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Bible Study, it is that time in the house when everyone goes and spends time alone with God. Everyone has their own way to do this, but the younger kids have an issue with the actual reading and understanding. How do you make the Bible easy for the little ones to understand? Make it a game! from Veritas Press is just that, a fun game for the kids to learn the Bible.

What Is It is an online program that allows your child to work at their own pace in a game style Bible Study. There is no prep work for mom or dad, just let your child sit down and "play" the games. There are "lessons", and I say it like that because there is no real read this, it is set up in a video format. There are currently three sections to choose from, Genesis to Joshua, The Gospels, Judges to Kings.

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

There are 128 lessons, 4 for each event and 32 flashcards. The program works on Windows, Mac, Android Tablets and iPad. It is web based, so no apps are needed. follows the New King James Version of the Bible.

Your child will pick which section they start with. They are given simple instructions to "play" that level. They have to earn stars to move forward, just like the popular games on the iPad or phone.

Veritas Press

After the fun lesson, the kids have review questions. These questions make sure they were paying attention to the lesson, yet the answers can be found if you open your Bible and look for them as well.

Each lesson takes about 20-40 minutes from beginning to end. This isn't that long at all and has been able to keep everyone's attention. In fact, I have seen Ray Ray do 2 or 3 at one time.

Veritas Press

How We Used It

I loved this program. I would tell each child when it was time for Bible, they would run for a computer. They would spend time watching the lesson, studying the lesson and answering the questions. While the boys had no issues, Little Miss had me help her with the questions.

All three big kids used this, but Ray Ray was the one who loved it the most. He would get lost in the game and have to be told to stop. Since he loved this as much as he did, I felt bad telling him to stop.

Veritas Press

After the kids would do their lesson, I would ask questions about the lesson. These would be simple, but just enough for me to know that they did the lesson. This was my way of keeping track other than logging in as each child and seeing the amount of stars (1-3) that they received for each lesson. Since I was not grading this, the questions I asked were enough for me to know that each lesson was done. I would also ask for the child to redo a lesson if I noticed 1 star versus 2 or 3.

What We Thought

Ray Ray, the game lover of the family, loves this program. At 7, technically 8 as he calls it, this program is a perfect fit for him. He is able to read what needs to be read, yet still loves the game like features of the program. This is a program the type of program where he is asking for more, not complaining about having to do it. This is something that we will continue to use and we look forward to the new units that are coming soon!

Veritas Press

Check out what the other review families thought of this and other Bible items from Veritas Press with me.



Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review


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Moe Man is in high school…if you have been following along, you know this bugs me. I am not ready to have a high schooler, yet here I am at the end of our first year. Now I need to actually track this, and my paper books are just not organized enough for this, so I have found and their Homeschool Record Keeping Program online to help me with that.

A Schoolhouse Crew Review (1)

What Is It is an online program that allows you to create transcripts, report cards, lesson plans and so much more! This program is all online, but allows you to print reports as needed for a paper copy. You can access this program anywhere you have an internet connection.

How We Used It

With, you will be able to schedule a whole year of lessons in a few minutes. If you have a program that repeats itself (like our Daily Grammar), you are able to punch that into the Create a Plan Rapid Repeat feature. Here you put the starting lesson and ending lesson and any additional text you want to have shown. The next step will allow you to pick the start date and allow you to decide what days of the week to use. This feature was a life saver for a few of the lessons Moe Man has. I did not have to enter each one, and just had to enter and go!

Rapid Repeat Feature

Another great feature we used was the Quick Split. When entering the school year, I also factored in what books Moe Man was to read. I knew how quickly I wanted him to finish a book, so I could enter the starting page number, the ending page number and the number of days it should take. This program did all the work for me and I just entered it into the lesson plan and don't worry about it again.

QuickSplit Feature

Once our lesson plan was made up, I was able to print out the weekly lesson plans for Moe Man. We have used different types of lesson plans before, but this one was a hit with him. There are no extras, nothing to confuse a person. You can pick if you want it separated by date or by subject. We used the date and all he had to do was go day by day and see what he needed to do each day. A quick glance was all he needed to be able and see what was to be done each day.

Weekly Lesson Plan

For me, I was able to log in each day and see what needed to be done with the Planbook. This part of the program was what I saw each time I logged in. This showed me what was supposed to be done, and what I needed to grade as well as what needed to get done that day. This was a great way for me to stay on track for the lessons and report cards.


