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Kwik Stix Paint Sticks ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Painting, oh the joys. The colorful fun, arty joys of painting! But what about the mess? How do you deal with the mess of multiple kids painting and having fun? What if I told you there was a way to paint without the mess? Well, there is! The Pencil Grip, Inc has this fantastic product, Kwik Stix, and we got to have fun with the 12 pack.

Kwik Stix Review

You may know The Pencil Grip, Inc. from one of their other products, can you guess it? The pencil grip! When we got our box of Kwik Stix, we were delighted to find one of the original The Pencil Grips in there. This grip has been so much fun for us to use. Everyone has tried it in the house, and we all love the comfort of these grips! If you or your kids need help holding your pens or pencils, these are the ticket!

The Pencil Grip Inc


The Kwik Stix are a solid Tempra Paint stick that allows your child to paint, yet not make a mess. They can paint, *gasp* without your supervision, err, help setting it all up. That is right, even Little Miss is able to pull out this "paint" and use it like she would her markers or crayons. All she needs to do it uncap, twist and paint!
Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

Counter space is limited in this house. Especially if you have more than one child in the process of making art at the same time. How oh how will I let this all dry? There are no worries about drying with Kwik Stix! With the super-fast drying formula, the paintings will be dry within 90 seconds. Yes, I said 90 seconds!! That means, my counters can be saved for other things, like food!

Little Miss Kwik Stix

So, how did we use these fun things? Um…well, we painted and colored and hung up our creations! Mom was happy, and not stressed out over having paint available. First, we just did what we wanted to do. Whatever sounded good, and we called it art class!

After the "fun" was broke in, we I decided that it would be fun to use these in our actual lessons! While we didn't have much that needed art, we found different things to paint. Ray Ray painted a picture of one of the characters from the books he is reading. Little Miss, she is just busy painting anything she can!

Ray Ray Kiwk Stix

We love using our waterless, messless, and super fun Kwik Stix! These truly are the paint stick with super-fast dry time. I am not worried about water cups being spilled or finding a spot for the art to dry, I am just enjoying my children having fun with art!
Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

If you are in need of some super-fun, easy to use, easy to clean up paint, you will want to check out these miracles in a stick! Don't just take my word for it, check out the reviews from the other crew families!
Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

Once you are done checking out the reviews, stop by and show some social media love!


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Devonian GREEMU ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Have you head of Emu Oil? Do you love all the benefits that it gives? What if I told you there was another option? One that gives you the benefits of emu oil, but without the emu? Let me tell you about GREEMU Oil from Devonian.

Devonian Review

GREEMU is a blend of plant oils and butters that have a lipid composition that matches Grade A Emu Oil. GREEMU is the same in color, composition, texture and consistency as Emu Oil.

We love our Emu Oil as a carrier oil for our essential oils, so when we had the chance to try GREEMU Oil, I was excited. Giving a good back rub with this is wonderful, working on the dry skin, perfect! But I tried something else as well. I made a leave in conditioner for the long hair in this family.

Little Miss has waist length, wavy hair. I love it, as does she. The only problem? Mornings when I have to brush it. This leads to issues of tangles and not wanting me to touch her. I love having a leave in conditioner, but have been trying to find healthier options to the store bought brands.

Greemu Review

The first time I tried to make this, I tried a different carrier oil, and this lead to greasy, nasty hair. However, when I used ¾ tsp of GREEMU Oil, 3-5 drops of my essential oil of choice and water in a 3 oz spray bottle, I found a miracle in a bottle!

This spray has made her hair easy to brush. I don't have to battle her every time. Baby Girl loves this too. With her thin, baby hair, the slightest bit of spray or oil would weight it down, not this. This leaves her hair soft as well.

I have also been able to use GREEMU Oil on my knees and elbows. I have extremely dry skin in the winter months, but applying this daily has helped to make them soft and "normal" again. Mix this with and essential oil of choice (I love the smell of lavender before bed) and you have a great smelling, healing oil to help your skin.

Greemu Review

We are in love with GREEMU Oil here in our house. This Oil is a life saver in many areas, and we love how not oily it feels and looks when we use it. You don't have to take our word for it, check out these other reviews with me!

Greemu Devonian Review

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The Dragon and the Raven ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again with The Dragon and The Raven. They have made another fabulous Christian audio drama for the whole family to enjoy together!
The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


Heirloom Audio Productions has produced audio dramas before, and The Dragon and The Raven is no different from these. This audio drama is full of adventure, faith and suspense! This takes one of G.A. Henty's stories and turns it into real life. You are traveling with Edmund as he is fleeing the Danes, yet looking to God for the help that is needed.

