Mega Rhyming Unit ~ Educents Review

Rhyming Unit

Have you ever heard of Educents? Educents is a website that offers wonderful deals on learning items! They always have a new deal and these deals are not just small little deals, they are HUGE!

I was recently contacted by Educents to see if I wanted to review part of their Educents Preschool Rocks Bundle. When I looked into this bundle, I was more than happy to help out!

We choose the Rhyming Unit from the bundle, but there are a total of 19 downloadable units in this Preschool Bundle. The retail value is set at $106.00, but Educents has taken 71% off and you can get it for $29.99!!

Ray Ray has begun to enjoy the reading aspect of life, so we printed up the whole unit right away and got to work having fun! Nothing seemed like school work to him and Little Miss felt that she had to join in with the fun also! We started with a game where you spin the spinner and see what word family you get, instead of coloring the pictures, I had each child find a picture from that family. They loved the game and were quite disappointed when I said we had to stop…


Ray Ray's favorite game was when he had to pull out his magnify glass and spot the small pictures on the larger ones and than write the answer down. He felt so grown up and like he was a police officer! There were 17 activities in this ONE unit! We wanted to try them all out…but are still using it everyday with new activities. 

I did not find anything that I did not like about this Unit. I loved how fun and cute the designs were. How easy it was to follow the simple instructions and how much fun the kids had with it. I would recommend this Bundle to anyone who is teaching Preschool/Early Kindergarten Students. It is good for homeschoolers and public school classrooms alike! It is very easy to adapt between the two without losing any of the content. Not a homeschooling mom or school teacher? That is ok too…this Bundle would work good as fun, educational activities to use together in your spare time.

You can follow along with Educents on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Account or their Blog page. Go ahead and become a member today…don't miss out on these wonderful deals anymore!!



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Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal ~ Review


Have you heard of C. S. Lewis? I am sure you have heard of his Chronicles of Narnia Series. That is what I think of when I hear his name. But is that all you think of? Well, now I want you to think of Mere Christianity when you hear his name. 

The classic work commonly known as Mere Christianity is actually a four-book series which explores the common ground upon which all Christians stand. It brings together Lewis’ legendary radio talks broadcast during World War II previously published as: Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe, What Christians Believe, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality (or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity) , and provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear this powerful apologetic for the Christian faith.


Stacy Farrell from Home School Adventure Co. wrote her Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal to go along with this wonderful book. The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is a great tool that will help you to strengthen your critical thinking skills while still cultivating a biblical worldview. Stacy had originally created the journal to be a companion resource to her wonderful Philosophy Adventure, but there is nothing stopping you from using in group or independent studies for teenagers through adults.

You are able to order the Journal in two formats, either spiral bound print or PDF digital copy. Both of these copies are $28.95. However, if you order before January 31, 2014 and use code 10FFMC you will be able to get 10% off! 

This journal provides 10-16 questions to go along with each chapter in Mere Christianity and they can be discussed among many groups from homeschools to Sunday school groups and among families. With the purchase of the PDF copy, you would be able to print and write your answers in or you can use the really cool typeable format and just type your answers right on the screen!

Now you love the way this all sounds, but you don't have a copy of Mere Christianity you say? Well, here is a little secret I will share with you. You can download a free copy of Mere Christianity right here.

Since I don't have any high school students at home (yet), I used this journal for myself. And I LOVED it! First of all, when do I get to read something other than picture books? (Not saying that I mind that!) It was nice to spend some time sitting down and reading something a little more grown up. But than to add in letting me think more critically and to take my mind off lesson plans…yeah, I kind of liked that one 🙂 

I have been taking my time while reading this book and working through the questions that Stacy has put together in her Journal. I have really enjoyed reading more about the Christian faith and learning more about myself in the process. This is a book that I would recommend to families with older children, or even as a family to discuss and bible study groups. This is not just a "homeschool" journal in the least bit! I have honestly not found one thing to complain about at all! Nothing! Stacy has done a wonderful job once again!