What We Thought

Moe Man loved using this program. He loved how simple the weekly lesson plans were and wasn't confused or distracted by anything. I love how simple it was it was to plan the lessons. The features in this program did the hard work for me! I was able to easily plan and grade the lessons and see the reports. I loved being able to add in the course descriptions for the transcripts and know that I had what I needed for the high school reports. This gave me a peace of mind.

I really loved this program, this is one that I will continue to use for Moe Man and his high school years.

We were not the only ones who used this program, we are just one family with one way to use it. Check out the crew and their reviews to see if this is just what you need!

Homeschool Record Keeping { Review}

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Forbrain Sound for Life ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Use your voice to improve your brain? Is this a joke? Actually no it is not. Forbrain – Sound for Life LTD has this bone conduction headset that makes learning from your own voice a possibility. How? Well that is what I want to talk with you about!

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

What Is It

That is the question when it comes to the Forbrain headset. What is this? The Forbrain headset is actually quite simple. This headset does not go in your ears like most headsets do. This one sits just outside of your ear, yet allows you to hear your own voice ten times faster than anything else. By wearing this headset daily, up to 2o minutes for the teens or older in your house, or 15 minutes for those younger, you will be able to improve your attention, speech and./or memory. Yes, I just said that simply wearing this and speaking out loud for 15-20 minutes a day can improve your memory, attention or speech!

How? Well, the Forbrain headset works by allowing you to hear yourself speak. This immediate feedback will teach you of your speech issues. Even if you don't think you have any, this headset will allow you to hear yourself. This is key. You are not recording and listening to yourself. You get immediate feedback just by hearing yourself speak.

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

How We Used It

That is it? You just put this headset on, talk like normal and learn? Yes, that is all you have to do! We didn't believe it until we tried it. Everyone in the house wanted to see and hear how this would work, and hear we did! After everyone tried this once, we read the instructions and decided how each child would use this for the review. The little instruction booklet also told us the recommend amount of time for each member to use the Forbrain each day.

Moe Man used this Forbrain for his reading comprehension issues along with his speech difficulties. We picked a different subject for each day of the week and just plain reading on the weekend. What did I notice? Right away I heard him correcting his speech. Instead of his normal mumbling that usually occurs, I heard his handsome voice! He opened his mouth and the words were much more noticeable. I loved what I heard! Oh, and to top it off, his grades on his subjects that we used the Forbrain for went up.

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

Ray Ray used the Forbrain for 15 minutes a day with his reading. He does not like to slow down with his reading, and I found that having the Forbrain on, he spent more time reading. And not just time, but he used different voices and tones. He really got into the reading. Instead of speeding through his reading, he spent time on it. He enjoyed it! I enjoyed seeing that he slowed down enough in his reading to actually understand it. I was able to ask him questions and get answers!

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

What Did We Think

The kids loved using the Forbrain. They loved hearing themselves and this is something we were thankful to receive. I mainly wanted to see how Moe Man could do since he has had a hard time with school from the beginning. I loved his results! I loved hearing his voice. If the only thing to come out of this was hearing him open his mouth and speak, then it was all worth it! In all the years of explaining to him what he sounds like, having him actually hear it in real time was all it took. I have to admit, the better grades were a bonus along with Ray Ray and his reading, but my favorite was hearing Moe Man.

These are just a small amount of ways to use the Forbrain. Want to see more? Head on over and see what these other families used their Forbrains for.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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The Glass Castle ~ A Book Review

Reading, that word that either sparks excitement or dread among children. But, if you can find a good book, there won't be a problem. We had the chance to read The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins from Shiloh Run Press. This book, oh my!

A Review

This hardcover book has 256 pages and 41 short chapters. It is geared towards kids between 10 and 14 years old. However, my 7 and 5-year-old love listening to me read this book to them. They were hooked from the first chapter!

The Glass Castle is a story about a young girl, Avery, who is kidnapped on her 13th birthday with her 3-year-old brother. As she awakes, she finds herself alone in a crate with no knowledge of what has happened to her brother, or her father. She is brought to a strange castle by an old lady.