The Dragon and The Raven is a 2 disk set that will give you over 2 hours of enjoyment. Not only that, but with the Single Package, you get the 2 disks, a 48 page eStudy Guide, a beautiful printable copy of Proverbs 21:31 and the MP3 soundtrack download.

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


The eStudy Guide is a great way to take this audio drama to the next level and use it as a unit study. You are able to study vocabulary that has been used in the story as well as answer questions to make sure your kids are listening, however, once they hear this, I doubt they will lose interest.

We have been in love with Heirloom Audio Productions from the first time we heard one of their audio dramas. These fun stories are brought to life by the wonderful actors and actresses who play the different roles in the story. John Ryhs-Davies, Helen George, Brian Blessed to name a few of the characters we get to hear this time. They spare no expense with the sound effects either. You can close your eyes and see this story happening in front of you.

Heirloom Audio Productions

We love to have a story time in the house, a time when we try to sit quiet and listen to mom read to us. But sometimes mom gets busy, sometimes there are not enough hands or eyes that could make the day happen. Those days, it is nice to start listening to someone else read for mom. But to have a TV show made into an audio book, that is a great way to let mom take a break. We would sit down after lunch, when we have our quiet time, and listen to the story. We would usually listen to ½ an hour of story at a time. However, the kids, as well as mom and dad, were always anxious to pause the story and wait until the next day. We might have listened to a bit more on some days.

Each day after we were done listening, we would sit down and go over the vocabulary. We would also check the questions and see who was listening, which usually was everyone. The kids would ask other questions as well, checking to see if they could stump the others. This made listening to this story extra fun!

If you are looking for a family audio drama the brings out the faith in a situation, you should check out The Dragon and The Raven. This audio theater style story will make you think you are watching TV without the TV. You and your family will enjoy high quality entertainment that requires you to use your imagination.

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}


Have you listened to any good Heirloom Audio Productions stories lately? Which one was that?



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Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Do you have a Lego lover in your house? Do you need a good way to get the scripture into their hearts? We have fallen in love with the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz. If you have never heard of this bible, even if you have, you should check this out!

Zondervan Faith Builders Bible

This is a full edition of the New International Reader's Version bible that is in an easy to read font. Not only will you find the bible, but you will find 24 full color pages of different bible verses, and those color pictures are pictures of Legos telling you the same story as the bible verse.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Ray Ray did not know that this bible was on its way to him. When he opened the box, his face was priceless! He is the real Lego lover in this house and to have a "grown up" Lego Bible made his day. He ran off with the bible and I didn't see him for over an hour. When I did see him again, he was off to his Lego area. "Mom, these pictures show me bible stories and I can build them!" That is a wonderful part of this bible. Not only are you able to use this in your daily scripture studies, your kids can take this bible and see the stories come to life with their Legos.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Now, just because this was intended for Ray Ray, I was happy to see how involved Little Miss was with this as well. She was in love with how simple it was to build the bible. While she was building, we worked on the Building Block Verse. She walked around showing everyone that Jesus could walk on water and that we should not be afraid because he will help us. This made my day!

Ray Ray has built every picture at least twice, but my favorite was when he built The Fruit of the Spirit. He had almost all the pieces and would walk around asking everyone if they wanted some fruit of the spirit to help bring them love, joy and peace. And he knew just when to offer it to each person in the house!

Faith Builders Bible

I loved seeing how much they took in when they would "play" with their bible. The fact that they could see the stories, that the stories where real instead of just words on paper, and that they were able to actually build them themselves made it easy for me to teach them the word of the bible. Actually, I didn't teach them anything, they did it all by themselves while reading the bible.

If you have a brick loving builder in your house, this bible is the ticket to their heart. They will love you for showing them how alive they can make the bible. I do want to warn you that you may find them addicted to reading this new bible and building the stories they read. Although I am not sure if that is a bad thing or not!

There were a bunch of other families that were building with these bibles as well. You should head on over and check them out!

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

Do you have a builder in your house who would love this bible?

God Bless


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SimplyFun ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a new family game for game night? One that is fun and requires logical thinking at the same time? Then I have the game for you! I'm reviewing The Climbing Knights, one of four of SimplyFun new releases. This game has it all!

