WriteShop Junior ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Do you have a child who hates to write? Someone who wants nothing to do with anything that has to do with writing? Well, that was Moe Man. Notice the word “was”. We tried out a new product from WriteShop. We used the WriteShop Junior: Book E Set.

WriteShop Junior: Book E Set is recommended for 4th and 5th graders, but can also be used for 6th and 7th graders who haven’t had the best of writing practice before. We used the Print Teacher Guide ($45.95), Junior Activity Guide (Print $45.95), Junior Writer’s Notebook PDF ($3.50) and the Junior Time Saver Pack in Print ($14.95). The Time Saver Pack and the Writer’s Notebook are optional items, but they make it that much more fun to use!

I think I may have been more excited than Moe Man to get this item for review. Like I said, he didn’t like to write. Reading? Yeah he loves it, but to try and write it out? Not for him. We decided to use this program a minimum of 3 days a week, while using it up to 5 days a week with no problems. There are 10 sections to this Level of the WriteShop Junior program. These sections include: Fables, Humor, Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery, Poetry/Shape Poems, Personal Narrative, Descriptive Narrative, Book Report/Responding to Literature and Expository Writing: Nonfiction Report. Using a three day a week plan, it would take 3 weeks to finish each lesson, stretching this program to last 30 weeks.

Now those are fun topics to learn about, but you get to practice writing within these topics in a non-scary way. Working on Journal prompts and playing games help even the most reluctant writer open up and try. Moe Man had fun telling me what to write instead of doing it himself. It was so fun for me to see that he loved narrating a story instead of writing it down.

Moe Man is a hands on learner. If he can make something, he has more fun with it. WriteShop has the Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack helps him with this. Cutting and gluing, while still filling out answers to the questions make it easy for him to remember what he learned. It is also very helpful for us to pull out the file folders with the sections that he needs review on instead of trying to find the section in a book someplace.

Each lesson is broken down into different sections. These remain ultimately the same throughout each lesson. They may be slightly different, but the idea is there. Out of all the sections, Moe Man loved the Model and Teach section. This is where he could watch me as I struggled to think of different ideas. Or even just watching me think about what I had to write and use my eraser to fix my mistakes. This made him open up more and realize he is not the only one who has a hard time with all of the steps of writing.  


While learning of the different styles of writing, WriteShop has a wonderful book list of books that go with that style of writing. It is so fun to read these different styles while we are learning about them.

You know, I have heard a lot of good about WriteShop and was excited to try them. I was surprised by how good they really were! How well they fit for Moe Man. To take a child who despised writing and make him into a child who will actually try now…to me, that is HUGE! Whether or not your child struggles with writing or not, I would recommend checking out WriteShop and all they have to offer! We love this level and I am sure there is a level that would work for you!

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Logic of English ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Do you have a child who just can’t sit still for school? You know it’s just kids, but you need to teach them their phonics and writing. Well let me tell you about Logic of English and their Foundations Level A program!

Ray Ray is full of energy…all the time! He doesn’t want to sit still and loves to move, but wants to learn at the same time. I relate this to him being a 5 year old boy! When we were offered the chance to review Foundations Level A from Logic of English, I jumped. I wanted to see if this system would work for him. If you have the child that doesn’t want to sit still, you better read this review!

Foundations Level A is recommended for ages 4-7 and is the starting point to set the stage for reading based on phonograms. The “essential” items to make this program work, teacher book, student book and Doodling Dragons book, are $71. Then you have the fun and almost as essential Reusable Resources are $85. Add in the fun app for $4.99 and you have a full years worth of reading and writing! You “don’t need” all of the items, but I tell you what, you will want them for the fun and ease they bring to the learning of reading and writing. And the nice thing, the Reusable Resources are able to be used through all of the foundations levels and is a one-time purchase, not an every level purchase.

I was so excited to find something to try with Ray Ray and all his energy! Not only does Logic of English use basic everyday learning skills, but they also add in many other fun and multi-sensory ways of learning! This has been the best for a child who learns in more ways than just one!

Upon receiving the package in the mail, I set about reading my teacher’s manual. I fell in love right away! The first thing you find when you look at the teacher’s manual is the scope and sequence of the book. Logic of English shows the Common Core Standards, and I know a lot of mom’s don’t like them. Neither do I. And guess what? I didn’t look at them while using this book and it didn’t affect Ray Ray’s learning at all!  After going through the scope and sequence and using this to plan out our learning experience, I sat down to read the teachers tips.

Logic of English can be used with either manuscript or cursive. I regret that we did not start Ray Ray with cursive. He loves the flow of it, and I think he would love it. It is recommended that if your child has trouble with fine motor skills, to go with the cursive. It is easier and requires less fine motor movement.


We had so much fun with this program. It started easy…learning the lines, like the base, mid and top lines. And just becoming familiar with the way we speak. Looking in a mirror to compare how we say sounds. Ray Ray loved “seeing” himself speak! Each lesson contains a phonogram lesson and a handwriting lesson. But that is not just that…there are so many extra options to help ANY student learn what they want to teach. There are teacher tips to help you reinforce the topics learned. Each phonogram learned is given ideas to make a “day” out of it, challenges to add some extra fun into what you are learning and of course the multi-sensory fun sections (we love these).

We usually worked on one lesson a day, 5 days a week. However, we homeschool…that means, when something isn’t clicking, we stop and work on it. I love the review lessons after every 5 lessons for this purpose. Ray Ray loves to read, he loves to draw, he loves to do math, but he really dislikes writing! I have noticed that he liked this program better than any other we have tried. Even though he loved it so much, we still took a day or two longer on some to make sure he got it.

So, do I love it or hate it? I LOVE it! I love that they take the teaching of handwriting and break it down into strokes…Ray Ray will say the strokes as he writes the letters. It is so fun to hear, but I know that he is getting it. Ray Ray loves the program too. He is mad when I won’t “play games” with him during the handwriting time, like him quizzing me on what the lines are named. Another thing he likes is the blending games. He is able to listen to me blending the words and either do the action or find the item. He slows down to listen and I see his brain listening to the phonograms and putting them together as words.

I haven’t even mentioned the items in the reusable resources!!! These items include the tactile cards, handwriting reference chart, phonogram game cards, phonogram flash cards and the student whiteboard. All of these have made learning so much more fun for us! The whiteboard alone is much more fun to practice our writing on versus plain paper. Add in those sandpaper like tactile cards and your children will want to write! Learning to write is much more than pencil and paper and Logic of English has that covered!

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t used this before! I can’t see teaching my children reading and writing in any other way after this. I recommend this to everyone who has a child who is a little reluctant to pick up that pencil or book. This is what you need for those and all children!

Now, Logic of English has more than just this program available. I am not able to tell you about all of those, so why don’t you check out what these other lovely bloggers have to say.  Click the link below and check them out! Oh, and make sure you stop by and show the love on Logic of English’s Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Tell them I sent you 🙂

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