Once in the castle, she finds that she is not the only 13-year-old that has been brought here. Working behind the scenes are kidnapped 13-year-old orphans. Why? Well, you don't find out right away, but I will hint that it has to do with the King's new wife and her fear of his child that was lost 13 years ago, the proper heir to the throne.

Avery finds herself remembering songs and stories that her mom had told or song to her before she died, these songs and stories come into play as Avery tries to figure the secrets of the castle without getting into more trouble. She does find out that her ruby necklace was worn by the late queen, which makes her more interested in the secrets than she was before!

While the main character of this story is a girl, this book if for boys and girls alike. Ray Ray was hooked from day one. He tried to sneak the book to his room to finish reading, yet didn't like it as much as when I was reading it aloud. He brought it back with a sad face and asked me to read another chapter!

The Glass Castle by Trisha White and Jerry Jenkins_zpsiqfvktgj

The Glass Castel has been a great book, for the moment we checked out this free sample piece, which left us wanting the book faster than it could get here, to actually reading it. The chapters are simple and short. They are easy to read, but leave you wanting more, making it hard to set this book down.

The story is great for all ages. There are no bad words, the vocabulary is easy to understand and the storyline is easy to follow, no jumping all over the place. God, the bible and praying play a role in this book (we loved seeing this) and there are no inappropriate relationships, come on, the kids are only 13 no relationships are needed at this age!

This is one of those books that leaves you hanging at the end. You won't find the answers you want, and you will be waiting for the next book, The Ruby Moon, to be released this fall 2016.

We loved this book, all the mystery, suspense and deception. I loved being able to introduce the kids to this kind of book without worry of harsh words or actions. We are excited for the next book and look forward to reading this one a few more times in the meantime!


The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}



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Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

It might be the start of summer, but for homeschool moms, this is the time to start the planning for the upcoming school year. One of the main things we need is a homeschool planner. So what kind of planner do you use? Well, in my house I use multiple, one for each child. And Ray Ray loves the Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from The Old Schoolhouse.

A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It

This is a spiral bound print planner that you can easily use for one child or multiple children. This planner includes yearly and monthly calendars along with weekly panning pages. You also get Hey Mama! Letters, monthly, semester and yearly goal sheets, attendance charts, books read this year and curriculum planning sheets. This is just for mom, you also get writing prompts, story starters and some great United States help sheets for the students. And no planning is complete for high school parents if it didn't have the pages to help you make an academic transcript!


This planner is really everything that mom needs to make things work for the whole school year, no matter the child or the age/grade. The Weekly Planning pages are undated, so you start them when you want to! While this is for the 2016-2017 school year, we have already started to use this planner since we school year round. This is what makes it nice for our family, we are not trying to find a way to fill in those summer months with a planner that is only set up to follow the academic school year. We make this planner our own and use it as such!

How We Use This

Like I mentioned, we have a planner for each child. Each child likes a different kind. I like them all, so I don't mind. Ray Ray loves this Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner the best out of all three school aged kids, so I have decided to use him as my test subject!

Monthly Planning Pages

This planner is simple to use, all you need to do is start by filling in your dates for the week. Decide what days you will be doing lessons and what days you won't. Decide what subjects you need to work on that week and fill them in as well. Now you have a chart to fill in. What will you do each day for each subject. That easy! While I used it for one child, you can easily fit more than one child's assignments in each square.

Now that I have the week filled out, Ray Ray knows that he can come and take a look at what needs to get done each day for each class. I do not have to rewrite anything in a separate planner for him. He can write a list each day if he prefers, but he really just likes to see what he needs to do and get to it, usually last minute, but it gets done!

On my yearly calendars, I have marked the holidays that I know we will not have any school lessons. This gives me an overview of what I have to work with, when we want to plan breaks and when we need to work a little harder. Each month I am able to transfer any holidays from the yearly calendar over to the monthly calendars. I than add any appointments or other activities to the calendar for the month and start my weekly plans. I have everything in one place, with no worries about losing something.

 Coupon Code Hey Mama Planner 2016 2017

What We Thought of It

Ray Ray and I loved this Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner. I loved the Hey Mama! Letters. These simple little reminders are what have helped me get through the planning that comes with homeschooling. They remind me that I am not alone in the struggles or the joys. I love having everything in one place for Ray Ray and knowing that he can simply grab this planner and know what he needs to do.

Hey Mama!