SimplyFun The Climbing Knights Review

The Climbing Knights is a game that is recommended for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. We had no problem adding Little Miss into the game, in fact, she was our first winner! This game comes in pieces, and once it is put together it measures 29 inches tall! Even though assembly is required, it takes less than 2 minutes, for the kids to figure out!

SimplyFun The Climbing Knights Review

To play this game, you must be the fastest, smartest climber and not be caught by the guards. You have 3 dice, one for each of the 2 guards and one for you. Each turn has you moving the guards around their posts, or putting them down for nap as well as moving yourself, up or over to make it to the top of the castle. Once you reach the top, you grab your flag, and find a safe time to slide down. Once you have claimed both of your flags, you are the winner of the game!

In the process of climbing to the top of the castle (which is a magnetic castle, hello quickie science lesson) you have to make sure you are out of sight of the guards. There are ledges to hid under, but you must watch and plan your moves accordingly. If you are spotted, you must start from the ground again. This is what got the boys. They were in such a rush to reach the top, they forgot to slow down and think about the guards.

SimplyFun The Climbing Knights Review

We were excited to check out this game from the moment we got it. This was one of those reviews that I didn't have to make the kids use the product (usually happens with math), but rather I had to limit…not more than twice a day! The kids worked together to figure out how to set up the castle, getting it done in no time. That is saying something for kids who fight to work together.

Once it was put together, and we got over the fact of how really tall it was, heck, almost as tall as Little Miss and Baby Girl was trying to climb it, we went over the rules. While it was a tad confusing the first 2 times around, we got the hang of it. Once we understood the dice and how each guard was supposed to move, we were rolling! I loved watching the kids thinking about each move they made. However, I think my kids over analyze everything.

When shaking the three die, you move one guard one way, the other goes the opposite and you choose how your knight will climb, makes for a lot of thinking. Instead of playing, mom decided to supervise the first game, and I was glad that I did. When playing this game on the table, you have to stand up each time to remember which way each guard moves (there are small arrows on top), but when you are on the floor, you have no worries. After playing for more than two times, we had the movements figured out and were rocking the game.

SimplyFun The Climbing Knights Review

My kids love this game. They won't stop playing it. They are at the point where the game actually takes some time now. Each child thinks before moving. It is no longer a race to the top, but a decision on how to get to the top. They plan each move to try and stay hidden as much as possible, sometimes even skipping a turn because they don't like the placement of the guards. They are having fun and mom and dad are watching them think! We all win with this game!

SimplyFun has other games that recently released, check out the reviews from the Crew and see if you find the perfect game for your family!


SimplyFun Review


When you are done, stop by and say hi to SimplyFun on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Have you played any of these games yet? Which one is your favorite?

God Bless!!


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Posted on Leave a comment ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When you start homeschooling, you love looking at the resources available. Once you hit the high school age, those resources are harder to find. However, and their Pro Plan is a wonderful resource for all homeschool ages, especially the high school age. Review is an online resource that will provide you and your student (from PreK to 12th grade) with the materials needed to supplement all your current curriculums. You will have access to all the worksheets and tests, both online and printable, as well as lessons the are put together for you. These lessons, worksheets and tests cover almost every subject for almost every grade level.

Not only are you able to use the premade material that is available on, but you are able to make your own content with your own material. With, you are able to plan what you want your child work on, plan it out and email the assignments to them. This helps in letting them learn responsibility for their own school. I love this for Moe Man now that he is in high school.

With the Pro Plan, you will have unlimited access to the Test Maker, up to 100 questions in your own custom tests and worksheets, use of images with questions, and the ability to save your tests as PDFs. You will be browse and use any of the pre-made premium content as well as the CCSS-aligned content, if you need it. All of this for $24.95 for the year! Plans

I used this Pro Plan from for Moe Man these last few weeks. We have found the things that worked for us, and those that I loved, but they didn't quite work for him. We found the things that he knew, and what we needed to keep working on. With the lesson plans provided, we were able to work on those skills that were needed without a huge search for something that would work.

Online Lessons with

With Moe Man and his learning, we did not use the online testing as much as I wanted. However, we did use the printable worksheets to the full potential. We were always finding one or making one that would go with the topic we were talking about in lessons. That was a benefit that I had with, I was able to make what I couldn't find, which wasn't much. Or I was even able to mix and match the questions that were already in the data base.

