Philosophy Adventure Review and GIVEAWAY


Philosophy and me? It's not something I would even think about. I am not a philosophy person. It seems way to deep and even before I had kids, I didn't feel that I would ever be able to understand something like this. But that all changed when I was asked to be a part of the special launch group for the Homeschool Adventure's Philosophy Adventure.


I became intrigued when I read the words "Philosophy Adventure™ is a program designed to help students 6th-12th grade cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately". I thought this might be a good way to teach Big Kid more about writing and speaking. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be interested in the actual philosophy of this program!


I have to be honest…I have not finished reading all of this yet. I am taking my time and using the teacher resources and the student text to help me out. I never would have thought I would have enjoyed this subject as much as I have. Stacy Farrell really took her time in making sure to have this be something that is understood by kids and adults alike!


The Reader in this program has a very nice laid out plan of action. You learn about the Philosopher first and than you are able to work on your writing, thinking and speaking. After that you have a nice colored map of the area where the important information of  the philosopher's life is shown. The lesson ends with a contrast section where you are able to compare and contrast the actual source materials written by the philosopher to that of the biblical worldview. This program is easily worked into a 4 or 5 day school and you are able to earn high school credit!


The teacher resources include memory cards that can be used for any kind of fun game your mind can create. There are timeline resources that not only have the names of the people talked about, but nice little pictures too! I am excited to use this part the most…just being able to post something up on the wall to help with the visual understanding of what we are learning. And of course, like every teacher resource, you have all your answers listed for the sheets that are in the student text.


The student workbook is my second favorite, the reader is my first. Here is where I was able to put what I was learning to the test and it will be fun to use with Big Kid. Each lesson has a question sheet to help you retain your information you are learning. You have maps that you fill out and show where different locations are along with writing the important information of that area from the text. And the fun writing activities. You are given information about the philosopher you are learning about (or something similar to him) and you have all your background information…it is up to you to have fun  writing with that information. I have always loved creative writing, so this is my favorite section and I hope Big Kid will enjoy it too!




I haven't had Big Kid start on this yet. I want to fully complete it myself first. But I have already started planning it into our fall lesson plans. I am so excited to see him excel! If you know us, you know that Big Kid has some issues when it comes to school. I was worried about how this writing would go with him, but after asking the wonderful ladies who are reviewing this with me, I found some ways that  make him now enjoy writing a little more!


Are you getting interested? It's not too hard is it? Check out this short video for more!




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Now that I have you really interested, here is the fun part! Philosohy Adventure launches today!! Go here to order your own copy!! Also, I have one of the digitial copies to give away! How awesome is that?



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I Let Him Cook!!!

I am a control freak when it comes to kids in the kitchen. I am sure my poor kids have missed out on a lot of fun things because of this. However, I worry about EVERYTHING that could go wrong with kids in there! Well, Ray-ray got to go and spend some time helping daddy cook pork chops on the grill the other night. I am not sure on details, but he made us tell him thank you for supper too, so he did something pretty important smiley After that, I figured Big Kid needed his turn. So I bit my tongue and basically tied my hands behind my back for last night's supper.


Now, it wasn't anything crazy…nope, no five course menu coming out of the kitchen. Heck, it wasn't even balanced and it came out of a box. But you know what? He did it by himself and he was proud of it, as I am of him!



Step one was to read the directions. I really made it tough on him and we made a double batch!

Open Cans

Than we had to open cans. He wasn't too sure of the smell from the freshly opened can…but we went with it to see if it turned out better than it smelt!


Boil Next we had to bring it to a boil while stirring occasionally. I had to remind him that he didn't have to be right there on top of it and to find something to do when he wasn't stirring.


And here we have our supper!!! Like I said, not really balanced, but all done without me! We didn't have daddy home with us, so that is why there were only four plates frown But next time Big Kid cooks, we will make sure to have daddy be our taste tester too!

My Top Ten Goals for the Summer

Wow, it’s really Tuesday already!! I can’t believe how fast the days are going!! We are going to finish our last week of “school” and than get ready to start summer school. Needless to say, my kids were disappointed to learn this, but I hope they enjoy what I have planned for them!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
My Top Ten Goals for the Summer Are:


(This post contains affiliate links. I will only suggest items that I like to use with my family.)


10. Play outside with my kids!! Now, this may sound easy enough to do, but the weather in Minnesota is really screwed up this year. It makes it difficult to get out when it is too cold or rainy…but I still want to1!



9. Keep up on weeding all my gardens (flower and vegetable). I think I might have too many gardens to keep up with them all, but I love the joy of watching my plants grow, so I will just deal with the weeds too!