Ray Ray loves that while this is my planner, he is able to be independent in his school. He doesn't have to wait for me to finish with the baby, he can just run and grab the planner and get to work.

We are not the only ones who have spent some time in this new planner. Check out the reviews of these other families and see what they had to say!!

Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
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Essential Skills Advantage ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Playing on the computer is always fun. Finding just the right game to play that mom approves of, that is a different story. Not anymore. Not with Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) and the Complete Home Learning Suite.

Both Little Miss and Ray Ray have had the chance to "play" around on this site, and we are impressed. While they call it their play time on the computer, I call it a way to enforce what we are learning. Either way, it is a win-win in my books.

ESA Review

What Is It

ESA is an online learning tool. Their supplemental curriculum for grades K-6 provide over 14,000 lessons that are available with the Complete Home Learning Suite. Each student has access to everything. You are able to mix and match lessons and levels to make it a unique learning experience for your child. The lessons are broken down into subjects. There is Reading, Language & Grammar, Math, Science and Geography.

Lessons in ESA

Not all subjects are available for all grades, as some require more reading which makes it too hard for the younger grades, but the child does have access in case you wanted to check it out, or have advanced and moved up to that level.

Along with this, you as the parent have access to the grades and completion progress of each child. You are able to hop on at any time and check to see how much they have completed, what they excelled in and what they had trouble with. Having this access leaves you in control of what you want your child to work on more.

Parent Section in ESA

How We Used It

We love ESA. We use this as our free play on the computer. We also like to use this as our fall back school for the days when there is so much going on, yet we need to do something for school that is "schooly". ESA is so simple to use that I don't have to worry about either one of the kids just hoping on and getting themselves logged in. I tell them what subjects they should do, and they go.

Classroom in ESA

We made sure to log in at least 3-4 days a week and the kids would do 1 or more lessons at each log in. Some days would be just the one lesson, they didn't want to do more. Other days, I had to pull them away from the screen telling them they did too much. But really, how can you do too much learning? We would make sure to spend at least 10 minutes on each subject we needed to work on for that day, and being it was game like, this was no problem.

What We Thought

The kids love this program. They love being able to play on the computer without an argument from mom. That means that they can learn without an argument, which mom loves. I personally love that I can pick and choose the grade levels for each subject. Ray Ray is good at reading, but needs help with comprehension questions, so I have him in the 1st grade reading program. However, he is a math genius and is teaching himself faster than his lessons are going, so he is working on the 2nd grade math program.

Games with ESA

When I talk to the kids, there was no doubt that they loved this program as well. Ray Ray told me it was fun and challenging at the same time. "I could do this all day every day mom!" Little Miss loves the games and the way she was learning to read (she got herself into 2nd grade grammar and was rocking it!!), but she did not like the science (that is recommended for Kindergarten, but requires more help from a reader. She is too independent to sit and listen to me read right now!

Altogether, this was a great way to have fun and learn for the kiddos and we loved it! Want to read more reviews, check them out by clicking below!

Essential Skills Advantage Review

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Sunya ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Multiplication, that word strikes fear into the older child of this house. That fear leads to frustration which leads to a very hard time with math. But what if there was a fun way to practice this part of math? What if you could learn how to master your multiplication AND division while playing a card game?

Sunya Review

Let me introduce you to Sunya Publishing and Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing. This one card game is the night and day difference for Moe Man and his time spent practicing his multiplication and division skills.

What Is Included

Included in the set we received for this review was:

  • Teacher/Parent Guidebook
  • 60 Sunya Multiplying and Dividing number cards (including wild cards and operation cards)
  • 30 Sunya Multiplying and Dividing fact and riddle cards
  • Sunya Multiplying and Dividing number line card

How Do You Use This

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

This is a game of making number sentences and solving them. You start off with a set number sentence, each player gets their 4 cards.

Sunya Review

The first player will start by drawing a card. They will take a look at their numbers and come up with a new number sentence.

Sunya Review

You can replace one, two or all three cards (sometimes four if you have a double digit answer). Your goal? To get rid of all the cards in your hand. The trick? You cannot place the same number on top of itself! You can't make a new number sentence? Grab another card until you can!

Sunya Review

This card game is one of those games where you need to not overthink the instructions. Moe Man and I did this. We recommend just playing as you read. Once you understand the rules, you will not want to stop playing! I watch Moe Man go from having problems with his multiplying to winning the game!