With all of the resources available on, we have been able to use something multiple times a day, every day with our current curriculum. There was no lack of information, or ways to make what you wanted. As much as Moe Man did not want more work, I was able to use these resources and have them make sense with every subject in our day.

I love using with our daily lessons. I have had so much fun myself playing around with the idea of being able to customize the tests and worksheets. I might have spent a little too much time playing with this feature! I loved the online testing, wish it would have worked better with Moe Man, but I can say that this is awesome! Simply adding your student and their email address and you are able to send tests and assignments straight to your child.

If you have a high school student, I would recommend that you check out this wonderful resource! You can find on Facebook, Google+,
Twitter, and Pinterest. Stop by to say hi and give them a like!

Make sure you check out the other reviews over here:


HelpTeaching Review


God Bless!!


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Tap My Trees ~ A School House Crew Review

Tap My Trees Review

Maple sugar, maple syrup, maple candies…oh my goodness! All these and more come from a simple tree. But you won't be able to just cut open the tree and get what you want from inside, you have to use the art of actually tapping the trees and collecting the maple sap from the tree. But that is not all. We have the chance to study all about this process and actually tap a tree with the Starter Kit with Aluminum Buckets from Tap My Trees! I am so excited to share with you more about this!

Tap My Trees Review

First of all, it is too early to actually tap a tree here in Minnesota, but we have already started the studying of the process so when the time is right, we will be ready to go! How do you start to study? Besides wasting away on Pinterest, you can start reading the included Maple Sugaring at Home book. This book has all you really need to know to get yourself some maple sugar!

First things first, you need to know what equipment you will be using during the maple sugar season. With the starter kit, you will get a lot of different items that may be new to you if you are new to the maple sugaring process. This is a great time to get yourself and your children to get to know the items in your kit. These items include 3 of each a spile, hook, bucket, and lid. With this kit you will also get the drill bit you need and some cheesecloth along with Maple Sugaring at Home.

Tap my Trees Review

After learning about your supplies, you are going to want to go and identify your maple tree. There are four different maple trees that are great to tap, the sugar, black, red and silver maples. If needed, you could also tap a birch or walnut, although their sugar content is not as great.

The first and easiest way to start identifying your tree, would be to look at the habitat. After making sure you are in the right area, we are in east central Minnesota, so we are in the right location, you want to start looking at the leaves. Maple trees have some of the most beautiful colors for leaves in the fall, and the shape of them will help you to determine also. You can also look at the bark, and twig/buds of the trees. But the one main way we knew our tree in the front yard was a maple, was the fruit. That fun "helicopter" fruit you throw into the air as a kid, or adult if you are me! This was a great way to know what we were looking at in the trees in our yard, and grandma's yard as well.

Tap My Trees Review

We had a lot of fun learning about the different kinds of maples. Did you know that they let their fruit go at different times during the year, the red maple in the spring and in the fall for a sugar maple? Even though they are all maples, each of these four have a different type of leaf. And those leaves usually end up being a different color. This was almost as much fun as the anticipation we have for actually tapping our trees.

After finding our maple, we looked at the next section of the book, "Tapping Trees". We learned about when we can start planning on tapping our maples, we have to wait until the end of February or even into March when our day time temperatures rise above freezing and our night time temperatures still fall below freezing. Once we are able to tap, we will have 4-6 weeks worth of sap flowing from our maples.

We are beyond excited to actually tap our trees, and with the quality of the products we received, I don't think we will have any problems. I am also very confident that I will not have an issue with any of the steps thanks to the detailed instructions within this manual. They even have drawings and pictures that show me what I need to know, and I work well with drawings and pictures!

Now after we collect our sap, we have further steps to take before we can have syrup. The supplies needed for that are not included, but are not that hard to obtain or purchase. While we have had fun learning about our trees, while we are excited about tapping our trees, the best part of this whole process is knowing that in the end we will have a sweet treat!

All in all, we are thrilled to have this product. The quality of the product is there, and it is not a simple two-page instruction flyer on how to use this, you have a full book, did I mention it had pictures?! This is something that I can see us using year and year again! I can't wait to update you on how we actually did on our tree tapping, keep an eye out!

While you wait, check out some of these other reviews!Tap My Trees Review
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Grapevine Studies Old Testament 1 ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When it comes to studying the bible, we always look for a fun and engaging way to study. That is when I look at Grapevine Studies. We were able to take a look at Old Testament 1 Traceable (ages 3-5), Old Testament 1 Level 1 (ages 6-8), and Old Testament 1 Level 4 (ages 12+) and once again fell in love with the stick figures!