8. Keep the house clean. I mean, if we are outside playing all the time the house should stay clean, right?


7. I want to be able to plan out the summer school schedule. If you know me, planning is not a top priority. I like to do things as they come up, but I really want to plan and have things on a schedule.



6. To go with #7, I want to have next school year scheduled out by the time we start. Once again, this is a tough one for me, and even if I do plan it out, I know I will stray when the kids show more interest in one thing over another…benefit of homeschooling!



5. Enjoy a few books that don’t have cartoons or silly pictures! Not that there is a problem with reading kid books, but I really want to read some “mom” books. I don’t care if they are mystery, educational, self-help, or encouragement, I just want some “mom” books! Here are a few of my favorites right now:


4. Yes, I still want to read with the kids! I may want more mommy books, but I still love cuddling with the kids and reading some of their books!! Here are some of our favorites right now:


3. I would like to have myself getting up earlier in the mornings. I know that most people would love to sleep in more over the summer, but I want to do the opposite so that I can do a few “mommy moments” without the kids interrupting me.



2. I want to listen to more music and watch less T.V. Not that we do nothing but watch T.V., but it is our main noise machine, other than the kids. I have noticed they don’t really watch it while it is on, so I am going to just turn it off when I notice that and add some good music to our days!



1. I want to spend more time with God. I have my new favorite bible, and it seems to be what I need to hear each day. I have been doing good reading it everyday and it helps.



There they are, in writing, my goals for the summer. I hope you have some good goals for the summer also!!

Weekly Wrap-Up


This week sure has been busy! More for mommy than the kids though!


I got to do my first official giveaway on the site this week! Thank you everyone who signed up and thank you to Heather at Lilla Rose! It was something new for me and it was really fun!


I have been planning our “school year” out this week, and I am not any closer to having it figured out than when I started 🙁 I am having a problem deciding how many days I want to have school and how many “breaks” we are going to take. I know that we will have summer school 2-3 days a week all summer. The kids were sad about this at first, until I asked them what they wanted to learn about…two pages (front and back) later, I am now trying to figure out how to include it all in this summer 🙂


Along with planning the school year, I am trying to plan our curriculum. I like what we are doing this year, but Big Kid wants to expand on things and focus on American History. I love this, but just need how to make this all work without spending the big bucks. I have a feeling the library will be visited often 🙂


Mommy also has some fun reading she is doing. I am reading the new Philosophy Adventures. This is such a good book and I love it! I can’t wait to start having Big Kid work on it with me. The release date is coming up on May 31st! Make sure you check this out for sure!!!




As for the kids this week, Big Kid has a job of cutting Grandma’s yard. It is his first summer job ever! He’s getting so big…


Grass Cutting


The two littles get to help pick up sticks and Grandma said they could get some money that way too. What a nice grandma!


We got to try some fun science this week too. We got the book “Beyond the Science Lab” by Jason Lindsey, and we are enjoying every bit of it! Our first “experiment” was seeing what Ivory soap does in the microwave!! We started with a single bar of soap…




…than we put it in the microwave for a minute. Oh what fun was that!! This is what we had when we were done…




and the kids all thought it was fun when we did it again with Daddy. I love how the book explains the science of this experiment and the view we could take with God on this also! We will be doing more of these all summer for sure!!




There was our week in a quick re-cap. We have had so much fun and look forward to more fun in the next week!!



Lilla Rose Giveaway WINNER!!

Well, we did our drawing for the Lilla Rose giveaway. I decided to involve my kids in the drawing since this was my first giveaway. They had so much fun helping me out!


First I wrote down all your names…

Names for the drawing


Than we had them in a bowl and RayRay pulled one out (notice he was very serious and closed his eyes so he didn’t cheat)…

Picking our Winner


And our winner is…

Our Winner


Annie Miller!!!

Annie, Heather will be contacting you about your prize! Congratulations!!



The Top 10 Reasons I Like Summer


Here in Minnesota we are finally getting into summer. I think we completely missed out on spring this year, going straight from winter (including snow storms in May) to summer…in the 80s and 90s today! I really like the summer weather a lot more and here are my top 10 reasons why!!

1. This may be a funny one, but I love a good old thunderstorm in the summer!! Just the washing away of the dirty makes that storm so much better!

2. I love cloud watching with the kids. Finding the different shapes and pictures in the sky is so much nicer when you’re in shorts and a t-shirt instead of snow gear. And it is fun to learn about the different clouds with the older ones!

3. I love having my windows open and having fresh air in the house. Nothing like it in the world!

4. I love sitting out in the sun! (I know, make sure to have the SPF and all the other fun stuff…but really sitting in the sun is awesome.)

