy for kids to navigate. I don’t have to do anything other than log into our account, and Little Miss takes over from there. She is taken to where she left off and is able to continue on with the click of a button.

It is recommended that your child logs in and uses this program 4 days each week. When you log in, you can see how many days your child has been using the program on average. You are also able to see your child’s current level, their percentage that they have completed and their performance level.

This was the week after great grandpa passed away, so we had missed a few days.

If you want, you can even sign up to get a weekly email of your child’s activity each week.

Once your child logs in, they are taken to where they left off last. The lessons take about 20-30 minutes depending on how fast the child works. They will have about 10-30 activities to complete to finish the lesson for the day.

30 may seem like a lot of activities, but most of these are listen to the computer say the focus word of the lesson and type it. This is simple, and your child will progress through the lesson rather quickly.

After learning what the word looks like and how to write it, your child will be able to start using the word in sentences. The computer will tell them exactly what to do each step of the way. They are not supposed to have help from mom or dad, and every time I stepped in to watch Little Miss, I would hear, “Mommy, you can’t help me. Go away.”

I had initially planned on having both Little Miss and Ray Ray use this program, but Ray Ray can already read at a 6th-grade level. After trying this for a few days, we opted to let him step down from using this as it was too easy.

Little Miss, however, loved using this program. She would beg me to use this first this upon waking up. She would work through the day’s lesson and have so much fun spelling the words she learned each day. We had no issues with her logging in and getting through the lessons. Our other favorite part, if she had to stop the lesson halfway through for some reason, she would not have to start over. When she logged back in later in the day, it would take her right to where she left off!

As Little Miss continued through the activities on Reading Kingdom, I noticed her spelling more words throughout the day, not just when she was on the computer. She would be able to draw a picture and actually write the word of what she drew! This is huge for me because I was very worried about her not spelling or sounding things out just a few short months ago!

In just 15-20 minutes a day, I have seen Little Miss learn to read with Reading Kingdom!

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Weigl Publishers – A Homeschool Crew Review

We love books in this house. Reading books is something that is natural in the house. But there is something about making the reading interactive that draws the kids in and makes them enjoy it that much more. Weigl Publishers has done that! We had the chance to explore with Glaciers, A Lion’s World, and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant.

My kids were excited to get the chance to read some new books, but when I used the digital code within the books and made them interactive on the computer, they were stunned! They didn’t want to stop. Using these codes, unlocked a new way to read and learn for us.

Glaciers is from the science series “Earth’s Waters.” This book is intended for kids in grades 3-6. I had Ray Ray take a look at this, and he got lost in it. There was so much for him to do when he opened the book in Lightbox. I didn’t even have to argue with him to do the worksheets or quizzes that are included. He was confident in what he read and played around with, that he knew he could do these quizzes.

A Lion’s World is part of the “Eye Discover” series. This book is geared at K-2 grade kids. Little Miss loves animals, so I was excited to show her this book. Using the Eye Discover site with this book allowed Little Miss to see a video to go along with the book. The videos were of excellent quality, and they had Little Miss’ attention more than a page in a book would have.

Finally, we took a look at There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant. This is a fun fiction story that is also geared towards K-2nd graders. However, Baby Girl is the one who loved this book the most.

We had a few weeks when we just weren’t that interested in doing school. Things came up, the weather was too nice, and pulling out the textbooks just didn’t seem like something we wanted to do. Something the kids did want to do was play on the computer with these books. I didn’t argue at all!

Little Miss and Baby Girl had fun listening to the stories, and we were able to talk about what they learned from A Lion’s World. I counted this as their school. Little Miss picked up on so much about lions from watching the videos that were on the interactive book. I loved hearing her tell everyone in the house about them!

Ray Ray had a little more to do. He took about a week to work through Glaciers. I am sure he could have gone faster, but he had fun just doing a page or two and the activities that came with those pages. He even found out that you could type your answers in on the computer, and was upset that I wouldn’t let him do that. We had to work on handwriting somehow!

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