Grapevine Studies Review

What It Is

Grapevine Studies has numerous different studies and within these studies you can include the whole family in the learning. We had 2 different levels with a traceable added in. These three studies were able to work together to make it a true family study, yet each child was able to learn at their own level. The Level 1 and Traceable share a teacher book while Level 4 had its own teacher book.

These three levels all start out with a time line of what you are going to be learning about. You have a simple explanation of what you are drawing, leaving room for the anticipation of what is to come. Which to my kids, could not come fast enough!

There is a general weekly schedule listed in the teacher guide, this is just an example and can easily be tweeked to your family’s needs. This schedule plans for a 4 day school week. With this schedule, you are not overwhelmed and learn at just the right pace.

Within the teacher’s book, there are notes for each lesson. You will be able to read through these and use them to help you teach the concepts and stories to your children. These pages will also show you the different colors of the stick figures. While you could just do the pencil drawings, the colors add so much more for the whole family.

 photo GrapevineReview_zpsrwduttba.jpg

Old Testament 1 Level 1 and Traceable

These two books are the same, except for one is the traceable version, making it perfect for the younger crowd. The teachings within these levels are simpler. They carry the same concept, and can be used with the higher levels no problem, but there is just a little less for the kids to do.

Old Testament 1 Level 4

Within this level of learning, there is a quest activity for each lesson. This does not make it incompatible with the lower levels, but it does give the older child a chance to look deeper into the studies.

How Did We Use This

We love our Grapevine Studies and the flexibility they offer to us. We were able to use 3 levels and have no problem working together. We would start the week off with the timeline review, following along with the days suggested within the text, sometimes doing an extra day because the kids didn’t want to stop yet.

We would all do the lesson together, while Moe Man would work on the “extra” stuff on his own, asking me for help when he would need it.

I would pull out a piece of paper or my whiteboard and draw the pictures as we talked about them. This way the kids knew what they should look like and what colors everything should be.

 photo Grapevinereview2_zpsyuuzdnr4.jpg

What We Thought

We love Grapevine Studies. We always have since the first time that we tried them. When you find something that works together on all different levels, you stick with it. The studies are simple, yet effective for the kids. Once they start their stick figures, I find them all over the house, each with a story of the bible…so if you need any new ideas over there at Grapevine Studies, my kids have some J

When we first started this study, we had been using something different for a few lessons. I told the kids it was time to stick figure and I had so much excitement in the house, I literally had to plug my ears. The kids love being able to “see” the bible and do it themselves!

There are so many different studies within Grapevine Studies, which one will you choose? Here is a simple chart to help you figure that out!

How to Choose_zpspcp6msqz

Now you know what you want to learn, but what levels do you need? Once again, they make it easy for you with a chart!

Levels Chart_zpshvkh74gj

Now that you know what you are doing, I would love to hear! What is the study you are most excited to try from Grapevine Studies?

Grapevine Studies Review

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Fun-Time Phonics from The Critical Thinking Company ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

The Critical Thinking Co

Finding just the right phonics program can be hard. Almost harder than it is to use it! Little Miss had the chance to try out Fun-Time Phonics! from The Critical Thinking Co. and boy did we have fun! Yes, I said fun!!

The Critical Thinking Co

What It Is

Fun-Time Phonics! is a fun, easy to use and learn from phonics program. There are 100 activities in the 300+ pages. Each page is full of gorgeous colorful pictures that make the learning seem like a game instead of learning. And when you have a four year old who doesn’t want to sit still, fun is good!

Fun-Time Phonics! works with teaching the phonemes and by working on a mastery style of learning. The first 14 lessons work on teaching about the sounds of the words. Each different part, not just the beginning, but each part. After your child has mastered those first 14 lessons, you move on to alphabet, first the vowels, followed by the consonants. Finishing up the lessons, your child will be able to fluently read 3 letter words.

The Critical Thinking Co

There are many different teaching suggestions on how to add the critical thinking into your phonics lessons. When using these techniques, you are able to add new vocabulary, learn multiple meanings, the action of modeling and the physical act of writing. Not to mention the motivation that we all share. There is also a very simple tip to help your child maintain their focus while working on their lessons.

Other than these tips, there is really no schedule on how to use the program, you will listen to your child and see when they are ready to move forward of if they need to stay for a while longer on the lesson.