What Did We Think

Once we got the hang of the game, we really enjoyed it! We loved how fun it was and I loved watching Moe Man have fun with math! Having this game gave us the time to do something alone. We were able to use this a couple of times each week, and I watched BOTH of our skills grow from playing this. The instructions were a bit confusing when I was just reading them, but I found that actually laying the cards down as I read the instructions made this easier to understand.

Sunya Review

If you have a child who has a hard time with practicing their facts, this game may be your ticket. Want to check out more reviews? Head on over here with me.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

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Introductory Science from Science Shepherd ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Oh Science, how I dread thee, yet all my kids love thee. So now what? What is a homeschooling mom to do? Well, if you are me you would look to Science Shepherd and their Introductory Science Level A.

Science Shepard Review

What Is Included?

For this review, we received the Level A Introductory Science Student Book and the corresponding teacher's guide along with one year access to the online video lessons. There are some simple experiments and activities included with this, but you won't use anything strange or hard to find.

How Does This Work?

I am so glad that you asked!! I love the simplicity of this curriculum. Ray Ray simply watches a short video lesson, they range from 2-8 minutes long, and answers some questions in his work book. These questions are not hard to answer, yet show whether or not the child was paying attention to the video.

Science Shepard

When they are done with the lesson, you can look over their work with your answer key. At the beginning of Level A (great for ages 6-8), I haven't had the need to use mine much, but as you move farther along, it will be nice to have the backup in case you are unsure.

Science Shepard

How Did We Use This?

This was such a fun and simple way for Ray Ray to learn about Science with a Biblical Perspective. The weeks are split up into 5 days, so we would simply follow along. There was no hard lesson planning for me. Simply write down which week we were on and go. We used this daily for the whole week. Ray Ray would find the week and day on the website, watch the video and do the worksheet. On the days when there was more, he would follow up with the video activity.

Science Shepard Video Act

The lessons and worksheets didn't take him more than 20 minutes a day, perfect for his attention span as a 7-year-old boy! When the video activities were present, it may take 25-30 minutes, but this still was not bad since it was an activity and not a lesson or worksheet.

Science Shepard

What Did We Think?

LOVE, it the first word I can think of! Ray Ray is getting his fill of biblical science, and I don't have to stress about it one bit! I don't have to be confused by the program and I don't have to worry about how to schedule this into our week. I just simply send him to the computer each day, keep my ears on what is being said. I love that a simple glance at the next week will tell me if I need to gather any extra supplies for the following week.

What Does Ray Ray Think?

"I like it, and the video activities that are included. It starts off easy, and is getting harder as I go, which means I am learning more! There is nothing I don't like about it."

Science Shepard

Our Final Thoughts

This is a curriculum we will continue to use in our homeschool day. The video lessons helps Ray Ray be independent, yet I am in the loop as to what he is learning and can step in when I need to. Ray Ray loves being in control and I have had to stop him from doing too many lessons at once! But in the end it is fun and educational, as well as easy to use!

Science Shepherd has more than just this one course available. Want to see more? Check out these other reviews with me and find a course that works for you!!
Science Shepherd Review

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Memoria Press The Book of Astronomy ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Stars, constellations and the motion of the earth. The simple and fun things of science. Why not learn about the skies above us and learn about it in an easy way? Moe Man has been doing just that with Memoria Press and the Book of Astronomy Set.


This two book set includes the student text and teacher's guide. I also found the weekly lesson plan available on the website. This set is geared towards 3-5th grades, but as a freshman Moe Man still loved this program and I even fell in love with it myself.

The main goals of this program is to teach your child the 15 brightest stars, the 12 Zodiac constellations and the 8 planets. These should be able to recited from memorization by the end of the program. Your child will also learn about the motions of the earth and how each constellation lies in the sky during the different seasons.


When you follow the Lesson plan guide for this program, you will be able to complete this whole program in about 30 weeks. We started off following this plan, but as with any homeschool subject, we have slowed a little to take the time that is needed for Moe Man to work on the memorization. He has surprised me with his love and interest, but I sorta knew he would take to this (long story, different time, different post). I was happy to know that I was right in knowing that he would love this.

