Weekly Review ~ February 23 -27 2015

Weekly Review

Another week has gone by for Hopkins Homeschool. We did some changes, added some things, took others away, but all in all it was another great week!

Weekly Review

Moe Man – Middle School

For Moe Man, we went back to Easy Peasy for our “core” this week. I have always loved this FREE homeschool resource, and I have always wanted to use it more. I finally decided we needed to do just that this week and we added it back into our daily schedule. Language Arts, Reading and Math are all being used from here, along with some Khan Academy for Math also. History, we have decided to start our journey with the Mystery of History Vol. 1. While it seems funny to be starting something new in the middle of the year, I am actually working on looking to the future and wanting to spend some extra time on some areas, so I need to start early for that! For Science and Health, we are using Visual Learning Systems. I will be sharing more about this in an upcoming review. Another item you will be hearing about is Pattern Explorer. Moe Man has been using this for his Critical Thinking lessons. (I have more fun with this one than he does though!) Moe Man is traveling along with the Bible Road Trip for his bible lessons. He is loving these and I am so glad we found them!

Weekly Review Ray Ray – 1st Grade

Ray Ray has been busy working on his reading this last week. He is a master at basic math, but doesn’t like to read. We have started using a reading tracker sheet, and setting goals for the amount of books that he can read (for every 50 he will earn a reward). To go with the reading, we have been using Easy Peasy and the McGuffey’s Readers for his lessons. To add some fun into this, we have been using worksheets from The Moffatt Girls and their No-Prep packets. I love these for the fun review that they provide! Math has included the No-Prep worksheets and the games on Easy Peasy. Ray Ray uses Great Parents Academy for his main lessons right now. We will have a review of this coming up. He is loving the fun he is having on there…please don’t tell him he is learning while playing on there! Ray Ray is joining with Moe Man for History and just doing a little bit less, but still enjoying it thoroughly! Bible lessons for Ray Ray have been listening to me read to him from Jesus Calling Storybook, but we have plans to move up a little more and start using Amanda Bennett’s First Steps In Faith along with our Jesus Calling Storybook.

Weekly Review

Little Miss – Preschool

Although I don’t require much from Little Miss right now, she loves to work on her school as well. We have found numerous free printable worksheets on Pinterest (Check out my Preschool boards here and here). She also gets to use Starfall for her computer school, and Easy Peasy has some fun daily learning lessons we have started for her. I love that she loves to learn as much as she does. She sits in with the boys for history, and loves to color whatever they are coloring, and she also joins in with Ray Ray for Bible stories.

What have you been doing this past week? Are you having fun trying something new, or do you have that tried and true favorite you love to use? I want to hear about it!