Children’s History Books from Carole P. Roman – A Homeschool Crew Review

My family loves books. They love all books. But books that help with our learning and help grow our imagination, are especially good books to have! Carole P. Roman has written many good books, and we have had the chance to read four of them in our house these last few weeks.

Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirates Life was one of our favorite books. This was a great book on imagination as we followed Captain No Beard, his first mate Hallie and the crew on the Flying Dragon. We learn about how hard it is to be a captain, watch as No Beard saves Hallie from falling over board and see when a mermaid arrives bearing the treasure the crew was looking for!

This was such a fun book to read. The words were printed in large print and the pictures were colorful and showed the imagination that was happening. Daddy really enjoyed reading this book, and the girls loved the sound effects and added fun that Daddy brought to reading this. Between Daddy and the book, their imaginations grew every they read it!

If You Were Me and Lived in… Viking Europe was the second book we fell in love with. This book was given to Ray Ray to read as a part of his history lessons. This book covers everything from the simple facts, like what your name would be to the more details of class structure and what the daily life was like. This book is filled with information! Lots of information. But it is not written like many other history books. This is written for the kids. We are put into the place of one of the children.

Ray Ray didn’t believe me that he was working on his history while reading this. He was excited to sit down and read it. This was a thicker book and it took a little longer to read, but he loved it. He would read a few pages and come and tell either myself or Dad about what he had read. I loved to hear the oral narration of what he was learning, and know that he was learning something.

We had another If You Were Me and Lived In… book to check out. This was If You Were Me and Lived In… India: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World.

This book, while along the same lines as the Viking Europe, was written for a different age group. The writing is bigger, the book is thinner. Where Viking Europe went into more detail about names, and daily live, India just touched on the topics. This was all that was needed for us. This gave us an idea of how life is around the world. This was a book that I could read to both Little Miss and Ray Ray. They were both able to understand it, and walk away with new knowledge from it.

We got to finish up these books with a fun little book called, I Want to do Yoga Too.

This book was short, sweet and simple. We follow Hallie as she goes to the Yoga Studio with her mom. She only wants to do Yoga with her mom, but instead has to stay in the child center. When Robin has Hallie work on being a tree and a butterfly among other things, she does not know she is doing Yoga. The girls loved listening to me read this book and copy the moves. Little Miss picked up quickly on how Hallie was doing Yoga without knowing it.

We loved all of the books we got from Carole P. Roman, but we also loved her books before, and knew that we wouldn’t be steered wrong! Remember when we reviewed her books last year?

Carole has many great books, and they can be used in many ways! Check out the reviews from the other members of the Homeschool Review Crew:

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