Now that I have you interested, why don't you join us tonight (1/16/14) for a Facebook party! It will be at 8 pm Eastern time and will include lots of fellowship and some giveaways. Please come help us celebrate the launch of this wonderful book!!


Stay in touch with Stacy, here at her blog, On Loving Jesus. And Home School Adventure Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



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K5 Learning ~ Review



Do your kids like to play games on the computer? Do you wish they would learn more as they are playing? How about some computer learning that helps them with their reading and their math? K5Learning is the site for you!

K5Learning is a reading and math programs for your kids who are in Kindergarten up to 5th grade. This progam will help your kids build their math and reading skills using independent study. Ray Ray being 5 was able to use this program independently it is so simple to navigate. 

K5Learning is an Online Subscription and has either a monthly or yearly payment option. Their prices are $25 a month for the first child and $15 a month for each additional child. If you want a discount, their yearly subscription is $199 for the first child and $129 a year for the second child.

Ray Ray was happy to find out that I had a website just for him and his school! We did the assessment first and found out that if we would have just started at the beginning of the Kindergarten program, he would have been bored…really bored! After finding out where he landed, we took off and started learning. I showed him some of the basics to the program and let him go. 


4 days a week I would let Ray Ray hop on the computer, usually at the kitchen table while I cooked supper. He would be able to choose if he wanted to work on his reading or his math (there is spelling, but I haven't started him on that yet). He would listen to some quick instructions, than put his learning into action. Reading taught him about phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words. He was even working on reading comprehension! Math was working on numbers, patterns and measurements. He really loved the patterns and would pick up on them quite quickly, only to be given a more challenging one to work on!

Everything that was needed for him to work on his two subjects were right here. There was no need to buy anything else. Access was available 24/7 and we did not have to download anything to make it work.

As the parent, I was able to access the comprehensive reporting that was available. I was able to see the progress that was being made and see the results of his assessment tests within a few minutes. I was also able to see what he was working on and assign different assignments for him if I felt that was needed.

After using this program for the last 6 weeks, I have noticed that Ray Ray is more aware of patterns, and really likes to make his own. He is making more of the beginning sounds and likes to ask me questions about what we read. The program was fun and easy for Ray Ray to use on his own. I liked being able to set him up with headphones and work on prepping dinner while he worked on reviewing what we had learned earlier in the day. My only complaint on the whole program is the cost. To me it seems a little high for just two subjects. 

Follow K5Learning on Twitter and Facebook to hear more about them!

Have you used K5Learning before? What do you think of it? What do your kids think of it? Did they enjoy it as much as Ray Ray did? I would love to hear from you!  












Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network ~ Review


The new year is upon us. It is time for those resolutions again. May I make a suggestion to you? Some mommy time each week. Time for you to sit back and laugh, learn and enjoy. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home! How you may ask? Over at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network!

Ok, so you're interested, but wondering how much it costs? Guess what?! Felice has made all of these shows on the website FREE! Yes, you heard me right, I said FREE! 

I have been so blessed to sit down and listen to these shows, or have the volume up on my computer while I cook supper or lunch and listen. And the best part of these shows, you can listen to the live show and ask questions via the chat box, or you can listen to the recording later when you have more time. There are no worries about "not having the time" like many of us mommies are always saying.

So, what kind of shows can you find? Almost anything you can think of! Here are a few of my favorites:



Hal and Melanie Young have so many good topics! I had honestly not heard of them this time last year, but I am so thankful that I have and LOVE listening to everything they have to share! They talk about everything from "How to Fight so You Both Win" all the way to "Raising Real Men". As a mom of boys and a wife, they have touched on so many topics and are so down to earth and REAL!!



What about listening with the kids to "Current Issues & the Contitution" with Woody Wilson, or by yourself 🙂 This show helps with understanding of the current political issues we are facing. Have a copy of our Constitution with you while you listen to many different topics of our daily life, like Budget Talks, Health Care, Homeschooling Laws and Ron Paul's Curriculum. I personally enjoyed listening to Ron Paul and I don't care for political anything…but these are issues we need to know about. Woody has helped me listen to more with his way of talking…it doesn't sound quite so…boring, and I actually feel sad when the time is up!