Sitting in the Sun

5. I love letting the kids sit in the sun too! Letting them soak up the vitamin D and having fun is what summer is all about!

6. I love being in my garden, either the flower garden or the vegetable garden. It is so nice to get your fingers dirty in the dirt. I love watching the seeds take root and grow into beautiful plants, kind of like raising kids if you think about it!

7. I love playing games with the kids outside!


8. I love being able to fire up the grill and not needing the extra clothes to wear just to cook supper!

9. I love going for walks and bike rides. Being able to get out and see what is happening around us and seeing nature in action.

10. If you haven’t been able to tell, I love everything about being outside in the summer! There really is nothing better about it. I should consider a state where I can be outside all year, but I do love letting my kids have fun in the snow.


 Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Our Week in Review



In my life this week…I have started my “official” Facebook page to go with my blog. I had been thinking about it for awhile and took the leap this week.
In our homeschool this week…We are trying to stay on track while still being outside enjoying the spring/summer we are finally getting. I asked Jordan if he wanted to do school outside on the laptop, and he wasn’t too thrilled 🙂 But he hasn’t been complaining too much about getting up a little earlier in the morning and doing school after supper. Hey, what the heck, it works for us and that is what homeschool is all about right?!?

RayRay and Ary have been having fun with finding letters in the books we are reading. RayRay is also happy to find the words he knows as we read. We found a fun book at the library and have been “learning” science as we have fun talking about why something is the way it is.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Sunday is Mother’s Day and if the weather is permitting we are going to have my mom over for some brats and hot dogs on the grill while the kids run around and wear themselves out 🙂
My favorite thing this week was…I honestly loved the warm weather this week. Being outside and having the kids outside (without all the extra layers) was nice. Just spending that time out there is something we all love as a family.
My kiddos favorite thing this week was…We went out to the flea market on Wednesday with our “gaga” and than hit up some thrift stores and had lunch with great grandma. The kids loved getting out and looking for good deals (which we found) and being with their grandmas.
Things I’m working on…I am really trying to work on my crocheting. I have a few projects that I started and really want to finish them.
I’m cooking…I have found some new recipes that use more veggies. I hope to try these out and get these kids  healthy!
I’m grateful for…I will never stop being grateful for my husband. He makes it possible for me to be at home teaching our kids.
I’m praying for…This week I am praying for all the moms out there, that they are able to enjoy their special day with their kids and loved ones!


A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…


Little Miss was actually pulling her big brother around in the wagon!! He was so happy to be the one to sit back and relax for once!!!

Ten Things I Love About Homeschooling

Daddy and Rayray


I haven’t been homeschooling for a long time yet, 5 months to be exact, but I love it!!! Yes, there are some days I wonder what I am doing to myself, but those are so little compared to the perks of homeschooling. Here are my top ten reasons that I love homeschooling.

1. I love watching my kids learn through everyday experiences.

My kids are learning so much everyday just by doing things they love. We are now able to be outside more with the nice weather, and my goodness do they have questions, but I don’t mind answering them, or telling them lets look that up!

2. We go at their pace, not the school’s pace.

Having kids with special needs is hard. What’s harder is when school thinks they need to do so much each day in order to proceed. I have noticed many changes in the love for learning just by slowing down (or speeding up) in the areas that need that!

3. There are no more bullies.

Unless you count when the siblings pick on each other 🙂 All the kids feel safe and aren’t afraid to ask a question that others might think is “dumb”. We are seeing our true kids and not the ones school and other kids want them to be.

4. We can teach them about God and not get in trouble.

We don’t have to keep God out of our school. Enough said!

5. We use the style that works best for them.

Each one of our three kids is different. If that is true at home, I wonder if it’s true at public school? We are teaching each kid in a different style here at home and they are doing great at that, which brings me to number 6.

6. My kids are excelling where they weren’t before.

Jordan used to be in a math level below his grade…now that he is at home and working at his pace, using the style that works for him, he is doing grade level math!! Yay him!!

7. The kids get more beneficial sleep.

There is no get up at 5:50am to catch the bus in the mornings. The kids get to stay up late when daddy gets home and sleep in in the mornings. I know that they are getting the full amount of sleep that is required of them, and that helps them do better at school.

8. They are forming strong bonds with their siblings.

What better friend to have than one who has the same values and rules as you. All the kids love each other and you can see that. They love playing with each other and keeping each other in line. I know that this will be something they continue to do for many years in the future.

