Wordless Wednesday ~ A Day at the Apple Orchard

We had a lot of fun the other day. Little did we know, but just down the road from us was an apple orchard. We happened upon it by accident on a walk one day and went back to taste the goodness from these wonderful SweeTango Apples, heck I didn't even know there was such an apple! But enough words for now…here are the pictures!


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Have you heard of SweeTangos? What is your favorite apple to pick?

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Wordless Wednesday ~ MN Landscape Arboretum

Wordless Wednesday July 2015

We recently went on a field trip with Gaga BB (my mom) to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This place is crazy cool! Not only do you get to enjoy all the flowers they are making and growing, but they have special events happening there as well. When we went they had the Nature Connects: Art With Lego Blocks there. This exhibit contained 26 super-sized Lego sculptures. The smallest sculpture contained over 9,000 Legos! For all 26 sculptures there were over 450,000 Legos used! Now that is a Lego collection!! Without further ado, here is our Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo WordlessWednesdayJune2015_zpswplve65h.jpg

> photo 1546137_10205910805921558_5416613135582419871_n_zpshxubchea.jpg

 photo 11412399_10205910806521573_1332672888570947369_n_zpslq1alsaw.jpg photo 11425490_10205910805721553_3950115189844398037_n_zpsy4di171e.jpg photo ff1.4_zpsimqpjrwt.jpg photo 1795670_10205910814041761_9078224795297090109_n_zpsemz01rry.jpg photo 11407224_10205910814241766_4103749558625576994_n_zpsaegikpdw.jpg photo 11425426_10205910814761779_3742243337765976773_n_zpsdt8cggts.jpg

 photo ff1.7_zpsfxvkuaxo.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.2_zpsv4kmsskg.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.6_zpsjtccz2um.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.5_zpsuuodri21.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo 10420778_10205910820001910_78176635069196683_n_zpsrj6elt5c.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo 1798871_10152821817531207_7448622682094945907_n_zpsdigj8xfu.jpgWordless Wednesday MN Landscape Arboretum photo ff1.1_zpsrpoygxu9.jpg

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