The title says it all for this one! Any homeschooling mom will laugh and cry at this one! I took one look at the title and knew I wanted to listen to Dr. Melanie Wilson! I fell in love with this from just the introduction to the show! Dr. Melanie brings in co-hosts to help us mommies learn how to deal with many different things from how to easily teach math (big problem here!) to help working on your blog as a business and even how to create a parenting plan! If someone can have 6 kids AND a sense of humor, she is well worth listening to in my opinion!!




Who could pass on a Mommy Jammies Night??? I listened to the monthly episode with Crystal Paine and was so encouraged by the time the night was over. A monthly date with other moms in my jammies…this makes the whole month for me! When it comes to homeschooling, we need to be there for each other, even if it just over the internet! This show airs on the second Tuesday of the month and usually involves a Facebook party to start the night off with!


These are just a few of the many shows that are hosted weekly, and monthly on The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. I have had so much fun these last eight weeks and will continue to listen to these shows for as long as they are available!


Want to stay in touch with The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network? You can head over to the website and subscribe for emails, or join them over on Facebook.


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Have you listened to any of these shows yet? What are your favorites? If you haven't listened yet, what are you waiting for?!









Write From History Curriculum Review

Write from History review

Moe Man loves history! When I say this, I want to shout out the word LOVES! We have a good history study we are using, but we needed something more for the reading and writing part of it. Welcome Write From History and their Write From Early Modern History Level 2 Manuscript Models by Kimberly D. Garcia.


For this review we were given a copy of the paperback student book Write From Early Modern History Level 2 Manuscript Models. This book retails for $22.95 and is a Charlotte Mason style elementary writing curriculum. Level 2 is recommended for grades 3-5. Moe Man is in 7th grade, but this is a great fit for him and helping re-enforce where he needs it. There are no other products needed to complete this curriculum, which makes it really nice and budget friendly. There is no teacher's guide to this curriculum, but the appendix contains a really good reference for teachers and parents.



After reading through the introduction and scheduling information in the beginning of the book, I was ready to plan it into our schedule. The Charlotte Mason style of writing is a really laid back (in my opinion) way of teaching. For Moe Man, this is perfect! He doesn't think it is “writing” and that really helps!


Starting on day 1, the student goes through the reading and than they give an oral narration of what they read. We had never done this, and although it seems really simple, if you haven't learned it, you are lost. No worries though! Kimberly has a set of 12 questions that you can ask to help with this. And than you finish the day up with a written summary. Once again, Kimberly has given a few questions to help the student (or the mom) get a start on this.



Day 2 has the student working on copywork and grammar. We have fallen in love with copywork this year! It is the one time Moe Man really slows down and focuses on his writing! The grammar, this is where mommy is going back to school 🙂 This is the only point in the whole book I wish for a teacher's guide, but it really isn't too hard at all.

Day 3 has studied dictation on the schedule. This is another new thing for us, but we are learning to love it.

Day 4 is looking at a new reading (usually a poem) and working on oral narrations and copywork again, and finishing up the week on day 5 is another studied dictation.



For a writing curriculum, we are really enjoying this! I think the fact that it is laid back, and hits on the topics that Moe Man enjoys really helps, but even so, this is a curriculum that I am enjoying as well. There are no more major battles about writing (hey, can we do math here too??) and one less battle in the homeschool world is an awesome one!


The grammar starts basic and adds on. It requires you to circle different parts of speech in different colors, and Moe Man loves to be artistic! We have skipped ahead in this department, since he is supposed to know this, and do more than just one part of speech at a time. This makes the words more fun to read also! I keep “seeing” colors as I read other works now too 🙂


Overall, we really did enjoy this book and will continue to use this book. Would I discourage you from getting it because there is no teacher's guide, NO WAY!! Being this is the ONLY downfall that I could find in the whole thing, I would forget I even mentioned it 🙂 Honestly, this is something that doesn't truly need that silly thing called a teacher's guide. Moe Man's only complaint, it was too hard to write in the actual workbook, but that was easily solved by pulling out his notebook.