9. They are forming stronger bonds with us, their parents.

With Daddy being in the truck, there were many times when the kids just wouldn’t be able to see him because of the schedules we had to keep for public school. Now that we make our own schedule, we are able to spend more time with Daddy. If it means we do some school on Saturday because Daddy was home on Friday, we do it. The kids love being able to spend that time and not miss anything!

And finally 10. We don’t have to worry about our kids, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

This is a deep one…I don’t have to worry about my kids while they are at school. I know that we are teaching them right and wrong instead of just what is required. I know that there won’t be any physical, mental, or emotional harm done to them while they are here, and I know that we have the control over how they learn how to deal with these problems as they come in the future. I am not saying that because kids go to public school you have to be worried senseless, because 99% of the time you don’t. I am saying, with my kids and their learning styles, I feel better knowing what they are learning and having the control, with my husband, over that. Every kid is different and I feel that we were called by God to do this with ours as the best way for them to learn and succeed.


Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Life Lessons

Jordan and Grandpa


It’s Monday, we should be doing school. Instead of sitting down in front of the computer and wanting to get stuff done while the weather was nice outside, we did some life lessons today.

My great grandpa is in his upper 90s and we decided it was a nice enough day to help him out with some of his spring clean up. My kids love being with grandpa and playing outside by the lake. Grandpa also has the fun big kid “toys”. Jordan was put to work helping clean up the garbage and than moving some plants and tree branches.

Our lessons today included learning how to “socialize” with our elders. My kids were able to learn how to show respect to grandpa, and how if they didn’t, he wouldn’t stand for it and take things away…even if it was just a rope and to RayRay that meant the end of the world. But they also learned that if they listened, he would give them things they wanted, like that end of the world rope 🙂 Jordan learned how to work the 4-wheeler some more and found out that steering while in the soft grass was not easy. Grandpa told him that he would have to be moving and turning the wheel at the same time and that moving did not mean speeding across the yard!

We were using the 4-wheeler to move branches around the yard, and Jordan had to load them up and make them stay balanced, since Grandpa didn’t want to teach him how to control the trailer yet. He would balance them on the front and rear racks and have to make them stay while they traveled around the yard. Jordan also had to figure out how to “tow” one large branch that wouldn’t fit on the racks, and Grandpa refused to let him use a saw or ax to cut it.


RayRay and Little Miss didn’t get to skip out on the lessons. They were busy finding different things throughout the yard and deciding if they would float or sink once thrown into the lake. We found out that dead grass, branches and pine cones float and that rocks will sink. We than talked about how heavy the rocks were compared to the pine cones while holding one of each in each hand.

Now that we are home, it is time to do some things on the computer and rest up a little! But before we do that I wanted to let you know that we will be using Time4Writing as a summer writing program for the next couple of months.  We are excited to get started with the interactive lessons.  Our online tutor will correct our work and give us writing tips on how to sharpen our writing skills.  Come visit in a few weeks to see how we like it.

A Change in Weather


Can you believe we were supposed to get snow last night?!?!?! I am so thankful we didn’t, but it sure did get cold! After enjoying all that time outside and not needing jackets, it has been rough trying to tell the little ones they 1need to put them on again.

We pulled out our small trampoline for some energy draining today. The kids thought it was the best thing in the world, considering it has been about a year since they went on it. I like being able to pull something like that out and let it be “new” again. I had to tell J that since we weren’t outside running around, riding bike and skateboarding, we have to do regular gym class again.

It has been a little easier for everyone to focus on doing their school work now that there isn’t the temptation to want to go outside. J is doing awesome on his Social Studies, I don’t have to ask him to do that, I have to ask him to slow down. I love that he is so interested in the history of the United States right now and is talking about the things he learns throughout the day. Now if only I could get him that interested in his math. He is doing good in that too, especially since he started doing the 6th grade math they said he couldn’t do at Public School. He gets so happy when he does good and I love seeing him so happy over his accomplishment!!

RayRay has been working on some basic Kindergarten lessons, and breezing through them!! Now, if I could just get him to sit down long enough to practice writing!! I plan to enroll him in Kindergarten home school in the fall. As fun as it would be to see what he does at public school, I know that he will thrive better in an environment that suites him, just like his big brother! Both of these boys are so full of energy and I love to see them be able to move around as they need to and not get into trouble because they are not sitting still as a stick in a classroom that is full of distractions.

Little Miss is her same princess self! She has been watching during RayRay’s lessons and loves to “count” and “read”. She will count: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10…I think it is adorable and as much as I want to just love her up while she is doing that, we end up counting together after she starts. We have been checking out some easy reader books from the library and when RayRay doesn’t want to read his sight words, she will read them after I say them.

I hope the weather warms up again, and that you all have a great day!! God bless!!!