How We Used This

Little Miss has been wanting her own “workbook”. When we got our Fun-Time Phonics! book, she was ready to start right away! I had to simply read the quick introduction and we were able to start the first lesson within minutes! This was great. I was able to use this program when she was ready without a ton of prep work.

The Critical Thinking Co

Each day, when Little Miss was willing and ready to learn, or play, we would sit down and work on the lesson for that day. We made sure to stick with the lesson, sometimes repeating it until I knew for sure that Little Miss had mastered that lesson and skill. Most of the time she would catch on right away, but every once in a while she would need an extra day.

It didn’t take long before Little Miss was looking at words and sounds in a whole new way. She loved to pick out the rhymes she was hearing, and sound out the words she was hearing me say. I could see her mind working in a whole new way!

All in all, we would sit for about 10-20 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. Each day would depend on if Little Miss was willing to be active in the learning (she is only 4 here). But each day was fun. She never got bored, which is a good thing when it comes to something like this!


What We Thought

We both loved this program. It was what we needed to work on introducing the concept of reading to Little Miss. She loved the pictures and would actually ask if she could “read” her book before bed while big brothers were doing their reading.

The Critical Thinking Co

This was the perfect program for a 4 year old and it was the perfect with the length of lessons and style of pages. I honestly found nothing to change when we started using this!

Have you ever used a product from The Critical Thinking Company? Which one was it? What is your favorite if you have used more than one? I want to try some others, so I think I am going to head over and read the reviews of some of the other Crew families, will you join me?

The Critical Thinking Company Review

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Eat Your Science Homework ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Eat Your Science Homework

Science, this is not a fun subject for me. But when I am told to Eat Your Science Homework, I begin to think that Ann McCallum Books might be losing her mind! After trying this “science” out, I have a full tummy, happy kids and a new way to look at science!

Eat Your Science Homework

What it is

With the 47 pages of this paperback book, you will find science facts, yummy recipes and new memories! Ann starts off with a couple of safety of tips to make the learning even more fun, and safe! As soon as you know how to be safe, you are able to go and have fun…er, I mean learn!

Following that, you have 6 learning and eating experiments to work on, each with a different science focus. Each “lesson” if you want to call them that, start off with some learning about what you are about to do. There are vocabulary words that you get to learn, and you can find the definition in the back if there is one that you may not understand.

Once you have learned about the science fact that you need to know, you get to eat…well, first you need to experiment, then you can eat! This is the fun part, with step by step instructions and cartoon pictures, this is geared to even the youngest in the house!

Eat Your Science Homework

How We Used It

Oh, if my kids were in control, we would have spent a whole day doing science as soon as we got the book! They were loving the ideas, and wanted to do everything! We took it one thing at a time though…for mom’s sanity!

Mommy decided we wanted to learn about Density. Learning about Density Dressing and Veggie Sticks. It was fun to hear Moe Man do our reading out loud, and being able to quickly review what we were about to work on learning. After that, we were ready for fun!

Everyone took turns talking about they thought would happen as mom would add a new ingredient to the cup. (Note to self: do not use green food coloring when your other colors are yellow and brown!) The kids had fun talking about the density of items and how it was “cool” to see the layers.

Now came the real science part…they had to eat what they made! This was not a well-accepted idea by any of the kids, but once they had the courage, they wouldn’t stop eating their science homework!! We were able to eat and talk about what we learned after the lesson. Ann gave other ideas of liquids to test the density of at the end of the lesson, and the kids were having fun making their hypothesis and trying it out. Who would have thought that density would be fun…and tasty!

Eat Your Science Homework

What We Thought

There is no mistaking that the kids loved this book! We may have only talked about one, mommy forgot the camera on the others…oops, but we had fun with atomic popcorn balls and Loop, Whorl and Arch cookies…although those were a lot less scary to try than the density dressing!

The kids loved the short lessons, and the fun pictures within the book. The recipes were easy enough and made for a fun time for everyone…heck, even clean-up was easy! (My biggest fear of science experiments!) Mommy loved that the lessons were fun and educational, I didn’t have to force them to learn! The book is also made so that it lays open when you are busy working…no need to have items sitting on it and the fear of losing your spot!

All in all, we loved the book, the experiments and the fun! This was a fun way to add hands on (and in the mouth) to the lessons! It is not every day that you have that kind of a chance!

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