If you are looking for a good writing curriculum, I recommend this one!

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Why I Give Activity Book ~ Review


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Do you need a way to teach your kids about giving during this holiday season? You want something that isn't dry and dull? Here is the answer! Why I Give Activity book by Corine is a wonderful activity book for the kids. This is a 64 page pdf download that goes along with Corine's Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time. Although these go together, you can use just the activity book and still reap all the benefits!


We used just the activity book at our house and we loved it! I love having a pdf of an activity book because I am able to print a copy of each page for each kid. When it comes to the instructions on making things, I can print one and we all share it. And there are some cute activities to make in this book!




One thing we noticed with homeschooling, our kids LOVE to color and draw. I am able to give the kids a page to color, and read the bible verse about giving while they keep their hands busy. I love seeing the pages where it asks the kids to draw a picture of different ways you can give. The stories and pictures we get…and they continue to draw those pictures on regular paper after.



Activities that are included are things like coloring the stars to see a special message. Making a special rock paper-weight, or a simply no-sew fleece blanket. It was so fun to show the kids the different projects and let them pick out what we would be making for everyone for Christmas this year! (I would show more pictures, but I know there are people reading who are going to receive those gifts 🙂 ).


Why I Give is priced just right at $4.99 for the pdf download. You can find this and Corine's other books at her website.


We found an activity book we will be using time and again! I love hearing what can we give so and so instead of this is what I want! Such a nice change!


Want to read more? Head on over to Bow of Bronze and see what other moms are saying about this book!



Time4Learning Review

About a month ago I got an email asking if I would like to do a review for the Time4Learning website. I jumped at the chance because I wanted to try it for my oldest son.

Our first day on the website was just setting everything up. Ray Ray was excited to be able to try something new on the computer. Since he is 4 I signed him up at the Pre-K level and found that he lost interest within the first week. I couldn't figure it out, than it hit me, it was too easy for him!! We moved him up to Kindergarten level and is always asking about doing school now!!

Now, when J took a look at the site it was just disappointment. He didn't want anything to do with it. I asked him why, telling him that I was going to do a review and wanted to know what needs to be different for him. All J would tell me was that he did it at public school and didn't like it. The next day we sat down to get started. I have him set up at the 6th grade level (except for math which we have a different program for) and had him start. All upset I was making him do it, J sat down, took a look and had a huge smile on his face. "I get to do this?!?! I didn't get to do this at school, I had to do little kid stuff on here while everyone did this!!" I was shocked!! And disappointed in the school system yet again, but happy that we may have found something to work for us!

We had some off time due to my great grandma passing, but we have loved this website every time we sit down to use it. J loves being able to move about as he needs and wants to. I love being able to pull up the grades and lessons that have been done.  We have begun using this as our complete curriculum, except math like I said earlier, and have just added some extra reading and writing assignments in with it. I also add some extra worksheets when I notice J having trouble remembering things. 

My only complaints about this whole website, is trying to figure out how many questions were on a quiz or assignment and how many J got right or wrong. Most have 10 problems and I know that 90% would mean he got 9 right, but when I am told 83% I get lost :-). I also wish there was an easier way to study for the quiz, or a better way to know which vocabulary words need to be studied.

J is out oldest and he is adopted. He deals with ADHD and FASD on a daily basis and finding school that covers what he needs AND keeps his attention has been a challenge, but Time4Learning has fixed the daily struggle for us. We are able to see what needs to be done, and the curriculum follows what the state says we need to cover, which takes the stress away from me.

After comparing prices for different full curriculum vs using this website for both of my children, we have noticed that this website would be saving us a large sum of money each year! As a family we have decided this is the website for us and our homeschool!

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. Write your own curriculum review or learn how to use their curriculum for homeschool, after school study or summer learning.

I really did like using this website and plan on continuing with it for as long as we are able. If you are interested in signing up, let me know and I can send you a referral email.

Have you tried this webiste? What do you think about it? Do you like it, hate it or love it? I would love to know!!!