Since this is geared towards the younger ages, I was able to let Moe Man do a lot of this on his own. I did take the time to go over what he was learning at least once a week, but for the most part, he was able to understand this and work on it at his own pace.

The teacher's guide shows you what the child sees, only you get to see the answers as well. This is nice for when you want to do a quick check on what they have done. Just open, compare and move on. The assignments are simple, yet effective. And working on the memorization each week builds confidence. No worries about memorizing everything at once, take it in sections one week at a time and build on what you know.


The student book has all your child needs to learn about the constellations. Yes, you could add more, but this book has all they need to complete the course and know what they are talking about. They learn about the new lesson, work on their memorization and proceed to draw out the constellations. They start with the basic stars, what they would see if they looked out of their window or telescope and they connect the dots. I feel this helps to show the constellations for when they DO look out the window or telescope. They are able to visually connect the dots after doing it on paper.

Moe Man loved this program, I loved this program. We love using this program. We have been using this program every day during the week, and I may or may not have seen Moe Man staring up at the stars on the weekends when we love to spend time outside. This means that he is taking what he is learning and bringing it into his everyday life.


We really loved this program and how fun it was to use. The lesson plans helped me plan things out, but they were not needed in completing the program. Moe Man loved this program. He loved how fun it was to do something other than writing assignments. He loved that he was completing the constellations and not just writing about them.

Memoria Press has many other fun learning programs. Head on over with me to read some of those reviews!

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

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Music Appreciation for Elementary Grades ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Music, such a wonderful way to play with your emotions. Why not have a way to teach this magic that is great for multi age groups and a variety of learners. If you are looking for this kind of music lesson, look no further than Zeezok Publishing LLC and their Music Appreciation Book 1: for the Elementary Grades.

Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades {Zeezok Publishing LLC Review}

Zeezok Publishing LLC has taken 7 of the great composers and put them in this first book of their Music Appreciation Set. Within this first book, you and your child will about Bach, Handel, Hayden, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini and Schubert. And you will learn about them in a fun and interactive way!

We decided to start with Bach, one of my personal favorites. And it turns out that Ray Ray fell in love with Bach just as much as I did while using this program. And with using something as simple and fun as this, who wouldn't fall in love with these composers?

The nice thing about Music Appreciation, you can pick and choose the order you want to go in when learning about these composers. Let your child take a look at the living books, talk a little about each and let them be in charge for once. Trust me, they love this, and they will learn a little better this way!

Zeezok Publishing Review

Once your child decides who they want to learn about, you just need to open the book and check out your lesson outline for the next four weeks. This outline will tell you what to complete each week, how you complete it, that is up to you and your child! This makes it easy for your child to take control once again. I showed Ray Ray the list, I told him that we could spread it out, or cram it in. After the first week of "cramming" it in, he decided to spread it out the rest of the time!

Each week is going to include multiple learning adventures. If you are worried, they mark which of these activities are required for the national standards. Each of these multiple activities reach your child at a different level of learning and fun. No matter your child's learning style, there is sure to be an activity that will reach them!

Every week will include a required reading, comprehension questions, character qualities, tidbits of interest, lapbook activities and most weeks include music to listen to from that composer. There are other activities as well, but this is the general idea. And with this alone, you can already see how much fun is going to be had! Ray Ray LOVED the music, in fact, I ended up letting him just listen to the music and enjoy it on his own time.

Zeezok Publishing

The reading that you will do each week comes from a living history book. This is a fun to read (not at all like a textbook) book to read with your children. The words are not too huge, and your children will be able to do a lot of the reading with you. The comprehension questions cover the reading for that week. While you have the option to write the answer, we would also use this as a time to have Ray Ray verbally answer and recite to me what he remembered from the reading.

The hands on activities for the lapbook were a hit with us. We were able to use these to play games (shh don't tell him they were for review) and do experiments (don't worry mom, you have the supplies at home already!). This was a great way for us to show off what we were learning to the rest of the family.

Zeezok Publishing

We love using our Music Appreciation in our school day. It is a fun way to learn about the classical music and the composers behind it. There is no boring learning and just fun. There is no tedious work, just fun. This is sure to be a hit with us for a while! And we can't wait for Book 2 to make its appearance!!

Don't take our word for it, well you should but in case you don't, head on over and check out these other reviews from other crew families!

Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades {Zeezok Publishing LLC Review}

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